Flying Kites At Ocean Isle Beach

A flawless day, calls for a flawless kite flying event...

Happy as a Kite Flying Fan...

Lovely Calabash seafood at Ella's! Calabash rocks! Even Carolina Mama's broiled. :) Ode to Weight Watchers. :)

Doing it all here Beach LiveBlogging "Best of Carolina!" These are truly some of the best. Giveaways still open! :) Go ahead and click here to start linking and win!


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Live BeachBlogging On A Sunday

It is a real treat to have worship at the ocean - on the beach - everywhere is God's amazing creation.

Then carry on with our Live Beach Blogging the Best of Carolina. Here's the Beach ...

A Wedding view from our room yesterday. Really quaint and cute. Held here at Ocean Isle Inn - see the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl walking up from the right. The Flower Girl carried a sand bucket with the rose petals. Soooo cute.

LiveBlogging the Lobster... we're digging the fresh seafood!

Best of Carolina Authors: Shout out to our friend, awesome author, Nicolas Sparks. "The Lucky One" is a great read especially right here at the beach.

Meet "Scott" who has a great business here with Umbrellas, Chairs and a cute Catamaran....

Now you can score a Giveaway to Lands' End which is so great. And lovely -

JJ Janie Jewelry Case is oh so stylish and functional!

You'll love winning either of these and they will be open until tomorrow because it is Sunday and it is a busy day at the beach and we're still live-blogging for goodness sakes. :) Sign up each day if you wish. Do something extra and enter again - just mention in your comment. Again, sign up early and often.

Stay tuned - there is so much here. Even when I am not capturing the moment with the camera, I am capturing memories I will not forget as our family spends a vacation at the Seaside.


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Creation At The Beach and Giveaway Best of Carolina

"And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so." Genesis 1: 9

Our room with a view to the South...

Our room with a view to the North...
For fun - the loves of my life...

See ya soon. The
Lands' End Giveaway is open until tomorrow.

Opening the JJ Janie Giveaway right now... Best of Carolina continues!!

Enter today's "Best of Carolina!" I have my lovely JJ Janie Giveaway with me right now and l.o.v.e that it is organizing my jewelry right here at the beach. So for photos with G. Hart Photo, I was set! Thanks Janie!

**Enter the Giveaway for the JJ Janie below and tell me what trip you're going on and you'll take your JJ along! Best of Luck!

We're off to our deluxe breakfast poolside. Stay tuned... and God Bless you this Sunday morning.


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Good Stuff - our Favorites - At The Beach

Here I'll link you to some "Good Stuff" here at the Beach. We're liveblogging it as we see it. Awesome things we like here!

Favorite Snack we just discovered from Keebler Flipsides! Check these delightful sensations out! We're flipped over them!

Our family at the Sharky's Seafood! on the Intercoastal waterway!

The food is awesome. Grilled Seafood Platter made Carolina Mama and Mountain Man happy! The Tigers were over-the-moon with their Pizza.

Awesome Sharky's Shrimp on Ocean Isle Beach!

The best swimsuit on the planet! It feels like silk with a fit! A perfect fit! Go Lands' End.

My lovely Rash Guard Lands' End

Now, go sign yourself for the Carolina Mama Lands' End Giveaway
and go here to enter this Lands' End Sweepstakes!


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Lands' End Beach LiveBlogging Giveaway

Welcome to the Beach LiveBlogging Best of Carolina Giveaway for today! Beautiful day and there's a Wedding at Ocean Isle Inn and our photo shoot today with G. Hart Photography who just photographed Miss U.S.A. yesterday! No pressure! :)

Thanks Best of Carolina Blog Designer: Memories by Design ! Thanks Jackie! It is gorgeous! Jackie is awesome details. And she is quite speedy. She took on my blog MakeOver the Friday before Memorial Day, so a Holiday weekend and finished it by Wednesday night for the Best of Carolina! She rocks!

Lands' End Cooler Tote

Today you can Enter to win this lovely and convenient and brilliant Lands' End Cooler Tote.

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6) Ask me a North Carolina Beach question? What we're having for lunch, etc. Your pick and you get one more entry.

You can ENTER EVERY DAY !:) Good Luck! See you soon. We're going for another awesome breakfast and then surf's up!

Will be posting and tweeting soon!


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A Day In Paradise - Beach LiveBlogging Best of Carolina

The days take a slower pace here. Mountain Man and the Tigers started the day here... [yes, Winner announced at end of post for the Blog Design Giveaway!] Be ready for the Lands' End Giveaway ....
Carolina Surfers

Then we all met up here...

Ocean Isle Inn Breakfast

Ocean Isle Inn does an awesome family breakfast each morning. Thank you - their hours for Breakfast are 7am to 10am. Hello someone gets it - on vacation do not wish to rise at 6am for breakfast. :) And their Breakfast is not one to miss.

They had oatmeal, and my personal favorite Raisin Bran, bagels, Egg McMuffin type sandwiches for the hearty appetites. And the Tigers l.o.v.e.d the Fruit Loops with their fresh made Belgian Waffles, you get the idea. The spread was more than I do in a morning. Hence, vacation.

Then we met Ms. Lynda the Ocean Isle Inn Wedding Coordinator shown here meeting with the mother-of-the-bride right poolside. Talk about a stress free wedding.

After a beachside wedding the reception will be here - again poolside.

And the Tigers enjoyed the outdoor pool ... (and the indoor pool and the spa hot tub with us for a few). Talk about family friendly and quiet and relaxed... we love it.

Giveaway drum rolllllllll... the Winner is -

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-05-30 03:54:14 UTC

Mari's Morning Room!! Congratulations and I cannot wait to see Jen's handiwork. Thank you One Mom's World for the Giveaway.

New Giveaway in the morning by our big sponsor and dear friends at Lands' End! You'll want to join in for this special day! See ya soon!


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On the Road - Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina - Giveaway Winner

We got off to an early start this morning. Our eagerness had us up at 5:30am. Actually, Mountain Man and the Tigers were up at 5am. After our Starbucks stop on the corner for the really Perfect Oatmeal with the fixings and a lovely Misto. If you haven't tried one. Get it. Ask your Barista. You'll be happy. I truly wasn't awake to take pictures until the Misto was half consumed so just picture your local Starbucks. :) Giveaway Winner announced at end of post!

The North Carolina roads are truly this gorgeous. Honestly, I missed a million moment shots. But I got a few really key ones too. Simple and breathtaking all at once.

The Tigers were really troopers of travelers today.

We didn't stop until we reached our destination. That was not planned. (You know if we had planned it, it wouldn't have happened. :) Carolina Mama settled in to right on the dashboard - just for good measure. By this point, we were far enough out of town that I fit right in. :)

We're here - Ocean Isle Inn is everything we hoped it would be.

The staff is so welcoming and warm. The property is wonderful and well kept. The amenities are just what this family was looking for in a beach getaway.

Great beach front property, Outdoor Pool, Indoor Heated Pool, Spa Hot Tub, Breakfast in the am, perfect views of just the ocean. No thank you high rises.

Then Mountain Man and the Tigers unloaded everything. Here they are with the ocean in the backdrop. Heavenly.

Then I turned around and saw this... Two Little Monkies jumping on the beds... these rooms are lovely. Generous. Clean and stocked with everything like shampoo, soaps, tissues, this really good decaf coffee I am sipping right now. And the bathroom is spacious! Did you hear that! Really it is and is a pretty sunflower yellow color.

It was off to lunch, a gift shop and a Lowes' Food run. The Blackened Mahi Mahi was divine.

After an unexpected "injury" in which this boogie boarder was thankful as we all were that he was okay...

Mountain Man took charge of our beach care....

An after dinner walk/run on the beach, finding sea shells ..

Then we walked back to this the site of a Wedding this weekend.

Beautiful way to end a day! Follow us on Twitter. It's a lot of fun. Another thing that is a lot of fun is winning and we have a winner of today's is Love Being a Nonny!

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Good Luck all! We are Hooked on Friday at Julia's with our Beach LiveBlogging Getaway and Giveaways! Go ahead and enter!


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