BJ's Wholesale Club-A Great Place to Save Money

Looking for a great place to shop and save a lot of money? Look no further, for BJ's Wholesale Club is the place to be.

Here I am on my recent trip to renew our BJ's Membership:

Take a look around the BJ's! 

Coupon galore!  BJ's ALWAYS mails you coupons and there are coupons at the door, every time you go to shop.  So you have extra savings all the time.

See Watermelon $3.99.

$12.99 Maxi Dresses - Bargain!                                                          Lots of awesome Samsung products!

Even beautiful fresh flowers! 

 Samples to die for are always waiting at BJ's.   You can taste before you buy.  Usually, it is fabulous!

Some of my favorite things-Fiber One Cereal & the Fiber One Bars!  And look even Dunkin' Donut Coffee!

And Friendly Customer Service. 

We have been BJ's members for 3 years now, and plan on keeping our membership for many years to come.

BJ's Wholesale Club is a fun place to shop. They have a tremendous variety of everyday household items, a really cool electronics department, and awesome prices on groceries among a few of the options they offer. Not only can you get these great products and a reduced rate, you can find some really great items of high quality clothing for very reasonable prices.

That is just the start. Did I mention that BJ's takes manufacturers coupons? That is right, a discount store takes coupons. Not only will they take the manufacturers coupons, they send you a book of coupons every month! This is unheard of, and we really do like that option.

Their is a nominal membership fee of $50 per year, but that is quickly paid for with the lower prices throughout the store. BJ's even has a travel service, so you can get very low prices on travel packages. They even have an eyeglasses department. Check out their locations today, they have over 180 stores in 15 states.

There are so many other great features that it is about impossible to mention them all. One of my favorite things is the dresses that I find. Really! I found one of my favorite Summer Maxi dresses at our BJ's for $12.99. I often find good books for th children there.

Some of our favorite items of Fiber One Bars, String Cheese, and Milk! Compare the prices and you'll understand!

Check out BJ"s Wholesale Club today to find all that is offered through this awesome club.

Warmly,Carolina Mama

*BJ's partnered with me to bring you this post -  my opinions are my own -  as you can see in the video, we have been happy long time members.  I am happy to partner with BJ's to share my opinion and like with you. 

Fly Fishing with Alex Bell Cashiers, NC

During our recent visit to High Hampton Inn, we got to take private Fly Fishing Lessons from the well-known Alex Bell of AB Fly Fishing. 

Here is Mr. Bell in his glory.  Fly-fishing.   He was an awesome instructor.  He has years of experience and he can explain it to lay-people like us.  Even our little people understood him well.

We had a fabulous setting to fish there on the High Hampton Inn property on this pond. 

Mr. Bell coaches one of the Tigers along on the art of Fly Fishing.  

It worked!  He caught one!! .... he caught two!  Happy times! 

And Mr. Bell was very patient to wait with our other Tiger while he worked on catching a fish.
And worked.... and worked.  So you see, Twins are not EXACTLY alike.  Sometimes that's hard.
But the fly fishing was good even great!

We had to end our successful first time ever fly-fishing here in the North Carolina mountains with a photo 
opportunity with Mr. Bel.  It was a great day.  

The private instruction was awesome! 

For good measure, we have a little family photo of our outing.  

Just so you know, we clean up nicely, here we are at dinner that evening! 
That is the lovely thing about High Hampton Inn, dress up for dinner!  
It is a wonderful experience set in these amazing Blue Ridge Mountains. 
"Purple Mountains Majesty!...." 

Back to the Fly Fishing, we wrapped up our day and 
we have this memory of a lifetime.  "It doesn't get any better than this!" 

Have you ever gone Fly Fishing?  Private lessons?  We recommend it - highly!

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*AB Bell Fly Fishing sponsored our family Fly Fishing Instructions and Day.  The fact that we fell in love with it and caught fish, that's pure personal joy that we love sharing here. 

Weight Watchers PointsPlus Weekend Inspiration

Hey Y'all! Nothing like the heat of an 114 Heat index to drive me through the weekend with my Weight Watchers power! :)

Here;s how I beat the heat for lunch!  This is a Weight Watcher's Chocolate Shake.  It is only 5 PointsPlus! Wahoo!  It is a WW Chocolate Shake Packet, 1 banana and 1 cup of Horizon's Omega-3 2% Milk and Ice!
This did the trick! I'll be making this again soon - like tomorrow!

Then Dinner really stole the show!  Check out this awesome Dinner!  Okay, no laughing, why didn't I think of this before now.  Here is where the 114 degree heat makes you find a way.  I had a really great pot of Spaghetti Sauce in the Crock pot.  Easy - Olive Oil, Trader Joe's Marinara, Mixed Bell Peppers, Veggie Soy "Meat" Crumbles!  Then I served it over pasta - except you know what Weight Watchers PointsPlus things of pasta - ahem, Carbs....  So I steamed some fresh broccoli and had 1/2 cup of pasta and 2 cups of Broccoli Florets!  And I LOVED it!  The crunchy broccoli was my favorite tonight OVER the pasta!  Check my temperature - oh, I already told you I'm burning up. lol 

We started the day right here!  All four of us played Tennis for over an hour in the HEAT! It was so fun!  The Tigers learned SO much at RDU Tennis Camp last week! 

And then I piddled on my Instagram account and made this picture with the shake one... which one do you like best? I think I like the original above but you know, since Instagram is so it, I had to post it.  I do not have a need to be retro all they time.  It is fun.

Most importantly, I became a Great Auntie - for the third time!!!! today!  And it was the FIRST Girl in our family in 28 years y'all!!  I'm just saying'!!!! :)  One happy and thankful family!

How is your weekend going?!  Please share how you are staying cool!  Cheers!

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

Friday Fashion: BOA The Oprah "O" List Scarf

So last night, I loved a Mom Bloggers Event - you know, it involved Moms - Mom Fashion!  So I was in and I got to see other great Mom Bloggers in the area and meet a new one!  That was half the fun.  

A huge kudos goes out to Erin @ Marketing Mama for hosting us at Raleigh's Clothes Hound. So fun and what a cute shop! I discovered these ...

Look the Oprah Scarf! :)  Leave it to me to pick this up and hear the Owner say, "That's the "O" Favorite List Scarf!"  I'm fashionable like that!  lol  So I share my own love of the Fornash BOA from the Oprah "O" List! Aren't these awesome!

Completely comfortable, simply affordable, and very versatile! Love these! And they come in a world of colors, so we'll need several. :) That's Mom Fashion!
Have a great weekend y'all!

Firebirds® Wood Fired Grill of Raleigh and GIVEAWAY

Firebirds® Wood Fired Grill of North Hills Raleigh, North Carolina introduces a "Taste of Colorado to the Carolinas!"  It is one awesome experience.

The whole concept of Firebirds is from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Carolina bringing us a little Colorado! They do this very well.   That's coming from Boulder, Colorado native, Boulder Mountain Man. :)

Our family enjoyed a fabulous four course dinner at Firebirds on a recent Summer night.  The entire evening was just perfect.

See the Moose?!  This is part of the lodge feel you get.  It's like visiting an Aspen Lodge with all the wood and decor.

The Servers are excellent.  Ours was very knowledgable about the Restaurant, Menu and children!  See, the Tigers think he is funny! :)  He was.

So we started with this amazing Lobster, Shrimp Appetizer.  Awesome! And it fed the whole crew!

Super tasty! 

Another Appetizer we tried was the Coconut Shrimp!  As a New Orleans native, I adore that my children love seafood and Shrimp!  

Look how huge this "appetizer" is.  The boys love the shrimp and Boulder Mt. Man and I loved the 
Mango Salsa Cole Slaw!! 

The bread - it's just gone!  What can I saw, we loved the fresh bread and the boys played and wrote on the Kids Menu for a while and that's a good thing during a long meal.

I just loved these bowls.  See how unique the atmosphere is.  

 See they loved the story

We have one happy Tiger who loved his Grilled Shrimp - plain.  This was a generous portion 
and tasty without being too spicy. 

Boulder Mt. Man had a Pecan Crusted Trout with all manner of goodness and more of 
his favorite Mango Cole Slaw - yes, he planned it that way! Good sign when you order
more during the same meal. 

Need I say more - this is the "Kids Meal" Cheeseburger Meal! 
Happy Tiger loved his Cheeseburger! 

Perfect Green Beans with Candied Pecans! Love the Southern Theme here - more Pecans! 

Next was my Mahi Mahi with Couscous.  A totally different way of having 
Mahi Mahi.  Loved it.  And it had a Tomato Stew on top which went great together. 
And this was so guilt- free healthy too! 

Food coma!  Let's just say, we're not hungry!  So far so great! 

Then we Could.NOT.resist the Mississippi Mud Pie!  This was a Chocolate Lovers dream!  WE loved it!  And the Tigers tried it out as well since you know, they're Mississippi natives! :)

Their taste buds go for the classic goodness of the Brownie and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!  

Any doubt this is the best pie around?!  None!

We captured the evening right here.  It is fun to how the boys how to appreciate an 
awesome restaurant and a variety of foods.  

Manager Max Lieberman!  He is personality plus.  Really took the time to 
visit with us and answer questions and evening serving us.  You can tell he loves Firebirds and his job! 
Thank you Max! 

 Here is a quick ariel with the Moose again!  See all the ambiance!  You can't help but relax and enjoy whether a family dining as we did or a girls night like the ladies next to us.

Here's my little Video to give you a glimpse! 

We gave Firebirds Grill a 5 Star!  Service was awesome, food was fabulous and abundant and had great variety.  Have you been to Firebirds Grill?  Check it out!  You'll be glad.  Here's the Menu! 

Enter to Win $50 VIP Gift Card to Firebirds!!  

1) Drop by the Firebirds Grill website and Leave a Comment of your favorite item you want to trip at Firebirds! :) 

2) Check out Firebirds Facebook and get another entry to win; 

3)  Share this link on Twitter; 

4)  Leave a comment on Carolina Mama. 

Giveaway Ends July 29th @ 8:00pm EST.  

Good luck! 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*FTC Compliant Disclosure:  Firebirds Grill invited and hosted us.... we fell in love with the entire experience on our own and love sharing it here!