Food Lion MVP Coupon HUB and Giveaway

Food Lion of North Carolina is our favorite local Grocery Store chain.  We love this North Carolina based grocery.  The food is fabulous, the deals a steal and the customer service if phenomenal. 

The Food Lion MVP Coupon Hub is such an awesome place for those of us who love the Coupons!  The Food Lion MVP Coupon Hub is going really great so far!  Check out the Food Lion MVP Coupon HUB and you, too, can enjoy shopping with savings.  Please visit the site at and enjoy shopping! 

The Food Lion MVP Coupon Hub is such an awesome place for those of us who love the Coupons!  And have Families to feed!  Or shall we say, crowds.  

The Food Lion MVP Coupon Hub is super easy to use and is SO helpful in shopping for all their bargains!  Check out the Food Lion MVP Coupon HUB and you, too, can enjoy shopping with savings.  

Check out the Food Lion MVP Coupon Hub site at and enjoy shopping!  
Enter to Win one of (2) Food Lion Gift Cards $25 value.  Then you can use them on the Food LionMVP Hub portal.   


1)  Check out the Food Lion Coupon Hub and leave us a comment on your favorite aspect, would you use it, how often, whatever you like. 

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Giveaway Closes: March 20th at 8pm EST. 

Thank you for joining us here and enjoy the fun! And the great Savings!  Thank you Food Lion

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Food Lion.  All opinions are my own. 

Rayovac and Severe Weather Safety

We are huge Rayovac Fand and Weather Fans here!  We have some Weather Dreams in the House!  Seriously, it is a fun little hobby of ours. "What's the weather?" "Is it going to snow?" "Is it going to rain?" "What's the temperature?" ….  I know my sweet and savvy Boulder Mountain Man loves the weather and has taught me so much about weather.  Like it changes and can be predictable.  Sort of.  And beautiful all at once.  With Rayovac, we're talking about Severe Weather Safety. 

Realistically, coming from New Orleans, we had rain and humidity and clouds.  Done.  Okay, I exaggerate, I just did not grow up with weather on my radar.  Maybe a good thing because I love a day, rain or shine.  

Well, it may have started for our boys when they were two weeks old and our small town had a serious tornado.  It was really intense.  We had to seek shelter - quickly.  Thankfully, my father-in-love was able to help me carry the babies since I was in a bit of pain from childbirth. :)  Nonetheless, two blocks from us, a roof blew off of our town's best BBQ.  Whew, we were, and still are, SO very thankful all was well.

So, severe weather safety is an important topic with spring around the corner, let's talk about the importance of being prepared for a weather emergency situation.

Well, guess what, April and May are Toronado Season.  And June starts Hurricane Season.  And this is on top of the usual Thunderstorms.  We have a 50% chance of Thunderstorms this week.  Add wind and you could be out of power. 

So along with Rayovac, we wanted to share these helpful tips for Severe Weather Safety from the Rayovac Storm Preparedness site about Tornado Season since she is just around the corner.

1) Tornadoes

Tornadoes can appear suddenly and strike randomly, so be alert during times of severe weather.

What To Do:
  • Be prepared, as tornadoes can form at any time of year. Peak tornado season in the southern states is March through May. In the northern states, it is late spring through early summer. Tornadoes occur in every state in the country.
  • Seek shelter in the lowest level of your home (basement or storm cellar). No basement? Go to an inner hallway, a smaller inner room, or a closet.
  • Keep away from all windows.
  • Make sure you have a battery-powered radio nearby.
  • Cushion yourself with a mattress, but do not use one to cover yourself.
  • Cover yoru head and eyes with a blanket or jacket to protect yourself from flying debris and broken glass. (see the Rayovac Storm Preparedness site for more information)
2)  Set aside an Severe Weather Safety Emergency Kit area on each level of your home.  Then, should the occasion arise, everyone knows where the supplies are located. 

3) Remember Car Weather Emergencies.  If anyone were to get stranded and there is a rain or weather storm, a good Rayovac Flashlight would be so helpful.  

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Rayovac has provided Carolina Mama readers and followers with  a way to save and be safe during this severe weather season.
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Happy Spring and best wishes for a Happy and Healthy Spring and Summer.  We'll see you back here as we share more about this fun time of year and each month as we continue to work with Rayovac on the latest in Batteries, Flashlights, Technology Chargers and more. 
Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Rayovac as a Rayovac Power Blogger.  All opinions are my own.