eBay Mother's Day Gifts, and Twitter Party Prizes

Magic happens at Disney World!  I have to tell you out of all of my visits to Walt Disney World, this one had me remembering my sweet parents the most.  Memories of my Daddy here, memories of my Mother there.  This was a great encouragement to me as I want my sweet boys to remember special moments they have with their parents. 

eBay is celebrating Mother’s Day by ‘Creating New Memories’ with the important Mothers’ in their lives. And what better way to celebrate than by hosting a number of social media giveaways!

The Mother Daughter relationship has many memories.  And they keep coming. :) 

Join the fun! There will be a
 Twitter party for Moms on May 1 (from 12-2 PT) and compiling a gift guide of items that the mothers in your lives will love. 

Also, Mother's Day is the perfect time to sell items you no longer love!  Just think, your item could be an eBay Hot List listing! :)   

eBay shows you several ways to celebrate the Moms you love, and win prizes!

                    Memorable Moments - eBay Facebook photo Sweepstakes with daily winners;
                    Keep an eye for giveaways on eBay Twitter and eBay Pinterest #eBayMom.
Great Mother's Day eBay Finds:

·         Fashion Outlet – Up to 60% off Spring fashion trends, lots of Mother’s Day Gift options available at the Fashion Outlet! 
·         Fashion Vault – Check out the Fashion Vault for amazing deals on outstanding brands. I LOVE THE Vault!  http://fashionvault.ebay.com.
·         Fashion Vault – The Watchery – Mother’s day luxury watches up to 70% off – 4/30 to 5/7. View the sale at:http://fashionvault.ebay.com.
·         eBay Flowers Promotion – Buy ProFlowers through eBay and get $10 to spend on eBay – running 4/18 – 5/12.  Check out http://www.ebay.com/evt/mothers-day-gifts.

Join the eBay Mother's Day Twitter Party here for more Prizes and Giveaways! 

Carolina Mama

* I am an eBay Parent Blogger. All opinions are my own. 

Food Lion Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes

This time of year has me actually longing to be in the (gasp) kitchen!  I know, she cooks and she likes it! :)  I do!

Seriously, I do love cooking for my family and this time of year makes it even more fun to find fresh produce, and organic choices that keep my family happy. 

So you know, since I love the kitchen, I was thrilled to work with Food Lion again and share this awesome Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes opportunity for you!  See, social good! :)  Really, I do love sharing great ideas, wins and more with you all. 

If I won a Kitchen Makeover I would add something to make my kitchen resemble Mrs. Paula Dean's....  brick oven!  Love and adore the old world charm of a brick oven. Add in the extra spacious island and I'd be happily cooking away.  I'm already happily cooking away, I would just do so with more space.

Enter Food Lion a North Carolina company.  Food Lion is here to help, they are hosting a Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes on their Facebook page. 

Imagine the win, a new Kitchen of your Dreams.  Enter here: Food Lion Facebook
    • Certain Food Lions are participating in this contest,  enter your zip code to see if your Food Lion is participating.
 How to Enter:
Food Lion MVP shoppers will can enter by registering your MVP Card and completing the entry form on FoodLion’s Facebook page. Once entered, Customers (you! :) will be made aware of additional ways to enter including:

1.  Purchasing any My Essentials brand product; and scanning your personal MVP Card;
2.  Checking into your local Food Lion via Foursquare or Facebook
There will be a Grand Prize, a 1st & 2nd place prize, as well as multiple Food Lion gift card giveaways.
  • Grand Prize: $25k Home Makeover Package
  • 1st Place: $10k in cash
  • 2nd Place: Free Groceries for a Year
  • 100 weekly $20 Food Lion gift cards (400 total)

Food Lion makes the Carolinas proud, so go ahead and enter to see what prizes you will Win! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama 

*This post is sponsored by Food Lion and Mom Central.  I received a promotional item to thank me for participating. All opinions are my own. 

Take My Sons To Work Day

Took my sons to work with me day, we did it. (Star Wars Yoda speak!) They came to work with me - Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Orlando, Florida.

It is priceless still. How cool, the Tigers and Boulder Mt. Man got to run around Walt Disney World while i was at Disney Social Media Moms.

Then it was back together for an incredible private evening - only Disney does it so well - Dino Mite Nite Party at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park! The Park and the Rides were open just for us.

We loved riding Expedition Mt. Everest at night!! And we learned only a few people in the world have done this!
Just one example of the many ways Disney can spoil!

Warmly, CarolinaMama

*Opinions all my own. I was invited to the Conference and chose to attend with my family. Attendees paid a fee. Opinions are my own.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Winter of Dolphin Tale

Loving Florida! There is SO much to do in Kissimmee, Florida and Central Florida!

It is an easy ride to the Atlantic Ocean Beaches and today we drove under two hours to the lovely Tampa Bay area.

We loved the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Our boys loved meeting Winter of Dolphin Tale. We LOVE Winter. And this Boat Ride on the Bay was fabulous. We loved this so much.

Here are the boys and the Twin Turtles at Sawyer's Passage where the movie, Dolphin Tale was filmed! :) 

It was truly a magical experience. Then we hit the Beaches - my stomping grounds on the Gulf Coast side! ;) I do hale from New Orleans easy access to the Gulf Shores! Nonetheless, they are as white an sandy beaches as ever!!

We had a blessed and wonderful day together.

Remember to check out the Ford Edge EcoBoost. We are working with Ford and Thank you Ford for the cool Ford Edge ride in Cinnamon. It is very comfortable. We love the Sirius Satellite Radio! And the GPS is beautiful and easy to use. We love it!  See it stops regularly at Starbucks, too! :)

Carolina Mama

Rayovac Steve Spangler Science Contest and Build a Light Bulb

As a Boy Mom, Science is so fun!  My boys love to experiment and create.  I will never forget our first Dinosaur Dig.  I ordered a Dinosaur Dig Kit and we explored and 'dug for Dinosaur teeth."  It was great fun.  The Tigers were younger then and they gave it their whole heart.  We all learned and loved that science experiment.  "We brought Science to Life."  Sort of.

Now, I get so excited about Steve Spangler Science - I love that Rayovac is teaming up again with Steve Spangler Science to provide three educators entrance into the Spangler's hands on Science institute, Science in the Rockies!  July 10-12, 2012. 

So now the Exceptional Teacher in your child's life can bring Science back to life at the cool Spangler Science Institute.  Take a look at this Build a Light Bulb Science experiment.  Now that's a Science Experiment.  I have to do this with the Tigers.

Teachers Bring Science to Life Contest:

Through May 9, educators at any grade level can nominate themselves for a chance to win one of three admissions by submitting an online essay, up to 300 words, at www.rayovac.com/science  , explaining how they inspire students and bring learning to life. 

Three inspirational teachers will be selected by Rayovac to win admission worth $895 to attend Science in the Rockies, where attendees will learn great classroom techniques and engaging experiments sure to inspire and captivate their students. More information, the official contest rules and the entry form can be found at www.rayovac.com/science.  
I love this contest and the Institute and all that it does to help kids fall in love with Science.  Did you love Science or have an amazing Teacher bring Science to life for you?  

Now, go sign up your favorite Teacher for Steve Spangler Science! :) 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*I am a Rayovac Power Blogger.  My love of Science and Rayovac is all my own.

Ford Edge EcoBoost Family Road Trip

Welcome! Please follow our journey as we work with Ford.

Hello Ford Edge EcoBoost. Comfortable, Casual, Cinnamon and look she rides smoothly on the Beach!

Number 1 feature today:

Dual Heated Leather Seats! Yes, mine has been on about 74 all day! It was 47 degrees when we left Charleston, South Carolina this morning. So this temperature has been perfection!

Thank you Ford! We love the Ford Edge EvoBoost and the Mileage as been phenomenal! 27 miles per gallon! We love it!

Carolina Mama

Smart Pet Guide Fish Diaries Blogger

We are animal lovers. Our boys, you know, my Tigers, adore animals. They have both talk about becoming Veterinarians. One continues to dream of his Veterinarian days.

Following up from yesterday, you know we have a little situation regarding pets. Excitingly, today I am back to share a fabulous solution to our situation that leads to no pets. With three of us having allergy and asthma issues, we are so thrilled that there is a way for us to enjoy pets.

I have joined Smart Pet Guide as a Smart Pet Fish Diaries Blogger. I could not be happier about this opportunity for our boys. We adore fish and look forward to setting up our home Aquarium, choosing our Pets, and making our home their home.  We look forward to sharing with you here.  Please let us know if you have specific questions you would like answered.

We will be sharing our journey and Pet Care Tips and Advice. I look forward to teaching the boys all of the aspects of aquarium life and watching their relationships with their fish develop. I know they are good at taking care to feed our birds and water our plants so I know they will be diligent in fish care.

We look forward to sharing insights on having healthy and happy Fish! I see a Book Report or two in the works for the Tigers. It really a perfect opportunity to learn how to feed, and balance the water and all the other aquarium life things that I, too, will be learning.

And all of this, Allergy and Asthma FREE! That is golden! Thank you Smart Pet for including our family as a Fish Diaries Blogger. We couldn't be more enthusiastic to walk this road together.  Thank you for joining us and we look forward to this experience and sharing with you. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*I am a Smart Pet Fish Diaries Blogger. The enthusiasm is my own. Follow our journey.

One Mom's Diagnosis

When the Doctor tells you, "This is in your DNA.  You need to face it.  This is not a diet and exercise and it is gone thing, it is there in the DNA" lots of things go through your mind.  The tears were quick and hot,  my first thought was "I do not want to be on medication." I have been thankful to be medication free so I felt out-of-my-control to change this.  "My second thought was my father died from this at the age of 46."

My amazing Doctor whom Boulder Mountain Man and I both highly regard and respect, simply said, "Forget about your Dad, this is about you, you can manage this, or it will manage you."  Okay, you know this Daddy's girl, um yes, that was hard to take.  You don't tell me "forget about your Daddy."

However, I was desperate for an answer and I was willing to admit this was about me right now and not my Dad and his circumstances were not the reason I was sitting in the Doctor's office horribly coughing and gasping for breath after 'just having a cold.'

In my soul, I was ready for truth.  Ready for a plan of action of health and wellness.  Yet, the truth still stung.

I have Asthma.

That is SO hard to say.  To admit.

There were no signs - like I lungs of steel that could well, run a Marathon with no problem.  Exercise freely.  Never need medication.  Hike a "14er."Enjoy life.

Yet,  there were signs. Hospitalized with Pneumonia at the age of 5.  Bronchitis every other Winter of my adult life.  Thankfully, I do not get sick often.  When I do, it hits like a brick and quickly.  And this is when it hits my lungs and chest.  This is asthma.

As a Christian, I know in my mind and heart this world is not my home and that this world is a broken place.  Yet, my soul longs for a perfect world... which again is not here.  Still, it is hard to admit I have Asthma and it does not go away when the wheezing stops.
So thankfully we have good doctors and an effective and precise dosage of medication.  One dose/inhaler in the am and one in the pm.  This was after a struggle.  After a Winter of wellness and then... bronchitis which lead the Good Doctor to a diagnosis.  And the patient to an acceptance.

I have asthma.

Not only do I have asthma.  Over the year and a half, our Twin Sons have been diagnosed with asthma. Both of the Tigers and I have been confirmed to be allergic to beloved Cats and Dogs....  This is hard news for animal loving boys and their Mom.  Yes, tears were involved.

It's an especially difficult topic for our son who wants to be a Veterinarian so he can work with animals.  We adore animals.  Remember when they were riding Horses standing up!  That kind of love.

It is difficult to know that my children who are perfect to me are imperfect in these bodies. That we must care for their asthmatic limitations as well.  One has Exercise Induced Asthma.  One has Bacterial Induced Asthma.  Thankfully, it has been mild.  We pray they grow out of this.  However, for me it seems to either be mis-diagnosed or adult-onset fully. 

Nonetheless, we will manage the asthma so it doesn't manage us, so help me God.   Thankfully, Boulder Mountain Man has been well and free of any of these diagnoses. 

Even still, I am thankful for the many things in my life and my health is one of them.  This has made me more aware and thankful for all God has done for me.  And for my children.  It also gives me the resolve for health and wellness.  

Though we have a diagnosis, there is a prognosis and an exciting Part II to this post.  Stay tuned tomorrow for something exciting that we get to do. 



Firebirds Mother's Day and Father's Day Lunch and Giveaway

Confessions y'all Easter Sunday, I was spoiled for lunch.  Firebirds Wood Fired Grill of North Hills, Raleigh, North Carolina hosted our family.  Can you see how happy I was?!  No cooking.  

Since I usually make homemade meals for us most meals, this was a perfect treat. 

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill is a great spot for Mother's Day Lunch or even Father's Day Lunch. 
Firebirds Opens at 10:00am for Mother's Day. 
You arrange "Call Ahead Seating." 
This allows you to call ahead and have your name put on the wait list 
which will cut down on your wait time. :) Sounds fabulous.  

The Filet Mignon is a huge favorite at Firebirds so Father's Day would be a perfect time
to check it out and see if the man in your life would love to be spoiled as well. 
One to our Easter Lunch. 

He we all are Easter Sunday pre-Lunch. 

We love the hip and casual atmosphere.  You can enjoy dressing up as we did for Easter. 
Or, you can take advantage of the Colorado Cabin feel and dress casual. 
The ambiance is warm and welcoming.  It is awesome for couples, families and 
businesses meetings as well.  You could celebrate any occasion with great 
food here at Firebirds. 

Their Chocolate Layer Cake is so decadent, it makes you "want" to have dessert first. 
Of course, because it is so great and the meal is too, you really want your meal first. 

I took home leftovers so I would have room for a few bites of this Big Daddy Chocolate Cake. 
The four of us could not finish this generous cake.  

My favorite thing was the Sesame Crusted Salmon with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Fried Spinach! 
This was complete Southern Treat - Fried Spinach. 

We all Loved It!  It was light and crispy.  We enjoyed it and it cured a craving. 

This Ahi Tuna was perfectly delicious and could have served as a meal in itself. 

Here is the ever popular Filet Mignon complete with sides.  See the 1,000 reasons this is a specialty.

See I told you this would be the perfect Father's Day Lunch.  Wouldn't the Dad in your life love it.

And for those of us who l.o.v.e social media: Firebirds has an active Facebook and Twitter following.

Bonus: You can Enter to Win a $50 Firebirds Gift Card here by entering a comment for each step! 

2) Comment on a "Firebirds Facebook page;
3) Tweet this post link for others; 
4) Comment on the Carolina Mama Facebook page.
Offer available to those who live in a Firebirds Grill locale.  
*Offer open until April 27th to U. S. Residents only with a Firebirds in your Community. 


Carolina Mama 

*Firebirds hosted our family for brunch.  We love working with them.  Thank you Firebirds!

Music Man with the Raleigh NC Symphony

What a treat to go to the Music Man! Our boys loved it! We loved it! The acting and the Symphony was amazing!

We had too much fun... "76 Trombone... Oh, the Wells Fargo Wagon...!"

My Mom would be proud! She is leaving us such a love of music heritage.

Hope your Sunday was blessed!

Carolina Mama

Spring Fashion 2012 Styles

You know I love Fashion.   I think it is fun to watch New York Fashion Week and see what all is going on for Spring 2012.  And other Seasons. I call them recommends because just because they walk the cat walk does not mean I am recommending them. ha!

This Carolina Herrera is really cool.  However, most of the others, were so not my Southern style.  And why is it Models do not smile.  I mean I was not made to be one of those who does not smile. I do get that some people can be of the moment without smiling like those model.  And does it well.

But heaven help us, so many of the models look ill or angry.  Maybe just hungry. :)  

Here are some Spring Classics that go a long way and look super hip and chic. 

And I love the Dress. So look at this fabulous Yacht Stripe Dress - Simply Southern. Simply great. 

What are your favorite Spring Styles this year?! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

Ann D. Romney, God Bless You and The Rest of Us Who "Do Not Work"

This is a Working Mom Blog. :) 

Okay friends, you know I stay out of the debates on this blahhhg.  However, who enjoys waking up to news like today when Ann D. Romney gets blasted as "not working a day in her life" by a liberal with a political agenda, I pick up my pen.  Ann D. Romney raised five boy - hear me now 5 Boys - at home as a Mom!! How does another Mom not get the work involved?  I know the work that raising twin boys requires, I can only imagine five boys. God Bless her. God Bless Ann Romney.

Has our society really come to this.  If the same Moms who claim stay-at-home Moms who raise their children would list all of the Mom tasks that they "out source" each day that Moms like us do each day, there would be no debate.

Maybe Hilary is bothered by a beautiful, intelligent Mom who makes a choice to do something uncommon in a double-income society.

Uncommon, yes, married for 42 years to Mitt Romney.  Uncommon.

It's funny work-out-of-the-home Moms pay a pretty penny for someone else to mother their children full time so they can work at a career and not as a Mom during those hours.  Right.  So why do they claim it is not work.  Go ahead, add the other "things" they pay for that stay-at-home Moms do, and tell me about economics and who's working.

I could care less who does what with their families - sorry, have you ever heard me so opinionated or blunt! - why do Work Out of the Home Moms feel the need to blast stay-at-home Moms. Just saying'!

Seriously, I say I could care less because I have done most of the Mom options already in this 11 years that I have been a stay-at-home Moms, and yes I am a work-at-home Mom, too.

So yes, I know Ann D. Romney has worked more than Hiliary Rosen can ... well, quite simply comprehend and finally, she realized she needed to retract her thoughts.  And let's add in the work of a 42 year long Marriage, well, most of America can't comprehend that commitment and work either.

I chose to stay home, too.   One thing, I would love for Mr. Mitt Romney to realize is that choosing to stay-at-home - it is not always a "Luxury!"  For us, it was a choice and that choice has been a sacrifice. One I would make a million times over and yet, we choose to sacrifice what a good second income could bring to our home.  So no, it is not just a simple luxury to stay home and shop and eat bonbons. :)

We have made economic choices and sacrifices in a two-income world that a one-income family with a stay-at-home-mom or dad :) makes each day.  For us, this is the right choice for right now.  If you have not done this and cannot comprehend it, just don't knock it.  And don't try to justify it by saying we don't 'work at home.  Thank You!

I always feel so thankful "For Such A Time As This" for everyday I can be home raising my boys, homeschooling, living life together as a family because really, none of us know the challenges of the other or of tomorrow.  And I Thank God every day for the road He allowed for me... it has made all the difference.

Here is the Fox News interview of Ann Romney and the updates of President Obama's support of her as well as Michelle Obama. And I was so proud of Ann Romney for speaking up about this. 

And now if you would excuse me, while I get to work.  

Sometimes even stay-at-home Moms find time - because they work so hard and do dream big and seek the best opportunities for their families and themselves - to grow a business at home;  they work self-employed in addition to their -stay-at-home-Momdom.

And they work hard and love both and life is good and they keep their business to themselves and their energy goes into what matters most to them.  This is a Working Mom.  May she live happily ever after. 

I am not going to ask if you stay-at-home, work-outside-the-home or what.  However, feel free to comment, I'd love to hear it. We can take it.  We work like that. :)

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*Disclosure: I work at home and I chose this road and I love it.  I was not paid to have this opinion. The payment I receive is priceless.  

Natalie Grant's "Alive" is Our Easter Song This Year

Nothing has put me into the spirit of Easter this Holy Holiday like Natalie Grant's "Alive!"  This is such a powerful song... "Only you can turn my darkness into dawn!"  "Alive!"

"Look what mercy has done... I am His because He is Emmanuel, the Promised King!"

So amongst all of the family, fun and festivity of Easter in the South or whatever part of the world you celebrate, may we step away from the pretty outfits, the plethora of chocolates, the amazing traditional brunch and remember that He is Alive!  

"What kind of Love is writing my story until the end with Mercy's pen? Only you!"  "Every part of my heart cries, Alive! Alive!" 

Thank you Jesus!  Happy Easter Y'all!  He is Risen Indeed! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

Hershey Easter Memories: A Southern Easter Memory or Two

We are celebrating Easter with reading the Gospel of John Chapters 19 and 20, 
attending our church musical, the Shadows in celebration of Easter Sunday, 
He is Risen. And we're doing things like eating Chocolate!  
Hershey's Chocolate. I admit it! 

Hershey's was a sponsor at Blissdom in Nashville in February.  It was great to see them again. 

We talked a lot about Chocolate and Easter!  And I even got a huge from the Hershey's Easter Bunny! 
This one was for my boys, the Tigers LOVE Hershey's and the Easter Bunny. 
He asked me my favorite Easter Memories! 

Whew, we could have talked all day.  Easter was always about family and 
 Jesus. And a good Chocolate Easter Basket full of things like Hershey's Kisses, 
Reese's and Chocolate Malt Balls. Then we went hunting for Easter Eggs! 

Hershey's sent me a HUGE Easter Basket this year and it was Pink! 

That says it all! You know me and my life-long love of all things Pink! 
So this basket took me back to those Sundays in South Louisiana.... my siblings and I, 
five of us, would wake up and be lead outside to our horseshoe driveway in our front 
year of our two acres.  The Gardenia bushes were blooming for Easter and we would 
smell their wonder as we were lead outside with our eyes closed. 

My amazing Mom would usually make our traditional Easter Sunday Lunch which 
was the most outstanding assortment of great Southern cooking.  All Homemade!
by my Mother! She loved sharing this tradition with us. 

Our table would often look like this.  She LOVED decorating it and teaching us 
all of the different manners and etiquette to use. 

She would often create a center piece like these! And add a cute little Bunny!  

She was SO creative.
More than anything now, I appreciate all of the work, effort and fabulous recipes my mother made for us (every meal) especially at Eastertime!  

She got us all dressed in our new Easter Dresses, Shoes, Hats, Gloves and Purses! I loved it! 
And my brother and dad were in their Seersucker Suits and Bucks. This is the South y'all! 
We love tradition and style. 

Once at church we learned the amazing story of Jesus giving his life for each one of us. 
And how he Rose from the Grave!  Another top memory is 
Up from the grave He arose.... amen! 

Now, I am really ready for Easter. We have the chocolates, Reese's, Hershey's Kisses 
and more! And we were ready to celebrate He is Risen! 

Thank you Hershey's for the BEST Easter Candy!  
And for this great basket with all of our favorites! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama 

*The basket was sent to me from Hershey's to celebrate the Season. I waited in line at Blissdom to 
customize my basket because Hershey is thoughtful like that. So I chose our favorites to help celebrate our favorite Easter memories. Thanks Hershey's! 

Great Friends, Fun Farm and Fabulous Fine Day

Welcome to Crazy Busy Tuesday - the forerunner to Wordless Wednesday. It has been a wonderful day and one where God blessed us with with friends, new friends, old friends and a little healing.

With a day like this, priceless. Amen! How was your Tuesday this Spring?

Our Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday was full of singing and "Hosanna" sung by the Children's Choir. The Tigers did great! It was a Holy day moving I to Holy Week.

We even had the Missionaries bobby and Linnet Gupta from India in the service. It was wonderful to meet them. Thy have served in Asia for 27 years now. Beautiful people.

Perspective - all eyes on Jesus!!

Chick-fil-A New Old School Fun Blog App

Chick-fil-A’s new Old School Fun blog app is here!  Get ready – you'd better lace up your sneakers because the new Nutritious Chick-fil-A Kid’s Meals are going to help fuel active family fun! Spring is here and what better way to promote an active lifestyle and enjoy the great outdoors than with some old school games for your family to enjoy. The Old School Fun blog app is now available with classic old school games for the family and a fun throwback quiz! 

Check Out the Blog App Here: 
  • Fun Activities! Spin the wheel to get an endless amount of Old School Fun and games for the entire family!  You’re just a spin away from creating awesome family memories!
  • The Old School Fun Quiz! Are you a disco-dynamo or the bomb dot com? Take the throwback quiz to reminisce about the pop culture icons of your era!
  • Get Social! Tweet @chickfila with the #OldSchoolFun hashtag! 
Join the Chick-fil-A Old School Fun Blog App today!  Enjoy at your favorite Chick-fil-A with the free WiFi! :) 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*Disclosure: Chick-fil-A shared this information with me.  I chose to past it along to you all so you have the benefit of the new information. I love Chick-fil-A and have for decades. 

eBay Fashion Outlet and eBay Fashion Vault #GreenLiving

Great news for eBay Buyers!  eBay helps you be Fashionable!  They Welcome the Fashionistas!  Seriously, eBay makes life insanely awesome for Buyers at the eBay Fashion Outlet and  eBay Fashion Vault! 

Top fashion brands, designers, and sellers work closely with eBay to bring you Fashion Vault exclusives and special sales.

"Fashion Vault hosts weekly and special fashion events of branded clothing, shoes, and accessories."

Earlier this month, you know, I joined fellow eBay Parent Panelists at the eBay Headquarters in San Jose, California!  Get ready, I have a great deal to share with you. 

We learned about Fashion Power Blogger and Seller, Corri McFadden and her House of Consignment.  So hey, dream big because with eBay they'll take you there. Have you seen her TV show on VH1 - it's a reality show about the rich side of Fashion in Lincoln Park.

Dream big folks, dream big.  Seriously, take an inside look at how Corri grew this dream and is now amazingly successful there in Chicago.

You can sign up for the eBay Fashion Vault exclusive updates here.  So take advantage of name brands at greatly reduced prices. eBay works closely with these Designers to bring you up to 85% OFF! 

Take advantage of the eBay Fashion Outlet as well.  At the eBay Fashion Outlet -  you'll have 24/7 access to a collection of your favorite lifestyle brands and top retailers—all selling directly on eBay at up to 65% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price.  

Sweet savings like this Betsey Johnson Pink Tea Party Dress.  

Now that you have the inside on eBay Buying... let me tell you more about our trip to San Jose. 

We had a lot of great connecting and fun.  You know, we're kind of introvert-ish.  I chose the blue "b" in eBay. :)

eBay entertained us in San Francisco where I learned what "I left my heart in San Francisco" truly means.  I love it there. 

They also gave us great opportunity to fall in love with the experience of the Franciscan Crab Restaurant on the Fisherman's Wharf.  The Dungeness Crabs are basically life changing.  You know, eBay does things first class all the way. 

Speaking of First Class, we learned a world of good at eBay during our sessions on the 
eBay Campus.  One thing I adored was eBay's commitment to Mother Earth. 
This is what they live on the campus.  I just wanted to hug this wall! 

So when they say, "The greenest product is the one that already exists!" They truly mean it! 
The recycle the waste in the landfill and compost and am for "eBay Zero Waste for Green Space" motto!  

All of us who are star struck by JD Norton got the chance to learn even more about the 
ebay Green Team!   See JD is on a single mission to 'save the planet' and you know, he just may. 
I mean if we all had the green commitment the eBay Green Team has, we could change the world! 

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any specific questions about Fashion at eBay and Green Living from eBay?! They are at the ready to help you meet your Fashion and Green living goals!

Warmly, Carolina

*I am a proud member of the eBay Parent Panel. As you know, I LOVE Fashion so I am honored to share these insights with you.  All my own opinions.