Shaklee180 Three Month Update Numbers Y all

This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation blogger program.  I have received free products, online support and incentives for participating in the ShakleeCorporation blogger program. My opinions are my own.

Exercise-wise, I am loving Running consistently again!  Happy dance/run! :)  And I love my Pilates classes.  These are some of my favorite things. However, I did swim my first round of laps for the season and that was just like riding a bike. I LOVE swimming laps for a great Summer exercise. So I will be mixing these up for sure. 

Here I am in my element. :) 
Pilates May 2013
Running May 2013
This is the update post on my first three months on the Shaklee180 Blogger Program. I have loved this experience.  Each day I love the Shaklee180 Meal Bars and Smoothies.  Occasionally, I do not have them.  Overall, I have been consistent on the plan.  I love the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bar for Breakfast with my Coffee and Water.  If I miss a big hot breakfast, we have breakfast for dinner. :) And I skip the biscuits and gravy. :)  I do have a little bacon and eggs.  Or lean ham and eggs with a half a serving of cheese. I don't miss toast.

For lunch or dinner, I have a Shaklee180 Fruit Smoothie including the protein powder and spinach with almond milk.  I really enjoy these.  They hit the spot when I am not hungry or when it is hot outside.  And I make them an ice cream consistency and eat it with a spoon sometimes. Treat for sure. Yes, I have continued Gluten Free for eleven months now and I love it.  Again, I am not celiac so there are some splurges. Yet, overall, I love the benefits of the gluten free diet for my body.

Since I love to really hold myself accountable with a little photo for you.  Here we go, this was taken this morning after Pilates by a little lady who (gasp, they are still out there) didn't know what an iPhone was.  Her kindness, to offer to take this for me so I wouldn't have to take a mirrored version myself, well made up for her lack of techyness. :)

See, why I work at all of this!  Pear shape.  These are, as my sisters and I say, "birthing hips."  Thank God since these carried Twins full-term.  Since the Twins, they HAVE seen leaner days, which we are well on our way to seeing again soon. Right!

Shaklee180 asked us to share what we love about ourselves, I do love my smile and eyes and right here, the way my waist looks tiny when I toss my hands on my hips in the "don't I look great" even though I am not near finishing my goal yet. :)

One thing I learned this month is that I do better maintaining and losing my weight if I have my meal during the day. :)  However, I do enjoy sitting down to a candle light dinner with my family any chance I get.  So, I do this some and notice the results.  So I mix it up a bit.

It was a great month.  I was a little slow losing, I did lose and I am thrilled.

This pic confirms that I lost just a 1/2 inch in the hips this month.  Y'all a loss is a loss.  At this rate, catch me next Summer for my final hip goal reached. :)  We are going to work on it until we get it! :)

And I did lose 1 inch in the waist!  Yea, waist. Thank you.  So you see, I will be quite busy finishing the next three months of the Shaklee180 journey.

Shaklee180 3 Month Photo :)

Thank you for joining my journey and as always, email me or comment with any questions or thoughts you may have.  Positive, please. We're moving in the right direction here. lol  So psyched to be continuing on the Shaklee180 Blogger Program until August.

See you in June! :)

Carolina Mama

Shaklee180 Three Month Vlog Progress

Hi Everyone,  It is amazing to believe we just completed our Third Month on the Shaklee180 Program.  I still love the program and the products. I love the variety of having a great meal bar and a fabulous smoothie each day.  Believe me, I miss it if I skip.

Month three has been awesome, this takes into account my travel and Beach Gala getaway.  And I am loving the routine, habit and commitment of it all.  I am continuing my exercise and love it.  Here it is in my own words:

Tomorrow you will read about my stats on the weight loss program.   Until next month on the vlog, I would love to hear if you have questions or thoughts to share.

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Shaklee. I am a Shaklee180 Blogger.  

Summer Fashion Trend - Chain Link Jewelry

Admittedly, we are at the Pool! So it feels like Summer is already here in North Carolina. One thing is sure, the Fashion Trends are steady for Chain Link Jewelry!

Yes, some trends start early! The first photo above is me at the UNC vs. Florida State Basketball Game.  So fun!  It was in March, see I start early. Fashionistas do, right. 

Enjoy the many ways you can enjoy some chunky Chain link Jewelry this Summer.  I will be making the most of this Fashion Trend all Summer. Look for it to pop up in our travels. You know I can get pretty creative.

Look, I even celebrated the look at the pool! 

That is another great thing, it is pretty indestructible. Just don't pay too much for it.  You shouldn't have to pay much for the fun look.

What do you think of his Summer Fashion trend?! I, obviously, love it! ;). Do you have some chunky chain jewelry and what is your favorite brand? 

Here I am sporting my jewelry on a date with my man. So fun an stylish. I love it! 

Carolina Mama

Travel Review: The Cove, Asheville, North Carolina - Christian Conference Center

We were so richly blessed recently to enjoy a Family time at The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina. The Cove is a Christian Conference and Retreat Center.  Every time we have set foot on this amazing property, it truly feels like heaven on earth.  "Surely, the presence of the Lord is in this place."  You can seriously feel it.

This is one of my favorite spots on the property so you will see lots of pictures here....

Meet my family - we are loving the view, the time together and the incredible fellowship together, with Matthew West and his Dad, who travels with him now, and our deal friends, The Spinks of One Moms World! We Love Them! 

In April, we enjoyed "An Evening at The Cove" with Matthew West! Our whole family enjoyed the intimate Concert, the Inn where we stayed and the hiking on the gorgeous property.  We spent an afternoon at the Chapel and hiking the trails in that area.  So wonderful.  There is a beautiful creek running through the property and along the hiking trails.

Remember, my favorite spot on the property here you go.   Look at the fabulous weather we had.

Loved relaxing by the fireplace in the main Center with my Twins!  They were so happy to be big boys this year so they could join Mom and Dad. Milestones and what a place to celebrate them. 

It was so serendipitous that when we arrived at our Inn to check in, look who we saw, Matthew West and his Dad, checking into the same Inn!!  Our boys were ecstatic.  He is so kind and welcoming and so is his Dad. 

Every Cove trip has to include some tour or service at the Chapel.  This is a sacred place. 

This is the outside of the Chapel.  We had to catch at Family "Selfie" we were so thrilled to be here together.  

More family fun in the main lobby of the Billy Graham Training Center.  So fun!  

Did I mention blessed with fabulous friends!  The Spinks of One Moms World joined us for An Evening at the Cove with Matthew West!  We loved this.  Such a blessings. 

Father and Sons took off on the trails and LOVED all the hiking and guy time.  

Well, Dessert first.  Look at these adorable and tasty Coconut Pudding treats accented with Mint. Everything at The Cove Dining Hall is fantastic.  The Chef cooks fresh, tasty and healthy meals and desserts. I feel like I have great options there. 

See how well balanced and wonderful my meal looks.  The fresh cooked meals were unique and so tasty.  We all loved it. 

See here are Jen, of One Moms World, and me.  We were so happy to be reunited! 

Love getting fun pictures of my family - any time - and especially at The Cove!  We were all so happy and peaceful here. 

We feel so blessed our children love playing together and enjoying new things like the Concert tonight! 

Alas, Matthew West himself!  He is fabulous in concern.  He is so personable and spirit filled.  We were thankful to be included.

The Happy Family. 

Matthew West was so kind to sign Tee Shirts for our boys even before getting checked in.  So kind and considerate.  He is so cognizant about his work. 

LOVE this carving of The Cove Bear.  So cute. 

This is fun.  The Dining Hall serves ice cream in the lobby while you wait for your table, fellowship or just visit.  I had to spoil the boys with Ice Cream before Dinner.  Families are welcome and will be blessed, indeed.  Oh, well, you see the ice cream is on the last bite.... so mission accomplished. Treat before dinner. :) 

Enjoy an Evening at the Cove with someone you love.  Check out the shows by Natalie Grant, Phillips, Craig and Dean.  I believe any show at The Cove would be such a blessing.  There is a spirit at this place.  Thank you The Cove for such high standards, beautiful facilities and being such a blessing to all who visit. 


FTC Disclosure:  The Cove sponsored this post. All opinions are all my own. 

Wordless Wednesday

Love your Brother ! 

Carolina Mama

SkirtSports Best Skirt for Active Women: SkirtSports Review

My fascination with SkirtSports athletic wear for women - skirts y'all.  Running got so much more hip and fashionable when SkirtSports invented the Running Skirt.  WE LOVE SkirtSports for sure. I was thrilled to get to Review the product they provided for me.  Best thing, SkirtSports has so many great options so I chose this great outfit.

Here's the Review:

SkirtSports skirts are SO comfortable and practical.  And you will totally be in style and a super Fashionable Runner, too.  I love dresses and skirts and I also love the feminine look while I exercise.

SkirtSports just makes me happy.  What more, running endorphins with the benefit of cute clothing.  Here we are at Charleston's Cooper River Bridge Run 10K.  So fun and perfect weather.

Here I want to show you the cool "Runner's Dream Long Sleeve Shirt."  LOVE it!   I chose White because I love white and it can match so many things and for Summer it is pretty. It was perfect for Race Day and beyond this Spring. 

Here I am last week at the lake running and the Runner's Long Sleeve was perfect for stopping the wind without making me hot.  Ideal. 

Here are some quick details on the shirt: 

"The Runners Dream Long Sleeve is our version of the Runner’s High. Light on the body, lighter on the mind; you won't even know you're wearing it. All-mesh tummy panel and back (the bust panel being solid jersey...we like to keep some things secret!) with long lightweight jersey sleeves and thumbholes.  Can you say "Pinch me. I must be [Runners]Dreaming!" Designed by adrenaline-seeking women for adrenaline-seeking women.

Skirt fave feature:  The long arms and body make this a go-to top for any cooler weather workout – even your hands will love you with the built in thumbs holes for added warmth and coverage!"

I LOVED my SkirtSport Skirt choice.  The Lotta Breeze Capri.  Look at the cute and hip pattern on the blue skirt.

Here are some great details on the Lotta Breeze Capri shown here:

"The Lotta Breeze Capri Skirt transcends the seasons. The all-mesh, knee length capris add warmth when needed while effectively wicking away the sweat from a long run. Plus, the wide waistband yoke creates a tummy tuck effect, slimming your feminine curves. 
Features & Benefits
  • All-mesh Skirt length (size medium): 13 inches in front; 14 inches in back
  • Built-in no-creep semi-compression all-mesh Capri leggings with 17.5” inseam (hits snuggly just below the knee)
  • Mesh is non-see through
  • Wide waistband yoke, designed to flatter your curves
  • Two hidden pockets on the leggings holds your music player, keys, gels, phones and more
  • Sonic Music Port on right side just under waistband: Place your music player in the pocket, and thread the cord up and out the hole, so you don’t lift your skirt to rock out
  • NEW TENNIS FEATURE: Easy access ball pocket on left thigh (only available in all except Red Kiss. Lapis, Celebration, Untamed and some Black, have tennis ball pocket ONLY on left thigh)."

Here is a glance of the Skirt while we were on the Tennis Court. I LOVE how flexible this skirt is.  You can use it for hiking, running, tennis, cleaning house. :)  Really, it is that easy. And after a workout, it feels together enough to go pick up a few groceries, etc.  So I have the iPhone pocket on the right side and the Tennis Ball pocket on the left. Life is good. 

So I have the iPhone pocket on the right side and the Tennis Ball pocket on the left. Life is good. 
This is awesome for running.  You can thread your earbuds right through to your phone, set your play list and go! It is perfection. 

Our family plays a lot of Tennis together so I LOVE this new feature that holds a Tennis Ball!  The SkirtSport Lotta Breeze Capri has a Tennis Ball pocket! Yes, I am loving this feature. 

Love my workout looks now with the SkirtSports clothing.  

Check out the SkirtSports Sale page for great deals on enduring workout gear!  Yes, I give this workout gear a 5 Star rating on both items!  Check out SkirtSports and enjoy your workouts even more. 

Carolina Mama 

FTC Disclosure:  SkirtSport sponsored this post.  The opinions are all my own. 

CowFish Raleigh Review

As a Blogger obsessed with good food, fashion and family travel, I was so delighted to have the opportunity to experience North Carolina's own, The CowFish Sushi and Burger Grill.  We absolutely fell in love with the entire Menu :) Atmosphere and People at CowFish.  

Here we are, one happy Family enjoying Mother's Day with the ones I love.  The atmosphere at CowFish is so cheerful and fun. 

Raleigh native, Marcus  was there to greet us on Mother's Day!  Talk about a very special and warm Southern Welcome from one of the Founders.  Our boys and my husband LOVED all of the stories and entrepreneurial inside from Marcus.

Here I am Mother's Day with my "lovies."  If the sweet guy on a date who offered to take this ever reads it, your Mama did great. Thank you for offering to take a Mother and Sons picture while my husband and Marcus talked a bit. 

The restaurant had such fun Art Work and creativity throughout.  We had a blast checking them all out. 

Now, this is a serious topic, Dessert.  Really, dessert first!  If I splurge on dessert, it needs to be awesome like this!  

Fresh Berry Tall Cake

Moist lemon pound cake and vanilla bean ice cream layers stacked high to the sky! Fresh strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
complete this sweet sensation.

That is all.  Right!  I mean this was so FUN and Tasty!!!  Premier Ice Cream with this fabulous Southern Lemon Pound Cake.  :)  

Every dish at CowFish was so beautiful.  I loved this Sushi plater.  So fresh, colorful and awesome all around.  Take a look at the Menu at all that awesomeness.  


....  and go ahead and your own favorites. 

My husband was over-the-top thrilled to try the Bison Burger "Buffolushi Sushi!'  I tried it too and it was so wonderful, satisfying and tasty.  What a great creation and  unique. 

Check out the COOL Aquarium with the CowFish in the tank.  Our boys had a blast.  It is so beautiful and mesmerizing. 

Look CowFish is so personable, they delivered Flowers to the Moms on Mother's Day!  Love this!  Made us feel so special.  All the Moms were smiling and enjoying Sushi, etc. 

Now here is another look at the Fusion of The CowFish.  

"The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar, a one-of-a-kind operation that knows no limits." 

See at CowFish even Burger Lovers are so happy.   Our boys cannot turn down an outstanding Burger and Fries like this.  They also found the Onion Rings to be a new favorite.  

CowFish Partner, Marcus Hall truly made the "Guest the King" with our visit.  Marcus exudes warmth, personality and joy in his creations.  We all loved talking with him.   He is a real Southern Gentleman who set me at ease when, after a perfect evening, as we left our table, my purse ever so graciously slid a glass on the floor.  Crash, boom.  Yes, I am the Foodie Blogger....  (I always tell our children, I make more messes than they do. :) Marcus did not miss a beat when he checked in on us and said, "That's how I roll, if it's been a good night, crash, I'm out of here!"  So huge a laugh out loud for all of us.   He totally set me at ease and made me feel better. Obviously, for me to mention it, golden. 

CowFish Raleigh is in the chic North Hills area of Raleigh.  All the happening fun is there.  We couldn't resist the CowFish Bus. It made the entrance so exciting - it was like the resident character. :) 

The landmark Capstrat Building is a perfect locale for The CowFish and we were so thrilled to see the outdoor seating options. 

Thank you so much CowFish for hosting our family and I adored Foodie Reviewing your Restaurant. It's at the top of our list.  We give it a 5 Star rating.  See y'all soon!  


FTC Disclosure:  The CowFish hosted our family.  This Food Review holds opinions all my own.