Bonefish Grill Celebrates National Seafood Month with Special Dine and Discover Menu

We love partnering with Bonefish Grill and sharing all of their latest creations and events! Being a New Orleans native and seafood lover, I am so very happy to share the new Bonefish Grill "Dine and Discover Seafood Menu!"  The Dine and Discover menu will be available throughout October for the National Seafood Month. Here's the deal.

The Bonefish Fresh Fish Experts are catching the spirit of National Seafood Month throughout the month of October by offering a Celebratory Dine & Discover menu, Three Courses of Seasonal Selections to Delight Guests.

NEW Cedar Plank Maple Bourbon Salmon

The Bonefish Chefs have created an incredible three-course dinner for two priced at $50 featuring a choice of entree, complemented by signature appetizer Bang Bang Shrimp and a delectable dessert to share – designed to delight the taste buds. 

Entrees include fall favorite: 

Fresh Swordfish with Pumpkin Ravioli

NEW Wild Snapper & Shrimp

“We’re offering our guests the opportunity to discover new taste sensations and experience the freshest fish of the season,” said David Schmidt, President of Bonefish Grill. “With our chefs’ culinary creativity and delicious flavors of fall, Bonefish Grill guests will be wowed all month long.”

Here we are at Bonefish enjoying a Date Night. We love time away and the great atmosphere and seafood.  Bonefish is a great atmosphere to celebrate and relax. We love the upscale atmosphere. 

Bonefish Grill specializes in market-fresh fish from around the world, savory wood-grilled specialties. Guests receive "chef's coat service" and are guided through an innovative, seasonal menu and specials featuring the highest-quality and fresh ingredients. The Bonefish experience is based on the premise of simplicity, consistency and a strong commitment to being incredible at every level. 

This is one of my favorite Bonefish meals; Seared scallops and shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli! The Asian sauce was so unique and tasty! An automatic favorite! You also see a little fresh Mango Salsa!  They were perfect compliments to the seafood! 

Bonefish Grill is a Consumer Picks Best Seafood Award Winner, recipient of a 2015 MenuMasters Award by Nation's Restaurant News, and the 2016 Technomic Consumers' Choice Awards food quality winner. 

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Carolina Mama 

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bonefish Grill. All opinions are my own. We're huge fans! 

Burger Fi, Better. Naturally.

You know we love local and farm to table and all the good stuff. Happily, we got to test out BurgerFi recently. It was a great visit. It stood the Burger Fresh and Tasty Test with us! BurgerFi is a Burger Five Star in our book. See all the reasons why in our story. 

After all, a Day Date for Burgers was ideal to get celebrating our Anniversary a little early! :) BurgerFi is bright, cheery and inviting. 

BurgerFi Natural and proud of it! BurgerFi's commitment to you: "Our Beef, it's 100% certified Angus, no hormones, no antibiotics ... the way nature intended!

Farm fresh veggies and Honest Food and eco-friendly practices that improve every neighborhood where you find a BurgerFi!

Made from scratch daily. Better. Naturally.

Jumping right into business, Introducing the "Breakfast All Day Burger!"  My Boulder Mt. Man LOVED this delight. Bacon sums it up. It had all the flavors with Natural Angus Beef, American Cheese, Maple Syrup, Fried Egg and Hashbrown.... keep reading. There is more!  Look! 

We love the BurgerFi branding on the Burger rolls. Plenty of bacon.... 

Burger Fi has these famous "Cry + Fry" sides. Would you look! We added the Garlic Aioli and Parmesan. This one order was more than the two of us could eat. 

For 14 years, I was vegetarian so the Conflicted Burger which has an Angus Burger and a Veggie Burger was my choice! This was a fun and tasty burger - I left with half of it for another meal. :) It was very tasty. I liked the traditional Cheeseburger flavors and the Veggie burger was a nice addition! 

Here you can see the all American Conflicted Burger! Both patties on a fabulous Cheddar Cheese. White Cheddar is available. 

Another NEW Burger is The CEO! This looked incredible! I am sure the Carolina Panthers would love to nosh on these before their next football game / win! :) Now, we know what to try next time. 

We loved the Swirl Custard and the RootBeer Float! Such a great cool treat. Great flavor.

Because the BurgerFi Burgers are unbelievable, here is the link to all of the goodness so you can go find your favorites.

BurgerFi Burger Menu. 

We love the outdoor seating! The over head ceiling fans and open air doors were so comfortable and chic. Look at the bright and beautiful tables - they are made of recycled milk jugs! Yes! Saving the Planet and Stylish about it! Nice BurgerFi! How is that for sustainability.

The ambiance is so stylish and inviting. As nice as it was, we enjoyed the outdoors on a beautiful day.

Hope you get to visit a Burger Fi soon. Have you tried Burger Fi!? I know you'll love it.

Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Burger Fi. All opinions are my own. 


Mixing with Mali© Instagram Videos #MixingwithMali© #ReelFastFood

Hey Y'all! Hope you had an awesome Summer!  We are full on with Family and Friends celebrating America and our Freedom with all of our Holidays this Summer and right through Labor Day.  We cooked through all of it! Gasp, she cooks! lol Really, I want to share some of our favorite and fastest recipes yet! So, I'm sharing my " Mixing with Mali© " series! The goal of this series is Real Food Fast and sometimes on Reel. :) My hope is to give you confidence in the kitchen.  Once you have the confidence, you'll be cooking your own homemade meals and more often since they are so tasty and created by you. 

My Carolina Mama Instagram followers have seen, I have created a new series called "Mixing with Mali©" #ReelFastFood How awesome is that! So, yes, Real Food Fast on Reel! :) Sorry not sorry, I love our hashtag. I've been sharing these "Reels" on my Instagram! So, I am sharing some of my favorites here with some of my favorite pictures.

This is a favorite, Homemade Lasagna! :) Okay, not the fastest but it is the real deal!

Simple, quick and homemade custom Pizzas! Step up your Pizza game with real ingredients you and your children add yourselves. We did! We have so much fun adding all the toppings.

This falls under the Real Food and not so fast! Homemade Seafood Gumbo with tried and true Roux!

Here is a family favorite Beef Stew for Fall days that demand Crock Pot ready meals. 

Recipes like my Italian Marinara with many reductions and lots of great ingredients all in my simple Mixing with Mali© #ReelFastFood InstaVideos! 

I'll still share great recipes that are more specific, like My Mama's Pound Cake! :)

You know, I enjoy sharing our favorite recipes in a simple and easy to follow Video Instagram Recipe form = #ReelFastFood .  Well, I simplified even more by adding my Mixing with Mali recipes to my instagram where you can make it, too! It's super easy and you'll get the scoop in, well, the 60 second videos! :)

So, often Food Blogging overwhelms everyday cooks, Moms and individuals who really want to just cook a tasty and simple meal. I want to demystify the cooking process. So, I will NOT have blog posts with 50 beautiful pictures and 50 steps to follow. Yay! These are beautiful to read and follow, when we all have time.

This is just my personal style of cooking and my family loves it. I want to share it with you. My hope is to give you confidence in the kitchen.  

Ultimately, I want you to be comfortable with YOUR favorite flavors and ingredients in the kitchen! Leading to your own great recipes and meals every day!

Bon Appétit!

Carolina Mama

Disney Trip Tips for Families with Small Children

                    Hello! I am happy to share a very special Guest Blogger post by my niece, Heidi. We're sharing her recent visit to Disney. Enjoy her very practical and helpful Tips of Her Disney Story! 

Greetings! Welcome to our Family Disney Vacation with Little Children!  We are so happy to share our Best Tips!  Meet my Family here at the Entrance of Disney World! :)


We were so blessed to have my Mom join us for this trip. The kids loved having her with us and we did, too! She is so fun and is more than helpful! Besides, look how cool and young my Mom is!  These are my Disney make at home outfits! :) 

Hollywood Studios and Star Wars Fun

Our family was able to take our children and my mom on a much anticipated trip to Disney World at the beginning of June!  When my husband surprised us and told us he wanted to take us, I immediately started planning! I'm so glad I did! I decided to write a blog post to possibly help and encourage any other moms who want to make your trip the best it can be!  Everyone's trip is different. There will always be the unexpected or disappointments, but if any tips I learned can help smooth out your trip, I will be so glad!  

Our trip to Disney was the truly magical and a trip of a lifetime, and I will always treasure the memories that we made with our small children and my mom! 

General Important TIPS:

Each morning, plan to arrive at each park with enough time before your first Fast Pass or breakfast to get a family picture with a Disney photographer!  Go ahead and get the picture out of your way while your kids are happy, before it gets too hot, and you won't have to stress over it all day!  At Magic Kingdom, we waited too late, and it was so hot!  At Animal Kingdom, we were in a rush to get to our reserved breakfast and we missed pictures.  Then it poured rain, so we were soaked when we finally got some taken.  

Each day, figure out which princesses will be at the park, and stick your daughter's coordinating princess dress in your husband's back pack for your daughter to put on when you see the princess!  This can be done over coffee in these cute Mickey and Minnie Mugs! :) 

We forgot to do this a Hollywood Studios, so our daughter was sad when we saw Sophia the First and she didn't have her dress.  We got a picture of her in her dress later at Disney Springs!

Pre-trip - Fun Stuff - about six months in advance

1) Make a link chain out of paper to count down the days to your trip!Here is our 40 day Count Down to Disney chain! 


3) Watch Disney Parks videos on YouTube to get your kids excited!

4) Read the Disney Parks Blog! So much great information there on a daily basis.

5) Buy Disney gift cards at Sam's Club to pay for everything.  This can save you a couple hundred dollars.

6) A good Double Stroller that is Front to Back with cup holders and plenty of space is essential! Ours is a Graco! We are so glad we brought it with us. All three of our kids on it at once is magical! :)

7) Book resort and buy tickets through a travel agent. Though I have a friend who helped plan my Disney Trip, My Aunt, Carolina Mama, has a favorite Disney Travel Agent is Janna Hicks. She has a wealth of knowledge, experience and money and time saving tips.

Here is our daughter with Cinderella at the Castle! Priceless and Magical all at once!

You can see how happy she is with Cinderella! I am so glad we were able to get her a reservation!

8) Call Disney to make reservations at The Royal Table at Cinderella's castle. (You cannot book before the 180 day mark before your trip.  If no reservations are available, continue to call every few days, and especially the day before you go to Magic Kingdom to check for
cancellations.)  Our beautiful girl with beautiful Ariel!

9) Choose Fast Passes for the mornings so you can get new ones in the evening. Look at the park maps, and plan to go from one side of the park to the other!  This is super important, or you will learn the hard way the first day, walking back and forth!  (Just look at our first picture in front of the castle!) 😩

However, look at this beautiful photo from our Mexican Outdoor Dinner. A special night, indeed! This was taken at the San Angel Inn Restaurante at the twilight dinner! Memorable! 


10) Invest in the Memory Maker from Disney!  All of the professional pictures that Disney photographers take of your family will be automatically uploaded onto your phone! 

Another fabulous convivial photo from Mexico in Epcot at Dinner, the Grand Fiesta Tour! :) 

11) Plan your outfits.  We love dress up. Most of our clothes came from JCP, EBay, and Goodwill!  Or, I made them with my sewing machine! To save money, we bought several long-sleeved clearance shirts at the end of winter for the kids and cut off the sleeves!  I also made some of the skirts and two backpacks! Here is the Minnie Mouse skirt I made our daughter.

11) BEFORE you go, Buy Disney trading pins on EBay!  The kids loved getting these in the mail and pinning them on our backpacks!  You can trade pins at all the parks too!My children are younger so they were just happy to have their Disney pins. My Aunt said that at about age 9 /10 her boys LOVED trading at their pins at the Parks! A lot of the Disney Cast members are nice to the kids and trade with them. It is fun!

***Must have in hot weather: Spray fan water bottle- get at dollar store before trip!!!  Use freezer bags to put ice in your cooler bag!  Take lots of water bottles!  Disney does give free water.

****Disney lets a bring a cooler into the Parks with food and drinks. Bring non-melting groceries for lunches and things like grapes, carrots, crackers, and M&M's to satisfy the kids between meals! Freezing water bottles half way can keep them even colder in your cooler until you drink them. 

Day 1
First things first, we changed our Disney Count Down Chain Link chain to 0!

My husband called the kids on the phone pretending to be Mickey Mouse!  This was super cool, and I videoed it!  The kids totally love this! And they fell for it!

Get your Disney trading pins ready! Time to pin them on on back packs. You can trade them with others in the Parks later. The kids love them. Then, they can collect some of their favorites.

For traveling, we played "100 things to do on a trip" cards from Usborne. It  was a great car entertainer! Mom was great with them!

Disney's New Orleans Riverside  
We took a Horse and Carriage ride- My mom watched the kids so we could have some alone time!  Thank you, Mom! 😀

Get a park schedule for each day of your trip so you can plan for any events, parades, and shows!

Day 2
With my Dad being from New Orleans, we were excited to go straight for the Beignets from French Quarter! We love beignets! They were so good, but not quiet as good as my moms!

Magic Kingdom
We started out where Disney started - Magic Kingdom! One of our favorite things, we the fast pass parent swapping on rides for families with smaller children!  We loved this! Older kids get to ride the ride twice, once with each parent, while the other parent watches the baby! This is great for families with children all ages.

We loved Splash Mountain! This is a family favorite! I love this one of our oldest two and me! We loved this!

FYI for boys, the Racecar Speedway was our least favorite ride! The lines were super long, and the cars are on tracks, which made the ride super slow and the cars jerk! That is not my style.

Space Mountain is a fun and unique ride. Most of it is literally in the dark. So I recommend Space Mountain for adults and older kids!  

Lunch: Mike and Michaela at the Royal Table in Cinderella's castle, totally worth the cost for unforgettable Daddy/daughter date!

Classic, Daddy, Daughter and Cinderella!  Magical Memories!

Dinner:  Be Our Guest Restaurant: steak kids meal is $13, comes with a drink and choice of dessert!  Best deal, even for adults! We got to take so many pictures. This was a wonderful experience! Our precious Princesses are ready to meet Belle!

 It took our Princess a little time to warm up to The Beast! We still love this one, first glance.

Then, she was all Beauty and the Beast with him! 

It was so beautiful! We loved seeing this iconic photo of the Rose and Beauty and the Beast! :) 

Enchanted Tales with Belle was a must-do for little princesses, especially since Belle is not at the Royal Table or Be Our Guest!

Hollywood Studios

Loved getting to share Disney World with my Mom! Isn't she awesome in her Star Wars outfit! "May the Force Be With You!"

Chewbacca Time! He is so sweet! 

Star Wars was a highlight!  

The 50's Prime Time Diner was fun too! The waitresses made everyone mind their manners!  Kids' meals are plenty, even for adults!

We even shared a milk shake - diner style! :) 

Star Wars Hollywood Studios 50s Prime Time Diner

I was so glad I made our outfits! We bought the tee shirts but I made the girls dresses and I am really glad I did. You can order Star Wars fabric and make your own!

We had so much fun with Star Wars. I sew. I loved making outfits for each park. I made the girls several of their skirts, including their matching Star Wars skirts and bows!  The Star Wars outfits were definitely our favorite outfits of the week!

We LOVED getting pictures with Star Wars characters! My Aunt, Carolina Mama, said they LOVED and still use! their custom light sabers that they made at Star Wars Hollywood Studios! I really like that idea so we let the kids creating their own light sabers was super cool!

Favorites: Indiana Jones stunt show and Beauty and the Beast show were our favorites of the day!

We love supporting local churches while we are on vacation! Then, we can also be in worship together on vacation.

The church service was a reminder to our children how important our Faith is. 

Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney)

We had one of our Star Wars outfits on at Disney Springs! :) 


Here we are with The Hulk at the Lego Store Disney Springs! :) 

Advance reservations are recommended and helpful!

T-Rex restaurant at lunch was super cool for our son!  


Pixar Short Film Festival- so fun with 3-D glasses:  Mickey "jumps out," and water lightly sprays on everyone!

We all loved Soarin'!
Coke tasting around the world- we pointed to Thailand's watermelon flavor to support my brother who is a missionary there!

World Tour

French raspberry macaroons in France are to die for!  Creme brûlée and chocolate dessert are amazing too! German dark chocolate salted caramels were delicious!

Here is the Men's Accupello and Musical Instrumental Group!

The American Heritage show made me tear up!  This is a must-do, so look on your schedule! So moving and patriotic!  Voices of Liberty acapella group was outstanding!

Kids' favorite was the Donald Duck boat ride in Mexico!  Super cute!  The Mexican restaurant is amazing- fabulous atmosphere!  You feel like you are outside with the most beautiful scenery and lanterns, while you listen to a live vocal and instrumental group (rondiah?)

We saw Mary Poppins in United Kingdom and Snow White in Germany. She "reprimanded" our children in a very kind voice for not keeping their rooms clean all the time! 😊  Snow White called Trey Dopey and asked to kiss him. He was NOT happy!  We all thought it was hilarious!!!

Day 6

Animal Kingdom

Breakfast at Tusker House to see Mickey and Friends:  pros: delicious and large selection of food, buffet style, all-you-can-eat!cons: expensive, and no photographer! Disappointed that a Disney photographer was not there, so it's up to you to get your own pictures with characters, asking those around you to take pics of your group and hope they don't cut people out or make the picture fuzzy!  

The Safari was so beautiful!

The Safari ride was outstanding! Here is our Trey who LOVES animals! 

It is wonderful to see all of the animals in the wild! We got a fast pass to go in the morning and then in the evening too!  Expedition Everest roller coaster was fun for Mike and me! This was really fun and a smooth ride. It is cool to be really high up at the top of the roller coaster. We loved seeing the new Tree of Life!

We watched the indoor Nemo show during the rain downpour!  Kali-River Rapids was awesome!  I went twice and got soaked! Here is Mike with Trey after a big Splash of a ride!

I hope your Disney Trip goes really well and that my Tips and Tricks were helpful to your Magical Disney Family  Fun!   

Bye-bye Disney!  We'll see you next time!  Thank you for a Magical Family trip! 

Warmly,  Heidi and Carolina Mama