An Evening at The Cove with Brandon Heath at Billy Graham Training Center

The Cove, a Christian conference center in Asheville, North Carolina located at the Billy Graham Training Center.  The Cove is designed to equip, encourage and   empower believers who want to grow and deepen their faith. 

The Cove is a 1,200 acre getaway in Asheville, North Carolina where gifted Christian leaders, teachers, and speakers guide people in studying God's Word. We invite you to come with a friend, spouse, or a group and discover that the greatest thing about The Cove is what you take home: life-changing truths that will produce a harvest of righteousness in you and those around you.

We love working with The Cove and were thrilled with the opportunity to work with them again recently for And Evening at The Cove with Brandon Heath.  We love the family time.  The quiet away from it all that The Cove cultivates. 

We set out on our road trip to Asheville, North Carolina.  We LOVE going to the beautiful North Carolina mountains any time we can and especially to visit The Cove. Here we go....


We made our best time driving up - we didn't even want to stop.  We had our tunes cranking on the Lexus audio system that we listened to as we drove up in the Lexus RX350 that we were reviewing.  Post coming separately.  Hint: The Lexus handles beautifully on the road and in the mountains. :)


We all LOVED the Lexus RX350. It was the perfect size for our family to have a mountain road trip. 


So, back to The Cove... we made it!  Look at the beauty as we entered the Cove Campus.  


We love to spend every minute we can there so we took our picnic with us and ate lunch at our Inn.  They have an awesome Loft at each Inn with room to lunch, enjoy the fireplace, read and enjoy some complimentary soda, coffee, hot cocoa and hot tea. We had so much fun! 


Look at our "Welcoming Committee...."  We love the abundance of wildlife at The Cove. 


As we ate lunch, our boys peered over the banister to see if they could spot Brandon Heath just happening to check in.... and to our be wonderment - look who they discovered.  Brandon Heath!!!! In our Lodge/Inn.  He was wonderful about photographs.  Look how excited everyone was to meet him in real life! :)

He was gracious enough to stop and sign autographs!  Because, you know, our boys had 
all of their Brandon Heath CDs at the ready for his autograph! 

He was very gracious and kind.  And patient with a set of thirteen year old twin boy who think he is the best. And a fine, handsome husband who was so happy to meet him as well. :)

Then, he even got a picture with Mom included and I got to pose with his Guitar. :)  Seriously, isn't this epic.  And the Concert hasn't even begun, yet.

After settling into our cozy room with a fabulous view of the forest there at the Cove, we walked the short distance over the the Billy Graham Training Center to this beautiful "balcony" and view!

for a fabulous and gourmet Dinner ...the Chef at The Cove is outstanding. Thinking 5 star! 

The Concert was incredible!  We were so blessed - I Loved "Love Does!" So 
amazing and we loved all of the personal stories Brandon shared. 

and the Concert was such a blessing. We were all moved by Brandon Heath's talent and to share it in such an intimate and relaxing setting like The Cove.

We always pause for a beautiful family photo opportunity of the mountain range ....  You see how we love the beauty and serenity of The Cove.

More autograph time!  

The Cove is the perfect locale to take your teens to a Christian Concert.  The venue is small enough to truly enjoy. And get the benefit of such wonderful artists.  They typically have the performers do a signing after the concert in the Ruth's Attic Bookstore located in the same building.  You can get wonderful gifts, books, CDs, souvenirs and more. 

Brandon surprised our boys with an autographed copy  of his vintage 
vinyl record, Blue Mountain.  The boys were over the moon with excitement. 
This was so thoughtful.  

The photo is one of the hundreds on exhibit on the floor with the Bookstore. It is wonderful 
to see the progression of Billy Graham's ministry. 

The Cove is a wonderful destination for Christian Concerts, Retreats, Conferences and Getaways.  There is Leadership Training and more.  Step away from it all and enjoy the solitude of The Cove!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Cove, Billy Graham Training Center, Asheville, North Carolina.  

Rayovac Sportsman Indestructible LED Spotlight

Spring is here and Camping Season is here!  Today, we are excited to share an essential for Outdoorsmen - the Rayovac Sportsman Indestructible LED Spotlight. It's Submersible!  And it is Waterproof.  And has been drop tested at 15 feet!

This beauty has a Lifetime Warranty.  Rayovac knows lighting like no other.  

"The Virtually Indestructible Sportlight can be submerged into 1 meter of water and 
remain waterproof for up to 30 minutes!" 

I LOVE it!  We are so excited to go Camping and to play Flashlight Tag on the Beach with this Indestructible Spotlight!  Warning: The Whole Family will want their own! :)  This has been ANSI IPX7 Waterproof Submersible Tested! 

I have tested it in my car looking for my keys! Here is the BEFORE:

See look at my Rayovac Sportsman AFTER! Look how bright it lights up my console!! ;) Happu and I don't lose my keys!!

Here are the Features and Details: 

Love this Rayovac Quote:  

"Get out there—and see where you’re going."

Model: OT6AASP-B
Features and Benefits:
  • 500 Lumen* High Performance LED
  • 3 light modes: High, Medium & Low
  • ANSI IPX7 Waterproof Submersible
  • 15-Foot Drop Tested
  • 10-hour battery runtime on High
  • 360 meter beam distance on High
  • Shatterproof lens & reflector
  • Over-mold rubber head
  • Impact resisting internal engineering and compact design
  • Includes handy wrist strap
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Includes (6) AA alkaline batteries
This Sportsman Spotlight shines beautifully.  We LOVE it and cannot wait to Camp with it.  Until then, we are loving Flashlight tag indoors and in the back yard.   

Check out Rayovac for all of your Outdoor Flashlight and Sportsman needs. And all of your best "Lasts Longer Battery" needs! :) 

Follow Rayovac on Facebook at Rayovac  - Rayovac has fun Giveaways and Coupons on their Facebook and their Twitter @Rayovac. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Rayovac for Rayovac Power Bloggers. All opinions are my own. 

Color Vibe 5k Color Kit with Tum-E Yummies

We are over the moon to Run, Walk, Play in the Color Vibe 5k Run in Charlotte this weekend!  Seriously, the boys have wanted to run in one of these for a while now.   So here we go.  We were on a roll training and now the time is here.

Part of the fun of working with Color Vibe and Tum-E Yummies is they sponsored our family and part of that is decorating ourselves for the Race!  So here's what we did.

We all had different ideas of what we wanted.

1) So Boulder Mountain Main chose Neon Shorts! :)  What better with the Neon Color Vibe Run!  And a White shirt.  EVERYONE Says wear a white shirt and get the fun colors all over yourself.


2) One of our boys LOVES Sport socks so he wanted Purple elites to go with his color run fun!  And he chose a small bag to carry his extra clothes and shoes in!  Yes, he does not want to get his Nikes colored up. So, he is carrying another pair.

3)  Our other son wanted to Light up the Race with his own Light Saber!  Yes, he bought another Light Saber to run all lit up.  This is his favorite thing to do, que, the memories of Disney World with light sabers all over the place.

4) Mommy decided to go practical.  Neon Pink Sports bra and Neon Socks to match. :)  Practical because I will wear these at the gym, on the trail or wherever. So we are set to Glow before the colors fly.

5) Finally, Tum-E Yummies has us covered on our ride home a) Car Seat Covers! Yes!  That is so awesome and ideal for us!  And the fabulous flavored b) Tum-E Yummies fruit flavored drinks also!  WE will be hydrated. and c) Pedometers. So we can track out steps during the 5k!  WE are so ready and excited!


Thank you ColorVibe 5k and Tum-E Yummies for your Support of Active Families!  We cannot wait to participate! 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by ColorVibe 5k and Tum-E Yummies. All opinions are our own. 

Lexus RX350 Family Review

Lexus RX350 Family Review
Lexus spoiled us recently by having our family review the LexusRX350 2014.  We LOVED it.  It is a beautiful car and its leather interior is very comfortable and classic.  As the Mom, I loved the height and feel of the car.  I am 5'7" and it is nice to step right in, not too high and not too low.  We adore the Deep Sea Mica blue.  Lovely.

We took a family video while driving home from Asheville, North Carolina.  The Lexus RX350 handles well in the Mountains.   We all had different favorite things.  Mine, of course, involves temperature. :)  My own heater and the Sunroof.  Check it all out - also, on Carolina Mama YouTube.

Here are a couple of our favorite Features of the Lexus RX350: 
Enhanced Bluetooth® technology [*] with automatic phonebook synchronization

We love Lexus and would certainly consider this purchase immediately when we are in the market for this type of car. Thank you Lexus for the sweet ride!

 Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Lexus RX 350.  All opinions are our own. 

Lexus RX350 Video Review

Our Lexus RX350 Video Review.  Just so you know, we LOVED it.  5 star for us.

Carolina Mama Blog YouTube Review. 

Check out the full review here on Carolina Mama Blog. 

Isn't it Beautiful!


Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Lexus.  All opinions are our own. 

Charlotte Color Vibe 5K Giveaway

ColorVibe 5k
Our family has LOVED Running since I can remember.  My dear Daddy and Auntie always jogged and loved for all of us children to run!  So I am thrilled to announce that our family is sponsored by the Tum-E Yummies and ColorVibe 5k to run together in the Charlotte Color Vibe 5k!
Tum-E Yummies

We are so excited for our team.  Our Family Team is ready to Run.  And Tum-E Yummies is giving away a set of FREE Tickets  (2) to a Lucky Runner for the ColorVibe 5k Charlotte, April 12th!  So come on out and join us for a fabulous....

 and colorful fun time! 

I cannot wait to check out each Color station! :)  

Enter to Win: 

1)  Tweet out the link to this Giveaway so we can have others join us.  

2)  Visit the Tum-E Yummies page and tell me your favorite flavor. :) 

3)  Pin a photo on Pinterest. :)  

Enter a comment here for each set you complete. :)  Giveaway ends Thursday, April 10th at 3pm EST. Tum-E Yummies will send an electronic ticket voucher to our Winner! :)  All the best, and get those Running shoes ready.  

Thank you for joining us and all the best.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by ColorVibe 5k and Tum-E Yummies! 

BJ's Wholesale Club NCAA Party Snacks

We LOVE March Madness!  Okay, it's a little less exciting this year since ALL of the Carolina teams are eliminated.  However, we can still have a fun NCAA Party because Kentucky is in the Final Four.

It wouldn't be a party without a fabulous dessert like this Coconut Layer Cake by Bj's.  I know, sorry to disappoint you it was not me with a new homemade Coconut Layer Cake.  Remember, I'll be watching the game and BJ's makes that easy with their incredible party snacks and desserts. 

BJ's Wholesale Club Coconut Layer Cake

We have mentioned before that we love working with BJ's Wholesale Club.  For a long time, we have been members and love their great finds.  This year, we are sharing our favorite NCAA Party Snacks from BJ's with you.  

Our boys still love the Dino Chicken Nuggets.  They are a white meat nugget and yes, they look like Dinos.  So it's a win-win.  Really, these are simple and easy and the closest thing to my grilling up some chicken breast myself.  

For the price of $10.49, you buy a large box of the Dino Chicken Nuggets.   These are great for nights when my boys have sports.  We just add salad or vegetables with some oven baked fries and milk.  They love me for it.   And of course, this is simple finger food for the NCAA Party and for Birthday parties. 

My husband loves the price of the milk.  We all do because our boys go through the milk.  So we usually pick up 2 or 3 gallons of milk at the great price of $3.29.  We add a lid and straw with some chocolate and it is the best party drink a child could want.

BJ's Milk Prices are Great

Pizza Rolls are another fun finger food for parties.  These have been a long time favorite in my husband's family.  Again, this large box of 70 pizza rolls is a special of $9.29. 

We LOVE Sushi.  So we added this great party tray of a variety of different sushi choices for $11.99.  These were tasty and abundant.  I love the variety at BJ's.

I was so happy with these tasty Multi-Grain Crackers that are Gluten Free.  We got them with sliced cheese for a hearty appetizer for pre-game.

We love shopping BJ's Wholesale Club.  Have you tried BJ's?  They are awesome for parties and every week necessities.   Check them out for your own NCAA Party Snacks! 

Also, BJ"s offers Gourmet Gift Baskets.  And one of our favorite perks of BJ's is that they offer Coupons.  We can get even better deals on items that are already discounted.  That's a win! 


FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by BJ's Wholesale Club.