Join Me on a Journey 2 Health

Hope you all are having a great Spring! I love May! It is a beautiful time of year. Everything is green, fresh and new! I love to set goals and evaluate where I am in the year!

It is perfect timing to share my new work with Journey 2 Health. Journey 2 Health involves something near and dear to me, Health and wellness! I've loved my focus on fitness and wellness through the years on the blog, Weight Watchers, Shaklee, Gluten Free, etc. You all know I've shared my triumphs and challenges, my struggles with my consistency in these areas after experiencing grief and great loss. The timing could not be more perfect for me. Welcome to Journey 2 Health.

My role will be Social Media Consultant. As usual, I will be helping you to be the first to know all of the good things that Journey 2 Health has to offer. As an added bonus, I’ll be on one of the J2H Teams that launch June 5th!

You know my work ethic is to be connected to, working with and sharing about brands and products I believe in personally. I hope you will journey with us since Journey 2 Health is available to individuals now. Here is more of the scoop and why I’m honored to work with the Journey 2 Health team!

Journey 2 Health

For many people, individual coaching and engagement is the key to fostering positive lifestyle change. The Journey 2 Health program combines personal coaching and education with team-based engagement and encouragement.

I love that this program offers you the health and wellness through its three pillars of success: "Eat Well, Move Well and Live Well!"  Basically, it’s forever because the Journey 2 Health philosophy is for life. It is truly an education and active lifestyle for life. I am so excited to learn new things. Of course, it helps that the co-founders are friends of ours. They live the life, walk the walk, which makes it that much more attractive. I am excited to learn.

You may know of the corporate side of Journey 2 Health which is EHOP Health.  They have been around transforming lives for a while now and are making it available at the individual level so everyone can benefit!

In my past endeavors of health and wellness, I have not had the overall picture of health and wellness in mind. WW was great for points and checking boxes to meet a goal, Shaklee has great products, gluten free was pretty clean.  However, with Journey 2 Health, I am awakened to the overall understanding of health and wellness for long term with the foods we eat!

journey2gether with me #Journey2Health

Get ready! The next Journey Launch Day is June 5th! Would you like to join us? 

We’re putting together teams which include one of the Journey 2 Health wellness and nutrition coaches! Get on board and journey to your health and wellness for life. These are private groups with accountability and coaching and resources available to you any time.  I've seen the J2H App! It totally rocks and this techy loves the App side for education, support and accountability.

I’m really thrilled to share a promotion for you to highlight the launch:


Everyone who signs up for the June 5th launch using the link below will be part of the journey2gether promotion:

Everyone signing up for a Coached Journey will receive a free Guided Journey so that your spouse or special "journey partner" can join your team with you at no extra charge. How fun is that!  

Journey2gether is a great way to get the whole family on board -- that way both the mom and dad are getting the lessons, able to interact and ask questions in the J2H app, and take full advantage of the curriculum.

If you have any questions or want to talk to one of the health coaches, fill out the Contact Us form so you can get ALL the scoop pre-launch! You'll see the monthly plans so you can choose what is best for your lifestyle, goals and budget! I'm thrilled to see that the most generous plan is less than the cost of a Health and Wellness Coaching or Counseling session. I know you get a personal telephone Coaching session each month, and you can communicate with your coach whenever you like through the J2H App! There’s the ROI!  

So you know, because I am excited to get to participate as part of my work benefits, I am excited to share. I am choosing to share a before picture and I'll be updating you all every month with how I improve in mind, body and spirit as I "Eat Well, Move Well and Live Well!"

Let me know! Are you in Team Journey 2 Health?! I'd be honored to do this together! A huge Thank You to Journey 2 Health for reaching out to partner and work together on this great mission to wellness for life.

Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is my disclosure of my working relationship with Journey 2 Health. I am choosing to share my own opinions and experience with Journey 2 Health.

Bold Cast VII Guest Lynn Custer Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I have a special Bold Cast podcast with a well known, respected and loved Raleigh Mom, Lynn Custer! Lynn is a wife, mom and mentor to many Moms in North Carolina through her "Season's of a Mother's Heart" by Sally Clarkson Mom Groups! Meet Lynn!

Lynn Custer, Raleigh, North Carolina

If you know Lynn, you'll love our chat! If you haven't met her, this is a great welcome and introduction! I know you'll be blessed to hear Lynn either way! She shares a wealth of wisdom! Enjoy!

Here Lynn and I are in a Christmas Choir with Keith and Kristyn Getty of Getty Music at DPAC Durham, North Carolina. We performed together - isn't that awesome - at DPAC for "An Irish Christmas" with the Gettys! Now, we're chatting on podcast! :)

CarolinaMama and Lynn Custer, DPAC, Durham, NC
in Choir at Getty Concert "An Irish Christmas"

Bold Cast is excited to host the very special, loved and respected, Lynn Custer for a Happy Mother's Day surprise! Welcome Lynn! Lynn shares about her "Season's of a Mother's Heart" groups she mentors. If you would like to join a group click here, or email:  Listen in, you be delighted! Lynn mentions Storyformed by Sarah Clarkson, Sally's daughter. Storyformed "What starts in a story, grows into a life!" is an amazing and hearty resource!

Check out this episode!

Again, Happy Mother's Day!


Bold Cast VI Guest Leigh Hines

Check out this episode!

Welcome to Bold Cast VI! Our 6th podcast episode features our very own, North Carolina native, Mom and business woman, Leigh Hines! It was a joy to interview Leigh! Leigh and I are colleagues and fellow travel bloggers with lots in common. You can imagine the fun we had talking about all the things.

As an upscale travel blogger, Leigh will tell you where to go for the best stays and deals! She shares a lot of great information to help you navigate travel! She's passionate about her love of Beauty Counter and how good it is for you!

Meet Leigh!

Malise Terrell of Carolina Mama Blog is so happy to host Leigh Hines, North Carolina native and entrepreneur. Leigh's interview highlights her Mom adventures as PTA President, Upscale Travel Blogging and Beauty Counter Consultant. You'll want to hear Leigh! She is a North Carolina native, lives in Raleigh,is a Blogger, creator of #OutAboutNC , and is a PTA President and more.

Carolina Mama

My Parents 60th Wedding Anniversary

My Parents' 60th Anniversary of their Wedding here in Raleigh at Hayes Barton Methodist Church was last month. My brother, sisters and I have always celebrated this special occasion. You may have seen my fun video toast on my Instagram that day.

"Happy 60th to My Parents!"

We always expect feelings of gratitude, admiration and wistfulness for days gone by. We want to remember. This year, I wasn't prepared for the happy I felt .... even for just moments. Do you know how happy this little Instagram post made me feel?! For a moment, I was celebrating "My Parents!" Just saying "My Parents" felt so beautiful.  In fact, I didn't expect to be overcome with emotion from referring to my parents.

You see it has been my entire adult lifetime since I have been able to refer to "my parents" when both of my parents were living. They shared a beautiful life, an extraordinary love and legacy.  I've written about losing my Daddy, our Daddy, Husband, Leader, Friend, Advocate, Attorney, Deacon, sooooo much more lost way too soon. Then, I've shared about my Mommy, our Mommy, Wife, Leader, Friend, Advocate, Teacher, Community Leader and Builder, Music Ministry leader, soooo much more lost later and always to soon to their child. Even as an adult child.

There have been many stages through the years. This year, on our parents' - "my parents" - anniversary, these feelings caused me to pause....  For a moment. I saw us celebrating our parents, the party we created, the travel to get us together, the speeches we were making, the gifts we were giving, the food, all the favorite perennial, Southern dishes that our mother had prepared for so many years. Then, the photos.... oh, the selfies and family selfies we would take. The children, the grandchildren and the great grandchildren what joy!

They were beautiful and ecstatic moments!  Naturally, too soon I was brought back to reality and the aching was real which reminded me of the Emily Dickinson poem my mother introduced us to when our Daddy went on to heaven. If you have lost a loved one and had the instant decisions of life to make in the middle of the fervent emotions, you understand The Bustle in a House the morning after death....

The Bustle in a House #1108

Related Poem Content Details

The Bustle in a House 
The Morning after Death 
Is solemnest of industries 
Enacted upon Earth – 

The Sweeping up the Heart 
And putting Love away 
We shall not want to use again 
Until Eternity – 

As painful as the loss is, I'm so grateful we had the love and life we did! I've found the beauty in the truth that those who go before live on in those lives they've left here.  They loved life and family! I love their contagious smiles here! 

Since writing this, Prince Harry revealed that he finally sought grief counseling many chaotic years after tragically losing his dear mother, Princess Diana. I well understand. Like Prince Harry, I learned the chaos of  traumatic loss and the benefit of counseling, and more counseling. Thankfully, I've experienced the beauty of time, life, family and love growing beautifully after a season. 

Like "The Bustle In A House," I look forward to the love I've swept up in my heart being "used" again in Eternity when I see "my parents!" 

Carolina Mama

* Resource I have shared prior is "Grief Share."GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone." 

Not sponsored. I shared the success of my own Grief Share journey after many years. You could even use the course and resources on your own. The daily email is encouraging as well. 

Bold Cast V Guest Mama to 3 under 5 years, Living and Loving Life

Our Bold Cast V is available on iTunes! Our first Guest Podcaster is our Charleston Guest Contributor, Heidi Haynes! We've worked with Southern Living Charleston on several occasions and other Charleston adventures!

We're talking all things Mama-ing three children five and under! Heidi has wonderful tips and tricks and really fun family ideas even I can use! Check her out!!!!  And please subscribe to our iTunes Podcast channel so you can get automatic downloads of Bold Cast as they become available!

Welcome Heidi!

Heidi at Southern Living Charleston 
We love working together and here are a few of our pictures of past Southern Living adventures in Charleston! 

Enjoy Heidi on the Bold Cast! 

Malise Carolina Mama at Southern Living Charleston 
Great tips and advice from our Guest Contributor on the blog, Carolina Mama Blog. Now, our Guest Podcaster joins us today. Welcome my fabulous niece, Heidi Haynes. Thank you for sharing today, Heidi! Take a listen and thanks for joining us!

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Have a great weekend!


Bold Cast IV 2017 Faith, Family and Calling

Welcome and Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter!  Thrilled to bring to you this Bold Cast IV podcast on Easter weekend talking about all things Faith, Family and Calling!  So excited to about it with you all! Before you go listen, I've got real news Bold Cast Malise Terrell is in the iTunes store! You can subscribe (free subscription) on iTunes Store Podcasts! When you subscribe, iTunes automatically downloads the news podcast episodes onto your device so you can listen on the go whenever you would like!

CarolinaMama the Terrell Tribe Bold Cast Have fun!

Thank you for subscribing! We are also on I Heart Radio! I hope you'll take a listen wherever you go! Podcasts are there.

"These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer:! I have overcome the world." John 16:33 Hallelujah!

Terrell Tribe Bold Living 

Welcome to Bold Cast IV! Living and loving life. Bold, your life, your voice used authentically. Join Malise Terrell of Carolina Mama Blog in the Raleigh area of North Carolina sharing about bold living. See y'all soon!

Check out this episode!

Happy Easter! He Is Risen!


Visit Emerald Isle, North Carolina Sun Surf Realty "Hart & Sole" and more #travelreview

"Hart & Sole" Emerald Isle, NC Sun Surf Realty, NC Review #travelreview

When Crystal Coast Tourism invited our family to North Carolina's Crystal Coast for a Family Travel Review of our lovely coastline, we were overjoyed. We love sharing about our lovely Carolinas. Sun-Surf Realty of Emerald Isle, North Carolina offered to host our family in one of their fabulous oceanfront properties.  We found great beauty and activity with peace and calm at Emerald Isle.

We arrived to this beautiful, palatial property, Hart & Sole, at Emerald Isle, NC. It is a 6 bedroom, 5 bath oceanfront property. Immediately, we felt comfortable in this serene home. 

Hart and Sole, Emerald Isle, NC

As you know from visiting here at Carolina Mama, we love the shore. We love and adore our  Carolina Beaches. However, this was our first visit to the Crystal Coast and we couldn't wait to get there. These Southern Outer Banks were beautiful from the moment we arrived, early Friday morning. We grabbed our boogie boards and immediately hit the waves. The Atlantic Ocean represented. We were so elated to just be there and in the water on this beautiful Spring day.

We arrived at Emerald Isle early Friday morning to saunter on the beach a little before our check in.  To our delight at noon, while taking a break under our beach umbrella,  we found a text on my phone from Sun-Surf Realty... "It's time to get your vacation started! Hart & Sole is ready for your check-in!"  Like now! 

We checked in at the Sun-Surf Realty front office. The staff was so friendly and accommodating - just as they had been on the phone and through email. They joyfully and competently answered every question. We received a great list of items to remember for a fabulous beach vacation.  And the list of things that were provided at the home so we would not pack unnecessarily. So helpful!  Tiffany and Tina and Jaclyn smiled as we checked in and gave us our package to start.

CarolinaMama and Family Emerald Isle, NC

This was the beautiful view from the back of the home. This faces the Ocean. So, here I am walking to the home from the Ocean on the boardwalk. Look at the sprawling porches on the back of the house. These are available from every room on the back of the home. We love this feature. 
The upper level is a expansive screened in porch with patio furniture. This is off of the 
large living area and kitchen. We are an active family so we loved this access. 

Click here to SEE the Carolina Mama "Hart & Sole" YouTube video. 

This picture is charming to me as it shows how we lived and loved this home. The twinkle of the lights in the home at dusk as my husband captured this as we were just getting in from a wonderful day at the beach and were about to grill on the deck. See the blue adirondack chairs on the right upper deck, the grill is there and we spent so much time enjoying this together. 

This was our Hart and Sole Sunset at Emerald Isle, NC. This was our sunset one evening from our own boardwalk from the back of the home. It was so beautiful. 

Mornings looked like this from the upstairs porch as we enjoyed some quiet time, reading, painting and more. We got used to this view and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. 

Hart & Sole Boardwalk Emerald Isle, NC CarolinaMama 

As soon as we walked into this delightful kitchen, I was in love! The Kitchen is truly the center of activity and social time. We loved the convenience of this kitchen. It had EVERY.THING we needed and more. We enjoyed grilling and cooking here and spending time at the house together! This kitchen made it so comfortable and simple. It was nice to have every little luxury from hone here at our beach home away from home.

The eat in kitchen counter was very convenient. We spent time talking, cooking, laughing and more. Sun Surf Realty welcomed us with this great basket of Island specialties and snacks for our stay. We were well loved. 

Here is my lovely husband after a wonderful day on the shore - he approaches our luxurious oceanfront home for the long weekend. Hart & Sole is truly, a splendid and serene home, we were so comfortable and relaxed with everything easily accessible. The water hoses to rinse off the sand were at the back and downstairs entrances, as well. The conveniences here are all perfect.

Our boys had made themselves comfortable enjoying the hot tub off of the master bedroom. 
This was such a treat for everyone. It was a private closed in porch for the hot tub.  It was a perfect "prescription" after our full days of activities. 

Here is one of the six bedrooms. Each room is decorated so thoughtfully with every 
amenity. We loved all of the anchors, sand dollars and crabs throughout the home. 

Across the hall sat this great bunk bed room. All of the rooms had their own 
access to the porches and their own spacious bathrooms. This one has a great porch and 
plenty of closet space and is a walk straight out to the Ocean.  

Our boys LOVED having extra bedrooms. This became their Entertainment Room as it had 
lots of room for their games, and personal gear. 

Here is another beautiful bathroom with everything possibly needed.  The bathroom were spacious and stoked well with linens. We loved the colors throughout the home as it made for such a calm and peaceful setting. 

We loved the convenience of the under the home carport at Hart and Sole. This lead to a nice and convenient indoor entrance to the home and to the elevator! This was so convenient!  The elevator worked from the ground up to the third floor. Helpful! And fun! From this carport, there was an outdoor stair access that was nice and lead to the second floor. 


This King Size Bedroom was beautiful and spacious. There was a beautiful bathroom 
off of the bedroom with vanity and closet space. 

Here is the most beautiful marble Spa Shower. The marble and shower settings and 
roomy shower keep this home up to date with the latest amenities. 

Every morning I enjoyed taking pictures of this amazing view. Look the water, is there any doubt where Emerald Isle got its name! The water was splendid every day with every detail. 

Then, we would drink coffee here or on the many other decks and porches around the home. 
We ate dinner al fresco here a couple of nights as we listened to the ocean waves crash around us. 

Here is the great family room! This was fun having the family here while I cooked or 
while Boulder Mt. Man grilled off of the deck here. 

We loved working with Sun-Surf Realty for this beautiful reservation. Sun-Surf met our every need. They are open for office hours every day of your vacation. We appreciate their availability and ability to answer every question or solve any problems. Again, the Staff was so helpful and available to us.

Sun and Surf Realty, Emerald Isle, NC

Here is a lovely view from the main screened in porch with rocking chairs off of the large living area and kitchen. We loved the view. 

Then, the time came that we had to say good bye. We created some memories for a lifetime here and we were so grateful we visited Hart & Sole, Emerald Isle, NC. 
Here we are packed up and ready for our departure. 

Hart and Sole Emerald Isle, NC 6 bedroom 5 bathroom oceanfront property

This view is one you'll want to see, too. Check it out and enjoy serenity and calm here 
at the seaside. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Crystal Coast Tourism and Sun Surf Realty. All opinions are my own.  #MyCrystal Coast