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Welcome to Bold Cast! Malise Terrell of Carolina Mama shares her Twins Birth Story, all the things she and her husband experience parenting teen sons that are now 16 years old.

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Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact a CNN Series

My faith is my foundation and it is based on Jesus and his sacrifice to save me. I love that my faith in Him has made me whole. I had to have the faith to believe! I love the Bible's story of doubting Thomas and how he faced his fears of doubting. 

Now days, we all need faith more than ever. Faith overcomes doubts and fears. I was excited to hear about Lifeway's Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact Forgery that captivated audiences as well-known Pastors, theologians, and archaeologists, examined famous religious artifacts, and brought to life the places, pilgrimage sites, and people from the Bible and ancient world.

This season, one of the Finding Jesus episodes focuses on Jesus’ disciple Thomas – or you may have heard of him as “doubting Thomas.”  But there is so much more to his life story.  His journey to overcome his doubts and fears, and to redeem himself by spreading the Gospel and message of love to a faraway place is an inspiration!  It’s also something we can all relate to - as each one of us at one point in our lives have had to struggle and overcome our own doubt and fears in order to fulfill a great challenge in our lives, or even during our faith journey.

Now you can view “Season 2 of Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact Forgery premieres Sunday, March 5 at 9 PM ET/PT on CNN.”

The Giveaway will include: (1) Lifeway e-gift card. The gift card is valued at $25.  These are the perfect gift cards for Easter and for anyone wishing for a devotional, books, Bible study or any gift you’d like to help inspire you in your faith journey.

*Enter to Win: Leave a comment have you seen the series! Pretty simple! Someone can go shopping at LifeWay. Winners drawn Monday, March 6th after 6pm! :) 

*Bonus Entry: Leave a comment on Carolina Mama Facebook page/ click here. . Have you seen the Finding Jesus series! :) All the best to everyone! 

Hopefully, you will get to watch the Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact Forgery and explore your own faith, doubting and fears through this series! 

Blessings to you all! 



FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by LifeWay. All opinions are my own.