Shaklee180 Four Month Update - Progress

"Nobody knows the price of this Dream...."  
 Soul Surfer "Runaway" by Matt Kearney

Greetings!  Everyone's journey and dream is different.  I love this quote from Matt Kearney's Soul Surfer song, "Runaway."  "Nobody knows the trouble we've seen.  Nobody knows the price of this dream."  It has been a long road, and I am so thankful things are coming together in my wellness.

This sponsored post is part of my Shaklee180 Turnaround Blogger Program.  All opinions are my own. 

We are just completing the Fourth Month of our Shaklee180 TurnAround.  I am loving the products and the results!  Here is my first picture taken this week.

Every month, I take a few pictures at the gym before my workout to see the visual progress. I am excited to see the four months of hard work paying off.  I have a way to go to complete my journey and total goals.  However, I am meeting my monthly goals. And I feel great. 

I am continuing Pilates once a week, Running 2 or 3 5ks once a week, and swimming some.  Also, I enjoy doubles Tennis with my family.  And recently, a girlfriend and I began Tennis - singles - once a week for an hour.  I am having fun and encourage anyone out there to get moving.  Your body quickly remembers the fun of being active and will thank you.  You deserve it. 

Look, I can see a difference in these two pictures from month two and four, tagged below.  What do you think?  

Month 4
Month 2
One thing I am excited about is the slow but consistent change loss.  I feel like I can do this forever.  Great news. Right! 

Here I am a happy Camper Beachside at our Hotel at Hilton Head Island after visiting this Lighthouse there with my family.  I love seeing my happy and active self again.  Very thankful.  

Shaklee180 is very clear cut to use and simple.  I have not been perfectly on the plan. However, consistently going back to these base meals, protein bar and protein fruit smoothies has made a difference. I use them consistently when I am in town.  I do take a couple of days to have three normal meals when I am feeling like I need to mix it up.  It works.  Yes, I do continue my journey Gluten Free. - I am about 90% Gluten Free and chose GF for diet and wellness purposes.  I am not Celiac.  

Here are some pictures I love.  My sons and me earlier this month.  So happy and thankful.  We had Brunch out at Another Broken Egg, a fun restaurant founded in Louisiana.  I went, I ate and I didn't get off plan and it felt fabulous.  I had two poached eggs, half a serving of turkey sausage and fruit. 

 This was taken at the Top of the Lighthouse at Hilton Head Island, one of my favorite places.  I reminisced my days of living on this Island as a college girl just graduated.   It was wonderful to be back full-circle with my own children - our family in tow.  I love this picture.  And my white jeans are really loose. Happy. 

By the way, the Numbers! ;). here is the scoop in # form: lost -4 .lbs!!  However, my measurements are almost the same. My clothes fit well. And I can see a difference. So, I am learning, again, not to put too much stock in just the numbers on the scale or the tape measure. Here's to a successful Minh and to losing some inches again this month! Right! 

Have a great month and let me know if you have questions. I would LOVE to help anyone on their journey as the song Runaway says, "Nobody knows the trouble we've seen, nobody knows the price of this dream."  A dream that is worth it! 

Carolina Mama 

Shaklee 180 Blogger June Update

Hello!  Just back from a two week Beach Vacation - two beaches - and hiatus from blogging.  Welcome to my June Shaklee 180 Vlog Update.

Our theme this month is "Activity!"  And it has been awesome.  I am back to my favorite Summer activities, Swimming, Tennis and Running.  Also, I still love Pilates.

I am sharing with you some ideas to get and stay active here in my vlog. Thanks for following and tomorrow, we will have real numbers on the blog for my June update!  I am excited.

Here is a preview of my month - on a date with my man - and I had a Birthday!  So excited about wellness again. Thanks Shaklee180 for the support and team work together.

Today, I snapped this real quickly after a run with my Running Group at the Gym.  Feeling good. Have a ways to go to get to my goals. :)

Hope you enjoyed the update and let me know your Summer Activities!

Carolina Mama

*FTC Disclosure:  I am a Shaklee180 Blogger.  Opinions are all my own. I love working with Shaklee. 

Travel Review: Visit Sunset Beach, North Carolina

We love the Beach. And we love to kick off Summer with a family trip to the Beach.  The North Carolina beaches are always calling out our names.  We are blessed to live near these beautiful beaches.  So for my Birthday Weekend - so fun - my husband totally surprised the boys and me with pack your bags we're going to the Beach for Mom's Birthday.  We didn't have any clue.  It was fun. I totally love a great surprise.

My Family at Sunset Beach, NC
You can see our excitement as we took off.  Here we go!   Our boys were so cute.  


As we got closer to the Beach, it was so beautiful.  Wait a minute, the day we drove in the skies were pouring rain.  Remember Andrea? :)  Tropical Storm Andrea.  She tried rained on our parade but we didn't care.   We were beach bound together and we were so thrilled.  Plus, we love weather.  Then she gave up and it started looking really good.  Like this... we arrived at beautiful 

Sunset Beach, North Carolina.  

North Carolina's Southernmost Beach.  And what a beauty. 

Our first official photo of the trip was right on the Pier with the Gazebo.  And blue skies.  We are all making our happy faces.  We're here!

Then we couldn't resist.  We took our first walk on the lovely beaches.  I adore watching our boys run and play in the Ocean.

All three of them.  Here they are surmising the Clouds from Andrea.  So cute.  Time stands still. 


Toes in the Sand.  These are the blessings of life.  We are so thankful. 

Our boys and me.  I love to cherish these moments together in our element.  God's creation. 

Sunset Beach is lovely.  And then you see, we're off to Body Surf.  The family that surfs together, stays together.  We had so much fun riding the waves.  One of the boys says he has "surfer's instincts." I have to agree. They all three do.  Me, I learn.  This time I did really well.  It's addicting. 

We returned for our sojourn to Ella's of Callabash.  The seafood was perfect.  My husband and I so prefer the wonderful grilled choices.  We had large portions, no matter.

These are the moments and memories I cherish.  Here you can see our grinning faces after enjoying plenty of fresh seafood and hushpuppies.  Just saying.  I am Southern y'all. 

Check out Sunset Beach, North Carolina.  Enjoy the privacy and the gorgeous beaches. You can see why we love it.  And why I love traveling with my family.  I am one Traveling Mama. 

Carolina Mama 

Rayovac Portable Power Family Giveaway and Coupon Codes

By the year 2013, 1 billion people will be using smart phones, according to Business Insider.  I like those stats.  There was a day when hardly a smart phone was found.  So it is exciting to see this growth.   Even more exciting is the power behind the phone.  

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Rayovac Portable Power

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This device is pictured above and I LOVE the convenience of it.  

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Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  I am a Rayovac Power Blogger.  All opinions are my own.