RedFin Fishing Charters Inshore Fishing Charleston's Best 2018

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RedFin Fishing was named the #1 Fishing Charter 

in Charleston, South Carolina 2018

We got to experience just what makes RedFin #1! We are delighted to introduce you to RedFin Fishing Charters Inshore Fishing "Best Fishing Charters in Charleston, South Carolina 2018!" Truly, the best family outdoor excursion trips are offered by RedFin Fishing Charters!  We are a family that loves traveling and sporting together and we love Charleston so this was a perfect partnership. Charleston has it own accolades:



Here's are the reasons you to have fun and plan your own family travel with RedFin to Charleston. It's one of our favorite vacation adventures.

From the moment we connected with co-owner, Joel, and began planning our trip with RedFin, it was a true delight. RedFin listened and got to know our family. Then, they tailored an inshore fishing experience to our family's own wishes. It was a perfect day.

RedFin Charters gave us all the more reason to call the Holy City our favorite! From the first phone call, then the texts to prepare and on to Joel and Captain Ethan, also co-owner meeting us at the dock, every family member had an ideal fishing trip! We loved spending the day inshore fishing with Captain Ethan! 

It was helpful that we had a picture perfect day. Truly, ideal fishing weather. You know fishermen, any day fishing is better than not fishing.

Captain Ethan RedFin Inshore Fishing Charleston, South Carolina

I'm going to let pictures speak the thousands of words throughout this post. You can enjoy the sheer pleasure of our excursion. My Boulder Mt. Man is as happy as can be at sea. He's handsome as ever, too. I think he's quite my catch! :) Here Ethan is teaching us how to catch our bait - the good stuff! Large shrimp!

Then, we relaxed and hit the "fishing holes" at Sullivan's Island. It was a short and exciting ride over. The teens chill pretty well. 

RedFin had a cooler of water, sprite, cold drinks so we were all set. They are very accommodating to their guests. It was nice to have everything we needed. 

Captain Ethan taught us all about "Deep holing" by demonstrating catching our own bait! 
This was so fascinating! Look at that cast! He caught huge shrimp. 

My Boulder Mt. Man was pretty fascinated by the process, too! 

Here he is putting bait in the cooler that RedFin had ready and waiting on the boat.

My Handsome Boulder Mt. Man by CarolinaMama

Sunny Sullivan's Island was a perfect locale for our
son to catch his first fish of the day! Look how beautiful.

And another! It was so amazing! 

Again, I had the best views! 

I enjoy fishing! This was my best fishing day ever!  RedFin Fishing Charters made sure we were comfortable and had all of the gear we needed! Including bait! 

I relaxed and enjoyed so much of this perfect day! 

We were all pretty mesmerized by this day! 

Our Captain Ethan was such a great guide. He showed us how to fish successfully, 
be patient and to reel them in! 

The boys were first in their comfort zones, for sure. Okay, living their best lives! :) 

Catch after catch! Look at this happy face! :) 

Mama persisted! I really loved learning more about casting. I got the feel for it and loved trying again. Captain Ethan patiently coached me through it. Boulder Mt. Man captured the best photos! :)

Our boys loved it! Another catch! 

Here I am working away to bait my line and cast away. Smiling all the way.
 I'm in my happy place, too. 

Our son fishing in the Low country reminded me of Louisiana's marshlands. 
It's peaceful and beautiful. 

Speaking of Louisiana, my sweet husband captured these Pelicans for me! And the Ravenel Bridge all in one! 

Everything is gorgeous out here. 

Captain Ethan tells us about local history and his stories. We loved his entertainment as well as
his coaching us along on fishing. 

More beautiful bridges off of the waterway and marina. Thanks, Boulder Mt. Man.

Another great photo of deep holing. This is a beautiful process. 

Our senior taking it all in. He's got this. RedFin took great care of us. 

Boulder Mt. Man is back to it and ready to fish some more! :) He's the cutest fisherman.

Yes, I could do this all day! There is something magical about being on the water and not having a care in the world. Such a refreshing time. 

Fishing spot off of Sullivan's Island. 

The boating was stellar. 

Captain Ethan with a great catch! 

The fish were abundant as were the smiles! 

Success! I loved having such a perfect day, a perfect charter company like RedFin to make
our family fishing vacation a dream come true. 

Swimming happened! Hanging out! 

The happy, southern, fishing family! :) #TerrellTribe 

Thank you, RedFin, Joel and Ethan for loving and leading our family onto the best fishing adventure ever. Keep showing the dreams and keeping your award-winning customer service and fishing experience in the Holy City! 
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Hope you book your RedFin Charter Fishing Trip now! Gone Fishing!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by RedFin Charters Fishing, Charleston, South Carolina. All opinions are my own. We fell in love with fishing more than ever with RedFin Charters Fishing and Captain Ethan.