Netflix Family Favorites with Teens #StreamTeam

The boys and dad love anything Tom Clancy.  Netflix has got the first big time classic of Tom Clancy, The Hunt for Red October.  Who can go wrong with Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin staring together?  The newer generation, Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit is a newer faovorite of the men in the family. They like the new actor Chris Pine.
The Hunt for Red October 

Dad's new interest is the WWII documentary series the WWII Greatest Raids. He learned a lot of new information about the raid to stop Hitlers atomic bomb developement in the "Stopping Hiltler's A-Bomb" documentary.  He didn't even know their was a such raid.

One of the entire families favorites is still Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, that is a great fun filled family movie, an animated classic in our book! 

Whether documentaries, TV shows, or movies, Netfilx streaming continues to bring a great variety for all ages and gender that our family really enjoys.  

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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Beard Grooming Remington Beard Boss Full Beard Grooming Kit Review

The Remington Beard Boss Full-Beard Grooming Kit has cutting edge performance and battery power you need for a perfect trim time and time again. A friend of ours made a great and honest review and the results were impressive. It helps to have good friends with full beards. :)  Thanks Mike and Bridget for being good sports!  It takes team work. 

I really am happy to show you the real deal with this Remington Beard Boss Full Beard Grooming Copper Kit. Here is what Mike has to say. I wanted you to hear our friend, Mike's thoughts on the Grooming Kit.

Here are the items included in the Grooming Kit: 

  • Copper Edition
  • 120-Minute Runtime
  • Titanium-Coated Blades
  • 3 Length Combs
  • Zoom Wheel
  • Detail Trimmer
  • Quick-Release Blade
  • Brush and Scissors

Remington Grooming Beard Boss Kit 

Now, Men you can tame your face with The Beardsman - The Remington® Beard Boss™ Full Beard Grooming Kit.

You can learn more, get more beard grooming tips and following: Remington on Facebook 
 Twitter: @Rem4Men  Instagram: Rem4Men.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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Jarrett Bay Clothing, a Beaufort North Carolina Treasure

Jarrett Bay Clothing Company is a Beaufort, North Carolina treasure. Jarrett Bay is nautical, whimsical and sport wear for all your activities! Here our boys are enjoying their Jarrett Bay Long-Sleeve Tee Shirts while fishing toward the end of this Summer.

They love how soft and comfortable the tee shirts are. Their construction is such high quality and style. Soon, you can purchase Jarrett Bay Clothing at North Hills Shopping Mall, this outdoor shopping area is located in midtown Raleigh, NC. 

We are modeling all of the Jarrett Bay Clothing options. My husband has on the soft and vibrant Men's Polo in green. I love the soft everyday tee shirt for Ladies. Again, the boys are wearing  their long sleeve cotton teens to go fishing.

Here is a close up of my handsomeness and his Jarrett Bay Polo. LOVE their logo. This looks so dressy and sharp and yet it is comfortable enough for lunch out or fishing. We both love the beautiful kelly green. 

This is a closer look at the fun logos of Jarrett Bay Clothing Co. which was established in 1986.  The Swordfish are so beautiful. 

A little more about Jarrett Bay Clothing Company: "Heritage, passion and craftsmanship earned us the distinction as the most revered custom sport fishing boat builder in the world. We're bringing the same mastery to our clothing. No cutting corners. No compromises. That's the Jarrett Bay way. We launched our first t-shirt designs in 1986, the same year we launched our first boat. Even then, we had the vision of stylish performance that would transform into what is today Jarrett Bay Clothing Co."

Jarrett Bay Clothing Company makes North Carolina proud.  This company is from the quaint town of Beaufort, North Carolina. 

Jarrett Bay Clothing Company is perfect for all of your nautical and water sport needs. Frankly, it is wonderful for every day. We love these sporty and comfortable tee shirts any time.

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

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The Graylyn Estate Private to Public Availability Winston-Salem, NC #VisitWS

Reminiscing our wonderful visit to The Graylyn Estate in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in August. Here is a little video we made of our stay. Now, you can see some of our favorite things at the Graylyn.

 Warmly, Carolina Mama

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Old Salem Museums and Gardens Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Old Salem Museums and Gardens are a wonderful walk in times past in the heart of beautiful Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Taking the children to Old Salem Museums and Gardens has long been on our homeschool list. Truly, it is an ideal field trip encompassing so many aspects of American history and culture of another era.

Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC A. Butner Hat Shop© by CarolinaMama

This Summer we got to visit Old Salem and explore on our getaway to Winston-Salem, NC.  It was pretty magical and we must have timed it perfectly because we avoided the weekend and Summertime crowds. It was our little "Staycation" getaway right her in beautiful and wonderful North Carolina.

You, too, can enjoy the magic of Old Salem.

"Experience early American history in the unique Moravian settlement of Salem. Original structures, gardens, tours, artifacts, hands-on workshops, fun family events and shopping."

Much of the original character has been retained for a full historical experience.  Look at the beautiful Town of Salem. 

Old Salem by CaroilnaMama ©

"In 2006, Old Salem changed its name to Old Salem Museums & Gardens – to better reflect the increasing importance of the garden program and to clearly distinguish that there are multiple experiences available within the Old Salem district.  What used to just be known as “Old Salem” was also renamed the Historic Town of Salem, again for clarity purposes."

It was a bit like Little House on the Prairie to see the old times and hear about the limited use of sugars back in the day. Everything is so authentic. 

Old Salem by CarolinaMama ©

I love the old American furniture, now antiques to our time.  The blue and white china is reminiscent of the era. 

The staff was kind and allowed me to share their photos throughout. Here is the original and antique door knocker in Old Salem. The children love the way they dressed in the dress of the times.

Here is a typical scene of the old square of the Town of Salem.  You must see and 
experience the culture.

Old Salem by CarolinaMama©

"Today the museum site operates with more than 200 employees, a thriving retail department, a book publishing arm, a research center, and more than 11 gardens.  The site also has a new focus on renting its numerous meeting spaces to local businesses and for special events, including weddings."

We loved the thriving retail stores throughout Salem. We LOVED the Hat Shop - A. Butner Hat Shop. 
And we have souvenirs to remember the good time. The handmade Fedora's and Fisherman's Hat. 

A. Butner Hat Shop by CarolinaMama ©

They shopped a little with Mom. 

Old Salem by CarolinaMama©

I loved capturing this example of the culture preserved at the Old Salem Tavern where we had a most delightful and authentic lunch after our excursion. I will be sharing separately about our dining 
at the family owned and operated Old Salem Tavern.
Old Town Tavern by CarolinaMama©

The food at Old Salem Tavern was incredible. We were honored to be served by the 
son and grandson of the owners. As you can see, the portions were plenty and the 
flavor delicious!  We loved the ambiance of times gone by.
Old Salem Tavern by CarolinaMama©

The T. Volger Gunsmith Shop was quite entertaining... as you can see. 

T. Volger Gunsmith Shop by CarolinaMama©

It was an unassuming little building that had all of the Old Salem character of gunsmithing. 

T. Volger Gunsmith Shop by CarolinaMama©

Our boys saw the men actively making the guns from scratch which included a carefully chiseled 2x4 wood. The gunsmith men were very helpful and knowledgeable. We so appreciated this.
T. Volger Gunsmith Shop by CarolinaMama©

As a Fashionista, I was fascinated with the handmade shoes. These are beautiful. The Shultz Shoemaker Shop  is open and actively making fine quality and personally fit shoes today. You may order your own unique pair at the shop. 

Old Salem Shoemakers by CarolinaMama©

Here is a fabulous illustration of the handmade Silver made at Old Salem. Look at the small piece of silver at the left in the tray. See the progression as it is made into a silver spoon. 

Old Salem by CarolinaMama©

Here is one of my favorite photos of the Old Salem Museums visit. American Beauty. 

Old Salem by CarolinaMama© 

Our boys are accomplished Chess players so they were intrigued with this age old chess set in the Men's Room at one of the Museum's.  You can see the excitement! 

Old Salem by CarolinaMama©

It was hard to not want to let them sit down and have a seat and play Chess. This is a museum so we just dreamed..... 
Old Salem by CarolinaMama©

Our boys love the outdoors. And tree climbing! So, I did let them be kids and play in the trees. This is actually the site of the original Krispy Kreme Donut Shop! North Carolina proud! 

Saving one of the best for last, dessert! Remember the world famous Old Salem Baking Shop where the renown Moravian Cookies are always a favorite.  We even have a Winkler Sugar Cookies Recipe to share! :)
Winkler Sugar Cookies Old Salem, NC 

You can purchase your own on your visit to Old Salem. Or, you can order online here at Old Salem Baking Shop. 

You will be glad you made the time and the memories at Old Salem. There is truly something for everyone! Dad was working hard at his conference in Winston-Salem, so next trip, Dad is going with us. He will love it, just as you will.

Modern Mamas and Sons can truly enjoy Old Salem!  Go check it out! :) 

CarolinaMama and Twins ©

I hope you can visit Old Salem soon.  In fact, check out Old Salem at Christmastime.

"Take a guided tour by candlelight through the Historic District where the customs and traditions of Christmas in Salem will be brought to life through all of your senses. The evening will include music, games, food & drink, and interacting with our staff to create your own special memories. During the tour you will visit the first family home in Salem, that of Matthew Miksch, the 18th Century Salem Tavern Museum, and the 19th Century home of John Vogler."

Old Salem at Christmastime by OldSalem©
 Follow this link to Old Salem at Christmastime. 


Warmly, Carolina Mama

Visit Old Salem Winston-Salem, NC 

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Red Robin's Burger for Better Schools Program and Giveaway

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers is the Gourmet Burger Authority, a place where families and adults alike can enjoy a great dining experience. My husband and I used to love Red Robin with our friends when we were dating and newly married in Colorado. I didn't realized that the Red Robin restaurant opened in Seattle, Washington in 1969!

Red Robin Burger for Better Schools Program
"You Eat, We Give!"

Red Robin is famous for serving more than two dozen "craveable" high-quality burgers with Bottomless Steak Fries® in a fun environment welcoming to guests of all ages. In addition to its many burger offerings, Recently, when we visited, we helped celebrate Red Robin's Burger for Better Schools Program! We are always wanting to help with the children and the schools.

Our family typically celebrates the boys' birthdays at Red Robin! Or, any other celebration. Ironically, recently when we visited for the "Red Robin Burger for Better Schools Program," we didn't know but we would receive some fabulous, celebration worthy news right when this picture was taken! So, technically, we were celebrating again at Red Robin! :) We love it there. And now, we can help local schools while we are at it. You can, too! 

Red Robin Burgers for Better Schools is an extension of Red Robin’s loyalty rewards program. Red Robin Royalty provides members with added perks when they dine at Red Robin restaurants throughout the year, such as granting every 10th item purchased as free, a free birthday burger, exclusive surprises and more

Burgers for Better Schools gives Red Robin Royalty members an opportunity to support local K-12 schools simply by dining at participating Red Robin restaurants and using their Red Robin Royalty member account. When a Red Robin Royalty member’s account is presented at the time of purchase, Red Robin will donate one percent of the total bill to their school of choice (excluding taxes, gratuities and gift card sales)

Participating in Burgers for Better Schools is as easy as becoming a member of Red Robin Royalty. Red Robin Royalty members can sign up for Burgers for Better Schools on their account dashboard on Red Robin’s website or by visiting you are not already a Red Robin Royalty member, sign up for free and select your child’s school BEFORE your visit! 

Through the Burgers for Better Schools dashboard, Red Robin Royalty members can select their school of choice to receive support, and change their school selection at any time throughout the year

Members who have opted into Burgers for Better Schools can follow their progress in supporting a K-12 school of their choice on their Red Robin Royalty account dashboard. Details include individual contributions, how many others are supporting that school, and total donations raised by all supporters
·         At any time, Red Robin Royalty members can donate an additional sum to the school of their choice by using the credit card option featured on the Burgers for Better Schools homepage
·         Red Robin also makes it easy to help spread the word about the Burgers for Better Schools program at school, online and socially with a variety flyers, website banners and social media-friendly content in the online digital tool kit

To sign up for the Red Robin Royalty program and become eligible to support your local school through Burgers for Better Schools, visit

Enter To Win: 

A Red Robin gift card $75 Value! is available to ONE (1) Giveaway Winner. Name will be chosen at random by You will need to please provide his/her name and physical mailing address (U.S. residents only, no P.O. boxes) within (24) hours of Winning. Winner Chosen Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 5pm EST. 

Enter Once for Each Step - reply in comment: 
1) Leave a comment answering -Have you been to Red Robin? :)
2) What is your favorite entree? Or, what would you order/try? 
3) Tweet this link sharing the #Sweepstakes #Giveaway 

Good luck! 

Check out all of the ways you can get social with Red Robin. Follow their social channels here: 
Red Robin website:
 Red Robin Burgers for Better Schools:
 Red Robin Facebook:
 Red Robin Twitter:
 Red Robin Instagram:

Check out your Red Robin Royalty Program and help with Burgers for Better Schools! :) 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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Crossroads Restaurant Chapel Hill, A New Renovation and Dining Experience #UNC

The Carolina Inn Crossroads Restaurant has a new Dining Experience for you! Crossroads is ready for you after their beautiful and significant renovations. Crossroads is bringing you every day favorites like Sunburst Trout, Short Rib Pot Roast and more in their new Dining Room. 

Recently, we visited Crossroads Restaurant at Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC. We had a lovely visit and the Breakfast was phenomenal.  The service was wonderful.  We love the Farm to Table focus at Crossroads. Chef James shared that they truly work with local Farms. In fact, our eggs were from Latta Farm here in NC. 

Recently, we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the Crossroads Restaurant. Here is a glimpse of our beautiful and delicious Breakfast on Labor Day.  Our boys loved playing the Grand Piano in the Lobby. They are quite entertaining. 

Crossroads Restaurant at Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC by CarolinaMama

The madras plaid style at the Carolina Inn and Crossroads Lobby makes a beautiful and southern welcome for all with a generous appreciation for our Southern roots. 

Plan on an elegant experience whenever you visit Crossroads. Even pancakes can be a special occasion at The Carolina Inn. 

More beautiful Madras plaid for you to relax. We love the young energy these bright madras plaid chairs display. Lilly Pulitzer lovers truly appreciate it. Just saying. 

We enjoyed the fresh pineapple and orange juices along with our breakfast. We all ordered different entrees and we all loved ours. The coffee is organic artisan and locally sourced by Muddy Dog of North Carolina. 

Breakfast of Fresh Orange Juice, Buttermilk Pancakes, Sausage and Bacon
for a 14 year old Teen! :)

Because he could not decide, he chose Bacon and Sausage. He loved both!

One of mine loves scrambled eggs and grits so this was his specialty! 

They both loved playing the Grand Piano in the Lobby. Entertaining Guests came naturally. And often. My mother would be so thrilled. Indeed, I was!

We had so much fun at breakfast and these handsome Tigers of mine were so cute at breakfast talking and acting like grown ups. Love them! Crossroads is great for adults and teens and everyone! The food is family friendly, as well!

 Visit beautiful Crossroads Restaurant in The Carolina Inn at Chapel Hill, North Carolina soon! 
Carolina Inn UNC, Chapel Hill, NC 
"The Carolina Inn Crossroads Restaurant's new renovation of our restaurant and bar re-opens on Friday, September 18th!  The Crossroads Restaurant will be transformed into a new inviting space. The bar will now be where the current restaurant is located. This will increase the size of the bar and feature many comfortable gathering areas with booths, banquettes, and tables with direct access to the newly created outside venues. The new restaurant will be where the current bar is located and also expand into what is the current North Parlor. This transformed space will have a warm and open ambiance. Cuisine will reflect the very best of the foods for which North Carolina is famous and ingredients will be sourced regionally.
A new addition will be a grab – and – go market that will be open in the morning through the afternoon for fresh coffee, juices, house-made breakfast breads and pastries, yogurt parfaits, and during the day, ready-made salads and sandwiches.
We are also expanding our outdoor seating areas. The new bar will open directly to the outside pavilion featuring both lounge and dining areas with the main focal point being a fire pit. The front porch area will also offer additional seating."
We had a great behind the scenes tour as the Crew put the final touches on Crossroads. Yes, the hardhats were Carolina Blue. #GoHeels

Chef James happily filled us in on all of the information. He and the Staff are so eager for the re-Grand Opening on Friday, September 18 2015! 

The beautiful fireplace will be a focal point in the restaurant. 

Group Tour Selfie. We did. The Carolina Blue made me do it! Too fun.

The marble is gorgeous and the lighting is modern. You will have to check it out yourself.

Look at the beautiful Terrace. The beautiful blonde wood is spectacular against the 
Carolina Blue Furniture. 

The Terrace is gorgeous! We love the Carolina Blue Furniture.  The outdoor gasoline firepits are 
fabulous. Let's go Fall! Perfect for after a Football game! Just a reminder, "Fridays on the Front Porch" at Carolina Inn go through October 23rd from 5pm until 8pm. No reservation required.  Complimentary music.  We plan to make it back for one. 

Carolina Inn's Front Porch has taken on a nice renovation during the Crossroads initiative.  I took a visit on a Summer weekend and it's Wedding Season. Carolina Inn is wonderful for Weddings. Here go the young men with gifts in hand. #RaiseThemRight 

They met their dates and were all ready for the Wedding. I enjoyed the Front Porch and the convivial spirit at the Carolina Inn. LOVE the new porch decor. Boots are mine. :) 

Weddings at The Carolina Inn are beautiful. Look at this refreshment for this outdoor Wedding. 

Carolina Inn Crossroads Restaurant Weddings

All of the details are beautifully done and the Carolina Inn is a romantic and gorgeous setting. 

The Carolina Inn makes every detail look gorgeous and elegant. 

Coffee and water stations are gorgeous.

Everything is beautiful. 

Crossroads Restaurant Wedding Reception

The lovely Valet helpers at the Carolina Inn. The warm Southern Welcome is always available. 

Chef James taking us on a tour of the Crossroads and Terrace renovations! Fantastic! 
What a difference! It looks lovely!  Now, we ALL have a reason to attend 
Fridays on the Front Porch! And Dinner at Crossroads! 


Carolina Crossroads Restaurant is open Monday through Sunday, and validated parking is complimentary for up to three hours. To make a reservation call 919.918.2735.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Breakfast:  6:30am - 11:00am Monday to Friday, 6:30am - 10:30am SundayLunch:  11:30am - 2:00pm Daily Afternoon Tea:  2:30pm - 4:30pm Thursday to Sunday Reservations are required at least 24-hours in advance.
Dinner:  5:30pm - 9:00pm, Friday & Saturday until 10:00pmBar:  11:30am - 11:00pm Daily Sunday Brunch:  11:30am - 2:00pm

Call 919.918.2735 or Email

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Carolina Inn. All opinions are my own.