Shaklee180 Final Post

My Final Shaklee180  Post as part of the Shaklee Blogger Program.  It has been an incredible six months and most of us find it hard to believe it is over.   Really, it is not over.  In many ways, thanks to Shaklee180, the journey is just beginning.  Here are my favorite things I LOVE about the Shaklee180 Program.

The Shaklee180 Program is healthy, nutritious and tasty!  I LOVE the products are GMO-FREE, Gluten Free, no preservatives and no food dyes.  Love the natural taste.  Shaklee180 makes me happy! 

After Shaklee180
Kept me focused.  There is nothing like a smoothie or delicious protein meal bar to keep you focused on your health and wellness.  This has been a real shift in my thinking about food.  Life is busy and in the past, when we were busy, that signaled poor meal or snack choices.  With Shaklee, I have a lot of support with my choices in the meal bars, smoothies and the snack bars.  These are filling and nutritious.  Again, they make me smile. 

It Works!   It has been exciting to work on a reasonable and healthy diet and exercise program that works without depraving you.  I love that I have enjoyed treats and still have consistently lost weight.  I am not finished with my journey.  Due to my injury, my last month and a half of Shaklee180 was pretty much exercise free :(  which equals a very sad face. I LOVE my exercise.  Slowly, I have been able to begin again.  It makes me appreciate it all the more.  I am so grateful.  Shaklee180 works! I was able to maintain my weight during this injury.  

This is my favorite reveal.  Here you go, same Nike Capris:
After Shaklee180
Before Shaklee180

Here is another before and after with the SkirtSport workout gear that I LOVE:

Though the lighting at the gym is dim, you can still see the difference in the same workout gear in the picture above and below.  It looks so much better four months later. :)  

After Shaklee180 6 Month Program

This picture of my family and me is a favorite of Summer. So fun and casual and skinnier! :)
I know I had to say it.  Feel so much better and now I can see it, too!

So fun shopping for new clothes!  Modeling a little. :) h

It is worth all of the hard work when I can enjoy a fabulous date night out with my honey. 

Now for the Numbers, after 6 months on Shaklee180, I have lost: 

Weight:  24.5 pounds 
Hips: 5 inches 
Waist: 8 inches :)
Bust: 3 inches
Arm: 1.5 inches

So I am very excited for the progress and I plan to continue with this successful way of life. 
If you have any questions about Shaklee180, I am happy to help you get started. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  I am a Shaklee180 Blogger.  This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation blogger program.  I have received free products, online support and incentives for participating in the Shaklee Corporation blogger program.   If 
following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180™ Program you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

Hanes Undercover Color #undercovercolor

Hanes, Hanes, Hanes!  I LOVE my Hanes.  And this latest fun #UnderCoverColor Campaign totally has me happy.  

Hanes sent me a lovely little care package of the Hanes UndercoverColor  goodness going on now.  Besides my loving all things Hanes, I really love the latest of the Comfort Flex Bras and the UndercoverColor  undies.  And I fell for the soft, colorful, Live. Love, Color Tee Shirts.  Mine was a fabulous Citrus Lemon Lime.  

As for Undies, is it any surprise my #undercovercolor is Pink! :)  I love this feminine, girly and beautiful color.  Hanes keeps it fun. 

Yes, I tweeted it.  You know the Hanes Comfort Crew rolls like that. 

And since I "live" in the Hanes Bandinis, I am thrilled to try out the latest Bandinis including the latest one with a little extra support.  This one looked just as fabulous as the original. 

Love my Hanes Comfort Undercovercolor Bandinis and Undies

The Hanes UndercoverColor  Bandidi is great for: 

1) Every day work out - Pilates, Walking, Weight Training, Yoga and I have doubled the Bandinis for a job in the past;

2) These are great for Nursing Moms, they are the perfect support for during the night; 

3) These are awesome for racer back outfits and narrower (around the shoulders) tops; No straps gapping out; 

4) they can be worn STRAPLESS!  Hallejuiah.  This is one of my favorite wears of the Bandini. I love this layer for strapless sundresses and halter tops. WIN! and

5) And these are fabulous Camisoles. Seriously, why wear a full camisole in the Summer when you are avoiding the deep "V" dip in your dress, the Bandini covers you just right and looks so natural. 

Thank you Hanes for a perfect Bandini and the colors are too fun!  

Again, the Live, Love, Color Tees are SO SOFT and they move with you for active wear. Love it!  Thanks Hanes!  We love you, too! 

My Hanes Undies are super soft, colorful and fun.  They also keep their shape which is extra fabulous. 

Hanes Comfort forever, undercover, of course. 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Hanes.  I am an enthusiastic member of the Hanes Comfort Crew.  All opinions are my own.

Visit Cheyenne, Wyoming Frontier Days 2013

Wyoming is a real Western experience!  And we were completely thrilled to Visit Cheyenne during  Cheyenne Frontier Days!  

This and so much more.  Cheyenne, Wyoming was just named #10 of the High-Tech Start-Up Cities in America!  I believe it.

On our Summer trip to Colorado, we surprised our boys with a fabulous Western experience.  We took them to Visit Cheyenne, Wyoming!  Cheyenne is the Capitol of Wyoming and it was our boys' first time in Wyoming!

Do you remember when you were little and you kept a list of all the states you visited!  Great fun!  We still do this!  It is SO fun to add new states.  My husband and I with all of our Colorado days have definitely visited Wyoming, yet, you should have seen our Boys Eyes light up!!  Ours, too!

This CowGirl was so happy!   So fun wearing my Western gear in the Wild West again! :)

CowGirl Ready for Frontier Days 2013

On our road trip from Colorado to Wyoming.... 


Wyoming at the Colorado State Line Hwy. 25

The Wyoming Tourism Visitor's Center on the Southern entrance of Colorado and Wyoming Border of Hwy. 25 is ABSOLUTELY Outstanding!  It is just a few miles from Downtown Cheyenne and it is a must see Award Winning Architectural phenomenon.

Wyoming Visitor's Center

See how FUN the Visitor's Center is! Our boys thought they would experience a pre-Bull Riding Championship "Ride!" :)

Western Native American Tee Pee!  Such cuties! 

Our little "bandits" were so cute trying out the Western "Jail."  All part of the fun the Wild West. 

We arrived eager for the Celebration!  Thank you Darren from Visit Cheyenne for the warm Western Welcome and for Hosting us for Dinner at the Native American Village where we enjoyed Native American Tacos and Buffalo Burgers!   Thank you Darren, we needed the directions, too! ;) These were INCREDIBLE!!!

Native American Tacos at Frontier Days 2013
And one of our boys tried Buffalo Burgers for the very.first.time!   Win win!!  Look how Happy, Happy, Happy he is!  Can you tell he has roots to the Land of Duck Dynasty!  :)

Frontier Days Wyoming Western Buffalo Burger

Looking like we have our "Western On" right?!! Pretty good for a family of North Carolina Preppies.  Okay, there is a little Pink and Green, that's just happening by nature.  We had fun bringing our plaid and bandannas and denim from NC.  This is at the front gate of the Frontier Park, Cheyenne, WY. 


Here we are enjoying our authentic and tasty Native American fare while sitting by their Tee Pee Village at Frontier Days.  Back in North Carolina, we will always cherish these sweet Western memories for years to come.  Their food was wonderful!

We LOVED the Wild West of the Cheyenne, Wyoming  Frontier Days. 


Here is the Native American Village as they danced for us.  So beautiful and authentic.  We really stepped back in time!  We even heard "Amazing Grace!" 

Native American Village @ Frontier Days

This was one of the Leaders.  His colors were so gorgeous.  See the Tee Pee.  They lived in these during Frontier Days.

Native American Tribal Dancing.  This was a treat. I have never seen anything like this. 
You have to go see it all! 

This little girl was so cute in her native clothing. She took some pictures for us!  :) 

 We loved all of the live Native American culture we shared with our boys.

Native American Tribal Dance

Then we went on to the Western Town and felt like we lived in "Little House on the Prairie!"  Our boys were not believing, a real horse and buggy.  Cowboy hats and Bull Whips.  This is the West!

Frontier Days "Wild Western Town!" Love!

Then it was off to the Bull Riding Championship!  Here are the Cowboy Bull Riders!

Bull Rider Championship 2013

Here we are ready for the Bull Riding Championship!!  Carolina CowBoys and CowGirl. :)


The eager Southerners take a seat!  So fun and a really cool family from the Netherlands was sitting behind us.  Fun to experience this with these folks. Our kids had fun talking.  And of course, we shared family pictures.  The parents met in the USA! and they had returned to share with their children.


We saw a whole lot of this.  The boys watched every second!

We watched the Cumulus Clouds in a Thunder Storm over in South Dakota! See what a beautiful night in the Big Sky of the West! 

And we were blessed with a Full Moon over Cheyenne!!  And the blessing of sharing 
the American Wild West of Cheyenne, Wyoming with our young sons.  It was so beautiful to 
share with them that their Maternal Grandmother was a former, Miss Cheyenne!  
They were truly in awe as we were of the entire trip!  Again, thank you Visit Cheyenne 
for the lovely welcome and joy of visiting your home. 

Full Moon over Bull Riding Championship 2013

Get the latest on Visit Cheyenne, Wyoming for your Trip on their Facebook Page: Visit Cheyenne!  and on Twitter at @CheyenneWY. 

Then it was back home to Boulder, Colorado.  So beautiful and look at this Creation

Boulder, Colorado
Thank you again, Visit Cheyenne, Wyoming for hosting our family. This was a wonder to share and we hope lots of folks on the East Coast and beyond get to experience the American Wild West like we did at Frontier Days! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Visit Cheyenne, WY!  We are SO Thrilled to work together with them and we hope you get to visit them soon!  All opinions are my own. 

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Summer Y'all! 


Carolina Mama