Rayovac Value Charger and Rechargeable Batteries

Blogging with Rayovac is such a wonderful experience.  This month we got to choose our own products to talk about and I wanted to share a couple of my favorite things from Rayovac.  We LOVE Rayovac's Rechargeable Battery Chargers!  Check out the Rayovac Value Charger!

The Value Charger is incredible.  And we use these regularly as our preferred Batteries!  It is incredible to just recharge your batteries when they are out.  How nice to not have to go out and make an errand!  It is just wonderful to re-charge the batteries you have AT HOME!  Oh the go is also Economical and the Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries are more Environmentally Friendly.  Less waste.

"Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries are Pre-charged and ready to power your digital cameras, handheld games, portable media players, and other high-drain devices.

And that’s with more power, as AA rechargeables can take up to 300 photos per charge—that’s 8X more than competitors’ lithium batteries. You’ll charge and reuse these batteries up to 500 times, reducing waste and saving money.  Additional battery pack sizes are available at select retailers."

Our kids love it!  Think about it, the batteries go out and your own child can RECHARGE their batteries! And they can do it and are so independent.  We love it!  They love it! 

And then Rayovac indulged me.  I had to have a toy for Mom!  Well, We just "needed" a couple of Camouflage Indestructible Flashlights!  I LOVE mine!  These are so helpful for household living. And for Mom's.  You know, in the kitchen, in the home, and more. These are little jewels.  

Oak Mossy Camouflage Indestructible Flashlight
Learn more about Rayovac's fabulous products by following along on Facebook and Twitter: 
Rayovac Facebook and Twitter: @rayovac 

I love working with Rayovac! We are super fans!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Rayovac.  I am a Rayovac Power Blogger.  All opinions are my own. 

Best Ever: Chicken, Spinach, Andouille Sausage, Navy Bean Soup Homemade

Winter's Favorites has a Winner!  My Turkey, Spinach, Andouille Sausage, Navy Bean Soup is Homemade and has changed my Winter.  Really.  And since I am making it all the time, I perfect it each batch.  It is so healthy and tasty.  It is a Winter Winner here.  Oh, in this picture, I have added Artichokes.

Everyone is loving it on Instagram and Facebook so it is time to share the good news. It's homemade and it is easy.  Best of all, it is healthy and low calorie.  I said it was perfection.

Chicken, Spinach, Andouille Sausage, Navy Bean Soup


3 T. Olive Oil
1 pound Chicken Breasts
1 pound Andouille Sausage Trader Joe's (sorry not pictured)
1 medium onion, diced
garlic cloves to taste
1 Q. Chicken Broth
2. C. Water
Cheyenne Pepper
Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper
1 Jar Tuscan Giant White Beans Trader Joe's
16 .oz bag Fresh Spinach

Most of my ingredients are from Trader Joe's.  I just happened upon these ingredients and put this soup together and we love it.

Over medium heat, sautee first five ingredients until grilled lightly brown.

Add chicken broth and water.  Then mix in the dry spices.  Simply simmer for thirty minutes.  Here I have a picture of the Spinach I just added in.  However, I have since added it at the end and it stays much more fresh and has more nutrients.  So Simmer the 30 minutes first, then stir Spinach in after you 
have turned off the heat.  

Then stir in the Tuscan Giant White Beans until they are hot.  Turn off heat.  Stir in Fresh Spinach.  Enjoy! :)

Here is my picture the night I added the Artichoke! It is such a hearty and filling soup and it is gluten Free and healthy.  Lots of proteins and vegetables.  Once I even added carrots and it was fab.  You could add gluten free noodles at the end or even some cooked rice. I enjoy the flavor with the white beans only as my starch.

My advice, do not be afraid to add or subtract ingredients or spices you like.  I assure you, this is impossible to mess up.  Just enjoy! And stay warm.  We are having the coldest Winter here in North Carolina.



*This post is NOT sponsored by Trader Joe's - we're just super fans! :) 

Delta Faucet Touch 2o® Technology GIVEAWAY

WINNER SELECTED:  Congratulations Winner #5 "Blondie" See comment below! 
Thank you Delta Faucet!

Edited: GIVEAWAY extended until Monday, January 27, 2014 @ Noon. EST
Bonus Entry: Which Finish would you choose should you win. 
Leave a Comment: Chrome, Venetian Bronze, or Stainless Steel.

It has been sheer delight to work with Delta Faucet this year at the Southern Living Taste of Charleston event at Boone Hall Plantation.  Truly a perfectly great mix to work with them on this all things Southern and Charleston event including Delta Faucet's

I loved the magic of hands free faucet activation.  This is so helpful in the kitchen.  See here I an with Delta at the Taste of Charleston Southern Living booth.  We had so much fun choosing our Delta Faucet for our home.

My family and I loved watching Norman King of "The Right Way to FRY!" for Southern Living 
cook!  And use the Delta Faucets for his cooking.  

Here see for yourself.  Have fun with this "Instrumental Touch" video for Delta Faucet Touch 2o Technology, see the "Instrumental Touch" TV commercial featuring percussionist Glenn Kotche for Delta Faucet.


At the Taste of Charleston...

Immediately, my whole family fell in love with the Delta Faucet Touch 2o Technology Faucet.  Delta Faucet revolutionizes your work in the kitchen.  Delta keeps it fun.  I have to tell you that you do not know what you are missing until you try the Touch 2o Technology Faucets yourself.  And Delta wants to share that joy with you by bringing to you this Friday a  … 

GIVEAWAY a Delta Faucet Touch 2o® Technology Faucet!  Valued at $730.00.  

We are so excited that one very FORTUNATE Winner will have their own Touch 2o Faucet sent to their home!   You can "See what Delta can do!"  Be aware, you will not want to leave your kitchen and you will want your home to have Touch 2o® precision.

Our BOYS LOVED the entire event.  Now, they really love helping in our kitchen.   Honestly, they are all beautiful and it was hard for us to choose.  However, we love the choice we made for our kitchen and style.

One of our boys loved videoing Norman King cooking up a fabulous Southern 
seafood recipe. 

We chose the Venetian Bronze Pilar Single Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology and Soap Dispenser  Isn't she lovely….

The Touch 2o® Technology Faucet allows you to:

  • The High-arc design of Pilar™ provides graceful functionality
  • Sleek design coupled with the latest valve technology.
  • Touch activated faucet featuring Touch2O® Technology
  • Turns on and off with just a touch anywhere on the spout or handle


You may read more: http://www.deltafaucet.com/kitchen/details/980t-rbsd-dst.html#ixzz2qgjCGfeG

Leave a comment below stating what you LOVE about the Delta Faucet Touch 2o® Technology seen above and on the Delta Faucet!  Enter a bonus entry for Commenting on the Delta Faucet Facebook page.  Let them know you check it out! :) Contest is open to US and Canada residents only. One valid entry per person and one bonus entry per person, please. 
Deadline for Giveaway is January 23, 2014 at Noon CST.  Winners must live in the US or Canada.  One entry per person.  Leave valid email address in comment.  Winner must reply within 24 hours or another winner will be chosen.  All the Best!  
Thank you Delta Faucet, Southern Living and Taste of Charleston for the opportunity to work together and for sharing with my community!  We believe and "See What Delta Can Do!"  
Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Delta Faucet and Southern Living, Taste of Charleston.  All opinions are my own. 

Bonefish Grill, Cary, North Carolina REVIEW

One of our favorite places is Bonefish Grill.  We have been fans for a while now and always love working together.   Recently, we checked out their Lunch Menu as a family.  We LOVE the atmosphere and the special dishes and the service is wonderful.  Bonefish and I are collaborating again on a Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina  Restaurant Review.  My husband took a picture of me eagerly representing. :)  

And our boys playing on the patio furniture.  See the festive patio!  We love it here in the Summer as well.  

Here we go, let's check out Bonefish Grill for lunch.  

Our boys were happy to be back.  We chose to visit on New Year's Day.  It was super fun. 
There were a lot of people with the same idea and the service was wonderful.  The entire 
staff was very accommodating.   Notice my sweet bowl of Limes to join my Coke Zero. :) 
It's the little things that matter.  Service with a smile.  So their slogan, Happiness Here is true. 

Now for the Lunch Menu.  There were so many great choices.  Here are ours: 

Bang Bang Shrimp PoBoy 
"The Shrimp PoBoy was outstanding and the sauce was incredible!"
said the 12 year old shrimp lover! 

Cheese Burger with Parmesean Fries
"The CheeseBurger was amazing and definitely filled me up.  Their fries and ranch were awesome, too!"
said the other 12 year old.  

Grilled Salmon Burger
"Oh, man, that was so good. The Salmon Burger was a generous portion." 
Said my Boulder Mountain Man. :) 

Grilled Salmon Sandwich and Parmasan Fries

Another Bang Bang Shrimp PoBoy for the Win!
"LOVED the Bang Bang Shrimp PoBoy and Parmesean French Fries!" 
Said the New Orleans Lady/Carolina Mama! :)  You can see 
my 2014 diet - wellness kick started the next morning. lol
Seriously, this was my first poboys and fries order in a couple of days (LOL) years.  And it 
was completely WORTH IT.

Bang Bang Shrimp PoBoy and Parmesan Fries

The price range is $10 and under for most items.  This is so reasonable!  And 
particularly for great seafood and wonderful sides.  One of our favorites that 
we tried recently was the Spicy Asian Slaw! I could order a quart to bring home. 

Here is the happy family on our bringing in the New Year 
at one of our local Bonefish Grills. :) 

My husband and I always take advantage of a photo together. 
Our last of 2013.  And Smiles for all 2014 has to hold. 

This Bonefish Grill location is conveniently located in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina.  It is near the world-famous SAS Campus.  So it is fabulous for the perfect business luncheon or meeting.  

Look how pretty and quaint this location looks. 


We love it for date night and day dates, too.  The ambiance is romantic by night and by day.  
One more time, here we go 2014!  

By the way, being an NFL Football fan.  More specifically, we are Saints, Broncos and Panthers fans!  Right now at Bonefish Grill, they are offering 3 Bang Bang Shrimp Orders for Football Games for $19.99!  Yes, that just made your Super Bowl!  Now, enjoy and drop the chips and dip for some Bang Bang Shrimp.  And may the Broncos or Panthers Win since the Saints just lost. :)

BangBang Shrimp Football Special Bonefish Grill

Now, look at the Eggs Benedict!  They look outstanding.  You see, the Lunch and Brunch options at Bonefish Grill are wonderful.  Go and enjoy!

Thank you to the Bonefish Grill, Cary, North Carolina for the consistent wonderful 
food, service and fun!  We love it there.  And we have tried several different Bonefish Grills, 
even out-of-state and we feel they are all consistent in all of the above so we look forward to 
visiting often. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Bone Fish Grill.  All opinions are my own. 

Delta Faucet and Oven-Baked "Fried" Chicken

Last Fall kicked off with such excitement as I got to visit the "Holy City" of Charleston, South Carolina for the Taste of Charleston.  This event is such an Annual highlight and I was so honored to be working with Southern Living again.  This year, Delta Faucet invited us to be sponsored as well.  It was a total dream come true!

Southern Living is pretty much part of my DNA.  And with all of my University days in South Carolina, and my Southern rearing, I was so honored to be back in Charleston for this event.  Delta Faucet is special to me because my very first paid blogging work was done for Delta Faucet and I learned of the fabulous and all-American quality performing products for your home.

So not only did my family and I get to go back to Charleston with Southern Living and Delta Faucet, they asked me if I wouldn't mind Cooking!  Yes, do  mind, this Southern Girl, cooking up a fun recipe and sharing with y'all!!!  Well, since Cooking and Homemade Cooking is in my DNA, as well. I was way up for the task!  This is my life!

So we tested out the fabulous Delta Pilar Touch O2 Technology Faucets and promptly feel in love with them.  These are dynamic.  We were shocked at how simple they are to use.  And how handy for Moms and Chefs to touch the faucet and have it turn on and off. Convenient!  And they are so beautiful in three different finishes!  I LOVED the Chrome, and the Bronze.  Cooper was cool. However, we chose the Bronze and give it a 5 star rating!

Norman King, Author of The Way to FRY, taught us so much about ways to lightly 
fry chicken, fish, and various other options to making down-home Southern cooking 
without all of the heavy grease.  Yes, We LOVED meeting him. He was 
super nice and he made cooking up specialties a real fun event. 

Even our boys were amazed.  Here they are test driving and 
choosing our faucet.  Delta Faucet spoiled us with our own!  And no green 
with envy allowed, because one Reader will be the Fortunate WINNER of a 
Delta Touch O2 Technology Faucet valued at $749.00.  Stay tuned for the GIVEAWAY 
details next week! 

The Taste of Charleston is a Southern Tradition and it is so exciting and fun.  You should check it out this year.  2014 is underway.  Meet us at Boone Hall Plantation this Fall for this kind of fun.

Finding myself so in my element at the Taste of Charleston, I was thrilled to meet 
Charleston Author interviewed last year.  Carmen was delightful and so talented
she has such talent.  Now, I want to order all of my plants from Southern Living 
Plant Collection and just ditto Carmen's creations and designs.   See, there 
is Norman King in the background.  He had fun with the crowds.

So my husband and I were so happy with our Delta Faucet, he had it installed for me and we were ready to create in the kitchen..  

In honor of The Way to FRY, I wanted to "Fry" with my own Gluten Free lifestyle. So I took 
Norman King's inspiration and spun my own amazing creation.  Here is a picture of the ingredients. See recipe below.  

It is so nice to cook and wash hands or get water like this…. awesome Touch O2 Technology 
by Delta Faucet.   Here we go with the rest of the recipe fun. 

Here is my recipe

Southern Girl Oven-Baked Chicken 

8 Chicken Breasts
1 1/2 c. Mushrooms
1 Lime
1 c. Almond Flour
4 T. Butter
1 T. Olive Oil
2. T. Red Wine Vinegar
Spices, oh my Spices: this where you "add what you love" :)
I generously added these.

Sea Salt
Garlic Powder
Red Pepper Flakes
Rosemary (because I am on a Rosemary kick)

Preheat Oven for 350 degrees.  Olive Oil spray a Pyrex Baking Dish.  Lay chicken in the pan, drizzle melted butter over the chicken. sprinkle evenly, all ingredients except for the Lime and Mushrooms.

Then, place Mushrooms (rinse first) and Lime on top.  Drizzle with the Olive Oil and Bake for 30 minutes uncovered.  Remove from oven and cool. Enjoy with a lovely salad and steamed rice.

My tween boys deemed this their FAVORITE EVER!  So it's in the weekly rotation!  Thank you Southern Living!

Thank you Delta Faucet and Taste of Charleston for working with Southern Living and 
Carolina Mama. We are so thrilled to share in all things Southern, Great Cooking and 
amazing Touch O2 Technology!  

We LOVE our Faucet!   Get ready someone's winning a Delta Faucet!! See you next week. 

What are you cooking lately! ? 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Southern Living, Taste of Charleston  and Delta Faucet.  All opinions are my own. 

Happy New Year 2014 - Hope Your Holidays Were Lovely

Happy New Year Y'all!  Hope you all enjoyed a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   So thankful for a wonderful year.  2013 brought lots of travel, fun, fashion, food and as always, family!  I am so thankful for the travel, learning, growth and revelations.  God is faithful and He has made His presence known in our family more than ever this year.

When the year began, goals were set, plans were made, dreams were dreamed.  And God.  God revealed His plan, His way.  And where He has a plan, He makes a way.  You know what, His plan is completely different than our plan.  And His is so much better.

You've seen the fun here from the Krispy Kreme Bloggers Summit to the Shaklee180 Bloggers Journey to Delta Faucet with Southern Living at Taste of Charleston.   It has been a wonderful year and we are so grateful for your company.

So I wanted to share some fun photos from our Holiday Season or those of you not on our Instagram or Facebook.

We Cooked - my Niece and I made my Mother's famous Christmas Candy. :)  It was a lot of work.

It was worth it!  :) Here are the rewards. 

We celebrated with C. Wonder their C. Wonder Holiday Shopping Event!  So fun on 
King Street in Downtown Charleston.  WE had a blast with all the fashion and Mom Fashion finds 
there.  And we LOVED working with the College of Charleston Phi Mu Sorority via Jocelyn! :) 
The Charity for the night was through Phi Mu for the Children's Miracle Network. 

I fell for the C. Wonder Reindeer! :)  He's cute. And Pink! :) 

Underneath the Mistletoe. :)

Then there were Christmas Dates with my Husband where he had his favorite 
Shrimp Poor Boy at Bonefish Grill.  Amazing and always a great time together! 

The Desserts were abundant this Season… 

And my girlfriend's Christmas Party was one of my favorite things. 
I am thankful for friends like Janna!  She makes the best Taco Soup. Orders up 
all kinds of pizza goodness for the children. And we could talk and FB forever. 

Or, my girlfriend, another sweet Southern Girl, Melanie, surprised my with Harry Connick, Jr.'s 
latest CD. "Every Man Should Know."  Just saying, my whole family loves this. This is the 
only CD that made it into the Christmas mix throughout the season … and still going. 

"My Mama told me stories, stories in my head…. we're 'stuck' in the middle, neither young nor old, 
but we're telling the greatest LOVE Story ever told."  This NOLA girl love it and it's an 
ode to Harry and my Father's who worked together in New Orleans. 

We had lots of good family time.  We LOVED travel and food and family fun. And 
Here we are at our local Firebird's Restaurant. A favorite! 

Again here with my Boulder Mountain Man.  (Boulder Mountain Man is distinctly different 
than Duck Dynasty's Mountain Man.  And Boulder Mountain Man was here LONG before
the um - other guy - who is nothing like my Man.) All done. 

Again, here in Charleston at the Battery, a family favorite, for Easter. This was the day 
after our 10K Race as a family in the Cooper River Bridge Run. Celebrate. 

We had a blast at the Boardwalk for a Seafood Lunch with my Niece and her family here 
in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when we traveled with Holiday Inn Resort Vacations. 

Mom continued to LOVE fashion this year.  

And Crafts lik this one.  We love us a good Pinterest.  And a Happy New Year!  

Then, we found this amazing Jelly Fish off of the North Carolina Coast. And we 
touched it on top and did not get stung. Thanks to our boys reading. :) See, they 
still teach me things! :) 

Happy Times.   We LOVE the Beach...

Mom and Boys Boogie Board, too! :) 

We also LOVE the Rockies! :)  Mountains. 

BBQ and Swimming with the Cousins.  So fun! 

More fun with the Grandparents!  LOVE this view at Auntie's House. 

My Flat Irons! Boulder Front Range. 

Yes, fresh Pineapple Poolside with Cousins.  Rolling Colorado style. 

Family Hike and the Boys got a great pic of Mom and Dad. 

Grandparents, Cousins, Family! 

                                                           Mom gets to relax in the pool!  For a few! :)

Happy New Year and Cheers to 2014!  We're loving her already! 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama