New Bikes and I Wasn't Raised Building Legos

No I wasn't raised building Legos. Honestly, being one of five children - four girls and one boy, I spent a whole lot more time outside in my life-sized Doll House, on the second floor baking in my Easy Bake Oven. Or climbing in the tree house than I ever did building with Legos.

And we spent countless hours biking up the hill and around our country neighborhood! Anyone else want to shout out for "the good ole' days when children played outdoors and safely.!"

So I loved my dolls, playing piano, dress-up and my easy bake oven or cooking with my Mom. I do recall my brother 'raisin' pigs' in his "pin pen" at the corner of our two acres. Or his big football days.

But when one of the Tigers was under the weather Sunday and we were home together - it was a challenge to build and re-build Legos. And don't get me started on the fingernails I chipped. However, we were successful and that. is. all. that. matters!

Nonetheless, thankfully I clocked plenty of hours on 'the hill' and biking around so that love is there and good thing - the Tigers have grown into the 20 inch Bicycles! Yikesssssssss! So we're all spending lots of time and miles on the trails! Fall is an awesome time for this.

So enjoy the Cherubs above 'test driving' their new wheels! As I sign off, "Ode to Childhood!"


Our Security Is In.... Wherein Does Our Security Lie

Life is good! And I couldn't help but be amused at one of the Tigers when I went into their bedroom to do a final check before retiring myself for the evening.

Let me just say that we kind of pride ourselves in not 'overstimulating' our children as a lifestyle. Yes, there are times, moments, days. Overall, we attempt to not live on constant stimulation. With that said, here's what greeted me at the close of the day last night.

One Barney (four foot - no stimulation you know), One Curious George Pillow, Caterpillar Friend, "Lucy Belle" his webkin cat, and his Hand Gun. His Oriental Trading Handgun. ;) Then one sweet boy wrapped up in a baseball comforter sleeping like a King and solid as a rock. I am thankful.

It occurred to me, as adults, what do we wrap our hopes up i? Wherein does our security lie? What would we find in our "bed" if like a child with slept with our favorite possessions or securities? ....


May my security be in the God of heaven in whom I put my trust.

Sunday Scripture - Have a Blessed Day!

"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. 21I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!" Galatians 2:20-21


p.s. Am home with one of the Tigers that has a cold. Building Legos. I am so not a Lego girl. God gives us what we need when we need it! .... We just finished up the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car! Thank heavens. Oh, and it was a lot of fun! It's just that playing in my Doll House and baking in my Easy Bake Oven did not prepare me to be a Lego Mama, too.

Presidential Debate, Financial BuyOut, Who Am I?! Superior ;)


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

This explains a lot! Or you might say I have high ideals. Or I just live in a bubble! Yet, I do l.o.v.e that "Superior!" part. ;)
This is just fun and it sure beats the "financial"news going on and the Presidential Debate is intriguing but have fun with this. And I'll see ya'll soon.

So go check it out and have an awesome weekend.


Second Grade Library Fun

Recently, we made one of our regular visits to our neighborhood library. We had breakfast at Starbucks and meandered over. Throughout the morning the boys were doing all these cute photo moment things. And I was just bumming I had not at least grabbed my purse camera. I mean I have these things - let's use them right.

I am sure other mommybloggers know the exact sentiment.

Then I was hanging out with my Mac at the Starbucks patio cafe while the boys colored, and it occurred to me to iPhoto them! Why not! Talk about taking "Moms will do anything" to get a picture of their darlings - to a new level - That was me.

So there I was following the TIgers around with my notebook opened up towards them! I mean the business men/people around us most likely thought I was forcing them into entrepreneurship or authorship at an early age.

The best was when I realized I could turn off the 'count down' so that they couldn't 'hear' me photo them and thus lose my spontaneity. It was fun. I caught this one of them gazing over books together. Totally candid and they loved the ships and boats they were looking at right then.

So the moral of the story is that my Photo Booth is an expensive way to get some photos of the TIgers. Yet, looking at this picture, it is so worth it. And as long as I don't trip chasing them. If you see a Mommy chasing two really cute Tigers with her laptop open facing them... just say Hi. Unless you don't want me to take your picture.


Palmer Earrings and Charley Bracelet Giveaway Now

Charley Bracelet
Palmer Earrings

This is such a great Giveaway ya;ll, I decided to post it separate because you all noticed yesterday I just rambled on. So in an effort to break it down here goes.

***The New "Win It Wednesday" this week is provided by Greta @ I Love Mr. Pibb. Greta has generously offered her gorgeous Palmer Earrings! And an opportunity to win The Charley Bracelet! And just so you know, there is a Charley Necklace at her Itsy shop. Click the link above and go there and get you one. Thanks Greta!

Enter Here: Post in comments your favorite piece of jewlery from Greta's GL Carter Itsy Shop here and enter to win the Charley Bracelet or the Palmer Earrings. Contest until next Wednesday @ noon.


Win It Wednesday Giveaway and Winners

Charley Bracelet

Palmer Earrings

Hi All, We're hanging in there in Carolinaland. The upswing is the 'air system' this weekend worked. And we've "Got Dryness!" In this humidity that's saying something.

We may even avoid the replacement of the floors. Professionals will tell. Until then, we're happy to be home and to a quiet home - oh wait, did I just say that - quiet home! I never thought the Tigers sounded so quiet! Until Mr. Generator and Blowers moved out.

Still thinking and praying for those in the throes of Ike. That is something else.

All done holding out - we have a winner! Two winners! The winners of the Getty Music Songbook and CD!

1) The Getty Music Song Book goes to Jennifer @ "Smelling Coffee" Congratulations!

Thanks for reading and see ya'll back here soon!

2) The Lovely Getty Music CD goes to "Our Little Tongginator"Tonnga Mom! Congratulations!

Thanks to the Getty's for playing in the "Win It Wednesday!"

Here's what "Works For Me Wednesday!" The Etsy Shop!! As a busy Mama, shopping is not the priority. I love a good shopping spree. Yes! And there were days when it was all about the shopping - sort of. Now, I still have a good eye for quality and my favorite things.

However, with family life, I do not spend the time to drive around to shop upon cute shop and boutique to find an item. Enter Etsy! where you can find any manner of cuteness and product right there on their site. All of this homemade in the USA right in one spot.

So rather than load up the children, drive wherever, log onto Etsy and let me know if you find something even better than Target and an even better price. And handmade almost guarantees you that the quality will last so much longer. Plus, you get the bonus of meeting and 'conversing' with the wonderful makers of the products.

Let me know what you decide. For more awesome ideas, go to "Works For Me Wednesday!" and see what Shannon has in store there. Until then, we have our very own Etsy Giveaway going on right here....

***The New "Win It Wednesday" this week is provided by Greta @ I Love Mr. Pibb. Greta has generously offered her gorgeous Palmer Earrings! And an opportunity to win The Charley Bracelet! And just so you know, there is a Charley Necklace at her Itsy shop. Click the link above and go there and get you one. Thanks Greta!

Post your favorite piece from Greta's GL Carter Itsy Shop here and enter to win the Charley Bracelet or the Palmer Earrings. Contest until next Wednesday @ noon.


Lemonade and The Tigers

There's more to the story. Here's the rest of the story regarding our weekend - 10th Anniversary weekend!

Firstly, let me say it's a great thing that we have been celebrating for a month - ever since Charleston. Thankfully, it has been a grand month.
Because the rest of the story is that our weekend, the actual anniversary day - Friday started out super fancy - it sounded like this at breakfast that morning,
"Mom, look at the sink!" as one of the Tigers carried his breakfast dishes to the sink. Yikes his brother was an 'early responder.' At this point, I knew it was serious and time to investigate the matter.

Both sinks magically filled up on their own... I have no idea.

So I grab by perrrrty kitchen gloves and grab the one saucer and fork, literally, out of the sink. And begin to run the disposal to clear the sinks when the Tigers shout, "OH mom, you won't believe this ..." and they were standing in the hallway.... well, we were welcomed with an inch or more of water. The only 'live' water usage was the one load of laundry in the washer.

I turned off the washer and proceeded to call for help. The long and short of it after three professionals working on our floors.

Did you know how quickly water travels and damages? Wow, I was amazed. We were home and able to quickly 'mop' it all up and still it saturated the walls, floors, and the story is not over yet. I just thought of Katrina and Ike ya'll. Right! How could we complain when just look at Ike's devastation.

We may have to have that portion of the hardwood floors replaced. We have had generators, fans, all these industrial things in our home blowing a.l.l week.end long! Did you hear me! So we have spent an inexorbant amount of time out of our home this weekend. For homebodies, that's a tough one. Although we had a lot of fun!

And Carolina Mama got another weekend break from cooking! That's all good.

At one point we had just completed an awesome hike and were talking about "Fall " is here and what a great time of year it is, when I again, reminded them of our blessings. We were home, the workers arrived quickly. You know, even though these fans and dehumidifiers are as loud as a train, we have so much to be thankful for today, etc.

I got ambitious and thought I would introduce the 'lemonade analogy' to the Tigers. After all, they're 7 and a half. "The 'overflow' was the lemon. The quick workers is the lemonade. The loud noise is the lemon and the hiking and fun is the lemonade." They replied, "Cool!"

Since they seemed to grasp the concept, I thought why not add the spiritual dimension. "You know, Jesus is like that, He's our lemonade" I went on with my analogy. Then they began hilariously laughing, "Then we just drink Him right up!" And when they get going they are g.o.n.e! Just like my little analogy.

Although, as I write this, how true, we could/should just "drink Him right up!" ;) From the mouthes of seven year olds!


Sunday Scripture - Have a Blessed Day!

"3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. 4For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love 5he[c] predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will— 6to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves. 7In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace 8that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding."

Ephesians 1:3-8


p.s. Our Anniversary Weekend has been great! The Big 10! We may be finished celebrating and we may carry on and blog about it.

Me and My Pre- Sarah Palin Glasses

Here we are on the way to Colorado last summer. There are a couple of things I want to say about my lovely glasses. One is they are pre-Sarah Palin. Yes, I just liked them. And my Ralph Lauren's square frames I purchased in 1999 are still a hit!

It was funny - how I stepped out and bought what I liked even though no one was wearing the square glasses then. I loved them from the start and everyone else too. Right. Since we all do love the style, when it was time for Carolina Mama to update - yes, you read it right eight years later - I went with these frameless glasses.

No one was wearing them. Pre-Sarah Palin. I loved them, etc. All was right with my glasses wearing self, until a month ago, we were at the beach, the Atlantic Ocean, early one morning. I was reading seaside and all three of 'my men' were boogy boarding. Mountain Man said 'several times' shouldn't you put in your contacts. I assured him I was reading.

Then there was the dip in the ocean, and Mountain Man mentioned taking off the glasses AND designer clips. I know. Craziness. It is like he predicted. So as I was coming in from my little dip/cool off, a wave seriously knocked me down, and shewmmmmmm the entire glasses ensemble were gone.

Gone like the Titanic gone. Talk about 20/20 - oh wait, not 20/20 as in vision but hindsight. So I really paid by walking around in the 'old' Ralph Lauren's I should have had on anyway....

Then the rest of the story is that the lovely highfalutin eye doctor that had the replicas of my lovely Pre-Sarah Palin glasses, they seem to have a problem filling my prescription.

The first time the glasses came back, I was so happy to get the call. Then I realized my reflective coating which is key - was omitted. Okay, I was patient. Then they called again, well, the reflective coating was added but they omitted the high index which is major key!

So the rest of the story is I am still waiting - the third call came this afternoon. So tomorrow I am excited but I also am leery - have they produced the glasses with the items I so need. Ya'll I am really worried that they still will not get it right and did I tell you I paid the full-price 'long ago' when I picked them up the first time. I just want my glasses back, my pre-Sarah Palin glasses, the ones in the bottom of the ocean.

Like the lovely Pre- Sarah Palin glasses above! Can I get a prayer they get it right ya'll!

Want to play "Fro Me to You" and tell your story - because you know 'misery' loves company. [Misery that is until I do receive my lovely Me glasses!]


Anybody Else Work-Walking At Home?! My New Office....

Welcome to my homeoffice! Oh, wait, that's not in the kitchen....

Work-walking is pretty much simultaneous with motherhood! This article takes it up a notch.

Maybe Mountain Man can install one of these in the kitchen or right in front of our washer/dryer... we'd just take multi-tasking to a whole new level. Now here's an idea, can we "occupy" the Tigers on one of these things. At least I would know where they are! Right. The thing it they are faster than any treadmill-walking thing for sure. So you know, what's the point.

Nonetheless, always looking for a way to get that extra activity time in! Any suggestions! And getting up at an ungodly hour in the morning is not the correct answer. ;)


Win It Wednesday Giveaway - Great Music

We love great music in our home! Mountain Man and I love classical, jazz, and we really love all of the options for awesome Christian Contemporary music these days.

"These days" meaning - do you remember in the early 90s how few choices we really had for good Christian Contemporary music? We love all of the great options now. And Getty Music has become one of our recent favorites. The Tigers are old enough now that they really enjoy it as well. It blesses us and is refreshing all at once.

Honestly, I can't believe in my 20s when I was single that most of the music I heard was radio music and it wasn't KLUV. It is an encouragement to be as a believer to be in this mindset with worship music in my car, iPod, home, etc.

So it is Wednesday and I am thinking about this Giveaway for Win It Wednesday! Getty Music is getting one more week before the CD and Music Book Giveaway. So enter and plan to enjoy great music. Mention it on your blog so others can "meet" these dynamic musicians!

Check out Rocks In My Dryer for tons of "Works For Me Wednesday!" ideas.


Me Now and Well Yearbook-ed Ago

Look what my friend Jennifer and I discovered this weekend. Well, maybe we all did since it seems to be the latest craze. Here I am Circa 2008 with a "YearBookYourself" touch 1974. It's kinda funny because I actually wear my hair this way when it is a little longer. So it could be a Circa 2000 picture for sure.

I only did this one and I think I'll be going back for more - it's too fun. And it would be fun to see Mountain Man and the Tigers.

That's about it for a Monday after a great weekend!


Sunday Scripture - Have a Blessed Day!

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he[c] predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will— to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves. In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding." Ephesians 1:3-8


Win It Wednesday Giveaway - That's What We Call It - And Lovely Daniel's

Just to get yesterday's post straight, it is the "Win It Wednesday" Giveaway. See the details below and make sure you enter. Let's just say the Tigers fell asleep this evening listening to "In Christ Alone!" by this awesome Getty Music Giveaway. Enter Getty Music Giveaway NOW! ;)

Is there anything sweeter than my Tigers asking, "Mommy back it up please," "One more time, Number 4...."

Not a whole lot to report except the 'breaking news' that Mountain Man and I had a wonderful impromptu date tonight! One of those, where the sitter calls and says, "What time did you need me tonight! I have it written down tonight." And I respond, "Hallelujah, time with Mountain Man!" And "I'm glad we plan ahead!" all in one breath.

We went to this charming little local place, Daniel's, and it was divine. Awesomeness in every category, even down to our brand new server Brett who totally delivered. It was a perfect fall night. Mountain Man was blissed out when we ended the night with peanut buttercup and chocolate pie. wow, I can go for that.

And ya'll know we've been celebrating our 10th Anniversary every since Charleston last month! Even though the official date is the 19th. Love is good. Love is great!


Getty Music Giveaway Goodness

Ya'll remember when we attended the Getty Music concert recently and totally fell in love with Keith and Kristyn Getty's Music? Well, now we're spreading the love!

So in other words, the "Win It Wednesday" Giveaway is back! :) And in good fashion. Just for Boo Mama we're giving away a subscription to Southern Living. Just kidding! (Sophie, :) I will check out the 'new' look and will mostly likely agree because how can a Southern Girl 'change' - change tradition? Who are they talking to here!) Okay, I know do not email me and let me know that Boo Mama doesn't read here. It is okay and afterall it's okay to dream. She would totally understand that I'm read by "Tens of people every day!" ;)

Getty Music has given us a bit of "Bloggy Giveaway" Goodness through their awesome music!! I am so excited to share! They are offering one of their lovely, worship Getty Music CDs AND Getty Songbook. ;) (please note in the comments if you or your church can use the Songbook so it can get good use! :)

To Enter the Giveaway:

1) Go to Getty Music
2) Then Mention Getty Music/this Giveaway on your blog so you too can help spread the word about their awesome music :)
3) And then Comment here and expect great things! And Be Blessed!
* Oh, and it's a bonus to leave them an uplifting comment or email letting them know of your newfound musical knowledge.

Best to you! And you could even enjoy live by checking out their website for their concert appearances in your area. I'm just letting you know.

And because it is "Win It Wednesday" I'll leave this open until noon on Wednesday.


Fayeson Tilley, Jesus & The Girls

Speechless. This weekend was an amazing time in my life. God called me away and spoke to me in such a way like never before.

I was at a women's retreat with ladies from all over the country and mostly my church. Also, I had the opportunity to hear the awesome speaker, Bible teacher, Fayeson Tilley. She is a spectacular speaker. The ladies I got to fellowship with were so wonderful. This was a refreshing retreat. And it was the longest I have been away from The Tigers in their lives! Anyone out there hear me! :) I missed them! We talked each day. And I did enjoy every second of this time alone with the one I love, my Maker and Creator who had beckoned me away.

"And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in him ." Ephesianas 1:13

How did this happen? After a heritage in a Christian home and the Bible, I just heard this verse and made it my own. It's life changing. I challenge you, Have you been " included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in Him?" This is not only a mountain top experience in every fashion, it is more. God spoke and I listened and chose to believe. All I can say is that I am different and I don't ever want to be the same.

Clearly, the big takeaway for me was "Taking God at His Word!" I'm in! Do you know Him?

The mountains were gorgeous. The girlfriends were great. Jesus was even better. If you ever have a chance to hear Fayeson Tilley speak, Go and Be Blessed! She taught the Book of Ephesians. She is no-nonsense and she knows the Word of God thoroughly. And how refreshing, she didn't talk about herself the whole weekend. She sent us to the feet of Jesus.

As much as I love to talk about Starbucks, fashion and all things glam, I loved learning so very much in one weekend. Or just hearing someone bold enough to speak it. She really knew the Word and had a great way about her that captured everyone's attention no matter what she said.

As with most get-aways, I am catching up. Laundry, time with my guys - all three! Hello, Mountain Man went grocery shopping with the Tigers while I was gone. Talk about blessed and one brave man! :)

Tell me about your latest Retreat experience.

Mountain Hiatus

Have a great weekend ya'll! I'm on a mountain hiatus and prayer is to be refreshed and to hear from heaven! Last December this was just a glimmer of a hope - now it's here. Have an awesome weekend everywhere you are!


The Tigers' First Day of School - 2nd Grade Rocks!

I can hardly believe it. The Tigers are in the Second Grade. It has been an awesome year already. They are growing and learning daily.

We're officially ready for fall and we feel it in the air. Would anyone like an apple?! How do you celebrate the start of school and/or Fall?


Raisin' McCain - We're All Just Raisin' McCain! And Palin ;)

"We're all just raisin' McCain!" And Palin Power! And is there any way we can just add Rudy Giuliano on the ticket also! A man who can speak up.

Bringing The Presidential Campaign to the blogosphere! Ya'll, I just couldn't help myself. I come from a long line of politicians. So you can say it's in my blood.

There are so many levels of the McCain / Palin ticket that are right!

Keeping it fun @ Carolina Mama! If you want more good stuff check out the McCain Blogette!

God Bless America!


Family Shag Lessons to the "Legends of the Beach!"

Ya'll are going to love this! We celebrated the most awesome Labor Day with a "Pops in the Park!" This immediately made me think of My Mama, the Original Carolina Mama! She played in the Pops for years up until recently. So of course, I loved it! And the Tigers loved it. Mountain Man is a real classical music buff. Yes, I am lucky!

Thanks to the "Legends of the Beach!" we got to enjoy classic Carolina Beach music! This brought back the ole' college memories of my Carolina days!

It was the most enjoyable evening altogether. The weather was absolute perfect. The Symphony was unbelievable! And to top off an awesome evening, we took a five minute Shag Lesson! You read right. Shag lessons by by Mike and Karen Anderson . It was fun. The music was familiar but nothing else. Has it been that long?!

And a photo of the Tigers trying out their new, light-up backpacks for their first day of school which was today! I think the backpacks were their highlight other than the most amazing fireworks display this side of the Mississippi!

The evening concluded with a really spectacular fireworks! What a show! Hope your Labor Day was a happy one!

100 Things About Carolina Mama Blogger

1) I am A New Orleans native.
2) I am One of five children
3) Same parents.
4) I am the middle child.
5) I do not have the middle-child 'syndrome' ;)
6) My parents are Southerners
7) I grew up in Louisiana my Daddy's native land
8) I live in the Carolinas my mother's native land
9) My parents were married almost 25 years
10) My Daddy died unexpectedly at the age of 46 (two days before his 47th)
11) Because of him I love words and have written since I can remember
12) As a columnist, one of my first was a tribute to my Daddy
13) I am a University of South Carolina alumni - B.A. Creative Writing
14) I am a Gamecock
15) I am a Tri Delta
16) I am a Child of God, Born-again, Bible Believing Christian
17) That has made all the difference in my life
18) My favorite color is pink
19) Pink has been my favorite color all of my life
20) I love the Beach
21) I love the Mountains
22) I love God's Creation
23) Jogging has been a life-time love
24) As a child, I took private Piano lessons for about ten years
25) Then in college, I took a year of Piano
26) Also I play the Flute
27) Love music classical, beach ;), Christian Contemporary, Eric, Clapton, The Boss ;), U2, Third Day, The Gettys
28) Love to read
29) Love writing
30) The South rocks
31) Other places do to but there is no place like home
32) I have lived in the North, South, East, West USA in my adult life
33) I lived overseas in Austria on Summer abroad - Loved Europe
34) And all things French (almost ;)
35) The French Riveria is amazing and a favorite place of mine
36) There are no beaches in the world like Florida's-Coastline
37) Paris made me fell grown up as a twentysomething girl on her first visit
38) I rode to the top of the Eiffel Tower single and s.o.l.o :)
39) Seven years later, I met the man of my dreams, Mountain Man, in Colorado
40) My mother taught me first-hand how to be a wife and homemaker
41) My father taught me first-hand how to love life - live, love, laugh & learn ;)
42) I used to go to Court with my Attorney Daddy in lieu of school if my homework was caught up ;)
43) My mother and I were so different growing up, personality-wise, and yet she liked my tenacity and joie de vive
44) Maybe "Mommy" liked the fact that I am a lot like my Daddy
45) I grew up hearing "You'll be a great lawyer, you're a chip off the old block."
46) I love expressing myself through writing and raising a family full-time way more than pursuing practicing law
47) If I had practiced law, it would have been "For Daddy"
48) When I worked Satrudays at Banana Republic, I sold Kathleen Turner a straw hat
49) I have met: Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Johnny Cash, Nicole Miller - others I forget - it's not so important now but it was fun ;)
50) I chose not to interrupt John Elway's dinner to meet him - it was fun enough to sit near them - same room
51) I would love to visit President and Mrs. Bush on their Crawford Ranch ;) Still....
52) Nothings compared to meeting Mountain Man and the Twins for the first time
53) Visiting Mexico as a child, they were infatuated with my long blonde hair - my Daddy said do not be afraid
54) I played on the Basketball Team for seven years and we won lots ;)
55) In college, I won an auction to have lunch with the USC President at the ClubHouse( After my Graduation, he was indicted on embezzlement)
56) I nannied at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina the semester after Graduation
57) The real world was waiting back in New Orleans (is that the 'real world')
58) I began my first full-time job on my 25th Birthday
59) I love to run, swim, play tennis, bike, hike
60) I love snow skiing ;)
61) I once ice skated in the 1976 Olympic Arena in Innsbruck Austria where Peggy Fleming won the Gold
62) I do love my friend Starbucks - no matter
63) Love Cafe du Monde - the original cafe
64) Family is everything - through thick and thin
65) I miss my Daddy every day
66) I think God for a Christian heritage and family of believers
67) I am a Night Owl by nature ;)
68) I Love a good night's sleep
69) I love sleeping in with breakfast in bed
70) Notice the theme here
71) He lives within my heart - Believe in Salvation through Christ alone
72) Love a rainy thunderstorm
73) Ran my first Marathon - wahoo! - in 2006! Washington DC's Marine Corps Marathon
74) It was a dream come true to cross the finish line at the Iro Jima Monument that day!
75) With Mountain Man and the Tigers meeting me and crossing the line together
76) Hearing my name and city called as I finished - thanks to Mountain Man
77) Ran my first half-Marathon six months later
78) I once called a running buddy to take a jog, the next day I joined his friends and Climbed Long's Peak - 14,000er
79) Love chocolate and coffee
80) Great seafood is great
81) New Orleans will always be a charming city - and my native land
82) My first car was a Peugeot
83) The best job in the planet is raising our twin sons full-time
84) The other best job is being Mountain Man's girl!
85) The most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done is raise our twins sons, with Mountain Man - 100% from day one
86) I can be serious and silly
87) Sometimes when I want to be serious I can be silly
88) Blogging is a blast
89) I love my "Blog Friends" - Thank you for the friendship in this journey
90) Love spending time with my family
91) Love to cook healthy and new dishes
92) Love to entertain in our home - people matter
93) I have a heart for young mothers and children
94) I love to give something crayons, coloring book, snack and such to a child in need
95) I often serve in Welcoming and Greeting
96) We love to travel
97) Love museums
98) I am writing a book that will be published in the near future
99) My life has been blessed with wonderful people in my path who have made a difference in who I am - family, friends, friends who as family, etc.
100) Life is good, God is great! I am thankful and eager to seek out and live His plan for my life/our family. My favorite Bible verse: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. " Jeremiah 29:11 My hope is in Him and that makes all the difference to me.

*** Ya'll are sweet to read. Thanks for the visit. And let me know if you post your own 100 Things about yourself. This was fun. Can you believe there's more! :) This verse Jeremiah 29:11 encourages my heart. Yet there are others and sometimes my favorite changes.

Thanks again!