Hotel Indigo Mt. Pleasant Boutique Hotel Luxury

Hotel Indigo Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

The Hotel Indigo Mt. Pleasant is conveniently is located in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Charleston, and only a bridge away from historic downtown, the newly opened boutique hotel offers modern conveniences in an inspiring atmosphere. Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant is a place that inspires exploration with ties to its surrounding neighborhood. With fabulous new amenities including a resort-style pool area, updated fitness facility with private yoga rooms and upscale guest rooms. Remember to check out the incredible new restaurant Eliza's at Hotel Indigo. 

Hotel Indigo Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 

Hotel Indigo Mt. Pleasant is rich in warmth, love and resort amenities waiting to welcome you to this resort boutique hotel in the Charleston area. We were delighted to work with Hotel Indigo on our recent Fall Break to this upscale hotel. All opinions are my family and mine. We are enthusiastic to share with your family travel. We love sharing how we do it: great places like Hotel Indigo and what we love best.

Personally speaking, Hotel Indigo cares.  The staff made us feel like coming home. We left Raleigh in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. So we felt like we made it to the finish line checking into the luxurious Hotel Indigo. And we had!

Our rooms were elegant, relaxing and so comfortable. We loved the personal southern touch of the welcome from the Hotel Indigo staff. If we had any need - or wish! - they were there to answer meeting our needs.

Our King Master suite was spacious and had everything we needed. The bed was so very comfortable. That's the best. Being away from home and very comfortable makes the trip! I love the modern decor. Like this beautiful headboard, makes me want to start a new DIY!

Here you can see the cute pink desk on the right and the television station. There is a sitting char across the room. And a sofa love seat for visiting. 

Here is a great view of the cute furniture for the desk station that is very tech up-to-date! That's so important with travel!

The coffee lovers that we are, we were thrilled to have Keurig's and supplies in our rooms. 
There's just something beautiful about waking up on vacation to coffee in bed! Good coffee! 
And even hot tea in the evening. Our family loves this ritual of having a nice herbal tea before bedtime. 

Our restroom was spacious and had awesome Aveda toiletries. Again, feeling right at home here! 

About the hotel, the artwork was beautiful and inspirational. We this one that is reminiscent

of the low country of Charleston with the fishing boats. 

Look at this cute chandelier and table in the lobby! Every area of the hotel is so inviting and welcoming. 

Now, our family is so outdoorsy! We love the beach and it's proximity to the Hotel Indigo. And we LOVED their luxury resort swimming pool! They had us with the lounge chairs and palm trees! Look how awesome this is! 

You can see it was a huge hit with our teenagers! :) They fit right in for late night hangouts! Since our sons are both certified lifeguards, we loved it even more. Mainly, it was chill time for them! And a little tech time. :) #LifeIsGood

Here is the peaceful setting at the pool, the verandas made it multipurpose. It is a great area to work.
I'd work here! Talk about a great office space.  
Food is served from Eliza's poolside if you order. We had pizza by the pool one night after watching the sunset at the beach. It was the cap to a perfect evening! 

Hotel Indigo is a great place for conferences, meetings, and reunions. 
There are areas throughout the hotel that are comfortable for seating and visiting. 

Whatever you wish and all in an inspiring atmosphere like this one which is a personal favorite! Love this yellow sofa and sitting area. 

The conference rooms inspire thinking and are sharp and crisp. Well lit. Meetings tailored to your needs. 

We loved the comfortable work chairs and the marble tables. 

On to the fitness center! I love a good hotel fitness center when traveling. This one had great equipment and lots of space! Granted, our weather was perfect and we walked all over Charleston and spent time on the water and at the beach so there was little time for a fitness center indoors. However, we were thrilled to know it was available. In fact, the boys went in for some weight lifting intermittently while at the pool.

 I loved the stretching area overlooking the pool! :) I couldn't resist lightening the pool here! It's a beautiful and serene view. 

Here, you see the extra space in the center which is so nice. And a water cooler to stay hydrated while working out. 

Super cute furniture and comfortable makes for a relaxing and chic stay! 

We even had my favorite blue chairs.... we had one in our room with a view! So I could enjoy watching the boys at the pool from our room! :) 

We even got a cute couples photo in one of our favorite spots! 

Carolina Mama Boulder Mt. Man Fall 2018
Mt. Pleasant, SC 

Decor like this is so awesome! This longitude and latitude of Charleston, SC and Sullivan's Island, SC! Of course, both are just minutes from the hotel so love this! 

Now, let's talk about food! Oh, my goodness, we were so thrilled to hear about Eliza's Kitchen! This restaurant new to the Charleston restaurant scene is incredible. Certainly, a best-kept secret as itis up and coming. We met the Food and Beverage Director John.

John surprised us at our suite with a delivery of an amazing Charcuterie Board! Look at this! Perfection after we settled in and got ready for dinner in Charleston. This was delicious! 

The boys loved their room welcome! It was a tailgate party in their room. So fun! Warriors basketball and their tailgate set up. :) 

Then, breakfast at Eliza's was fabulous! We loved the proximity of eating a great meal right in the hotel! These are made-to-order omelettes! We will share more about Eliza's breakfasts

and dinners in a separate post. Look forward to it! 

We loved it! We just scrambled to the Omelette station! Fruit station, Pastries and more. First things first, we have coffee! And cranberry juice. 

One of the boys said, "sadly, we are leaving." I just love that we have such a splendid time that he felt sad to leave all the fun in Charleston and the spoiling at Hotel Indigo. 

He also had a sore knee and the manager at the front went and got him an ice bag for his knee! They will accommodate you with anything you need. We were made to feel very special. Then, they got to talk about a Lecrae concert! :) 

Bye-bye fabulous swimming pool! 

Pet lovers are welcome! You will love that Hotel Indigo accommodates pets! They more than accommodate for them, they have their own pet park ground on the property complete with baggies and share. Your pets can run and enjoy on the green grass! 

Poolside is inviting day and night! 

One more reminder of this paradise at Hotel Indigo Mt. Pleasant. Here is one of the boys relaxing under the cabanas at the pool on a gorgeous sunny day with palm trees. Life is good. 

Remember to check out this locale - book your stay at  Hotel Indigo Mt. Pleasant - for your Thanksgiving and Holiday travel to Charleston! You'll be glad you did! Let me know if you have any questions! We hope you get to visit. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hotel Indigo Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. All opinions are my own. 

Kale Chicken Curry Soup It's Homemade Perfection

We love homemade soups! It has been one of my greatest cooking delights to discover how delicious, simple and nutritious homemade soups are to make! This Kale Chicken Curry Soup is the best!

Kale Chicken Curry Soup by CarolinaMama

My amazing mom cooked everything homemade. She made stews, meals :) soups, all of it. If you love soup, I want to challenge you to make your own and see how simple and delicious it is! You'll love it and I'll warn you, you'll never buy boxed or canned soups again! 

When I fell in love with Kale, (Yes! I just said that!) I loved making simple Kale chips. Then, a friend taught me just how simple it is to make an incredible Kale salad. "Massaging Kale" is really true. It's fast and effective. Truly, it reminds me of good ole Southern cooking! Nothing replaces mixing with clean, bare hands. 😂

Look it is awesome on the go! Yes, this is my to-go mug some days. It works!

Seriously, I sip coffee in the car. So, yes, a delicious homemade Kale Chicken Curry Soup in a mug! 
No microwave, please! We chose to be microwave free three years ago! I meant, if we can't stand near a microwave while pregnant, why do we any other day? :) We had already converted to air-popped popcorn. If you have questions, let me know! You can do it! It's so awesome! 

Here's the soup! Yes, just heat on the stove and enjoy the next day or two. This doesn't last
long at our home. 

CarolinaMama Carline To-Go Homemade Soup

Kale Chicken Curry Soup by Carolina Mama 

2-3 T. Coconut Oil
1 onion diced
4-5 cloves of garlic, chopped
3 chicken breasts cooked and cubed
3-4 chicken sausage (your fav-we like Italian or jalapeno breakfast)
4-5 red potatoes thinly sliced, cooked (baked or boiled and cooled)
2 T. Curry Powder
salt, pepper, cayenne, oregano to taste
3-5 c. Kale chopped (or Spinach if you've not fallen in love with Kale)

Over medium heat, saute´onion and garlic in coconut oil for a few minutes. Quick sear chicken or sausage. Stir in seasonings from the end of the ingredient list. Slowly pour chicken stock and coconut milk/cream. Stir gently a couple of times. Add potatoes and simmer for 30 minutes. Do not overcook or boil the soup. :) Finally, turn off the heat, drop the kale into the soup and let it wilt with a lid on for 10 minutes. Then, serve and enjoy!

Cooking is all about love and patience, low and slow. Put your heart into it. When you stop and listen, the food connects with you and lets you know what to do next. This is when you love cooking and enjoy the beauty and bounty of your reward.

Kale Chicken Curry Soup is perfect to share with friends or if someone is feeling under the weather. This is amazing left over, too! Fall, we are ready for you!

Warmly, Carolina Mama