Answered Prayer!

Thanking God for answered prayers! We are so grateful for his mercies in healing our
son through this proceedure. The doctor was very accurate and capable. Our son was
calm and really a big boy six-year-old boy today. We had excellent doctors and care.
After the surgery, when I first saw him, he was so happy and relaxed. Other than saying
he was glad to see us and that nothing hurt. The next thing he declared, in a realatively
matter-of-fact way was that he now wanted to be a Doctor rather than a Vetenarian.

This came for us just on the heels of Rick Burgess' two-year-old sons homegoing and funeral.
Almost like reading scripture, I devoured the funeral where this father speaks so eloquently
at his sons funeral. Go here: It really
spoke to me they way he said they attempted to raise their children as warriors for Christ/their
faith. "And we didn't know that he would take our warrior, the baby." How powerful! As I
prayed, and thought about the "ifs" that today could hold, I couldn't help but think am I prepared
to make that kind of surrender of my precious little one to further His kindgom if He called.

So today, there came a moment when I was to confirm the extra clothes were indeed in our car.
Walking out into a flawless, Carolina blue sky, I looked up.... oh when we look up. And again, I
found myself wanting to make that effort to have that faith to surrender my little warrior today.
And so as I looked at the dome of the building across from us in this splendor our Creator hath made,
I surrendered (for me there have been numerous times already in the lives of our children and undoubtedly
will be more). Honestly, I didn't know what that would look like today. And honestly, as He will always
do He gave me that faith to believe that He would carry me through whatever His divine plan would be!
And the heavens sang. Hallelujah, there is something about those moments. May I hold onto this
reminder of how He wants us to live each day committed to Him.

Thank you all who have prayed, emailed and supported us at this time. I always stand in awe of the ways of our Lord.
This reminds me of a new favorite verse that describes my desire as I seek His plan each day: May we be
"Joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12 To Him be glory forever and ever, Amen!

Prayer for our Son

A lot has been on my mind about my blog(s) lately.  In general, I love writing and am not described as a shy person. :)
However, I find myself a little shy on my blogs this year.  Some is intentional that I want to keep my blog more annonymous
and enjoy writing about Carolina Living... and then there are days like today.  Real days.  Real days that call for reality, a
wakeup call.  And can I just say good old-fashioned prayer.  Then I am reminded one of my own favorite quotes I love
right here on my blog:   "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter
don't mind." Dr. Seuss 
Last night I posted about Compassion for the children through Compassion International.   Little did I know, we would have
our own prayer request for compassion and healing today. 
Tomorrow, today in a few hours, our son, will be going into surgery.  The doctors deemed it necessary to put him under for
a procedure in his inner ear.  He's six.  It's routine.  "It's a null chance of anything happening" according to the doctor.  Yet,
this is our son.  As my brother, a rock solid believer and father of three said, "no surgery is not serious."   
Please pray for 1) success with the doctors and the anesthesiaologist, 2) no damage to his hearing or eardrum 3) safety restored
health and 4) ultimately, no anxiety- we trust our Heavenly Father who knows best.  "I know whom I have believeth...." 
Thanks for your prayers and support.
God Bless!

Rocks In My Dryer, Boo Mama & Compassion...What Children Need

Sponsor a child online through Compassion"s Christian child sponsorship ministry. Search for a child by age, gender, country, birthday, special needs and more.


Rocks In My Dryer, Boo Mama & Compassion...What Children Need! We're in! Reading, following and supporting Rocks In My Driver, Boo Mama and Compassion International as they reach out to the world of hurting children in Uganda! Love and prayers from the Carolina Mama Team.

North Carolina Makes A Difference - Krispy Kreme Challenge

Every doughnut making a difference @ North Caroilna Children's Hospital. 
Y'all, I am fully supportive, I just can't do it.  I am not at a point where I can
waist four perfectly good miles on well... twelve perfectly good doughnuts.  Nonetheless,
Here's to the KKC 2008! Want to join the fun - go to -  

North Carolina Snow

Here's a report of our snow this weekend!  Let me just say that my uppity-former-Colorado-living-self
left the camera at home on our excursion at the lake in the snow... thinking 'it's not enough to show up.'
Well, let's just say those moments are to be lived and well remembered. 
We truly had a wonderful time on Saturday tromping through the woods in a steady snow fall.  It was
picturesque.  Yes, we wanted more.  Yes, the boys wanted to sled every minute asking, "Is it going to
be enough to sled?" 
This is a shot of the day after and we were freezing our tushes off here in the South.  Love it but don't
want to live it ten months of the year. :) 

Mysteries of the Lost Colony

NC Museum of History

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Day

0 Trans Fat, 100% Delicious,  Think About It
Today was a Krispy Kreme Day.  And this is history ya'll.
In all of my New Orleans native life, I didn't realize that Vernon
Rudolph bought a secret yeast-raised doughnut recipe from a French
chef from New Orleans!  Now that explains a lot.  And that will
save me lots of dollars in counseling to figure out my issues. 
Just tell me if your father was from the Beignet capital and your
mother was from the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Kingdom... would
you have any more questions.  Here I just thought I had my usual
day-in-the-life blog-fodder and "think about it" we're understanding
my history here.  And a lot of other things. 
At any rate, now that I know I can really pat myself on the back for not
giving into the hankering for a genuine Krispy Kreme Doughnut until
today.  Usually there's a trigger, and I'll tell you it was Christmas.  We drove right
by at Christmastime when we were out looking at lights.  Didn't even put on the
brakes (ok, I'll admit I wasn't the one driving or we would have been right
in the drive through!).   
So with all that family history explaining things, I really have resisted for quite some
time now.  Well, today I really wanted the full experience so I parked and took
that 'high road' and did walk up.  Of course, it's much more fun to look at all the pretty
colors.  And little did I know to look at the concoctions being created right before
my eyes.  Just like ... you've got it... Cafe Du Monde New Orleans.  Immediately, I
envisioned making a field trip out of this for the Cherubs. 
Better yet, bring them back a fresh hot doughnut.  As I asked the
madam the price point on a half dozen - clearly I was having two doughnuts right
now for lunch.  So why not include the whole family with a half-dozen.  That was a
great plan except she informs me it is best to purchase an entire dozen for .49 more
than the half-dozen.  No problem here.  We've got variety now. 
0 Trans Fat, 100% Delicious ... Think About It

Happy for Good Health

Happily we report a good prognosis for our Cherub.  And for the record, he is back to his usual "Tiger" self. 
Believe me, that is such a good thing.  At any rate, the good Doctor, said that his pneumonia is virtually
gone.  He feels the Reactive Airways Disease issues were pneumonia related.  And therefore, since the
pneumonia is gone, so can the 'treatments via nebulizer be gone!'  We are thankful for that.  Thank you to
everyone who has been lifting our son up in prayer.  Prayer works.  And we're back to our regular family
activities which include but are not limited to constant running, throwing footballs while kicking soccer balls,
trail biking while well, flying airplanes.  Putting out fires, rescuing animals, people and anything else we
can physically do while running wild with our imaginations!
As the Mom, I feel like our year just started.  I mean I always need that week of limbo to reflect on the
year just past and to behold the New Year!  As you know, this year on New Year's Eve we jumped right in.
We were at the doctor's one moment expecting to hear a virus would finish in a day or two.  We left with nebulizer's,
three prescriptions, and a world that spins a little differently.  During those days, I knew the same God who created my children
and me, the same God who brought these perfect twins sons to us full term.  The same God who totally surprised
us in the first place with these little people.  He could take care of my son and our little family.  I knew in my
heart, whatever He called us to, He would absolultey give us the grace to meet Him there. 
Does He have my attention?  Does He speak to me?  Does He care for His own?  A hundred times yes.  And as we
march on into this year.  I feel we got a little extra training camp, an extra boost of reminder that He holds
tomorrow.  Whatever any of our tomorrows look like this year.  In my human frailty sense, that's an uncertainty.
In my Child of the King sense, that's awesome!  And it's all I need. 
Oh, and Lord, 2008's yours!

LSU Bayou's Best!

Just Yelling @ My Blue Tooth :)

Love my handsfree Blue Tooth Set.  However, I am being caught about town yelling into the air.
"No"  "No"  "Yes!"  "Yes, Mobile 1!"  Everyone but me finds this amusing.  The Cherubs fine it
confusing.  When out of the 'blue' Mom yells out "No" when, to their defense, they are
We're getting the hang of Mr. Blue Tooth.  Yet, I have to report, he has a mind of his own.  Like
when I say call home, "yes, home."  How many ways can you say HOME!  And they don't have a
Southern Dialect version of the lovely blue tooth.  Otherwise ya'll, I would be doing fine.  "Call
home, ok, now!" 

Can We Still Talk About Santa

Did they taste better under the counter?  I mean I unwrapped the lovely Goofy cookies
and took pictures of how cute they all four looked eating and all and then minutes later
I found them under the counter enjoying our neighbors kindness in the form of the largest
Goofy cookies this side of the Mississippi!
OK, I know we're onto a new year and all but the Tiger that is sick out of the blue says,
"You know what Santa said to me when I was up there?"  I am thinking about all the things he
quoted me from their conversation.  Then he says, "Mama, can we still talk about Santa?" 
Can we still talk about Santa .... my dear... bless your sweet little heart!  We can talk about
Santa all year if you would like.  Nonetheless, he wanted me to know that Santa had explained
to him that when it is foggy he really does use Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer to travel around.
The Tiger found that fascinating two weeks later.  To me, that's the joy of believing.  All year long.
Y'all mostly know but if you don't - when the ground is not covered with snow a child does wonder.
And Santa does have the best answer since Charles on Little House.  We're making it through with
everyone feeling well enough that we expect a regular week on Monday.  That's saying a lot and
Thank You all for kicking off the year in high gear with prayers for our son and us.

The Cherub and Peace on earth

We're still enjoying our New Year, a little bit of "Peace on Earth" and praying for healing of our
little boy.  The Cherub was diagnosed with pneumonia.   He is a real trooper, truly,
bless his heart.  His brother is being the responsible one delivering all the notebooks,
school papers and today cards back-and-forth from the teachers.

Today brought smiles to his face until he went to bed...his teacher had made an art
time for all of his classmates to make him 'Get Well' cards.  Our little boy was ecstatic when
he read all the good wishes from his friends.  And the picture of the basketball court with the
message that the team needs him was better than the medicine he is taking. 
Here's to great teachers, classmates, brothers and a great God who heals. 
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers our way.

Best Cajun Jambalaya 2008

Start your New Year off the Cajun way!  Add Trader Joe's Andouille Sausage and you've got yourself the closest thing to New Orleans Jambayala quisine
you can get in 25 minutes.  Yes, I know how to spend the day making a Cajun Jambalaya from the ground up.  However, when you have that hankering
and you're not in New Orleans.  Jump in and enjoy.  And just look at all those prpoducts so reasonably priced so everyone can be Cajun for a day.
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Happy Birthday!

Today is my mother's 75th birthday.  Here's a shout out to the original Carolina Mama! (Making me Carolina Mama IV or so but this is not a geneology blog so back to mama) My mother is an amazing lady. My mother is the epitome of genuine, Southern grace. Let's make it known that I am one of five children that she committed her life to raising. She taught me so many things by example, word and deed. I am blessed and grateful. Truly because of her great commitment to family, coupled with my father's, we have been blessed children. Happy Birthday Mommy!

A New Year A Diagnosis... Reactive Airways Disease in Children

Today has all the excitement of a New Year.  I usually spend a week or so in an over-glow/after-glow
of the year past and the New Year.  It is always with wonder I look at where the Lord has taken our
little family in just twelve months.  How most often we have no idea what His design is for our family in the
days ahead.  Being the optimist that I am, it is fun to marvel at the great things He has done and how He
surprises us along the way. 
It has been a fun year of blogging for me.  It all started the Summer of 2006 and this year we just mixed it
up a little.  I am still trying to get comfortable with some of the aspects of blogging.  It is attractive for me in
that I am a writer and have written most of my life including being published.  It's natural and what is not
natural is I have discovered a shy and reserved side I am not known for in person.  So I continue to saunter
in the direction of my authentic self and yet protect my family's identity to a certain degree.
At any rate, this year before I could really lingered with the year past we were presented with a pretty
precipitous jump into the new.  As we bring in the New Year, our family mosaic has added another palette.  It's a palette I have never
seen fully.  And yet it looks somewhat familiar.  We have an unexpected diagnosis. One of the Cherubs, our youngest son, has been diagnosed with Reactive Airways Disease.
So more than ever we look to Him for the days ahead.  As our Christmas card this year says, "Our God whom we serve,
can... and He will."  Dan. 3:7  May we praise Him whatever He wills.  This is a new journey for all of us and we are not sure
how it will look.  At this point, our goal with the doctor is to get him well of his flu-like symptoms, fever, etc.
On January 11th, we will meet with the doctor for further testing, prognosis and a long-term plan for
managing our little one's illness. 
Meanwhile, would you pray for us?  Pray for our little Tiger to be strong both phyically and in his faith in the God he loves.
Pray for our family to trust Him like never before.  And as we all blog-on about life, dinner, what make-up to wear that we
have joy in the journey He has given each one of us.  Our hope is in Him.  Did I say there's a voice that wants me to be scared to death as I
am tippy-toeing up to the plate?  And there is a peace that passes all understanding tonight. 
I found the following definition by a MayoClinic doctor:
"Some doctors use the terms "reactive airway disease" and "asthma" interchangeably. However, they are not necessarily the same thing. "Reactive airway disease" is a general term and does not indicate a specific diagnosis. It may be used to describe a history of coughing, wheezing or shortness of breath due to undetermined cause. These signs and symptoms may or may not be caused by asthma. Time or further testing will tell."