Biltmore Estate 10th Annual Homeschool Festival

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina invites you to:

The 10th Annual Fall Homeschool Festival!

Mr. Vanderbilt's Farm

Mr. Vanderbilt's Farm

September 22 & 23, 2011

Learn what life on the farm was like in the 1890's. What chores would you have had? What kind of farmer are you?

Have fun with science, math, art & history! A ticket includes:

  • Self-guided visit to Biltmore House, Gardens and Conservatory
  • Lots of fun demonstrations and activities at Antler Hill Farm
  • Student workbooks
  • Crafts

$22.00 per person (5 years old and up)
Twelve-Month Passholders Adults are free with paid youth.

Make Reservations Now

Call Group Sales
Monday–Friday 8:30 am–5:00 pm

Are you planning to attend!? What an awesome time of learning right in the mountains of North Carolina on the pristine Biltmore Estate!

Warmly, Mama

Carolina Mama Joins eBay Parent Panel Ambassadors 2011

Big News! eBay invited me to join their Ambassadors on the eBay Parent Panel! I have been so excited about this....

eBay has been my go to as a Buyer. When we began negotiating the parent panel contract, I quickly recalled our days in small town Dixie when the Tigers were infants. eBay was a great source for me. The Mall was very limited... as in there were no baby stores. I know.

eBay has been my go to as a Seller. There were the Obama Mamas Tee Shirt days. Really! Pick yourself up off of the floor now. I had been blogging a couple of years when I decided to sell "Obama Mama" tee shirts on eBay. It was an awesome experience. I've sold a few other items.

Recently, just before eBay contacted me, I was planning to sell some sets of the Tigers church clothes the boys have outgrown. Maybe even get rid of a few toys. I had a friend say to batch together the Twins' clothing and sell them to other twin moms. Genius! Well, I'll be doing that. eBay has many resources to help us out.

The eBay Seller Information Page is a great place to get started. For all my Fashionista friends, here is the inside - the eBay Fashion Selling Guide. Perfect for year round fashion tips and selling. Just in time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.

eBay’s makes it easy with a holiday hotlist that predicts what you could be selling this season to get the most value. Now that's what I'm talking about. For me, I need these inside tips and tricks. Don't you.

So let me know how we can help you as an eBay Seller or Buyer. Let's get the inside and make some extra cast, clear out things we're not using and be resourceful.

Let me know how we can help you with information and resources to be the best Buyer and Seller eBay has seen.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*Carolina Mama is working with eBay as a eBay Parent Panel Ambassador. Her ideas are all her own. Her enthusiasm? That's why they hired her. :) Sponsored by eBay.

Ford Edge 2012 Review: Ford Puts You On the Cutting Edge

This Summer we were got to work with Ford. We got to Roadtrip to the North Carolina Mountains in the latest Ford Edge! Ford has an amazing line up of Crossovers and SUVs.

Look here is Boulder Mountain Man and the Tigers as we drove the Blue Ridge Parkway! :) Isn't she a beauty.

Look at this baby... the Ford Edge in a beautiful Candy Apple Red. We fell in Love!

Industry-First SYNC® with MyFord Touch Technology™27
The Ford Fully integrates phone, entertainment, available navigation and climate controls.

  • -Easy-to-use voice-activated controls
  • -Two configurable 4.2-inch LCD instrument cluster screens
  • -Intuitive 8-inch touch screen in center stack
  • -Two, five-way steering wheel control pads

We LOVED synching my iPhone to the car! Wahoo! No hands talk time! And answer by pushing a little button on the steering wheel. Two hands stay on the steering wheel at all times.

This V6 was awesome for driving in the Mountains! Right up to the Blue Ridge Mountains! The gas mileage was awesome. We loved getting lots of miles to the gallon. See Ford's description here.

We had lots of Get up and Go! We had plenty of room too! The four of us and ALL of our gear for the mountains fit very comfortably. Here you can learn more Ford Specifications.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

Goodnight Irene and Remember Katrina

Looks like we made it! I don't know about you but I am thankful Hurricane Irene was more gentle than expected. We here in North Carolina are doing better than expected as is the East Coast!

She hung out in North Carolina a while.... did you notice that ... like hours. Well, my North Carolina Grandmother is named Irene. Yes! And... you guessed it... my middle name is a girl was Irene! :) Pretty fun! Now, you see why she just couldn't leave Carolina! And see Irene has manners she didn't want to be as devastating as they imagined. Thank you Irene! lol

While we're having fun... let's just tell Irene Goodnight Irene by Frank Sinatra.

While we are on the Hurricane topic, it was six years ago TODAY to the day, August 29th 2005 that Hurricane Katrina barreled into the Gulf Coast. And then the levees came down in New Orleans. We remember and are thankful to be moving forward.

How did you fare during the storm?

Warmly,Carolina Mama

Five Ways To "Unplug" At Kure Beach, North Carolina

Five Ways To “Unplug” At Kure Beach, N.C.

Families, Visitors Find A Destination That’s A Little Less Hectic

Great News Post Hurricane Irene: 

We are Open! The recent storm has come and gone, and Wilmington, North Carolina's Historic River District and the Island Beaches of Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Wrightsville Beach are ready for a great Labor Day holiday. If you have a trip planned for the near future, please contact your accommodations directly to confirm that they are ready for your arrival. We look forward to your visit! For a free official visitors guide, please contact us toll-free at 1-800-641-7082 or email

KURE BEACH, N.C – Visitors to Kure Beach ( often search for relaxing activities that make life move at a relaxed, steady pace. They are in luck – North Carolina’s small wonder delights vacationers and families looking for a coastal getaway with its uncrowded beach, unpretentious small-town atmosphere, charm and serenity.

Here are five unique ways that beachgoers may choose to unplug and unwind during the final weeks of summer while visiting Kure Beach.

Kure’s Beautiful Birds
Bird watching enthusiasts and casual observers find much to appreciate about Kure Beach and its wonderful natural surroundings. Visitors might take a leisurely stroll through three sites along the North Carolina Birding Trail, which links great bird watching sites with communities, businesses and other local historical and educational attractions. Kure Beach’s three N.C. Birding Trail sites include the Fort Fisher State Historic Site, Fort Fisher State Recreation Area and the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Popular birds indigenous to the area include gulls, pelicans and warblers (

Delicious, Classic Dining
Kure Beach’s fresh, local seafood and other treats keep visitors and families coming back year after year. Many people choose to kick back after a long day in the sun with a meal at Big Daddy’s, Jack Mackerel’s Island Grill or Freddie’s Oceanside Grill ( These great eateries offer food with a family-friendly atmosphere.

Fort Fisher Family Time
A great, carefree family destination for many is the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, which features more than 2,500 animals on display, touch pools, daily live presentations and feedings, and dialogues with divers in a large ocean tank. While you’re there, be sure to check out the new, interactive Megalodon shark exhibit ( Others might stop by the Fort Fisher State Historic Site to witness Civil War history – and occasionally catch the old cannons in action.

Pier Without Pressure
The oldest fishing pier on the Atlantic Coast offers superior views of the beach and ocean, and is a great spot for both fishing and laid-back people watching ( The Kure Beach Fishing Pier offers history, scenery and family fun without any hustle or bustle.

Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry Fun
Take a ride on the Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry for a popular and fun family day trip ( Get a great view of the water and see seabirds in flight – don’t forget to take a camera!

Kure Beach on Facebook:

Kure Beach on Twitter:
Kure Beach, part of North Carolina’s coast, offers a chance for visitors to unplug from the world in a wonderfully natural, small-town beach community unlike any other. Home to a wide assortment of activities and adventures for people of all ages, the pace at Kure Beach allows vacationers and beachgoers to reconnect with what really matters. For more information, go to or call (800) 631-1460. 

Martin Armes
(919) 608-7260

Jake Potter
MMI Public Relations
(919) 233-6600

Podcast with Dean Lambeth, Mayor of Kure Beach, N.C.:
Surf's Up!  This is clearly great news after the earthquake and hurricane in North Carolina this week!  Are you heading to the beach any time soon?!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

The Help Review from a Southern Girl

"Sometimes Courage skips a generation. Thank you for bringing it back to our family."

As I watched The Help, I was unaware that I was a week old when the history / the movie took place. For some reason, I thought the movie was before my time.

"You're Kind. You're Smart. You're Important!" Aibileen

I am a New Orleanian - raised three hours from Jackson, Mississippi where The Help was filmed. My children were born an hour and a half south of Jackson, Mississippi.

In the South, I like Kathryn Stockett, was raised where we didn't talk about these things. Much like I find myself not talking to our children about things that are awful and wrong about the world today.

New Orleans is also four hours from Birmingham, Alabama where the same year, the 16th Street Baptist Church was bombed. I remember the day I read about this as a thirtysomething Mom of Twins as I sat on the floor of the library with my children looking at in all of my education all the way through college had I never heard this?

Much like Skeeter wondered how "the Help" felt... I've often wondered how my mother (parents) felt raising four girls and a boy with all of this mayhem. The same year and eight hours the other direction, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. And his assailant was suspected to be in NOLA. I think I know how my Daddy felt, we moved to the country, raised on two acres, outside of NOLA a few years later.

My thoughts after a mix of emotions during the Help:

1) My experience growing up was more of the Help relationship of Cecile and Minnie. Positive and congenial. May I say Friendship.

2) My Daddy left me with the idea that it is the right thing to do to help others not that they were "blessed to have us."

3) Any Help that we had growing up, never raised me or took the place of my Mother. This made me cry in the movie.

4) The Help made me relish EVERY MINUTE I spend with my precious children.

5) I was right when after one Junior League meeting in New Orleans, I didn't go back, didn't join the Junior League. For me, this was good. :)

6) Right is Right and the Help reminded me that people should be loved and respected no matter their race, creed or color.

7) The problems in The Help are not Southern problems and prejudices, these attitudes are Planet Earth problems and prejudices and they are alive and well today in any community if we let them be.

8) I am thankful for parents that raised me to believe people are more important than things.

9) The Help made me grateful for an Attorney father who helped others no matter who they were.

10) Memories came back to me of the africian american church my Daddy took our family to visit. The Choir and music was inspirational like nothing else. My Daddy used to buy the CD's of the their children's choir for us.

11) Like the ladies that Katie Couric interviews with Kathryn Stockett from Jackson, Mississippi, I was not aware that these things were going on. I grew up without knowing these things. How....

For me one of the most personal and moving relationships was the mother daughter relationship of Skeeter and her Mom. A daughter seeing things as they are even if they are not right; and a mother wanting to make things right. The second time.

"Sometimes Courage skips a generation. Thank you for bringing it back to our family."

What are your thoughts about The Help? What Stirred you?

May we all have the Courage to make changes and that we all may love and respect one another no matter.

To all The Help and their families, I am sorry any of this ever happened.

Remember, "You're Kind. You're Smart. You're Important!" Aibileen & Me :)

Warmly, Carolina Mama

Rayovac Powers Back To School

Back-to-School is Here! 

Let Rayovac Power Your Back-to-School Days! 

Rayovac is giving back to YOU!  That's right! 

Rayovac wants you to Invite your Friends to Join their eClub! 
When 4 Friends join their eClub,  
Receive $4 Savings AND Each Friend will 
receive $1 off Rayovac Coupon just for joining! 


This is the new program they just launched. You join the Rayovac eclub, then share your special link and once you get 1 friend to sign up on the join page you will be sent a $1 coupon the following day via email. Once you get 4 friends to sign up you will be sent an additional $3 coupon.

Here is a link to sign up for our Rayovac E Club!  Always find fun coupons and contests going on at the 
Rayovac Facebook Page! 

What Back-to-School Deals have you found?!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*I am a Rayovac Power Blogger. 

Hottest Trends In Weddings

We have been involved in the beautiful Carolina Wedding Season.  Great friends and family have tied the knot right here in North Carolina!  The beauty - of the Brides of course - and the locales, venues, Chapels, and more have been breathtaking. 

We have attended Weddings just minutes from the Chapel where my own parents tied the knot in the 50s!  Talk about romantic.  And we all celebrated two Wedding Receptions at Raleigh's new, chic, Stockroom 120.  

In fact, in April, my friend, Sugar Megnolia broke in the Stockroom with her Southern Wedding that had the makings of the Hottest Wedding Trends!  She had us at the Photo Booth and their Monogram Lights on the Brick Walls... but it was the Biscuit Bar knapsack we went home with that gave us a good night cap. 

Here are the Hottest Trends in Southern Weddings by The Carolina Inn: 

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (July 26, 2011) – As the region’s weddings capital, The Carolina Inn reveals today’s hottest trends. The historic hotel on the UNC Chapel Hill campus has been hosting weddings for the past 87 years and hosts more than 125 weddings annually.

  1. A Favored Cause. Brides and grooms are opting for a donation to their favorite charity -- breast cancer awareness, SPCA, UNICEF and Disaster Relief in lieu of providing their guests with favors.

  1. Photo Booths.  Nothing better than a vintage tradition than allowing the guests to take a minute and capture the fun they had on this special day.

  1. Lighting.  From custom-cut gobos of monograms and graphics to projected wallpaper, weddings are taking advantage of lighting to add a whole new dimension to their décor.

  1. Originality.  Brides want a variety of locations within their venues where they can create different moods and experiences for their guests. Gone are the days of being stuck in your chair for two hours.  

  1. The Food Truck.  The idea of having something special at the end. Weddings are taking it to a whole new level by having a coffee truck or Krispy Kreme show up to top off the party.

  1. Comfort.  It’s less about trying to impress and more about having fun. Parties are choosing flip flops over high heels.

  1. Lounges.  Comfortable seating is not just for high-end receptions anymore.

  1. Feasting Tables.  Perfect for family-style service … another hot trend.

  1. Don’t Take the Cake.  Brides are opting for wedding cake alternatives such as cookies, gelato bars, cupcakes, whoopee pies and French macaroons.

  1.  Go Green.  All items have a sustainability factor as brides want to be environmentally responsible.

“It’s all about telling your story” said Heidi Werner, director of catering at The Carolina Inn. “Brides and grooms really want to showcase who they are as a couple and are creating their wedding receptions based on their lifestyles and interests. Wedding rules are out the door and replaced with trends of comfort and community. A whole new generation has ushered in limitless options of originality and here at The Carolina Inn we have our hand in the cookie jar of hot ideas to customize a couple’s perfect day.” 

The Carolina Inn has a long-standing tradition of helping brides and grooms fulfill their most cherished wedding dreams. From the exquisitely beautiful to the elegant and romantic, The Carolina Inn has been transforming wedding fantasies into memories that live forever for more than eight decades. Providing an atmosphere of warmth and grace, the Inn’s intimate parlors, secluded courtyards and expansive ballrooms are perfect for wedding receptions or the exchanging of vows.

From the stylish Old Well Room, with its evocative Art Deco décor, especially popular for weddings, to the elegant John Sprunt Hill Ballroom, neoclassical in design, The Carolina Inn has been making wedding dreams come true since 1924. With a tradition of hosting memorable bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, champagne brunches, wedding receptions and banquets, it devotes equal care to events for ten guests or five hundred.

For many alumni and others with a fondness for the charm of historic Chapel Hill and The University of North Carolina, wedding events at The Carolina Inn are a family tradition.
Learn more by calling 919-918-2749, emailing or visiting
Built on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill in 1924 by John Sprunt Hill – distinguished alumnus, successful businessman and University trustee – The Carolina Inn's original concept was "to provide for the special wants and comforts of the University alumni...and University visitors". The historical Carolina Inn features 185 charming and well-appointed guestrooms including 7 luxury suites.

What Wedding trends have you noticed lately?  These are definitely Southern favorites.

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

Hurricane Irene Verizon Wireless Readiness Tips

In light of the threat of Hurricane Irene, Verizon Wireless has placed its emergency response team (ERT) on soft-activation to prepare for the possibility of an emergency situation on the North Carolina coast at the end of this week. We wanted to share with you some wireless tips for your readers on preparing for the threat of hurricane:
  • Weather widgets and local TV stations' apps for smartphones and tablets can keep people update on what the weather is doing if they've lost power in their house and can't watch the news.
  • Limit non-emergency calls to conserve battery power and free up wireless networks for emergency agencies and operations.
  • Send brief text messages rather than making voice calls for the same reasons.
  • Don't leave the house without car-chargers to ensure you have back-up power.
  • Keep phones, laptops, PDAs, batteries, chargers and other equipment in a dry, accessible location.
  • Forward your home phone calls to your wireless number if you have to evacuate.

Strangely enough, most people say they'd never thought about wireless being a big part of hurricane prep. I rarely see things like having a car charger listed in hurricane emergency kits. But don't you know we all go to our cell phones first for news, contact and really everything these days!

         Carolina Mama

PS  While writing this post, I felt a tremor... maybe the boys got up from their "Reading and Rest" time?  No, Tiger B came in and asked... we both realized we felt the Earthquake in North Carolina! Yes!  

Chocolate Chip Brownie Dynamite

Chocolate Chip Brownie Dynamite

Oh my goodness! These amaze! And this is what Carolina Mama does when her MacBook is in the Apple shop.... ;)

Please stick with us while Mr. Mac Book is "under construction." We are enjoying the last of summer. Lots of swimming, tennis, baking, biking, etc.

What are you doing?!


Carolina Mama

Fashion Friday: Banana Republic Mad Men Collection for Women

Hello Friday! Friday my Friend so happy to see you! And Fashion I love you! So happy to say Welcome to Fashion Friday this week. Has anyone else had this kind of a Thursday? lol

Just saying, mine included MacBook repairs and a Car bump in which I get to see what the body shop says to a nick that is about what a car door could do in a Wal-Mart parking lot... yes, that was my day.

Welcome Friday Fashion and Hello Banana Republic! and the Mad Men® Collection!  I think I am a "Betty!" 

I love these classic looks.  Simple, elegant styles. These are a part of the 
Mad Men Collection for Women.  

Take a look at this fun dress. 

And then I could totally go for this number! :) The Mad Men Collection 
Leopard Print Satchel!  Adore this. 

Reminds me of my Banana Republic days.  Oh, look at this one.... 

I feel a shopping spree coming on!  How about you?  Are you a Betty?  A Joan?  Check out 
your signature style on Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

Rayovac Powered Our Road Trip to Chicago

Summer has been fantastic. We have had some awesome family trips. Recently, we had an unexpected trip. My mother is ill and we made the last minute trip that was a fantastic decision.

Nonetheless, it was Carolina Mama and Tigers, "It's 806 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of Bubble Gum, it's daylight.. and we're drinking Starbucks. " :)  Something like that!

For posterity, the Chicago Tribune and Marilyn Monroe. :) 

One of the Tigers has a Baby Tooth in Lake Michigan.... just know that we are 
very thankful that he is fine otherwise.  whew.  Thank you Lord for your protection.

The only thing is that for the first time my sweet husband could not join us. :(  He did say he "felt good" about us going on and sent me ahead with the children while he stayed back to work. For us this is a big deal, since we have been married, we road trip and travel together as a family. My blogging work and travel usually allows us to enjoy travel together. Of course, I have some blogging events and conferences where Dad and Sons have some extra bonding time.

Not only have I not driven more than three hours in our marriage, :) I usually have Boulder Mt. Man here to stand in as my "Media Man!" If I am a Mom Blogger, he is a Media Dad! :) Seriously, I am spoiled with great videography, photography and LOTS OF CHARGED BATTERIES! :)

You know how Boulder Mt. Man loves recycling, re-purposing and RECHARGING Batteries! Fast forward, me on a road trip sans my man! It took a whole lot of prayer, Starbucks, iPhone Apps and

Rayovac Batteries!

Really, it was so awesome that I took my USB Computer Rayovac Battery Recharger! wahoo!!  This was so great!  I literally recharged my Camera batteries ONCE during a 9 day trip and Hundreds of Photos: Photos of Chicago, Family - my Mom, my Great-Niece (we held at 5 days old!), my Great-Nephew who is a darling 9 months old!  And cute Great-Nephew who is a tall 1 year old. Photos of the Sears Tower aka Willis Tower!  Lake Michigan and so much more.

It saved me a world of time in my everyday use to be Powered Up by Rayovac and not have to worry about recharging and be down on power.  I got all those great photos all the way home.  And the Tigers Lightning McQueen Computers stayed powered up, too.  Essentials I tell you!

Rayovac's Everyday- Use line offers your best value in rechargeable power for high-drain devices.

  • Charges 2 AA or AAA NiMH or NiCad rechargeable batteries from your computer or any standard USB port.
  • 2 Green LED’s indicate charge status 
  • Charges Rayovac Everyday-Use AA rechargeable batteries in 9 hours
  • Compact size for easy portability (love this because it fits easily in my purse or computer bag!)

This was a life saver.  I knew I would miss Boulder Mt. Man but it takes a Road Trip without him to emphasize all the things he does for us: fill up the gas tank, recharge all batteries, take pictures and video, driving, driving, navigating gps, etc.  Not even mentioning packing, unpacking, packing, etc.

Thank you Rayovac for making sure I can Power Up for photos like this! :)

These were taken inside the Sears Tower / Willis Tower.  The flash made them.  I deleted the non-flash ones because they didn't turnout.  So look.

See Chicago from the SkyDeck!  We are standing on air! About 1,300 feet off the ground! 

Flash was used to give this picture color and sharpness.  And a nice view of the Chicago skyline.

Chicago, it's our kind of town!  

Warmly,Carolina Mama

*Carolina Mama is a Rayovac Power Blogger who loves sharing her battery stories with you. 

A Glimpse Inside Our Home

A Glimpse Inside Our Home...

In This House....

We do Second Chances 
We Do Grace,
We do Real, 
We do Mistakes, 
We do I'm Sorry, 
We do Loud Really Well! :) 
We do Hugs! (Lots!) 
We do Family! 
We do LOVE ! :) 

As we embark upon a new calendar school year, I loved running across this and remembering what our family does.  In our home, we are not perfect.  In our home we do love and hug and show grace amongst our human side.  We are a family 

And are blessed with some amazing friends that God has given us.  This reminds me that in the end, it is love.  Love that is most powerful.  

Here's to your home!  

Warmly, Carolina Mama

Triangle Heart Walk and Heart Healthy Challenge

Heart-Healthy Challenge is simple.  "Improve your heart rate with regular exercise." 

We were excited recently when our local YMCA challenged us all with the "Heart-Healthy Challenge!"  It is similar to Go Red for Women.  I love that the Heart-Healthy Challenge is simple and effective.  Now, I feel more cognizant of the fact that every work out matters!

Think about this "You could gain two hours of life expectancy for every hour of regular exercise." How about that!  Talk about tangible numbers.  I can go for that - 2 hours of life for each regular exercise hour.  :)  That's not even counting how much better you feel.

The Y and the American Heart Association is challenging you to get more active with the Triangle Heart Walk.   

When: The Triangle Heart Walk will take place on Sunday, September 25th, 2011 at the RBC Center in Raleigh, NC.

The Walk starts and finishes at the RBC Center in Raleigh, NC. There will be three Wellness Communities that focus on the following topics: Create Hope, Inspire Change and Celebrate Success. Each community will be distinguised by the colors red, green, and blue.

Hope you can attend and like me, hopefully, this can help you see why we chose wellness and healthy living as a life-style.  The benefits are many.  Does this make a difference in your initial thoughts about exercising regularly? 
Warmly, Carolina Mama

Fashion at Home

So I will admit, I've been a little intrigued with Pinterest! 

Here is a "Board" I made "Beauty at Home!" And that is Home Fashion for the record! :)  So working on my Mac, I am not sure how to get my Pins on my Board to be large enough for you to fall in love with them, too.  If you have a clue, please share.

Until then, I wanted you to see how beautiful these things are even in a smaller photo.

And if you are not enamored, you can go over to my She Speaks Beauty and Fashion Blog and check out today's "Accessory Alert!"   It's a fun one so let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend!  And please share your fashion finds here too! :)

Warmly, Carolina Mama

Moe's Triangle Center Blogger Good-Bye

Recently, one of our awesome local bloggers, Jen @ One Moms World, moved to the North Carolina Mountains.  Talk about miss someone...what did we do, plan a party!

Thanks to Moe's Triangle Town Center we had a super fun and tasty Good-Bye See Ya Later Party for her!

So we got there early to make sure we were all ready.... of course, Moe's had it all party ready!

Amanda was so fun to plan and meet with us!   See here are our blogging friends! 

Then the party got started! 

And we got to hear the Owner Jen of Moe's Triangle Town Center. She is a business savvy woman
and she gave us all a warm Carolina Welcome to Moe's! 

Everyone loved hearing Jen speak! 

Here's the the Honoree of the party, Jen of One Mom's World! 
Gonna miss my Bestie!  Yet, we will keep busy with our Mom Blogging and Travel Blogging 
Events to keep working together! 

And oh, the food was amazing!  Look at all of that Southwestern Grill goodness! 
Everyone chose whatever they wanted to eat! And there was a plenty! 

See how much fun we had! :) 

Moe's thought of everything!  Love the Bon Voyage Jen! Cookie Cake! :)

Happy Jen and her girls loved the Cookie Cake.  We missed her sweet Hubby 
who had already gone ahead to the mountains to get the house ready.  Then he came 
back to finish packing up the house. What a sweetie! 

Se we all loved it!  And "Miss Jen!" 

We were blessed to party together with some of the many amazing Raleigh/Durham Mom Bloggers like Erin Lane, Adventuroo, All Things Fadra, 
Go Mom and Bobbie! 

Success all the way around!  Good friends, food and fun!  Thank you Moe's Triangle Town Center for the warm Welcome and tasty treats.  And for all the great memories! 

Have you checked out Moe's and all of the amazing Salsas they offer?! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama