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Watani Grasslands Reserve

In addition to some of the largest and most spectacular breeding herds of elephants and rhinos in the Western Hemisphere, a variety of artwork, graphics and exhibit interpretives await visitors to the new Watani Grasslands Reserve at the North Carolina Zoo.

Tropical grasslands make up about 20 percent of the African continent and support a wider variety of animal species than any other habitat in the world.

Exhausted Children

Exhausted children live here. The Annual Field Trip to the Zoo did not disappoint. My little ones are fast asleep with smiles on their faces and undoubtedly dreaming of every creature they met today.

Dinner, Bubble bath, Shampoo Hair, Books, Brush teeth, Kisses good-night and Crash!
And that luxury liner, Southerner - the bus. The life of a child is good. Happy mama has her Tigers home. And they fell asleep in record time!

Don't Miss the Webkinz Day Celebration... know we focus on what really matters around here! So this is also our first Webkinz Day Celebration. How did you make it seven years? You might ask. Well, we believe in solid sheltering. ;) We intentionally decided to venture into Webkinz World this year and oh, the fun it has been.

The boys each have enjoyed their computer games and mainly feeding their animals. More growing up in my book. Whatever happened to our FisherPrice Zoo where we made animal sounds for a couple of hours. We still do that just in person... so Webkinz has earned it's spot.

In other news, it's just another day. One I cherish especially after I nearly got side-swiped in the carline today. Let's just say I was moving very slowly and heard a very loud horn blow. Thankfully! I was changing lanes but where did she come from. There is a speed limit sign posted. But I will not take the law into my own hands. I'm just glad we avoided an accident. And that I am a slow poke. This slow poke is going to be an 'a bit more alert slow poke' tomorrow morning.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Where everybody knows your name ... and they were glad we came. And we were thrilled we went.   We're back from our little jaunt into the country with our people.  It was the perfect time away.   We relaxed and played and ate and enjoyed.  The weather was perfect and ended with a perfect storm. 
Aside from living in Europe as a College Junior and my wonderlust that took me to Colorado post-college, I've always lived in the same town growing up and always lived with close family nearby.  And it's as it should be.  Of course, in Colorado I met my husband so that surely qualifies for close family nearby since they were native to the small town we were in there. In our marriage, family is one big theme.  Whether it is my husband's family or one of my expansive tribe, we've always lived near family and for good cause.  It's been intentional and we hope and pray to keep it that way.  This weekend was a great reminder of why this is a priority to us. 
It did my heart good to hear, at every turn, Cousin A is here, or Cousin B was born there.  Your Mama ....  You get the idea. 
Here are some of the pics of the weekend.  Complete with Spidy I and II and their StompRockets and family closeby.  What more could a young boy need!  They truly enjoyed their running and romping through the countryside.  Mountain Man and I enjoyed catching our breath, chasing butterflies and watching clouds.
How do you keep family near and dear?!  Whether near or far it takes diligence.  What's working of you?! 

Perfect First Talent Show '08

It was awesome ya'll! Music and children what a great mix. My heart melted, one of the Tigers A, came down the five stairs and hugged me and walked right up as planned. I'll take that in lieu of his bow any day! Tiger B waved to us on his way to perform. I love those moments-of-a-lifetime that are created by only them. It's interesting that children can perform in a room full of adults, teachers, children and have no inhibitions. No nervousness. Unless, of course, they have mastered calm. We celebrated with Pizza and Rice Krispy Treats Mom made. And of course, some more wonderful pictures. The memories will last forever.

Southernness on a Friday

Everyone this side of the Mississippi knows it, so this is for the rest of ya'll. The Tigers are in the Spring Talent Show at their school tonight! Tigers at the Piano - that's us! They're the cute ones! I would completely train them early and have them wear their Easter blazers and kakhis. "You know the musicians do that." sort of. Then we're heading out to Western Carolina to stay with our people this weekend. {For those of you on the other side of the Mississippi, that would be Mommy's/our cousins over by Greensboro.;)} Will have a little eye candy up (my great pics ;) when we return. Beautiful Spring.

Bringing up a little topic: for those of you not from 'these parts,' what do you call "your people?" You know, those of you that are really glad that I put in a little clarification for ya. What would you have said? Seriously, we Southerners get made fun of a lot... so with more other-than-Southerners here, how do you navigate the waters? How do you make sense of it all? Accent? Because as one author said, "we know you love the South. You got here as soon as you could." ;) Isn't it fun ya'll!

Family Fun Face Painting

Here's a little more fun from our "Familiy Fun Day" Saturday here in town.  Fortunately, it was not rained out (even though we cherish that rain we need here).  The face painting was a big deal.  Choices, choices and more choices.  Of course, topped off with Candy Ring Pops. 

Earth Day with Starbucks and Conservation International

Use your Starbucks card on Earth Day April 22nd and Starbucks will donate 5 cents to Conservation here Plan your meet up because Starbucks is pitching in too. I know I'll make my usual stop and maybe meet another Starbucks Mom for a drink on Earth Day. Let's save the planet. One latte at a time. "Small change makes a big difference." Conservation International

Ahhhhh, Spring is here. Today's local drink is my Black Iced Tea (no water ;) with a splash of Lemonade. Nice. Sweet Black Tea, splash of Lemonade! Life is good! Let me know your Earth Day plans.

Boys and Their Bugs

Boys do love their bugs.  Here are the Tigers truly springing into action with their "Bug Kits."  The whole procedure made this mama a little queesy.  They seemed to love it.  No insect was harmed (the best we could tell) and the boys held full discussions with Mountain Man about how soon to let them go.  After all, we wouldn't want to sleep in a box all night or not be able to play now would we.  So they all made the decision to let the critters out right back into their environment.  I was just fine with that one...until we got home and they went searching in the back yard for their pet catapillar, Tommy.... 

One Fine Day...

... we went for a picnic by the lake!  And it was beautiful.  It's all good as Mountain Man would say.  

The Skirt Chaser

...give me a chance here.  It's the Skirt  Chaser 5K here in Raleigh. And the neatest thing about it is there is a Kids - FREE Mini Chase Kid's Race
with the DeBooms, the inventor of the SkirtSports.  The Tigers ran their first race at 4 years old and one of Tiger1 won that particular race with a time that beat most of the 8-9 year old counter parts.  They love it as do I, so I think I'll be checking the calendar. 
There are only seven of these events for Skirt Chaser in the country.  So go Raleigh and maybe the Tigers and I will see you there. Anyone else like the SkirtSports?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


It's the little things right. My husband, a native of Boulder, Colorado, makes sure recycling is something we do. I am all for recycling and saving the planet. However, I have to tell you it is quite a commitment. Time, consistency. The main thing to me is having the stuff stacked up. I am a neat and tidy type so even a plastic water bottle sitting on the counter on its way out to the recycling bin in the garage can bother me. My inclination is to just put it in the trash and it's gone. I have to make myself think what step is most useful. Recycle or landfill.... We all know.

We all made a trip to our local recycling because not only do we recycle but my husband has taken the step to recycle at his work. There's commitment. I was in because I got lured with my seasonal favorite, a nice Pumpkin Spice Latte - Starbucks, of course. :) The boys were thrilled to get to hit the recycling at a local Park. Interesting, everyone playing tennis, and then the rather large group of us on a Sunday afternoon recycling. Here are the little guys wanting to help Daddy and finally, to see just what happens once it goes in the recycling bin!  :) Let me know, how do you reduce, reuse, recycle. May we live lightly.

North Carolina Ladies and Snake Oil

Is our secret out or what! The Southern Lady. Love this lady and link. Enjoy a little Southern happiness this Wednesday. More reason for people who are not 'our people' to make fun of us. That's ok, what they don't know won't hurt them. Otherwise, Carolina blue skies, Spring is here. Bless you Wilma!

Meet Me at TriangleMom2Mom

Meet me here: Trianglemom2mom. Isn't this exciting! Our own Triangle Mom2Mom going on right here in Caroina. It's all good. Look around at all the fun topics, events and fun. See you there. Carolina Mama is happy about this coming to fruition through the News & Observer. Check it out.

Blue Ridge Mountains And More

Here are some steps along the way of our hiatus recently and long before we took a hiatus from the computer during the UNC NCAA semi-final....   If you haven't been go.  If you have go.  Right!  The mountains always have a new luster and beauty to me wheather as a child, one of five, in my parents station wagon.  And then in the family van - does anyone else remember when they first came out - I'm talking the bed and refrigerator and closet in the back. :)   Since when did the nouveau adults of our generation get on the buzz of van snobbery.  It's kinda funny to those of us who had all the new cars as they came along.  To those who don't know vans were it long before the thing called suv made it's debute.  Maybe the same ones joking, will snob the suv next. ;)
Enjoy the pics version of some of the trip.  There's more.  Have fun and next I'll write about waking up thinking of my Mom this morning. p.s. just check out Mountain Man showing the way - in his element for sure. And the Tigers well, they adapt to most environments just swimmingly.  

Recovering UNC Tar Heels

OK, yes, it took a few days to recover from the game we seemingly did not play. Right. Was it just me, well, no. Overall, another exciting year of Tar Heels Basketball. Another Final Four is nothing to balk about - it's just we have the bar so high.

On top of this night, as I tucked the Tigers in bed, I was quietly observing the game when sizzle, pop, my computer monitor went fritz! Maybe that was my omen. And sense the score was K31 UNC10 I knew we were in trouble in more ways than one.

Our pictures were spectacular from the hiatus. Of course, they're forth coming without a monitor and all. Otherwise, life is great, Spring Break ended with a most wonderful visit from our family friends from Florida. It's tough for this mama to get used to her Cherubs being in school after that nice 10 day vacay.

Family Travel

Carolina Mama Family Travel!

Thank you for stopping by to visit. Or, come follow us along on our many travels and adventures across this great state of North Carolina from the stoic Mountains to the beautiful Beaches! And beyond as we travel and explore family trips!

Here we are on travel at Toy Story 3 Walt Disney World with Disney Social Media Moms.

We have been fortunate enough to work with Kissimmee Convention and Visitor's Bureau; Visit North Carolina, North Carolina Tourism, Disney Social Media Moms, Great Wolf Lodge, River House Inn, Ocean Isle Inn, and more.

We love sharing life with you our readers and viewers as we discover the Best Places for Families to vacation, work and play together! Recently, I was included as a Travel Writer in the site and am happy to share your locale there as well.

Please email us through our Contact Page if you are interested in a Carolina Mama Travel Writer's piece for your destination! Our channels include: Facebook (2), Twitter, Blog and YouTube.

Thanks again for visiting and Bon Voyage!


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UNC to the Top!

We're back from an awesome time away.  I haven't even downloaded pictures yet... that's later.  Tonight, it's UNC over Kansas.  We're two games out from NCAA Champions!  again. 
Hansbrough and all, take 'em.  It's excitement like no other.