Horizons DHA Omega-3 Benefits and Giveaway

Here I go again loving on Colorado Companies! "Horizon milk has a milk line enhanced with DHA Omega-3, an important nutrient that helps support heart, brain and eye health."

Most people who know me or read here or follow there: Twitter and Facebook know that I love Starbucks! It's been my thing since 1992 - really!! As a Mommy, Starbucks has helped to see me through the busy days of mothering twins.

It has been such peace of mind that Starbucks carries the individual Horizon Milk for the boys. Mama can have her Iced Coffee and the Tigers can drink Horizon Milk Plus DHA Omega-3 that has awesome benefits!

So what's all the talk about DHA Omega-3 ...

Renowned Pediatrician Dr. Sears calls it a Brain Food. See his Ask Dr. Sears talks about DHA as a Brain Food article where he shares:


Fats make up sixty percent of the brain and the nerves that run every system in the body. So, it stands to reason that the better the fat in the diet, the better the brain. So, with all the fat eaten by the average American, why don't we have more geniuses in this country? The average American brain is getting enough fat, but it's not getting the right kind of fat.

Most important to brain function are the two essential fatty acids, linoleic (or omega 6) and alpha linolenic (or omega 3). These are the prime structural components of brain cell membranes and are also an important part of the enzymes within cell membranes that allow the membranes to transport valuable nutrients in and out of the cells.

Our boys love the Horizons Chocolate and Vanilla Milk. You can learn more and stay in the loop and get more information on the Horizon DHA Omega-3 Facebook page.

Follow Horizon on Twitter

You can also get Horizon Coupons for a better value:

Win one of (2) Horizons Goody Bag Giveaway! Giveaway open until March 2nd @ 8:00 pm EST. All the best!

*Easy entry - link to this post so others can learn the good news of DHA and Omega-3 and leave your link in the comments.

Goody Bag contents:

1 Red Chico Bag
1 Red SIGG water bottle (branded w/ Horizon logo)
1 Horizon soft sided lunch box
1 Horizon Rubiks Cube keychain
1 Horizon T-shirt
5 Horizon free product coupons

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Do you children drink Horizon milk? How do you get your children fortified with DHA Omega-3?

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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NC Mom Bloggers Beach Conference Welcome Reception

The incredible Moms are of course from North and South Carolina and beyond as in Michigan, Wisconsin, DC and such!  

Check out Dessert first: Pineapple Banana Pudding - let's go Southern for the Luau! Welcome Reception!

Here's the great appetizer table!  Shrimp on the Beach... Life is good! 

You see what is really important to us busy Mom Bloggers! :)  More fresh Shrimp on the Beach!
Check out the Cheese and Olive Pineapple!

Great bloggers like Nancy Blessings, The Bona Fide Life, Not DIY Heather and More! 

Amy Preston, Scientist for Eat.Think.Smile and Team, chatting it up with OneMomsWorld and Erin C. Lane and the Mommality Girls! 

Pure goodness!  Antioxidant beneficial chocolate from Eat.Think.Smile!

Noodles and Company joined in and supported from Colorado! 

Sweet Sadie Marie and Friends like Tracy of OII! 

Amy Hodges brought along Flat Real Life Sarah and Flat Type A Parent Kelby Carr! 
We are glad they are here at least in flat form.  Because you know these ladies are 
never flat.  They make a presence from the mountains to the beach! :)

The Chatty Momma won a Door Prize!  Good thing, she drove down from DC! 

Scandinavian Child loves to spoil mothers!  So from one mama Erin to another - 
a great door prize! A door prize with Mom Fashion! 

Excited for tomorrow and all the great sessions!  Get ready for the Walk/Run on the Beach in the am! 
Lisa Frame sharing the excitement on Daily Pinch! 

Blessed to be here!  And to represent Ocean Isle Inn with fellow Ambassadors Jen @OneMomsWorld and Chele @TheBonaFideLife!  Stay tuned! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

Rayovac and My Favorite Things

Rayovac and My favorite things!

Last year, when I was asked to become a Rayovac Power Blogger, I was elated. Still am. You know, you see it, hear it here!

They sent us an amazing fun Welcome Basket and it quickly became My Favorite Things! So much so that I knew - kind of like "love at first sight" - that I took this video right then and there before I/we even broke into the goodness.

Here I share it all with you!

Power Up with Rayovac!

Now, you can benefit from the awesome products. And remember, you can follow Rayovac on Facebook for all the Friday Fan Fun and other things like great coupons, etc.!

Warning: Rayovac will rapidly become your favorite thingS too!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

* This blog is sponsored by Rayovac. My over-the-top enthusiasm is genuine and mine.

Ten Years Ago ...

Ten years ago we were blessed with the Tigers!!

Shattered, Part 2 by Pastor Jeff Clark

Ten years ago today, our Tigers were born! Our world began in a lot of ways. We are so immeasurably blessed every minute of each day.

It all began right here in this amazing church in Southern Mississippi. We thank God for First Hattiesburg where the boys were Dedicated to Christ just a few months later.

We listened to this amazing sermon in Jeff's "Shattered Series." Are you disappointed in life? Expecting something different? In this sermon, Jeff goes further, do you get hurt by church people? Have you been offended at church?

Jeff reminds us that Christ lets people into our lives to refine us. All of our relationships will not be comfortable. Remember, we are all in process. Jesus will never let you down! Take a listen and be blessed.

Warmly,Carolina Mama

On Being Perfect...

On being perfect ... or not!

This picture is great.  It's not perfect.  Yet, I kinda like it.  And I really like that I like the message!  Love it in fact, so much so that I stopped to get a photo of it.  It's not perfect.

Dear CarolinaMama,
You do not have to be perfect.  Really dear! "Your weakness is made perfect in Him."  Amen.

I pause and wonder do I truly believe this.  In theory, I know yes, of course, I know this.  Yet, as a Mom involved immensely with my family, my community, my online community and all the things "we" do, do I look for perfection every day?

Sometimes the answer is a resounding yes.  Those days are a challenge because of the bar I have set.  I love a goal and a "high bar" to reach.  However, I do not love seeking the impossible.

I do love the idea that my "weakness is made perfect in Him."  That is a beautiful thing.  And it points my life back to Christ not to me.  In Christ alone, I can't go wrong... now that's perfection.

Do you set the bar high?  Do you expect perfection from yourself without realizing it?  Do you know you can be perfected in Christ?  Have an awesome day!

ps The giveaway listed below is still open!

Giveaway: California Raisins and Valerie Waters' Valslides®

Edit: Giveaway Extended to 2/23/11 Enter to Win! :)

California Raisins is back! Love Your Raisins! We do! You have a chance to Win a Trip to Hollywood for Ready for the Red Carpet!~ thanks to California Raisins! And here are more great details of why we love California Raisins!

California Raisins are a Natural, Healthful Food Choice
  • They’re a top source of antioxidants.
  • Deliver potassium and dietary fiber, including inulin to promote digestive health.
  • California Raisins may help fight dental plaque and gum disease.
  • Raisins are low in sodium and naturally fat and cholesterol free.
  • Eating adequate fruit servings is associated with reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • These dried grapes contain natural fruit sugars, a good source of energy.

At Blissdom, we got to work out with the formidable Valerie Waters! She is the Creator of Valslides®! She is such an inspiration and a friendly lady. And she knows her Red Carpet Ready game!

We had a great work out. The Valslides really work your core and strengthen and tone you! We felt the workout for sure. Valerie works out with the Red Carpet Workout in Hollywood. She gave us lots of tips for working out and eating healthily.

California Raisins was a sponsor to Blissdom so we all had fun with the #CARaisins! Here is am with the lovely Julie Berge who planned the amazing event with the California Raisin!

Here is Valerie with her friend! :)

Get out! We had fun. Isn't he a cutie. :)

Now you can Win! A Gift Bag from California Raisins that includes the Valslides from Valerie and a California Raisins water bottle and Gym bag.

Enter to Win! Winner will be chosen by Random.org. You must be a US Citizen and enter with a valid email and/or profile.

3) ReTweet on Twitter this link so others can enter to win! :) And learn about the awesome California Raisins!

Leave a comment for each entry!

Contest ends February 23, 2010 @6pm.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

* Thank you California Raisins for including me in the California Raisins Events at Blissdom and for the here at home!

NYTimes: To Stand Out, Retailers Flock to Exclusive Lines

From The New York Times:

To Stand Out, Retailers Flock to Exclusive Lines

Department stores believe buyers are tired of the same things everywhere, and are signing exclusive contracts.


It can get overwhelming! How do you keep it all straight?!

The Greener Good: Ultimate Resource for Going Green

As a lover of our planet and making a difference in our environment.... I was completely smitten when I was asked to work with The Greener Good of Fort Worth, Texas whose Owner, is Liz Johnston.  

"The Greener Good is your ultimate resource for going green. We provide products, services, and educational opportunities for those interested in greening their homes, lives, and families. The Greener Good product offering includes home, lawn & garden, home improvement, cleaning, apparel, body, baby and pet products.
Dedication to quality is at the forefront of The Greener Good’s mission. "
On my recent trip to the Blissdom Conference in Nashville, The Greener Good sent me along some of their luxurious items.  And they are recycled!  You heard it. 
Here are the great products I am in love with from The Greener Good.  Remember that these are made with recycled products and great detail.  And they quality is high. 
1) The Pestoe Cable Knit Boot by Simple is amazingly comfortable from "first-ever-slipped-on-my-foot!"  This boot is both soft and comfortable and warm.  It is perfect for Moms! I wear these with jeans and yoga pants and am out the door.  They have that clean and simple fashion so they go with everything. The sole is nice because I have tried it out in the snow! 

2) Sleeveless Bamboo Yoga Top   and Bamboo Pajama Bottom. Mom Fashion PJ's!  Yes! These are awesome and amazingly comfortable.  These are also Made in the USA!!  How many clothing items do you find Made in the USA lately?  And they are made with an organic Bamboo, recycled and hypoallergenic!  That is a tall order and you sleep peacefully in these just knowing how good for you they are! 

Have this adorable Tar Heel UNC Blue Bamboo Skirt on my Wish List! :)  Look how cute: 

3) FAVORITE:  Recycled Seashell Evening Bag!    All of Blissdom fell in love with this Seashell bag! I adore it!  

And it was perfect for the Conference.   In the evenings, the last thing I wanted to do is carry a big bag - that is ideal during the day - so I was able to slip this Red Carpet Ready Handbag on my wrist and move on.  No worries about losing it because it felt like a fancy bracelet.  

And I heard, "I love your bag!" literally hundreds of times! :)  

It held all my necessities:  iPhone, Lip Liner, Lip Stick, mints, tissues (2), Room KeyCard, $$ and one night I even got my phone charger and plugin in it! :)  That was a good night!  One night I carried my iPhone and put my FlipUltra in the purse. That was a good night!  You can see the potential for the good nights with this Seashell Bag! :) 

Get ready for the Spring Reveal:  Great Recycled and Beautiful Fun Jewelry by The Greener Good!  love it!  

What are your go to shops for awesome products that really go green: Made in the USA!  Hypoallergenic and Recycled?  I believe I have found mine!  Thank you The Greener Good! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

DPAC Madagascar LIVE! February 18-20, 2011

We love Durham Performing Arts Center!  North Carolina is fortunate to have such a first class facility.  And to have such great shows like this one....

Beginning February 18, 2011...

DPAC welcomes ’MADAGASCAR LIVE” for six shows Feb 18-20, 2011 this marks DreamWorks Theatricals’ first-ever live family touring show.
The brand new stage show aimed at family audiences stars the cast of popular characters from the beloved ’Madagascar” film series, including Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the Hippo and members of the madcap Madagascar crew, King Julien and the crafty Penguins.
You can purchase tickets to show as a group of 10 to 20 people depending on the show.  Visit http://www.dpacnc.com/default.asp?dpac=22 to learn more.  
Or, Contact Group Sales Manager, Ainsley Johnston directly at Groups@DPACnc.com or call    (919)-281-0587.

Do you love a good show at a great center like DPAC?  Are your children Madagascar fans?  And who's going to Madagascar LIVE!?   Check out the information above for your tickets and hurry - Opening Night is February 18th. 


Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*DPAC invited us me to write about the show and I am happy to share it here.

The Loveless Cafe Nashville, Tennessee

"Praise the Lard, and Pass the Biscuits!" In the South, it doesn't get any better than this!! PTL and biscuits... Am I missing something? These are the sights and sounds of Nashville!

Friday Fashion: Svelte Push Up 3/4 Length Sleeves

Looking for a way to dress up your every day?  Even looking to look a little more sleek and svelte?  Want a little more Mom Fashion for a little less time, effort and expense?  Check this awesome look out: 

Friday Fashion: 3/4 Length Sleeves

Look at these amazing looks from Ann Taylor Loft! 

See how the 3/4 length sleeve looks slimming and put together. 

So yes, mix it up a bit.  Take your ordinary cardigan and push up your sleeves! 
Live a little and enjoy the result!  Simple and effective. 

Spring is here!  What is your favorite kick it up look?  

Warmly, Carolina Mama

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus RBC Center NC

The Circus is coming?!  Actually, the Circus is here! :)  And in a neighborhood near you....
  "The Greatest Show on Earth!"

So there were up to 7 Motorcross Bikes flying around in this iron cage at one time!  Very impressive! 

The Trapeze Artists were awesome and bold and daring and successful!! :)

Nothing can explain the "Human Towers" we all them!  And no one fell!

This was colorful and fun.  The trampoline jumping and the colorful suits and then they jumped through hoola hoops!

Truly the greatest show on earth!  Our boys had a blast checking out all of the fun things they saw.  I have not nearly covered all of it --- have to leave the surprise for you to go see yourself!  

Who is going?!  We would go again in a heartbeat!  Get your tickets here: RBC Ringling Tickets! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

* Thank you Feld Entertainment for asking me to attend and cover the Circus at the RBC.  We all loved it and the opinions are all my own. 

Happy Valentine's My Favorite Pick: Rayovac Powers Your DIgital LIfe

Happy Valentine's!!  I'll admit, I love Valentine's! Any chance to get Romantic with my Boulder Mountain Man, I'm in!  And I love celebrating with the Tigers, too!  I love to surprise all of them with some Valentine's goodness.  

For me, here is my love, my favorite this year....

Rayovac Pre-Charged Rechargeable USB Port - Pre-charged and ready to power your digital cameras, handheld games, portable media players, and other high-drain devices.

Love them so much so, that I shared it with the world on My Carolina Today on their Go Green segment!  Being a Media Mom, I love that this USB port comes pre-charged and that you recharge your batteries right on your computer!  Life is good with Rayovac! :) 

Enter to Win Rayovac's Fan Friday Giveaway!  by Remington!  Talk about Valentine's score, Fashion Find and Valentine's all in one!  

More Information:

What is your favorite Valentine's gift!?  Happy Valentine's ! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*I am a Rayovac Power Blogger. My opinion and love of this product is my own!! 

Love Your Raisins - Ode to Fashion Week

On the Red Carpet at Blissdom '11 Nashville! California Raisins showing some love! I love my Blissdom!

Valentine's Day - Gifts for Boyfriend, Husband, Him

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching!  You want that special gift for your boyfriend, husband, him!  Here is the perfect "love gift" for someone you love who is active.  Think mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, all those Winter Sports!  And he loves his Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, you know, the Screen!

Now, spoil him with this perfect gift for the Sports Enthusiast Touch Screen lover in your live!

AGloves!  He won't be able to thank you enough!  PS. Order yourself a pair because you'll just hijack the gift if you get them just for him.  And have a Happy Valentine's!

What are your favorite Gifts for Boyfriend, Husband... Him?! :)

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

AGloves: Perfect Valentine's Gift Set for Technology Lovers

Technology Lover - that is what I am referred to as and many of us MomBloggers here.  Really, we're just savvy but to others we're Technology Lovers because we manage the world through our "Screens" - whether it be iPhone (Apple Girl through and through for a few years now),  Droid (shout out to One Moms World and others!) Blackberry (BoulderMountainMan! :)  iPad, etc. 

Guess what!  Tech lovers no longer have to have cold fingers when they utilize their touch screens!  Enter the AGloves!  

Looking for the perfect Valentine's Gift for your Love, Like or Social Media Mom Friend?  Look no further AGloves has you covered!  Check out their sweet Valetine's Gift packaged with TLC. 

This is a Limited Edition Product Release for February 2011.  Take it from me, these  AGloves work like a charm.  No cold hands while iPhone, texting, iPad, etc.   Technology brilliance! 

The (g)lovely new way to give silver for Valentine’s Day
Boulder, Colo. -- This February 14 tech-savvy valentines can give Twice The Love with Agloves silver-threaded touch screen gloves and Chocolove gourmet chocolate.  
Wrapped in a romantic red organza bag with silky drawstrings, the Valentine’s Twice the Love Bundle by Agloves is a limited edition gift package that includes one pair of Agloves, one Chocolove dark chocolate/cherry/almond flavor 1.3-ounce bar, and one “I (g)love you” Valentine’s mini card with poem for $24.99. Valentines will be warm inside and out with silver love and chocolate love. 
Agloves, the most simple and elegant touch screen gloves, are knitted with real silver nylon to conduct sweet nothings from their fingertips to touch screen and straight to your heart with accuracy and precision. No mixed messages here! Agloves make it easy to text “I love you too” with warm silver love gloves that will keep everyone texting, typing, and tweeting even on cold winter days. 
Product Features
Available exclusively at www.Agloves.com or on Amazon in the US only
Gift-ready bundle includes: 
1 pair Agloves, touch screen gloves S/M, M/L or XL
1 Chocolove 1.3-ounce bar, dark chocolate/cherry/almond flavor 
1 Valentine’s mini card with poem
Wrapped in a romantic red organza bag with satin drawstrings
Limited Edition – order early
Agloves Details
Work on all touch screens
Snug-fitting for precision and dexterity
10-finger functionality
Warm and washable
Elegant, straightforward style
Angela Barbosa, vice president/marketing

I just adore their " Screen Gloves !"  in this Valentine's Gift Set! :)  What do you want for Valentine's Day?!!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

Winter Storm? Are You Prepared? Rayovac Survival Kit

The past week we have seen some crazy weather!  Right before Blissdom, there was a big snow storm and some flights were delayed and cancelled to Nashville.  Fortunately, we were able to fly over without delay.  However, did you see that snow storm on the East Coast last week...?

Now the rest of the country is catching up with us.  We had 70 degrees this week and our family around the country could not say the same.  At all.

Check out the cities where our immediate family lives:

Chicago:  Yes, Chicago got hit really hard.  Hundreds of people where without power!  Not only lights but heat!  And did you see the cars stranded on Lake Shore Drive.  

Boulder: Did you hear - 20 degrees!  Really.  I was talking with my mother-in-love when she said, "We just broke "0" degrees!"  I could not imagine. This image says it all.  Poor student walking to class. He should get an A for braving the elements.  Um, - 20 degrees people!

Dallas/Fort Worth:  Southern as it is, Texas got a large amount of snow.  What about that Super Bowl Sunday?!  Some of the fans are having trouble getting to Dallas for the Super Bowl!  And they are all from up North where the teams are from - Pennsylvania and New York.  They did not expect snow and ice in Dallas.

Here is North Carolina - it's looking like this - with one day of 70s.  I'm just telling ya.  

However, now it is cold again and a bit rainy.  Preparing for a Winter Storm here would look like this:  Powering Up with Rayovac!  

We're kind of ready for a big storm.  Snow, skiing, sledding, and a chance to break out the great flash lights!  And rechargeable batteries and use up the extra water, food and blankets.  Light up the candles and honker down for a warm winter's night.  

Here are some of our favorites for our Winter Storm Survival Kit: 

The Rayovac Lantern, Rayovac LED Pocket Flashlight and the Mini Rayovac Lantern.  Thankful to be spoiled as a Rayovac Power Blogger, because we are all powered up.  Everyone has their own Rayovac flashlight and we are so set and ready.  

How do you prepare for a Winter Storm?  What is in your Survival Kit?!   Stay warm!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

* This post sponsored by Rayovac. I'm a Rayovac Power Blogger.  I love the Rayovac Flashlights, Lanterns and Rechargeable Batteries. We are forever ready thanks to Rayovac. That is my own opinion!