Mabel's Labels Are The Best!


"Mabel's Labels...for the stuff kids lose!"

These were in my mailbox when we returned from the Wedding! "Awesome" sums them up! Yes, we have been busy getting back into our routines since the trip but it is a typical state of no news is good news as for my bloggy absence this past week.
Back to my little find above - The Mabels Labels Company is brilliant as far as this Mama is concerned. They are a group of Canadian Moms who know what it is like to lose the good stuff on playdates, family outings and more. So they have done something great about it.

Also, these labels are whimsical, pretty and fun! And they stay on everything. We put them right on the boys' coats, tote bags, cameras, you name it here! The best is that they stick so nicely. The boys dig them. Their responses were almost in unison, "Awesome Mom!" That's what I think. So pop over here and check them out. Order up and enjoy!

Home from the Wedding and a Contest....

The Wedding was lovely!  There is lots to report but mostly the day was wonderful and the Tigers, the Double Ring Bearers were perfect and priceless!  Mama did her wedding girl thing too in helping the Bride as Coordinator. ;)  It's all good!  And the new Mr. and Mrs. are in Cozumel now.
We've got more partying to do... the Tigers turn "7" tomorrow!  Exactly!  We're home just in time for the big day.  And yes, we did start the celebration in New Orleans.  Done right.  Stay tuned.  Until then, go to my good stationier, Stephanie's @ for a really cool bloggie giveaway!  I adore her product from my very first order.... ;)  Need I say more.  Here are a couple of her details.  Ya'll sign up now over at her blog  and have fun!

Next Friday, I will draw one name for each of the following product giveaways. You get to choose from any of the designs on the website and customize to your exact specifications, then I'll pack it up and ship it to you absolutely FREE!
  • Address Label
  • Calling Card
  • Enclosure Card
  • Flat Note Set
  • Folded Note Set
  • Luggage Tag

How do you enter? It's very easy... just enter your name and email address in the promo email signup box (look on sidebar.) Even if you are currently getting my promo emails, you will need to enter your info. Please only one entry per person. Entries received between now and next Thursday at 11:59 pacific time will be included in the drawing

Carolina Mama & Sons

Welcome to Carolina Mama & Sons. I love the Lady & Sons but since Ms. Deen has that covered so well. I thought I had better be true to my Carolina Mama self.

These two are going to be the most darling and handsome little Cherubs a Wedding has ever seen.  On Saturday we'll be in New Orleans y'all for a family Wedding and the Cherubs will be Double Ring Bearers with my girlfriend growing up - her daughter will be the Flower Girl.  These three are all five weeks apart in age.  I know in my heart this is all about the Bride.  She just chose some really cute darlings to assist her on her most important day!  I won't get too gushy, she has appointed me Wedding Coordinator.  That is a first since I officially had the wonderful Miss Claire to Coordinate our day.  We can't wait.  As my girlfriend says just wait until you see them all tuxxed out! :) Lassiez le bon temp roulez!   For you plain folk, that's just Cajun for Let the good times roll! 

In the Spirit of Valentine's

In the Spirit of Valentine's, we were playing a really cute "Love Game" at dinner.  We were all getting into it.  The upside of the game was sweet affirmations to whomever the game designated.  Well, we all were doing really cute things with the occasional draw of "Wash Dishes and Go Back One." 
Then Tiger A got my name and he said the cutest thing: The game told him to say something you love about the person to your left.  That was me.  So he looks at me adorably and says, "Mommy, I love the way you kiss me too many kisses all the time!"  Precious!  Of course, that made my Valentine's! 

I am When Harry Met Sally!

Hey look who I am?! Y'all ought to take this quiz! It's fun and suits - they did things differently than we but the whole romance thing.... !:)

What Romantic Movie Are You?

When Harry Met Sally
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What We Wore North Carolina Museum of History

Mourning dress What We Wore in North Carolina
Chronological exhibit covering more than 250 years of costume history.
This was a fascinating exhibit!  This covered a lot of history.  It was fun for me to see outfits that my mother wore in Raleigh in the 50s. She has always loved the classic clothing of that era. So of course, I do too. And then I was really drawn to the original Bermuda shorts, etc.   If you can go, it is on exhibit until March-ish.  go here: 

Happy Mardi Gras Ya'll From North Carolina!

On this Super Tuesday Caucus Day, it's also Mardi Gras ya'll! As a native, it's still in my DNA to pass along the spirit of Mardi Gras. I did resist the strong urge to send the Tigers to school clad in Mardi Gras Beads. Somehow, I just figured the first grade teachers wouldn't appreciate trying to pry those off of the Tigers. Ya'll it would have been sooooooooo cute! :) Maybe if I deliver North Carolina BBQ and Beads at the lunch hour, that would be more acceptable. ;)

This year, we'll be down there after the 'show' and enjoy a little of the everyday "Joie de Vive!" Being a native and all, sometimes we like it like that. And we will lassie le bon temp roulez! Let the good times roll!

Winter and TLC

Greetings from Punxsutawney himself: "As I look around me, a bright sky I see, and a shadow beside me. Six more weeks of winter it will be!!

What better day to call a "home day! In reality we have plenty of them - we like it.  However, today's was mandated by both of the boys being on recovery.  As you know the surgery earlier this week went well and then on Thursday brother came down with a fever. We've been recouping. Lots of Vitamin C, Water, Juice, Chicken Noodle Soup, Rest, Rest and more Rest. The weather let up enough for us to open up the windows for about an hour yesterday. That was awesome. We are so outdoorsy we miss it at times like this. The best for last, it has been such a joy this past week as one of Tiger B has been letting his mama know what she means to him.  I just love it! Today it was really simple, I was doing his Saturday night grooming which is not his favorite thing - clipping his nails.  And out of the blue, Tiger B my Cherub B says, "Mommy, I love the way you take care of me!" Melt my heart! He has said this for the third time recently.  I know my little one really needs his TLC especially when he doesn't feel well.  Ya'll would probably agree that speaks for most of us!