eBay Motors APP and New Car Revolution - Prices Drop Every Hour Until Sold

eBay Motors is gaining national attention with it's new eBay Motors APP  - "The eBay Motors app lets you easily browse and shop for the vehicles you want and the vehicle parts and accessories you need, all within an optimized buying experience for the Motors enthusiast."

eBay has thought of everything from taxes to shipping and delivery.   

and right now you can shop the latest from eBay Motors with this:

- where prices drop every hour until sold! 

This Denali on the eBay Motors New Car Revolution site is dropping in price every hour.  

It is this simple:  "This event is a unique sales process where prices for selected vehicles will drop every hour until a buyer finds the price too enticing to pass up. Click the vehicle of your choice to go to the listing page and watch the price drop into your desired range."

With the Business Wall Street Journal citing an 18% Increase in New Car Sales in the Month of June 2012 over June 2011, you've got everything to gain by checking out the eBay Motors New Car Revolution and/or following along on the eBay Motors APP so you can make an educated and frugal decision. 

Now car shopping for the model and price you like is more available than ever.  Now, you 

When to Shop: 

Between June 28 and July 2, 2012, prices for selected vehicles will begin dropping throughout the day. No new listings will be added after 5:00PM PT on July 2, 2012. Only registered eBay users may participate in the event, and must be signed in to purchase a vehicle. See terms and conditions for more details.can watch the price decrease rather than increase. 

Then stay in touch with the latest in eBay Motors with the APP.  Fine you motor deals through eBay!  

We have friends who have tried eBay Motors and LOVED it!  They have been happy with the ease of use, the quality and the timeliness.  

Have you considered eBay Motors for your new car deals?  

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*FTC Disclosure:  I am on the eBay Parent Panel.  This post is sponsored. The opinions and enthusiasm are all my own. 

Middle School Moments - Time

"Time is no respecter of persons, especially mothers. "

That's how I feel about it.  I realize Time is no respecter of persons. Time marches on.  I know. Our Twins, the Cherubs turned Tigers, are now Middle Schoolers!  Of course, I was more familiar with the scripture, "God is no respecter of persons."  Acts 10:34  Then, I discovered time is no respecter of persons when our sons so quickly became Middle Schoolers. 

The Cherubs, age 4, Virginia

Honestly, I didn't blink and we're here.  God made me well aware of time when he surprised us with Twin Sons so many Summers ago.  With all of the blessing and treasure Twins bring, I have had a keen awareness that time goes quickly when you are doing life double time. 
The Cherubs, age 8, Birthday Lunch at Red Robin

Those who know me, know my 'theory.'  I wanted to be a wife and mom all of my life so that time came and I was ready.  Ready to not miss a beat, not one moment.  Even my little Monkeys jumping on the bed.... 

My 'little Monkeys jumping on the bed,' Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Summer 2010

Even in this intentional place, this awareness, time trumps us.  

Seriously, I never visualized myself as the "Big Kids Mom."  And I suspect like all the Moms before me, they were suddenly in this place. 

I remember the days of more seasoned Moms stopping me in my Infant Twins Mom tracks and in my Toddler Twins Mom tracks to instruct me, "Enjoy these days, it goes so quickly."  "Enjoy it while they are young."  

"He gently shepherds those who are with young."  Book of Isaiah

Though I was keenly aware of the time and the treasures in our care, I didn't expect time to march on.  I kind of expected time to be a respecter of persons.  I wanted her to stand still.  For us. 

And so my husband and I found ourselves sitting in our Tigers' last Sunday School class where we teach in small groups.  Here we were in group assembly realizing Promotion Sunday comes in the Summer.  Like right then and right now.  

You see we had considered stopping the clock a year.  We would "red shirt" out boys and Middle School would wait.  

So we were, yes, texting back and forth in Sunday School right before the Promotion.  Yes, we were those parents.  It would have been hilarious except my emotions we're astounded that we were having this conversation in the first place. 

As the Children's Minister challenged the children before their move over to Middle School and beyond, we texted "is it time?"  "Are they ready??  {Less importantly, Irrelevant "Are we ready?!")  Soberingly, as we had considered, "Are they both ready?"  

The Minister continued we now want to 'graduate' our 5th Schoolers to Middle School with a Certificate and adulation.  

My husband thought they were ready, "now was the time...." "well, quick, tell them."  Except, they were being called up....the texting ceased.  

They only thing we could do is whole-heartedly embrace this moment... clap and cheer and take pictures!  Yes, I'll document "the moment."  We've moved to Middle School.  Thankfully, they picked up and realized this is it, we've done it and their exuberance was undeniable. 

We both in that slow motion of time standing still, looked up and cherished the moments of our boys in their last Elementary School class at our church.  Their pride and joy and sheer excitement. 

Dad had brought Reese Cups, Mom had the camera.  We all had hugs, high fives and laughter.  We celebrated with lunch out, ice cream and an afternoon of swimming.  

And like that I became the Mom of Middle School Twins.  

Disney Yacht Club Beach, Spring 2012

"The days are long but the years go quickly."  

Have you had similar 'moments' in your parenting journey?  Please share. 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

Mom Fashion for the 4th of July

This 4th of July, you can go from Glam to Mom!  Look at these awesome fabrics and styles to look like a million bucks.

And yes, I've been 'creating' on Polyvore!  Don't judge me, join me! :)  Really, this is a Fashionista's Dream.  I added my Fashion Finds here below in case you needed to do a little last minute shopping yourself.

Mom Fashion for the 4th of July

Sheer top
$64 - topshop.com

Pleated skirt
$35 - etsy.com

Full skirt
80 AUD - portmans.com.au

Nine West leather shoes
£49 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Orange scarve
£7.50 - annharveyfashion.co.uk

White scarce
$12 - spottedmoth.com

Have a Happy 4th of July!  ... a little early!  We like to celebrate here in the South so I see we'll be celebrating this weekend and next!  Stay cool.  We're trying after Raleigh gave us 104 degrees today. 

(Seriously! :) 

Maxi Dresses for the Fourth

Maxi Dresses for the Fourth

Mela Loves London maxi dress
£25 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Dorothy Perkins coral dress
$29 - dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins jean jacket
$59 - dorothyperkins.com

Old navy
$30 - oldnavy.gap.com

Boulder, Colorado Fires and Evacuations

Colorado is burning. It is tragic and sad. The Colorado Spring Air Force Base evacuated today. Please pray for all of this loss and devastation that is still raging.

Here is a wise perspective in the midst of it by Sally Clarkson's son, Nathan Clarkson: "Is God Bigger Than the Fire?"

Praying for all of Colorado.

Thank you and God bless!

Warmly, Carolina Mama 

Vente-Privee with American Express - Designer Fashion, Discounted Prices

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  • I'm a Member, and I love checking out all the deals!  Also, think about this, gifts.  I love giving great gifts at a good value.  Your girlfriends will Thank you! :)

    Hope you check it out and enjoy all the awesome finds.  Style without Compromise and prices you can appreciate.

    Warmly,  Carolina Mama

    *FTC Disclosure:  SheSpeaks invited me to blog for Vente-Privee. This post is sponsored. Opinions are my own and I am excited to participate. 

    Berry Hill Resort - Virginia's Premier Wedding, Reunion and Conference Destination

    Berry Hill Inn and Resort...

    Berry Hill is the perfect Southern Virginia getaway for your classic Southern Wedding, a Relaxing and Active Family Reunion and/or an Invigorating Work Conference.

    We're off to Virginia.... 

    "The Berry Hill Resort & Conference Center, Virginia's premier wedding venue, resort and conference center, is nestled amongst a tree-lined forest covering 650 acres in the heart of historic South Boston, Virginia. This former antebellum plantation estate and (now) National Historic Landmark welcomed its first guests to the beautiful Virginia countryside in 1728."

    Our family had a fabulous 'get-away' from the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area last weekend.  In under two hours, we were in the excluded and classic Southern locale known as Berry Hill Resort and Conference Center. 

    We loved our time there.  The vast property is quiet and well-manicured to keep it in pristine condition.  We got settled into our two room suite with adjoining doors. 

    The Master Suite was lovely.  We loved the antebellum furniture and the canopy bed.  Our room was very spacious and had a nice deck facing the beautiful woods and we rocked in the rocking chairs.  This was wonderful for Boulder Mountain Man on Father's Day morning.  He loved waking up early and looking out at the forest. 

    The rooms had a nice sized bathroom with lots of furniture for your clothing and necessities.  We loved the quiet resort.  And we had wonderful coffee in the room so that is always a bonus. 

    The Tigers, can you believe are old enough that they loved having their own room with two queen sleigh beds.  And their own spacious bathroom and closets.  And they had a refrigerator in their room with our water and cold drinks.  So yes, they were spoiled. 

    Christened my new Pool Bag in style....

    Mom got to relax a little.... 

    The bathrooms were so elegant.  Had all the amenities.

    Isn't the property lovely.  We were enjoying the peace. 

    The first night we got settled in and had dinner at Darby's.  We chose to eat in the gorgeous and Springy Courtyard. The flowers and birds were beautiful and the food was very fresh and tasty. 

    Dinner at Darby's.  We loved eating al fresco with the boys.  

    Look, Boulder Mountain Man was thrilled to have these homemade Chili Fries. 
    On occasion, he splurges like this. He said they were amazing. 

    I loved these Chicken Quesadillas.  They were tasty and the sauces were fresh. 
    It was more than I could eat, they were wonderful. 

    Later that night we got out our blankets and what else, the family light sabers, and enjoyed watching the stars.  We even all saw shooting stars!  Bliss. 

    Then it was time to work off dinner with a light saber duel!  Too fun.  Let's say we slept really well that night. 

    The next morning, we enjoyed a continental breakfast in the Green Room.  Talk about beautiful atmosphere. 

    Then we had a fabulous time in the Town of South Boston with the Director of Tourism, Linda, for  a tour of Halifax County.   Linda is a joy and is incredibly knowledgable of the history and happenings of South Boston and Halifax County, Virginia.  We even got them on Twitter, y'all!   Follow them at GoHalifaxVA! :)  Their new Tourism Office is waiting to warmly Welcome you to the County.  See, they do it in style ...

     The Prizery Center for the Performing Arts .  We loved seeing these old Tobacco Warehouses restored in to a state of the art performing center!   In fact, Cinderella is playing now! :) 

    We learned the history of the Crossing of the Dan River. 

    Then Linda surprised us and took us to the Robert Cage Artist and Sculptor Farm
    We got to meet the Artist and his wife. They are so kind and spent part of the afternoon
    welcoming us all to their farm. 

    The boys met their newest baby goat and got to pet it. 

    Here are the sweet couple.  They were on their Saturday errands and stopped for us. 
    How welcoming and friendly.  I loved talking with her and my husband talked with 
    Mr. Cage for a while and toured more of the land. 

    The Happy Couple.

    Here we are with Linda, Mr. Cage's wife took the picture. We loved visiting here. 
    And we were blessed with perfect weather. 

    See his beautiful work!

     It was a short drive back to Berry Hill for more loveliness in the Country on the Plantation. 

    We got home in time for a quick nap and then got ready for our DInner Reservations at Carrington's of Berry Hill.  This restaurant was like living in Gone With The Wind.  We enjoyed fine dining in the Berry Hill Plantation.  We had a private Dining Room, the Rose Room which looked much like a library with beautiful views of the front lawn and the front porch. 

    The food was wonderful.  The sweet tea was so Southern and ... sweet.  She actually made it half-and-half for us and it was still very tasty and sweet.  

    Here is a view of the many acres property....  

    Inside the beautiful Berry Hill original Plantation. 

     Dinner was served: 

    The most amazing Shrimp and Cheddar Grits were "Better than Charleston!" 
    And there was enough for two meals. 

    My husband loved his Chicken Cordeau Blue.... It was the best, too. And Abundant.   


    The boys... they had fun and loved... their Pizzas!  I know, we let them order Pizza.
    Fine dining with Pizza, yes, we did it. 

    You can see, it was well received.  

    We had plenty of food left over and we even brought a Strawberry Cheesecake slice 
    back to the room for later. 

    The next morning was Father's Day!  What a treat!  The boys went Fishing with Dad for Father's day right at Berry Hill!   You know we're active so we also played Tennis, Ping Pong, Pool in the Plantation! and Basketball and Swimming!

    Berry Hill fun! 

    Father and Sons Fishing on Father's Day was a delight.  Mom got in on the fun, too.

    These moments.... 

     We loved all of the Sports!

    There is a whole lot of fun to be had at Berry Hill and Halifax County!  I hope you get to visit.  Take a walk into Southern History.  Relax and enjoy!

    Thank you Berry Hill and Halifax Tourism for the visit!  We look forward to seeing you all again.  We had a wonderful time in your lovely County!

    Warmly,  Carolina Mama

    *FTC Disclosure: We were invited to Travel Blog the Berry Hill Resort and Halifax, VA Tourism.  Our trip was compensated.  We LOVED our time.  The opinions and photos are all our own.