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Turtle Tides Jekyll, CarolinaMama and Family

On our travel to Jekyll Island, Georgia, we were referred to experience Paddle Boarding for the very first time! What an adventure! We loved it so much, some of us were more naturals than others!  Here's all the scoop and how much we adored working with Turtle Tides Jekyll!

We love family adventures and you've seen how much we love kayaking. Paddle boarding has been on our list to try out together. Turtle Tides Jekyll was the perfect place to have our first paddle boarding lesson and experience. It is beautiful! We boarded on the intercoastal waterway so it was magnificent. 

Turtle Tides Jekyll, Jekyll Island, Georgia
Locating the Turtle Tides team was simple. Jamie is the operator and was our instructor along with David. Our experience was very streamlined and simple. Jamie was excellent with texts of directions, maps and information before and after our experience. She listened to hear about our family's athleticism and that mine is not what it used to be. We are all welcome! I love that she encouraged us to all experience paddle boarding - hopefully, to fall in love with it! 

Turtle Tides Jekyll and CarolinaMama Family 

We loved our experience with the Turtle Tides team. Jamie and David were very good instructors. They were fun and hilarious, too! They even took pictures! :) 

Voila! It happened! I loved it! Now, my standing paddle boarding moves were awesome and short lived and not as gracious as my little knee boarding photo! :) So, here is my favorite photo aside from our family one! #TerrellTribe PSA, I will wear my black yoga Bermuda shorts next time on the water. I just wasn't thinking of white on the water. Fashion faux pas for sure. Well, fashionably, the white shorts looked great - before that got wet! 

Look at my Boulder Mt. Man go!!! :) So proud of him! I knew he would do great. He is so athletic and agile. He loved it. 

Look at our son who loves doing headstands!  How on this green earth he balanced a headstand on a paddle board, I do not know! :) He was so adventuresome to do this! Our awesome guide, Jamie, paddled over and videoed his headstand and backbend and all the fun! :)  

That's something special about Turtle Tides Jekyll. They care! They go the extra mile. They took all of these photos so we would have the memories. They'll take your photos, too! We were so glad they did! We'll cherish these for a long time.

To be newbie paddle boarders, we got pretty far out there! Look at what a beautiful day we had! We also had time to chill and enjoy! 

 Here's the real deal! :) Dad took one for the team! Because you all know southern girl, Carolina Mama, is not showing casual photos like Boulder Mt. Man can! He's handsome at any angle! He boarded a long time. I will show this to remind you. Paddle boarding is to be revered! :) It is a lot of work!

Seriously, I spent a lot of time in this position or climbing up onto the board! :) Hey, it was my first time ever! It is addicting! I look forward to another adventure in paddle boarding. 

Our youth were incredible! They model paddle boarding well! They are coordinated, strong and did well. Our swimmer enjoys swimming best. Yet, he had a fabulous style and stride on the water. 

You need to know that is Jamie, the Operator of Turtle Tides Jekyll. She is the most helpful, reassuring and encouraging instructor you'll find. She is also compassionate! So, if you are like me, and the intercostal waterway current really carries you toward the sea, Jamie is at your rescue!

Seriously, I have not water perception and I thought I was doing a fabulous job of swimming my paddle board back to shore so I could get a fresh start. Well, I was further out and not going anywhere due to the current. My son mentioned calling the Coast Guard. :) Jamie and Dave had a great solution, Jamie used her kayak to row me to the Shark Tooth Island. 

Then, we traded! Best trade ever! I got the kayak, my mothership, and Jamie took the paddle board and that was all she wrote! It was homeward bound! I got to enjoy kayaking and paddle boarding all in one day! I felt totally safe and cared for by the Turtle Tides Jekyll team. They are prepared and fit for the challenge. Hey, I was so proud of myself always, always being the adventurous one! I'm thankful that I am athletic and love trying new sports! Paddle boarding is one I will definitely try again. You know, I'll continue my kayaking, too!

We hope you get to try paddle boarding at Turtle Tides Jekyll! You'll be glad you did. 

Here's our "headstander" after an afternoon of paddle boarding and headstand paddle boarding! :) Again, Thank you to Turtle Tides Jekyll for the beautiful adventure and the epic photos to remember it all!  

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Here is the Turtle Tides website www.turtletidesjekyll.com so you can quickly make your own online reservations for kayaks, paddle boards (SUP), Hobie Mirage Eclipse boards (SUP with handlebars/elliptical propulsion) and E bikes (battery pedal assist bikes). 

Give Turtle Tides Jekyll a call. They would love to speak with you about your next excursion.  912-571-2567.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Turtle Tides Jekyll. All opinions are my own. 

Jekyll Island Best Oceanfront Property - Holiday Inn Resort

Our highlight of summer as a family was our time well spent on Jekyll Island, Georgia. We were hosted by the most hospitable Jekyll Island Oceanfront Resort | Holiday Inn Resort Jekyll Island Georgia. Jekyll Island is one of the Golden Isles.

This was our first visit and we have a story to share! What a treasure these islands are! Have you been? We will share some of the best of the Oceanfront Resort Holiday Inn.

Holiday Inn Oceanfront Resort Jekyll Island, Georgia 

We loved all of the palm trees on the island. We enjoyed the Oceanside drive up and then, there was the beautiful Holiday Inn Resort! Check in was simple and easy. We were delighted with the spacious suites! These are perfect for families, girlfriend's getaways and anniversary trips!

With the beautiful and sultry Georgia weather, a visit to the Holiday Inn Resort Oceanfront at Jekyll Island is a great trip any time of year! We had a great view of the ocean! Here is our balcony! 

A cool welcome at the Welcome Center of the resort. They think of every detail to keep you comfortable.  

We had a lot of space! Two queen size beds that were very comfortable and we had another suite! 

Here is the other part of the suite that leads to the balcony. This sofa was a pull out queen size bed! This was great for extra sleep space for our boys! 

Our bathroom was pretty and spacious with nice granite counters. There was a shower and bath so everyone was happy. There was an abundance of toiletries and fresh towels.

The kitchenette was really great for snacks and heating up our leftovers! We used the refrigerator for bottled water. At night, we like to enjoy hot tea and popcorn! The keurig coffee was so convenient and tasty in the mornings. 

We're crazy for sunsets! This was our view walking up the boardwalk from the private ocean.

The property is gorgeous and well maintained! 

We all made ourselves at home at the Jekyll Island Holiday Inn Oceanfront Resort! The beach is such a tranquil backdrop to all of the activities! We loved the boardwalks connecting the property and the beach! Our skateboarder loved it! :) 

You will love the privacy of the beachfront private property at the Holiday Inn Resort!We loved the privacy.

The beaches had much to offer. We loved finding sand dollars like this one our son found. They were delightful surprises that are displayed on our mantle as we enjoy the memories of Jekyll Island and the last days of summertime. 

My husband, Boulder Mt. Man, lead the Frisbee competition! He has taught them well! We loved some family rounds. 

My guys! Frisbee extraordinaire! 

Father son frisbee has all the throws! 

We loved sunset at the beach! So romantic! We loved chasing after the boys! Still! :) They ran ahead to the pool. We loved the pool, too.... 

Jekyll Island is beautiful! We loved waking to the shore each day! The sunsets were amazing! 

Our boys loved the swimming pool! It reminded me of the infinity pools! This one is right off of the ocean so it is gorgeous! We have some fun nights swimming there after some amazing days on the ocean! 

It was such a full circle feeling to watch our boys swim into the night at the Holiday Inn Resort! I vividly recall my brother, sisters and I swimming for hours on end on a family vacation at the Holiday Inn! I had moments 'with my parents' thinking of all the time they watched us swim! 

We even painted poolside! Boulder Mt. Man has found another gift! :) He is quite the artist! 

The evenings were tranquil. 

Our boys had fun in the spa, too. With the ocean breezes, the hot tub felt great. 

So did our cabana chaise lounge chairs. 

The pool was beautiful and the water was clean and cool. 

Here is a beautiful view of the community enjoying the outdoor fire pit on the patio of the resort under the expansive oak trees! The oak trees also made me feel right at home with their Spanish moss and I grew up on Oak Street!

One evening I took these photos of the beautiful common area of the resort. 

The business center was great, too! 

Back outdoors on the ocean, you can see this is a glorious view from our balcony. Every day was a treat! We love the palm trees, the fire pits on two decks.

This was our usual set up! We were in the ocean with short reprieves under the umbrella! 

These cabanas were THE best! They are right next to the pool. In the evenings, we enjoyed star gazing! these were awesome and so relaxing! 

Speaking of the cabanas, here is a fun cabana on the pool deck that had a little privacy for a nap in tehesun with the ocean breeze! Loved it! 

 Oh, the ocean front! 

Here you can see the toddler pool and the regular pool with the ocean in the backdrop! 


As a family, we enjoyed so much fun on the beautiful Jekyll Island private beach! 

Holiday Inn Resort hosted a Caribou Coffee bar each morning! Of course, we loved it! 

You can order other coffee drinks here. All on a cafe area by the gym on the second floor. 

From our balcony, we watched cruises, oceanliners and fisherman at sea. 

How about that! 

Here is a classic view of the patio side of the property facing the ocean! The porches and patios were a nice size and right off of the living room area of the suites. This is an all suite Holiday Inn Resort! You'll love all of the space! 

Jekyll Island, Holiday Inn Oceanfront Resort is great for anytime! Thanksgiving would be an ideal time to enjoy this treasure! You would enjoy the private beaches and beautiful weather! That's a fabulous Thanksgiving, Fall Break, Spring Break or anytime! Book your trip here! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Holiday Day Inn Oceanfront Resort Jekyll Island, Georgia. All opinions are my own.