Plum Deal Honest Company Deal: $16 for $40 of Honest EcoFriendly Product

"A Dad named Christopher and a mom named Jessica found themselves utterly frustrated trying to find the perfect products for their babies and homes. Yes, Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan. 
We both wanted an ideal: not only effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable – everyone should have it. We believed every baby deserved the best we can create for them. We are dreamers.
But, more importantly, we are doers.
You know what they say, if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself."

Thus Honest Company was born.... with amazing Eco-Friendly products....

Honest Company
Plum District is offering a $40 voucher to The Honest Company for just $20 through 7/31/12. Today only, in celebration of the Olympic Games, use promo code: London20to save 20% and get it for just $16!

The Honest Company (  Jessica and Christopher started Honest like many modern parents, were increasingly worried about products made with questionable chemical ingredients. But the alternatives they found were often expensive, inaccessible, bland, or ineffective. In response to this clear need for something better, they created The Honest Company to ensure that parents (or anyone for that matter!) could easily find natural and non-toxic products that are beautiful, effective, and affordable. From customized product bundles, to diapers and wipes, to cleaning and personal care products, you can find everything you need at and have it delivered directly to your front door.

Now, you can try Honest Company's Eco-Friendly Diapers, Baby Care and Home Cleaning Products for half price. If you buy $16 you receive $40 of products! That works!  Hurry and use the Olympic code above! :)

We LOVE eco-friendly products. 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*FTC Disclosure: Honest Company asked me to share information with my readers and they are sharing some of their product with one of my Baby Bloggers!  Excited to pass on the good news.

BlogHer Conference 2012 Week For Me

For my 5th year in a row,  I will be Travel Blogging and MicroBlogging....

So yes, I am going to the Blog Her Conference in New York City!  My first Blog Her was 2010 so it will be fun to be back in NYC for this Conference.  We are all bustling around getting our schedules in order.

I know, you wonder, "what's to schedule?"  This is the awesome time where Bloggers and Brands unite.  We get to meet in real life.  I am excited because a lot of the brands I work with or want to work with will be there.  Many are in NYC and the other "many" make it a point to be in New York City for this.

This week I have gotten many things organized and ready like my Business Cards which I adore from Moo Cards.  If you haven't tried them out, that's where I get those cute Mom Cards y'all have seen.  And my cool "business" (did I just say that?) cards!  They are super chic and get just the message across to potential brands, PR and friends I'll be connecting with at the Conference.

Then I have sorted out all the 'devices' that make the cut!  Seriously, I am going NYC style which means sans all of my Southern luggage I am accustomed to taking.  I know I will be glad - when I am in a cab, walking to Times Square, at the Expo Hall or attending a party - that I planned to bring just what I need.

Next, the Outfits!  Let's say this is serious business for a Fashion Blogger!  The Outfits are vital.  The shoes have to rock, the frock :) has to rock and we all know the handbag has the win!  All of this while traveling like I'm backpacking across Europe.

So yes, I have been Rolling my clothing the past two days.  Yes, the fun part.  Rolling up those party dresses so I can touch them up with an iron when I arrive... all this in my non-existent very limited "free time."  Of course, it will be so worth it.

This is truly a wonderful time to meet people in what we call "in real life" - friends, co-workers, brands, PR, that we work with all year.  So I am excited and how could I not be I love New York City.  All American Girl!

Let me know if there is something you would like to see or hear here - otherwise, thanks for joining my journey.  I cannot wait to share more of the latest and most amazing Food, Travel, Fitness, Family, Faith brands and NYC! with you live!

You can follow along for my whimsical moments and specifics on Twitter @CarolinaMama and on Facebook at Carolina Mama.  Pinterest @CarolinaMama and Instagram @CarolinaMama.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

BlogHer12 NYC Conference Clothes

Zoe's Kitchen Fresh Taste Amazes Families Including Kids

Fresh and Simple.  That's Zoe's Kitchen. We love that Zoe's is committed to fresh foods with no preservatives or food additives or food coloring. It is a guilt free Fresh Taste experience!  

"Zoës, which means LIFE in Greek, offers fresh ingredients in original recipes to complement your active lifestyle. Our Mediterranean-inspired menu is made FRESH daily in generous portions, sure to satisfy every member of the family. Taste our food and discover why people say it's so addictive!"

We LOVE the Fresh Taste of Zoe's Kitchen.  Our July 4th Picnic took on a whole new meaning for us this year.  Zoe's Kitchen offered to fill our cooler for our family picnic. I LOVE that Zoe's has a Gluten Free Menu!  Kudos for them.  Of course, fresh taste, fresh ingredients would not be a gluten/glue. :)  Seriously, their Gluten Free Menu is very tasty!

This was perfect because I love making fresh salads and Southern favorites for the 4th of July and Zoe's did the work for me and we all loved it.

1) Pimento Cheese -  I have to say that Zoe's Pimento Cheese was the best!

I love my mother's Pimento Cheese recipe - we grew up with it.  Yet, Zoe's has a secret recipe that makes their Pimento Cheese phenomenal.  We LOVE it. 

2) Zoe's Hummus - Classic - we love this with the Olives on top.  This was perfect with Pita and Carrotts to dip.  We love Hummus and it is a healthy taste with Zoe's.  There are no preservatives.

3) Potato Salad - The Potato Salad was wonderful!  We loved that it did NOT have a mayonnaise flavor.  It was flavorful and went well with the Hot Dogs.

4) Chicken Salad - The Chicken Salad is very hearty and fresh.  The flavor a very simple and wonderful all in one.  We had this with crackers and then again for Chicken Sandwiches.

Here is a picture of the Salad Sampler from Zoe's!  I love this when I go into the Restaurant because you can try out so many different salads and it is plenty of food. I can make two meals out of this goodness!

5)  Pasta Salad -The Pasta Salad is very unique and tasty.  It has a delightful mix of feta cheese and olives with sun dried tomatoes.  This is a perfect Summertime lunch.

6) Fruit Salad - The Fruit Salad is the perfect accompaniment

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Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post by Zoe's Kitchen. The opinions are all my own.  We love it! 

New Chick-fil-A song by Tim Hawkins and Dan Cathy's Fruits of the Spirit

Worldly controversy does not surprise the Christian.  The real issue at heart is not the opinions of Businessman Dan T. Cathy or Chick-fil-A as a company, the real issue the world has is with the Bible.

Truth is painful and people do not like it.

There is no logic in the arguments that are seeking media attention.  As a Christian, there is peace in knowing they are right on track following the Lord and the Bible and the Lord will bless.

Meanwhile, enjoy this HILARIOUS Chick-fil-A song by the amazing and fun Tim Hawkins!

A friend of ours said it so well, "Since when did eating a chicken sandwich, the best one :), get to be a political statement."

By the way, it was NOT Chick-fil-A who went out starting a controversy and seeking attention for believing what the Bible says.  They said not a word about the gay movement, simply we believe in the Family Unit that God has ordained.  Amen!

It was the negative, controversial types who attack a Christian man with fruits of the spirit like "Love, joy, peace, gentleness, long-suffering :) meekness, faithfulness, self-control, against such there is no law."  Ephesians 5:22-23.

Notice these Biblical principles in the Dan T. Cathy and the Chick-fil-A staff as they demonstrate self-control in not attacking those who attacked them.  I Love this genuine love that comes from the Father of lights.

Love and prayers! God Bless!  See you at the Chick-fil-A soon!

Warmly,Carolina Mama

USA Olympic Fashion

USA Olympic Uniforms 2012

Fashion Friday at its finest in London!

by Ralph Lauren ... an American icon of Fashion.

Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream Goodness

     Summertime is Ice Cream time.  We love a Friday night with Ice Cream. And 
the best discovery is that Boulder Mountain Man found the BEST Frozen Yogurt with half of the calories and fat. 

Edy's Slow Churned Frozen Yogurt.  Is it amazing.  
It is flavorful and creamy - what more could you ask for - oh yes, t's half the calories and fat, too.
From "TOO" Good to "DO" Good! 

Support with a Smile: 

We love these Mini Cups for single servings. So perfect for Weight Watchers and watching portions, in general. 

    Edy's Frozen Yogurt only has 3 grams of fat per serving.  And 100 Calories. 
    It is so worth those 3 Weight Watcher's points. 

    Check out these "Edy's" Ice Cream Smiles!" 

    Have you tried the Edy's Slow Churned Mini Cups?  Do you love it, too!  Enjoy!  WE love it!

    Warmly, Carolina Mama

    FTC Disclosure:  This review is part of the Edy's Blog Tour with Mom Central  on Edy's behalf.  As part of my participation, product and promotional were provided. The opinions are all my own and the fact that we eat Edy's Frozen Yogurt regularly. 

    Carriage and Trolley Tours Wilmington, North Carolina

    Enjoy Historic Wilmington, North Carolina by Carriage and Trolley Tours.  We had a fabulous time and loved that reservations are NOT required.  So we had a splendid lunch on the Riverfront and then enjoyed the Carriage and Trolley Rides.

    The history was fascinating.

    The churches were amazing.  We enjoyed the view as we rode along and heard all the 
    latest on history and the talk of the town.

    The Antebellum homes were beautiful. 

    Downtown Wilmington has so much to offer.  The Riverfront is peaceful and 
    bustling with businesses like this. 

    The Tigers were fascinated with the Horses. 

    We were off and enjoying.  We learned a lot of history from our Tour Guide. 

    The Tigers fell in love with Wilmington.

    We were mesmerized. 

    Auntie and I loved the Carriage Ride. It was reminiscent of New Orleans. :) 

    The homes are gorgeous and I couldn't stop photographing everything. 

    Visit Historic Downtown Wilmington for the amazing adventure of a Carriage Ride Tour.

    As seen in Southern Living magazine, your costumed driver narrates your UNIQUE ADVENTURE along the riverfront and past stately mansions of historic Wilmington with our RESCUED horses.

    Our carriage tours start on Market Street, between Water and Front Streets, in historic downtown Wilmington, NC. 


    2012 SCHEDULE:
    April thru October:   
    DAILY                     10:00AM - 10:00PM
    November thru March:      
    Sun. - Thurs.             11:00AM -  4:00PM
    Fri. & Sat.                 11:00AM - 10:00PM
               Reservations not needed.

    Have you visited Downtown Wilmington's waterfront?  Or, have you taken a Carriage and Trolley Tour?

    Warmly, Carolina Mama

    *FTC Disclosure: Wilmington Convention and Visitor's Bureau hosted our visit.  All opinions are our own. Thank you for hosting us.

    South Beach Grill Fabulous Seafood - Best of Wrightsville Beach, NC

    Our family loved our recent visit to the North Carolina Coast.  We love how close Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington, North Carolina are from the Raleigh/Durham area.

    South Beach Grill in Wrightsville Beach is outstanding.  We love that it is waterside and al fresco all at once! And the freshest of seafood! You can sit indoors for a quaint and cozy dinner.

    This was our first visit to the South Beach Grill and we will be back.  First of all, we reserved a table with "call ahead seating."  We requested outdoor seating and we loved it. WE LOVED this outdoor patio.

    We had a lovely view of the Inter-coastal Waterway. 

    It was a lovely Summer night. We had such a lovely night. Dinner al fresco is our style. 
    It was a perfect Dinner after our Surf Camp lessons.  Of course, we were starving! 

    It was fun to relax and look at the water as the sun set. 

    Auntie and I both LOVED the Grilled Grouper with fabulous Julienne Vegetables and 
    Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  This meal was perfectly seasoned and cooked! 

    The quality and freshness of the seafood is only found on the Coast. 

    The Tigers really like the Kids Menu of Fried Shrimp and Awesome French Fries. 
    A kids dream. 

    The portions were generous on the children's menu and the adults. 

    Caesar Salad was perfect before the seafood...


    Auntie J took this picture for Daddy who was working hard back home. 
    See how happy we were after an amazing fresh Seafood dinner! 

    We look forward to visiting again! 

    South Beach Grill, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
    Phone (910) 256-4646
    Fax (910) 795-0626

    Thank you South Beach Grill for an amazing Seafood Dinner at the Beach!  Just what everyone is looking for after a day of Surfing!  We'll see you soon! 

    Warmly, Carolina Mama

    *FTC Disclosure: The Wilmington Convention and Visitor's Bureau and South Beach Grill hosted us.  Opinions are all my own. We love South Beach Grill!