The Schooner Pride, Best in Charleston Sailing, Dolphin Cruise

We love Charleston and the water. Also, we loved the opportunity to work with the Schooner Pride of Charleston to get the inside for you on how you can"Sail a Tall Ship." Trust me, now is the ideal time to book your Spring and Summer sails (ticket link). Schooner Pride offers daily afternoon dolphin sails, sunset sails, private charters, and special events!" 

Schooner Pride, Charleston, SC 
"Tour Charleston Harbor and experience the best in Charleston sailing, sightseeing and attractions on The Schooner Pride, a classic 84' tall ship.
Considered one of the top five things to do in Charleston, join Schooner Pride for exhilarating daily sails or romantic sunset sails to escape the crowded streets and sweltering heat of downtown Charleston, SC.
Here is our family on the Schooner Pride which equaled perfection. We were so happy to have a perfect day and this time together to relax and set sail. The water was beautiful and we loved seeing the Holy City of Charleston as we sailed looking for dolphins. 

We relaxed and even got into some great conversations. Sailing on the Schooner Pride is so mesmerizing. We loved the warm sunshine and the lull of the water as we took it all in. 

CarolinaMama and Sons on the Schooner Pride, Charleston, SC

My dear, Boulder Mt. Man was getting some of the best photos of our sail. It was beautiful to see the Ravenel Bridge from sailing below on the Cooper River. 

As our family got closer, we reminisced the time we all ran the Cooper River Bridge 10k Run over the Ravenel Bridge. So fun! 

The boys volunteered to help hoist the sails! That was fun! 

Their strong arms were helpful! 

The boys loved it! The crew was so fun and helpful. They encouraged our boys to enjoy the experience. It's nice to have such relaxed crew members on board. 

Then, we needed a little 'girl power' and I was happy to offer my sailing expertise. :) Anyone was encouraged to participate so I loved getting to sail again. 

What a view of the USS  Yorktown. The USS Yorktown is a WWII aircraft carrier. 

Look how beautiful this ship is! We loved all of the details. It was very stately. 

That's the nice thing about my husband's photography skills, he got great photos and I love this one he captured of my absolute joy on the water.  

The masts were gorgeous and we felt very secure on this vessel. 

This paradise sums up our date on the Schooner Pride! Paradise! You have to go experience this adventure and see the Charleston skyline. 

You can see the steeples of Charleston from the harbor. Isn't it lovely! Charleston is known for it's churches giving it the name, "Holy City!" 

The battery, waterfront park, steeples, and pelicans were gorgeous additions to our sail. 

The steady sail... "The Schooner Pride is an 84’ tall ship operating in Charleston Harbor. She invokes visions of when Charleston was a very prominent sailing harbor as our country developed. She is modeled after the 18th Century coastal trading schooners that once dotted our beautiful harbor. The Schooner Pride has all the charm and character of the great days of sail."

We loved our sail on the Schooner Pride. We hope you get a chance to sail along and see the dolphins, and experience your own adventure, too. 

*Make your Reservation with Sales Manager, Drew Yochum at 843-722-1112 x 205 or email to plan your next outing on the only Tall Ship sailing daily in Charleston Harbor.

Thank you for hosting us on the Schooner Pride! We hope to see you all soon! 
Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Schooner Pride and the Charleston CVB. All opinions are my own.