Bring On The Snow

Thanks everyone for praying and participating in the "Pray It Friday!" I know I have been talking about it in my posts a lot. However, you can see I am quite passionate about it. God already answered prayers of Melanie's son's headaches. Praise the Lord. We look for many more of these as we pray and share together.

Feel free to email your requests any time.

This Saturday, we're hoping the weather report is accurate. They are calling a "Winter Storm Watch" with possibly three to five inches of snow! Yes! We're ready and hoping for this last big of winter here. Sledding, hats, gloves, and mittens. Snowman! And Hot Chocolate. Stay tuned.

In other Carolina news, this is exciting too. Check out this link: N.C. Symphony CD . This is fun to see the N.C. Symphony getting well deserved exposure. They are awesome so I just know this CD will be successful.

Here's where we were last year:

The Tigers playing football at University of Alabama.

Football @ University of Alabama

Football Twins

We were New Orleans bound for a post Mardi Gras family wedding where they were double ring bearers. Fun times. Still looking for actual pictures of the Wedding. With our wedding responsibilities as the Double Ring Bearers and I was asked to Coordinate the wedding @ the Rehearsal so you can imagine we had not a second. The good news is the wedding went beautifully.

Have a blessed Saturday!


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"Pray It Friday" - Join Us

[Here's my favorite Works For Me Wednesday Post ever. It's also one of my most recent because I've just begun the very exciting "Pray It Friday" Virtual Prayer Chain. And because Prayer Changes Things. I had to enter it into the WFMW Best of this week. Hope to see you around on Fridays for sure.}

Welcome to "Pray It Friday!" This is our virtual Prayer Chain where we will pray for each other and our requests. The power of prayer is amazing, so let's share in this together and let God work.

My heart is heavy. I didn't expect to have such a serious prayer request already - this first official week. Please join me in praying for this precious Family of Angie Petro. She went to be with the Lord yesterday after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Angie was an amazing wife, mama, and friend and more. We went to the same church. We used to teach together at the same gym, Quest Lady Fitness of Hattiesburg. I was new to it and she was a professional Kick Box Instructor and other things. She was always smiling and encouraging and she was a gorgeous lady.

Petro loses battle with ovarian cancer | | Hattiesburg American

You see her two darling boys. Please pray for her husband, Tony and the boys. This is a long road ahead. Praise the Lord she wanted to live the days she had for Him.

Now, here's your turn to add your link. Once you write a post on your blog, link to Pray It Friday above and then use Mr. Linky to add your URL to this post and list your blog. Then all week we'll pray for one another as folks drop by and pray. Thank you and God bless.

Hooked On Tribeca and New York City Condos


Today I am Hooked on Fridays with Tribeca Coops and New York City Condos. It has always been an interest to attend the Tribeca Film Festival. It would be awesome to buy one of these sweet New York City Condos and have a timeshare for it. One of the weeks I would have it the Tribeca Film Festival week for sure. I would probably still be looking for John F. Kennedy, Jr. at the local Starbucks. He and Caroline were so cool with their pad there.

The Romanesque look of the buildings, the cobble stone streets and subway stations. The Big Apple would be an awesome place to have a second home. Check this out. Manhattan would be calling. Empire State Building luring. Broadway waiting. You get the idea. Can you tell it has been a while since I have been to the Big Apple. I could really like having a place there - I would visit more often too.

Where would you be hooked on this Friday? Favorite places? Do tell.


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School Pictures Even For Homeschoolers

2nd Grade Rocks
The Best 2nd Graders On The Block

Hi Y'all, Just wanted to share with you a few of our 2008-09 School Pictures of the boys. :) As part of our homeschool year, we had the boys school pictures taken @ The Picture People. You're looking at a couple of the proofs. We were very happy with the photo shoot.

What are your favorite school pictures this year? Where do you have them taken?


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Virtual Prayer Chain Carnival & Extended Giveaway

Please join us....

Introducing - "Pray It Friday."

Last Friday was a big day. It was the beginning of a long-time dream and the commencing of "Pray It Friday."

"Pray It Friday" is a virtual prayer chain for the blogging community and others. Most of us who are Christians, have our own network of prayer chains. Usually, it's just a phone call away. Now, in addition, your virtual prayer chain is just a comment, email or link away.

We'll share each week prayer requests and praises of those near and dear to us. Just like as we mommybloggers enjoy sharing our latest rave review of a product or service, I want to send a wave of prayer over your requests. I'll pray over each request. Others posting will pray as they read as well.

God takes it from there. Hope you'll join us this Friday or leave your prayer request on the link above for "Pray It Friday."

In "Win It Wednesday" Giveaway news, my link on the Win It Wednesday button inadvertently retained the previous (already drawn) giveaway link (urg, double urg) sooo I am extending for three days, the lovely and generous "Educating the Whole Hearted Child" Book Giveaway until this Friday @ noon. This is an amazing book and website for families, homeschoolers and educators in general.

The Whole Heart Ministries has let me know that the Giveaway book will be republished and updated June 2009, so they are also offering a half-off coupon to the lucky winner. Stay tuned.

When you check out their site, notice that Sally Clarkson is a blogger too. She has many words and years of wisdom to share.

Remember enter here by commenting what you liked best about their website. Thanks for bearing with me and my blonde moments.

Because I believe in the power of Prayer, this totally "Works For Me Wednesday" and every day!


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My Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras Ya'll!

A native of New Orleans, growing up I have many memories of Mardi Gras. I grew up in New Orleans and its Northshore. Do you know one of my earliest Mardi Gras memories? Actually this memory became a tradition.

Leaving town! :) My parents would load up one of our station wagons, all of us would be out of school for Mardi Gras - bonus, all seven of us and off we would go. This partiular Mardi Gras we drove 'north' to Hattiesburg, Mississippi and it snowed! You know snow was more exciting to us than another round of beads. Eventually, we did other things, the beach included.

Mardi Gras became synonomous with family time and a little vacation getaway.

There were the years I was in marching band and I'll never forget the year that I was marching on the end of the front row of our band with my flute. It was quite a position to be in. With the crowds of people my Band Director marched beside me to make sure my instrument would not get jolted.

As a young adult, working in New Orleans and living Uptown. The parades were our lives - you couldn't even get around it literally. After work, you just joined the parade the routes home were closed. I have many good memories of parade fun and I also have to admit I have many memories as a young girl thinking what's the point. The mayhem that ensues is not of this world and I really didn't want to be a part of that.

Though I will always love home and tradition, I do not miss the madness. Yet, I am thankful I have a 'joie de vive!" due to my heritage. Here's a glimpse of the fun. Know this, Rex is where its at all things Mardi Gras and this guy gets best costume in my book, The Aretha Franklan Hat! costume! Winner '09.

Lassez le bon temps roulez.


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Carolina Girls - the Interview III

Welcome to Carolina Girls - the Interviews. Meet TarDevil.

This week we introduce "TarDevil" of Confessions of a 40-Something Mama Queen. For those of you unaware "TarDevil" is a sports family that supports both the UNC Tar Heels and the Duke BlueDevils = TarDevil. So just know that March Madness is looking really good for her family most years. :)

Please drop by her blog and say Hello and let us all know where you are from. If you'd like to be interviewed as a Carolina Girl, please let me know in email.

Have an awesome Tuesday and see y'all soon.

Where are you from (can be as general as you wish)?

I am from the Raleigh (NC) area.

What is the name of your blog?

Confessions of a 40-Something Mama Queen

How did you name your blog?

I was trying to be a little bit funny. My husband sometimes refers to me as "the Queen"...of what, I don't know, and I'm a 40-something Mama.

How did you get into blogging?

I played around on Rate My Space last summer, and saw that a lot of my "favorite RMSers" had started blogging.

What do you wish to convey on your blog?

Nothing really. I actually enjoy reading everyone else's blogs more than I enjoy posting. I like seeing every one's decorating styles, ideas, food, recipes, hints, families, etc.

What is your favorite thing about your blog?

I like "meeting" people from all over the U.S., and especially from various other countries. My favorite part is seeing my map light up with red dots, even if they don't leave comments! :O)

What is your favorite Ben N Jerry's Flavor?

Believe it or not, I've never had Ben N Jerry's. But, I like Breyer's, and my favorite flavor is coffee.

What is your favorite song/iTune right now?

This is embarrassing. I don't even have an iPod. I take that back, we have one, but nothing is downloaded on it. I'm not very tech savvy. I prefer classic rock, although I am usually forced to listen to the Jonas Brothers, so I don't have a favorite song right now! If you listen to the playlist on my blog, you will see that Freebird is on there. He said no Southerner could go without having Freebird on their playlist. (He's from north of the Mason-Dixon! :O)

Starbucks or McDonald's?


Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts (there is one answer here for Carolina Girls! Just kidding!) ? ;)

Krispy Kreme, although donuts are my least favorite snack food.

A favorite Carolina food or restaurant?

My favorite restaurants are Squid's in Chapel Hill, NC and Carrabba's (almost anywhere). My favorite NC food is (vinegar-based)barbeque from Smithfield Barbeque. BBQ is not good to me in the western part of the state (where I currently live).

What is a favorite place in Carolina?

This is a hard one. I think the prettiest place (aside from the coast) is the UNC campus in the spring. But, my favorite area is the Triangle (Raleigh) area.

Thank you TarDevil. :)


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Lundi Gras: What Are You Giving Up and Maybe It Was The New Duke Jersey

On this eve of Mardi Gras, what are you giving up for Lent? I suppose it is ingrained in me from growing up on the Bayou, but Lundi Gras signals Mardi Gras which means, time to give up something until Easter. I'm actually not Catholic but it always was a good time to fine tune things for me. So I am contemplating giving up Sweet Tea again.

Remember "Back to Me" last year, it was a god thing. So I'll say it out loud, Hi Internets, I am giving up Sweet Tea for Lent. Pray for me. :) Especially when I am at Chick-Fil-A and they give me a look when I say UNsweet tea. And they give me a chance to second guess my good decision. Pray on sisters. And let me know what you're giving up. :)

Duke Men's Basketball

Duke is unstoppable!

May it was the alternate Nike jersey. You just have to know basketball in North Carolina is like no other. I remember growing up my mother made sure we revered North Carolina Basketball and rightfully so. With North Carolina basketball dominating the Top 10 it's understandable.

Duke did it again against Wake Forest last night.

Home town boys make good! :)


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Mardi Gras and the Jolie-Pitts

Oscar's Brad and Angelina Jolie-Pitt
Oscar's Angelina Jolie-Pitt
Though I did not watch the Oscar's 2009, the rest of the world did so I thought I would go ahead and admit that I like Angelina Jolie-Pitt. And I will also admit it is most likely because she is a multiples Mama - Twins Mamas are extraordinaire.

Of course, Angelina looks great most of the time, I have to admit look at these two pictures. I think Jack Johnson says it best in one of our family favorites, "it's better when we're together." I just think the Jolie-Pitts 'look' better together. Granted, most of my opinion hinges on that black and miscolored 'pinstripe' as the Tigers would say, that she is sporting.

Need I say more.

Well, as a couple they seem to do well 'together' at this whole large family dynamic too.

Endymion Ball in the Superdome

In other info from Carolina Mama, today is Lundi Gras making tomorrow Mardi Gras down in New Orleans. I am happy to follow from afar after all those years of marching in the band playing my little flute with all the rowdy crowds. There were some really fun times too. My style is away from it all. If you want to follow up close here's the NOLA Twitter.

Lassiez le bon temp roulez!


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This Week: A Recap of Excitement

Check out the exciting week we've had at Carolina Mama. It is one I'll treasure for sometime and you can too. Here are the fun things that happened in a glance. You can still enter the fun with just on click to the Giveaway and the Virtual Prayer Chain - "Pray It Friday."

"Pray It Friday"

Add your prayer request to "Pray It Friday" - the virtual prayer chain. Mr. Linky is up. :)

Make sure you get to Enter this Week's exciting "Win It Wednesday!"

"Win It Wednesday"

High on Mama's list too is the "Big 8 Birthday Party!" Yes, the Tigers, are 8. Check it out here!

Finally, in another great win Duke Men's Basketball makes North Carolina proud a.g.a.i.n! Sweet victory for this amazing team with fourteen appearances in the NCAA.
Duke Men's Basketball


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Sunday Scripture - Have a Blessed Day!

"This is the LORD's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes. This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118: 23 and 24


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Twins' Big 8 RE-Party

Big 8 Twins


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"Pray It Friday" - Join Us

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"Pray without ceasing." I Thessalonians 5:17

Welcome to "Pray It Friday!" And Thank You for stopping by.

This has been on my heart for some time and I am really excited that it is becoming a reality today. Every Friday, I will be hosting "Pray It Friday" here @ Carolina Mama. "Pray It Friday" is a virtual prayer chain if you will.

If you know, me you know I am an encourager.

The blogsphere has blessed so many of us at various times when those we know and love need prayer. We share, we post we pray. Now, I'd love to be your go-to blogging prayer chain.

Most of us are familiar with the term "Pay It Forward" - The expression "pay it forward" is used to describe the concept of third party beneficiary in which a creditor offers the debtor the option of "paying" the debt forward by lending it to a third person instead of paying it back to the original creditor.

Enter "Pray It Friday" where we pray for first, second or third party and they benefit from the Lord Almighty. We'll stand amazed at His hand in all of our lives. And we'll share it right here.

With all of my enthusiasim about this project, I am super eager now to begin praying and sharing. So even though I struggled with Mr. Linky until late last night.... :) I would still love to begin t.o.d.a.y - right now with our Prayer Requests.

For Now, here's what we'll do:

1) Please share your Prayer Request and any URL in comments below;
2) Please link back to "Pray It Friday" with this URL and/or the Pray It Friday cute button
3) *Please join in praying for each request as you read them.

Feel free to come back early and often to follow up each week. I am available through email: carolina mama1 @gmail dot com. And if you are a Mr. Linky wizard yourself :) please advise.

Jenieshell blessed me by kicking this off with the gorgeous "Pray It Friday" button way late last night. Go see her beautiful work. Thank You Jen! And sense I am hooked on Carnival - "Pray It Friday" - this first week - I want to add this to the Hooked on Friday carnival. So what are you hooked on - we're hooked on prayer - "Pray It Friday!"

Looking forward to hearing from you all and praying for you all. God Bless!


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Editing: adding Mr. Linky y'all on Sunday 2/22 let's see ... ;)

A Milestone: Last Day of Seven

Look who is turning Eight t.o.m.o.r.r.o.w. We're in the midst of a family reunion with the Grandparents. It's a "staycation" if you wish. We're doing a lot of those Grandparent special things. They arrived from Colorado on Saturday and we're making the most of each moment.

As I look back through pictures of this year, it is hard for me to realize that these boys are turning eight tomorrow. Here we were last year, Spring, just after they turned seven.

Here are some of the obvious changes:
1) Baby teeth in front still;
2) Shoe sizes are two and three sizes larger;
3) They are 2 and 3 inches taller;
4) They are now on 16 inch bikes

There is inevitably more. Really I am not a sap, it is just that right now Twin Mothering is effecting me in the sense of valuing each moment. Yes, the days are long and the years are short - particularly for Mountain Man and me, for now, it seems that we get to parent each milestone and event once. Once and twice all at once.

I live in a heightened sense of emotion as a Twins Mom and I know this is one special miracle. So I look back on this year at these gifts we're given with a grateful and thankful heart.

Happy Birthday Boys! You are heaven on earth.

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating and continuing the festivities. Also, in the next week or so, I'll share the awesome "Overnight" Mountain Man and I got to share. It was a 'staycation' though we were out-of-town and just fifteen minutes away all in one.

And I have to tell you prior to our 'overnight' while the Tigers stayed with the Grandparents, I tried to hear the sound of silence. Well, this 'staycation' I heard the sound of silence once more.

It was golden.

Just call me "Carnival Queen" as a New Orleans native with Mardi Gras days away, I'll take it because this post is another part of my addiction to 'Fro You To Me.


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