La Madeleine French Country Cafe, Raleigh, North Carolina

Bon Jour! My New Orleans memories are many of the La Madeleine Country French Cafe, St. Charles Avenue. 

Living three blocks away during our after-college, yuppy years, we had many wonderful celebration at La Madeleine Country French Cafe! Lots of Mom and the Girls gatherings at La Madeleine.

It was right after our beautiful engagement to my glorious Boulder Mt. Man that flew home to New Orleans for Easter. My sweet Mommy and I sat in this particular La Madeleine and poured over great French Roast coffee and Bride Magazine, New Orleans Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings and more.  Then, after a lovely time and great cuisine, we went and booked our Chapel for the Wedding. To be able to continue those lovely traditions and memories right here in North Carolina all these years later, is a dream come true!  We were so thrilled to discover La Madeleine's presence.

 My son loved the custom made Omelette. It was really delicious, light and fresh. So good. He said it was the best Croissant EVER! And the Tomatoes were the best, too. :) 


I'll just start with my order - the Quiche Florentine!  I loved the personal sized Quiche. So good and fresh.  

This is the fabulous Chicken, Bacon, Vinaigrette Salad! LOVED it! The portion was very generous.  So light and tasty. 

Homemade - La Madeleine made Lemon Tart extraordinaire.

One of the outstanding and fresh pasta dishes with fresh French Bread. :)

Sunday our family attended the early lunch to benefit Children's Hunger Fund. So, great food, memories and a wonderful cause!  We have a table full of food for (4). So much food to organize. lol 

Look at how delightful the French atmosphere is at La Madeleine's. 

A look at "A Bon Journey to France." Provence. Tres Bien! 

One more of the delicacies on the dessert menu! Chocolate Parfait deluxe! 


Are you convinced? :) How about a Shrimp French Crepe! in all of it's perfectness.  

Let the photos of our meals speak for themselves.  My sweet husband and I LOVE the Tomato Soup! For your information and wellness, La Madeleine sells quarts of the Tomato Soup!

It is divine!

Here is a sampling of the fabulous homemade Quiches and Oven Baked Sandwiches!

Here is a peak into the beautiful Cafe. the mahogany and brick are beautiful and leave a peaceful ambiance.  We love the office area where you can enjoy a Cafe au Lait and a Croissant while having a business or girlfriends meeting. Or, even a Day Date! :)

Isn't it beautiful!  Of course, being monogram obsessed, I loved the "L & M" monogram for La Madeleine! :)  We share some monograms! :)  Extra special, indeed. Don't you love this look.

The Dessert case is enough to spoil your appetite so you could go straight for desserts! :) LOVE these - the Lemon Tart, the Cafe au Lait Creme Brûlée and the Fruit Tart are all classic French goodness.

When you can, go check it out and enjoy la Madeleine Country French Cafe! 

Enjoy and Au Revoir!

Warmly, Carolina Mama