eBay Fashion Vault, eBay Fashion Outlet and #GreenLiving

Great news for eBay Buyers!  eBay helps you be Fashionable!  They Welcome the Fashionistas!  Seriously, eBay makes life insanely awesome for Buyers at the eBay Fashion Outlet and  eBay Fashion Vault! 

Top fashion brands, designers, and sellers work closely with eBay to bring you Fashion Vault exclusives and special sales.

"Fashion Vault hosts weekly and special fashion events of branded clothing, shoes, and accessories."

Earlier this month, you know, I joined fellow eBay Parent Panelists at the eBay Headquarters in San Jose, California!  Get ready, I have a great deal to share with you. 

We learned about Fashion Power Blogger and Seller, Corri McFadden and her House of Consignment.  So hey, dream big because with eBay they'll take you there. Have you seen her TV show on VH1 - it's a reality show about the rich side of Fashion in Lincoln Park.

Dream big folks, dream big.  Seriously, take an inside look at how Corri grew this dream and is now amazingly successful there in Chicago.

You can sign up for the eBay Fashion Vault exclusive updates here.  So take advantage of name brands at greatly reduced prices. eBay works closely with these Designers to bring you up to 85% OFF! 

Take advantage of the eBay Fashion Outlet as well.  At the eBay Fashion Outlet -  you'll have 24/7 access to a collection of your favorite lifestyle brands and top retailers—all selling directly on eBay at up to 65% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price.  

Sweet savings like this Betsey Johnson Pink Tea Party Dress.  

Now that you have the inside on eBay Buying... let me tell you more about our trip to San Jose. 

We had a lot of great connecting and fun.  You know, we're kind of introvert-ish.  I chose the blue "b" in eBay. :)

eBay entertained us in San Francisco where I learned what "I left my heart in San Francisco" truly means.  I love it there. 

They also gave us great opportunity to fall in love with the experience of the Franciscan Crab Restaurant on the Fisherman's Wharf.  The Dungeness Crabs are basically life changing.  You know, eBay does things first class all the way. 

Speaking of First Class, we learned a world of good at eBay during our sessions on the 
eBay Campus.  One thing I adored was eBay's commitment to Mother Earth. 
This is what they live on the campus.  I just wanted to hug this wall! 

So when they say, "The greenest product is the one that already exists!" They truly mean it! 
The recycle the waste in the landfill and compost and am for "eBay Zero Waste for Green Space" motto!  

All of us who are star struck by JD Norton got the chance to learn even more about the 
ebay Green Team!   See JD is on a single mission to 'save the planet' and you know, he just may. 
I mean if we all had the green commitment the eBay Green Team has, we could change the world! 

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any specific questions about Fashion at eBay and Green Living from eBay?! They are at the ready to help you meet your Fashion and Green living goals! 

Warmly, Carolina

*I am a proud member of the eBay Parent Panel. As you know, I LOVE Fashion so I am honored to share these insights with you.  All my own opinions. 

Glade Happiair Truck Tour and Party Raleigh, North Carolina

Glade Happiair Happy Party! 

A Happy Happiair Party is exactly what we had!  Our Glade sponsored party was fabulous.  It was a perfect mix of Girlfriends, good food and great products!

.... like the new Glade Happiair Home Style Studio APP!   My friend, Karen, loved the APP and checking out her Glade Home Style! You know it is a party if there is an APP involved.  That's my kind of party.

And with desserts like this, who can resist!

Seriously, there is nothing more fun than your girlfriends - other Moms - getting together to relax and rejuvenate over great new products for our homes like the lovely Glade® Expressions™ Happiair products!  

Look at all the fun, we even played a few games, and we did great with our sharing skills because we had to "share the iPad!"  The APP was worth the wait.  See... 

Of course, we mixed in a fun game for the Tigers and their Friends.  Talk about a convivial game of Rally Ball! 

Glade® Expressions™ Happiair  Tour, a unique hands-on and virtual fragrance experience touring 30 cities across America! So you have a chance to participate yourself.  And bring a friend, or two. Also, you can visit the Glade® Facebook page to take the Home Style Studio quiz to find out your home decor style, and get fragrance and decorating tips.  You will have a hard time deciding on one fragrance. So you may be like me, and indulge in several! :)  After the APP quiz, Enter the Sweepstakes to Win a Trip to Tuscany with Glade! :)  Italy is calling! The next city on the Tour is Richmond, Virginia!  

Have you visited the Glade Happiair Truck Tour? 

Carolina Mama 

*Disclosure: Though I am a Glade Blogger on this Campaign, I fell in love with the product before my hire and all opinions and enthusiasm are my very own. 

Zoës Kitchen Opens Morrisville, North Carolina

So thrilled to open my email and see this!  Look what is new and coming to a neighborhood near you! :)

Zoës Kitchen Zoës is giving away 500 meals to its Facebook fans through Sunday, April 1. Plus, One Grand Prize Winner will win Zoës for a year at the new store! Visit @Zoës Kitchen’s Facebook page to enter to win. 

Zoës Kitchen Opens its Doors in Morrisville


Popular Mediterranean-Inspired Restaurant Expands to Nine Locations in North Carolina


Zoës’ Facebook Contest Gives Away 500 Meals, Free Zoës for a Year

Morrisville, North Carolina – March 29, 2012 - Zoës Kitchen, a popular, Mediterranean-inspired, fast-casual restaurant featuring fresh, savory dishes, is opening its ninth location in North Carolina. Zoës new restaurant is in Morrisville and marks the company’s 60th location reaching 12 states. Zoës Kitchen is located in the Park West Village Shopping Center at 1017 Market Center Drive at the corner of Cary Parkway and Chapel Hill Road.

“There has been tremendous growth in the Morrisville area and we’re excited that Zoës is a part of it,” said Stephen Ellias, general manager of Zoës Kitchen in Morrisville. “We are thrilled to be a part of the community here and to help develop this new shopping area.”

To celebrate its opening in Morrisville, Zoës is giving away 500 meals to its Facebook fans. To top it off, one grand prize winner will win Zoës for a year at the new store! Visit Zoës Kitchen’s Facebook page to enter to win. The contest runs from March 29 to April 2, 2012. The Grand Prize winner will be announced on Zoës Facebook page on April 2.

The new Morrisville restaurant includes the flavorful favorites that have made Zoës an extension of many home kitchens. The menu will also showcase delicious entrees as well as fresh sides such as no-mayo slaw, potato salads and braised white beans with fresh rosemary, among others.

The Morrisville restaurant offers guests a selection of signature dishes such as chicken kabobs, chicken rollups, fresh hummus and gluten-free options. As always, the focus will be on serving food of exceptional quality and using fresh ingredients prepared daily from original recipes; perfect for busy people who want to eat well with a little help from a friendly, neighborhood kitchen. Fresh is the focus, and unlike most restaurant kitchens, there are no fryers or microwaves at Zoës.

At Zoës, guests can dine in, order online or call ahead for takeout; purchase a variety of fully-prepared Dinners for Four for the hungry family on the go; pick up side dishes by the pint; and take advantage of an extensive catering menu, which includes box lunches, party trays and meals for large groups that can be delivered locally.

Zoës’ Morrisville location seats approximately 95 guests in the dining room, including an outdoor patio which seats 50. The restaurant opens from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. To place an order, call 919-469-3735 or visitwww.zoeskitchen.com. The new location also plans to offer beer and wine.

About Zoës Kitchen
Zoës Kitchen, a modern, fast-casual restaurant concept founded in Birmingham, Alabama in 1995, has 60 retail locations spanning across the U.S. in 12 states. Zoës’ menu features Mediterranean-inspired comfort food with made-from-scratch recipes using fresh ingredients. Zoës is a wholesome place to eat for families and people with active lifestyles. The company is built upon a philosophy of balanced and healthy living including spending time with family and friends over simple, tasty and freshly prepared food. Learn more at www.zoeskitchen.comor at www.facebook.com/ZoesKitchen.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

Glade® Expressions™ Collection Happiair and Giveaway

So excited tonight is our  Glade® ExpressionsTM Collection Party! I am so excited to Host this event! :)

I love Spring! Spring is such a fabulous time of year.  I love the freshness and the joy of life.  All things new and beginning again and again.  Spring is a time to throw open the windows and doors and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  This season I love that the new Glade® ExpressionsTM Collection introduces an array of fabulous Spring freshness for our homes.  
The scents are incredible. 

Glade Expressions Happiair Collection

You know last month I fell in love with these firsts-hand at the plush Galde®  Spa at Blissdom in Nashville.  We were spoiled with our makeovers and manicures all while enjoying the sweet scents of Spring from Glade®My family fell in love with the Pineapple and Mangosteen Fragrance Mist and Oil Diffuser I brought home.  These are so elegant and lovely, I have ours right on our Piano in the living room.  That room, and my family, Thank me - and Glade. ;) 

The Glade Home Style Studio APP!  You know me, if there's an APP, I'm in!  Seriously, what can be more fun than games on my iPad!  So my girlfriends and I are going to have a little party!  The Glade Happiair Party! :) We are going to talk all things beautiful like these Oil Diffusers and Fragrance Mists.  And enjoy some inviting refreshments and check out everyone's own style and scent for their own homes.  Hey, if you'd like to join us, please email me at CarolinaMama1 @ gmail (dot) com.  We would love to indulge together.  

You will learn more about the  Glade® ExpressionsTM Collection - it's Glade's latest addition to the award-winning Glade® portfolio and is inspired by current sentiments of maintaining a sense of wellbeing and balance in an increasingly hectic society. 

Did I tell you after this week, I am so needing that "wellbeing and balance!" Bring on the Glade!  Glade makes me "look and (pardon me) smell good!"  I'm grateful!  

Here are more fabulous details on the Collection:  It features two new fashionable designs including a Fragrance Mist and Oil Diffuser. These new, contemporary designs are the perfect complement to any home’s style and décor and make it easy for women to express their personal style and taste. The collection is offered in the following true-to-life fragrances (be warned, you will fall in love with no less than two, I loved three of the four):
  • Cotton & Italian Mandarin (Fragrance Mist only)
  • Pineapple & Mangosteen (Fragrance Mist & Oil Diffuser)
  • Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice (Fragrance Mist & Oil Diffuser)
  • Lavender & Juniper Berry (Fragrance Mist & Oil Diffuser)

    • Glade® ExpressionsTM Fragrance Mist is a refillable home fragrance spray that will enhance the home and make any room feel welcoming. Unlike traditional air fresheners, Glade® ExpressionsTM Fragrance Mist features a sleek, stylish design, allowing it to be seamlessly incorporated into any home décor.

      The Spray is Easy To use:
      -Spray in any room for a fresh burst of aroma to fill the air and invite life in with a long-lasting fragrance.
      -To refill, unscrew the base from the holder and tap it to your palm to remove the refill. Remove the cap from the new refill and slide it into the holder and replace the base.

    • -Glade® ExpressionsTM Oil Diffuser delivers a full fragrance experience in an elegant design that can make any room inviting. Available in cream and bamboo panels that accentuate any room’s décor, every starter kit contains a decorative holder, oil bottle and diffuser card and offers a continuous long-lasting fragrance for larger spaces for up to 30 days.

      Tips from Glade's Giuliana Rincic:

      Make Your Space “Liveliair,” “Happiair” and “Coziair” with Fragrance
      Pretty Enough to Display. The new Glade® Expressions™ Collection has been designed with you in mind! You’re going to love the “squeeze-to-spray experience” of the fragrance mist. Just remove the label to reveal a beautifully shaped bottle that is designed to blend with your décor. And the no-spill design of the oil diffuser can be placed anywhere – especially in large spaces!
      Relaxing Cotton & Italian Mandarin. This scent just evokes a vision of white florals and an amazing Italian villa. Use cozy, cotton slipcovers to freshen up sofas and chairs. Sheer draperies bring through a crisp and clean ambiance to windows. Give the room an elegant, modern finish by arranging white floral bouquets with pops of orange to highlight natural, organic tones.
      Calming Lavender & Juniper Berry. Display elements from nature to echo the earthy, rustic feeling brought forth in this soft and calming scent. Carry green elements through décor choices by using natural fabrics, wood-wicked candles and placing springs of lavender and green leaves in ceramic vases and mason jars. Place small terrariums around the room to add an extra flair of greenery and life to the space.
      Warm Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice. This fragrance is a bit familiar, yet exotic and reminiscent of a far off place. Go global, placing old maps and a magnifying glass on a side table and adorning the mantle with beautiful apothecary jars filled with spices. Add rich, velvet fabrics and pillows with colorful prints and a monogrammed throw for a personal touch. 
      Lively Pineapple & Mangosteen. Who wouldn’t think of a tropical seascape with one whiff of this cheerful scent? Match this energy with a fresh coat of paint in a bright color like electric blue or kelly green. Add a vivid printed rug and vases of tropical flowers. Put the final touches on the space with a teak bowl or vase full of lemons to add a pop of color and sparkle to the room.

      Win the Giveaway!:
      Glade® is spoiling one lucky reader a Glade® Expressions™ with a prize pack of the new fragrances from this collection. 
      Enter to Win
      1)  Leave a comment below on this Carolina Mama blog posts replying to one of the following:
      2) Take the Home Style Studio Quiz on the Glade Facebook page and tell me what your style is!

      3) For additional entries (you must answer the question above & leave an additional comment on this post for each entry. If you don’t enter above, the entries below are void):

      4) Tweet this giveaway, “Win a prize pack from #Glade from @CarolinaMama #spon (Leave the tweet URL.)

      5) Follow Carolina Mama on Facebook and leave a comment that you did so
      Follow @ CarolinaMama on Twitter
      This giveaway will end on Wednesday, April 4th at 5:00 pm EST.  The winner will be chosen by random.org and will be contacted by email. The winner must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. Click here for the Official Rules.

      Please join us at the Happiair Truck as the Tour rolls into Raleigh/Durham  March 30-31, 2012!  Hope you all can come on over to the awesomeness of Southpoint Mall in Durham and check out these fantastic scents yourself.  Take the quiz and maybe WIN something yourself.  After all, there are great prizes i.e. great TRIPS on the horizon for some lucky fans!
      Warmly,  Carolina Mama
      Disclosure: I have partnered with Glade® on the Glade® Happiair Tour and the Home Style Studio app. I received compensation and products, these opinions are honest and are entirely my own.

Wordless Wednesday!


Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline Batteries At Wal-Mart

Exciting news! Rayovac is launching a new product in April - The Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline batteries! 

The Rayovac Power Bloggers got a first look at them and I have to tell you they are fabulous and they perform beautifully as well! :)  These batteries are designed for High-drain devices such as digital cameras, mp3 players, video game controllers or LED Flashlights. Or, devices we love over here with the Tigers.... 

The F150 Harley Davidson Truck!  See, the Rayovac High Energy Alkaline Batteries keep this baby going for a long time.  Tiger B LOVES these batteries.  You know, they power up the Harley! :) 

As for Mom, I am using the AA High Energy Alkalines in our Fiji Camera.  Nice action shots and LOTS of them without the battery drain.  That's a score - Thank you Rayovac!  They last longer and that is peace of mind for this Power Blogger. 

Here's the great news for you: 

See beautiful, news for you to love....I just keep looking at them.  Sleek and functional!

  • Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline batteries will be available for purchase in all Walmart locations & WalMart.com APRIL 23, 2012

  • Rayovac Facebook page and Save in stores with a $1 off alkaline batteries! Awesome for everyone, right?!  

  • Advanced High Energy Alkaline Details: German-engineered for high performance in high-drain electronics, these batteries are high in performance and low in cost. With the Rayovac name, you know they’re a quality battery you can trust to last. 
What would you like to Power Up with longer lasting high energy alkaline batteries?  The list goes on, right?! :)  Let me know if you try them out.

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

* I am a Rayovac Power Blogger.  I love these new Advanced High Energy Alkaline Batteries. 

Food Lion My Essentials North Carolina GIVEAWAY


The ever-so-popular North Carolina grocery store. Food Lion has established a fabulous Blogger program. As a regular Food Lion Customer, I am excited to share with you why my family loves Food Lion. Giveaway at the end of the post, stay tuned. :) 

Food Lion makes North Carolina proud! Food Lion was "Founded in 1957 as Food Town in Salisbury, North Carolina, Food Lion's success is based on the principle of offering customers quality products at great prices and neighborly service in clean, conveniently located stores."

Look at the clean and fresh produce. The fruit is always crisp and clean and juicy. We love it.

We LOVE the expanded produce department and the quality and value of the Food Lion brand, My Essentials line which helps you receive more groceries for your money.
Our Bakery always look like this. Clean and neat and fresh. The Food Lion Team at the Bakery always wears head caps for extra cleanliness.

As part of the Food Lion Blog Ambassador Program, Food Lion got us started with this box of goodness, complete with awesome recipes and kitchen utensils. :)

My Recipes This Week were: Fruit Smoothies and No-Cook Granola Trail Mix! These recipes were featured on the My Carolina Today show as the Fast, Fresh And On A Budget segment. I loved cooking and sharing and shopping fresh produce from Food Lion. Here we are on the Show and I wanted to share these favorite and time tested recipes here with you:

Usually I stop by my Food Lion just to pick up fresh Bananas. I have to have just ripe Bananas. :)

Here is our No-Cook Trail Mix and the Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips were $3 at FL. Score!

The Bakery is clean and neat. We love the new fresh and inviting look our Food Lion.

Food Lion has a fabulous - Value Choice Brand for Everyday Items!

Check out "My Essentials!"

See these prices! My Essentials brand helps you get the most for your money. From milk and orange juice to eggs and canned goods. My Essential products are an easy way to save on everyday items without having to shop around to find the bet price.

Here we go at the entrance. There are always lots of clean and new buggies! It's the little things! :)

My Essentials products to choose from include:
Assorted Rice and Pasta, Dairy, Soups, Frozen Vegetables, Bread, Frozen Meals, Frozen Snacks,
Bread, Cereal, Canned Fruits and Vegetables and more.
Look at these deals on My Essentials!

The dairy case is always well stocked with lots of brands and prices and is clean and neat.

As you know, we love Italian food so we like to peruse all of the choices here.
See how neat and organized the shelves are. This leads to peaceful shopping.

Look at the bounty of great produce in the fruit section. We love this!

And look at this weeks deal on Oranges! :)

Check out a Food Lion in your neighborhood. You will be glad you did. And it may become a great new favorite place to shop.  Here is a $50 Food Lion Giveaway to get one of you started! Leave a comment for each step below to up your chance to win!  Contest ends Wednesday, March 28th at 9pm EST.  Open to US Residents with a Food Lion in your neighborhood. (Go her to find one.)

1)  Leave a Comment stating your favorite Food Lion feature I mentioned above: :) 
2) Join the Food Lion Facebook: 
3) Join the Carolina Mama Facebook; :) 
4) Tweet this Post! :) 

All the best!  Someone's going to love it! :) 

Carolina Mama

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central for FoodLion. I received a gift card and product kit to facilitate my review.