"Boosting Your Baby's Brain Power" Is A Wealth of Information

Boosting Your Baby's Brain Power

"A baby is born with a need to be loved and never out grows it." Frank A. Clark

Recently I had the fortunate experience of reading "Boosting Your Baby's Brain Power" by Holly Engel-Smothers and Susan M. Heim.

I met Susan Heim through TwinsTalk where I am a parent blogger. She is a great writer with much experience in the writing world, with twins and with boys. So check out her website, TwinsTalk, for sure.

This book is very well written and organized. The book covers a lot of basics for parents: Attachment, Vision, Hearing, Motor Skills, Language, Temerpament and even Going to the Doctor. This is a wealth of information for the parent.

Then, I'm not super Scientific so I will just quote this amazing statistic straight from the publisher: "A newborn baby's brain has an astounding 100+ billion neurons that would stretch more than 62,000 miles if laid end to end! The connections between these billions and billions of neutrons are what set the precedence for lifelong learning and success, and these connections must be formed in the first eight months of life. "

"Boosting Your Baby's Brain Power" gives you the information you need to use these connections early in your baby's life to maximize their potential. I love the practical suggestions like child play with your youngster. And explaining to new parents what to expect at each stage of the way.

My personal favorite advice is one I was given early on and it is so true - one of the best 'disciplines' for children is Distraction! Add to that positive Distraction. This works well and children do not even know it's happening when it is done well.

Finally, I will end with a great quote from the book, " Play provides a wide variety of skills necessary for success in school and life." We believe in a lot of play for children so it is a natural fit to say we loved the book. Hope you do too!

This "Works For Me Wednesday." Check out WFMW for more great tips.


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Beth in NC said...

Thanks for suggesting the book. It sounds great. I pray I'll have even more wisdom by our second child!

Many blessings!

Anonymous said...

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Shannon said...

Good stuff!!!