Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Where everybody knows your name ... and they were glad we came. And we were thrilled we went.   We're back from our little jaunt into the country with our people.  It was the perfect time away.   We relaxed and played and ate and enjoyed.  The weather was perfect and ended with a perfect storm. 
Aside from living in Europe as a College Junior and my wonderlust that took me to Colorado post-college, I've always lived in the same town growing up and always lived with close family nearby.  And it's as it should be.  Of course, in Colorado I met my husband so that surely qualifies for close family nearby since they were native to the small town we were in there. In our marriage, family is one big theme.  Whether it is my husband's family or one of my expansive tribe, we've always lived near family and for good cause.  It's been intentional and we hope and pray to keep it that way.  This weekend was a great reminder of why this is a priority to us. 
It did my heart good to hear, at every turn, Cousin A is here, or Cousin B was born there.  Your Mama ....  You get the idea. 
Here are some of the pics of the weekend.  Complete with Spidy I and II and their StompRockets and family closeby.  What more could a young boy need!  They truly enjoyed their running and romping through the countryside.  Mountain Man and I enjoyed catching our breath, chasing butterflies and watching clouds.
How do you keep family near and dear?!  Whether near or far it takes diligence.  What's working of you?! 

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