One Mom's Diagnosis

When the Doctor tells you, "This is in your DNA.  You need to face it.  This is not a diet and exercise and it is gone thing, it is there in the DNA" lots of things go through your mind.  The tears were quick and hot,  my first thought was "I do not want to be on medication." I have been thankful to be medication free so I felt out-of-my-control to change this.  "My second thought was my father died from this at the age of 46."

My amazing Doctor whom Boulder Mountain Man and I both highly regard and respect, simply said, "Forget about your Dad, this is about you, you can manage this, or it will manage you."  Okay, you know this Daddy's girl, um yes, that was hard to take.  You don't tell me "forget about your Daddy."

However, I was desperate for an answer and I was willing to admit this was about me right now and not my Dad and his circumstances were not the reason I was sitting in the Doctor's office horribly coughing and gasping for breath after 'just having a cold.'

In my soul, I was ready for truth.  Ready for a plan of action of health and wellness.  Yet, the truth still stung.

I have Asthma.

That is SO hard to say.  To admit.

There were no signs - like I lungs of steel that could well, run a Marathon with no problem.  Exercise freely.  Never need medication.  Hike a "14er."Enjoy life.

Yet,  there were signs. Hospitalized with Pneumonia at the age of 5.  Bronchitis every other Winter of my adult life.  Thankfully, I do not get sick often.  When I do, it hits like a brick and quickly.  And this is when it hits my lungs and chest.  This is asthma.

As a Christian, I know in my mind and heart this world is not my home and that this world is a broken place.  Yet, my soul longs for a perfect world... which again is not here.  Still, it is hard to admit I have Asthma and it does not go away when the wheezing stops.
So thankfully we have good doctors and an effective and precise dosage of medication.  One dose/inhaler in the am and one in the pm.  This was after a struggle.  After a Winter of wellness and then... bronchitis which lead the Good Doctor to a diagnosis.  And the patient to an acceptance.

I have asthma.

Not only do I have asthma.  Over the year and a half, our Twin Sons have been diagnosed with asthma. Both of the Tigers and I have been confirmed to be allergic to beloved Cats and Dogs....  This is hard news for animal loving boys and their Mom.  Yes, tears were involved.

It's an especially difficult topic for our son who wants to be a Veterinarian so he can work with animals.  We adore animals.  Remember when they were riding Horses standing up!  That kind of love.

It is difficult to know that my children who are perfect to me are imperfect in these bodies. That we must care for their asthmatic limitations as well.  One has Exercise Induced Asthma.  One has Bacterial Induced Asthma.  Thankfully, it has been mild.  We pray they grow out of this.  However, for me it seems to either be mis-diagnosed or adult-onset fully. 

Nonetheless, we will manage the asthma so it doesn't manage us, so help me God.   Thankfully, Boulder Mountain Man has been well and free of any of these diagnoses. 

Even still, I am thankful for the many things in my life and my health is one of them.  This has made me more aware and thankful for all God has done for me.  And for my children.  It also gives me the resolve for health and wellness.  

Though we have a diagnosis, there is a prognosis and an exciting Part II to this post.  Stay tuned tomorrow for something exciting that we get to do. 



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Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I am so sorry that you and your family have to deal with this. I hope that you can all manage it well.