Spring Fashion 2012 Styles

You know I love Fashion.   I think it is fun to watch New York Fashion Week and see what all is going on for Spring 2012.  And other Seasons. I call them recommends because just because they walk the cat walk does not mean I am recommending them. ha!

This Carolina Herrera is really cool.  However, most of the others, were so not my Southern style.  And why is it Models do not smile.  I mean I was not made to be one of those who does not smile. I do get that some people can be of the moment without smiling like those model.  And does it well.

But heaven help us, so many of the models look ill or angry.  Maybe just hungry. :)  

Here are some Spring Classics that go a long way and look super hip and chic. 

And I love the Dress. So look at this fabulous Yacht Stripe Dress - Simply Southern. Simply great. 

What are your favorite Spring Styles this year?! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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