Hershey Easter Memories: A Southern Easter Memory or Two

We are celebrating Easter with reading the Gospel of John Chapters 19 and 20, 
attending our church musical, the Shadows in celebration of Easter Sunday, 
He is Risen. And we're doing things like eating Chocolate!  
Hershey's Chocolate. I admit it! 

Hershey's was a sponsor at Blissdom in Nashville in February.  It was great to see them again. 

We talked a lot about Chocolate and Easter!  And I even got a huge from the Hershey's Easter Bunny! 
This one was for my boys, the Tigers LOVE Hershey's and the Easter Bunny. 
He asked me my favorite Easter Memories! 

Whew, we could have talked all day.  Easter was always about family and 
 Jesus. And a good Chocolate Easter Basket full of things like Hershey's Kisses, 
Reese's and Chocolate Malt Balls. Then we went hunting for Easter Eggs! 

Hershey's sent me a HUGE Easter Basket this year and it was Pink! 

That says it all! You know me and my life-long love of all things Pink! 
So this basket took me back to those Sundays in South Louisiana.... my siblings and I, 
five of us, would wake up and be lead outside to our horseshoe driveway in our front 
year of our two acres.  The Gardenia bushes were blooming for Easter and we would 
smell their wonder as we were lead outside with our eyes closed. 

My amazing Mom would usually make our traditional Easter Sunday Lunch which 
was the most outstanding assortment of great Southern cooking.  All Homemade!
by my Mother! She loved sharing this tradition with us. 

Our table would often look like this.  She LOVED decorating it and teaching us 
all of the different manners and etiquette to use. 

She would often create a center piece like these! And add a cute little Bunny!  

She was SO creative.
More than anything now, I appreciate all of the work, effort and fabulous recipes my mother made for us (every meal) especially at Eastertime!  

She got us all dressed in our new Easter Dresses, Shoes, Hats, Gloves and Purses! I loved it! 
And my brother and dad were in their Seersucker Suits and Bucks. This is the South y'all! 
We love tradition and style. 

Once at church we learned the amazing story of Jesus giving his life for each one of us. 
And how he Rose from the Grave!  Another top memory is 
Up from the grave He arose.... amen! 

Now, I am really ready for Easter. We have the chocolates, Reese's, Hershey's Kisses 
and more! And we were ready to celebrate He is Risen! 

Thank you Hershey's for the BEST Easter Candy!  
And for this great basket with all of our favorites! 

Warmly, Carolina Mama 

*The basket was sent to me from Hershey's to celebrate the Season. I waited in line at Blissdom to 
customize my basket because Hershey is thoughtful like that. So I chose our favorites to help celebrate our favorite Easter memories. Thanks Hershey's! 

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Beth in NC said...

Those are some sweet memories! And I could deal with that basket full of chocolate! Oh yeah!

Happy and blessed Easter! He is ALIVE! Hallelujah!