Rayovac Steve Spangler Science Contest and Build a Light Bulb

As a Boy Mom, Science is so fun!  My boys love to experiment and create.  I will never forget our first Dinosaur Dig.  I ordered a Dinosaur Dig Kit and we explored and 'dug for Dinosaur teeth."  It was great fun.  The Tigers were younger then and they gave it their whole heart.  We all learned and loved that science experiment.  "We brought Science to Life."  Sort of.

Now, I get so excited about Steve Spangler Science - I love that Rayovac is teaming up again with Steve Spangler Science to provide three educators entrance into the Spangler's hands on Science institute, Science in the Rockies!  July 10-12, 2012. 

So now the Exceptional Teacher in your child's life can bring Science back to life at the cool Spangler Science Institute.  Take a look at this Build a Light Bulb Science experiment.  Now that's a Science Experiment.  I have to do this with the Tigers.

Teachers Bring Science to Life Contest:

Through May 9, educators at any grade level can nominate themselves for a chance to win one of three admissions by submitting an online essay, up to 300 words, at www.rayovac.com/science  , explaining how they inspire students and bring learning to life. 

Three inspirational teachers will be selected by Rayovac to win admission worth $895 to attend Science in the Rockies, where attendees will learn great classroom techniques and engaging experiments sure to inspire and captivate their students. More information, the official contest rules and the entry form can be found at www.rayovac.com/science.  
I love this contest and the Institute and all that it does to help kids fall in love with Science.  Did you love Science or have an amazing Teacher bring Science to life for you?  

Now, go sign up your favorite Teacher for Steve Spangler Science! :) 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*I am a Rayovac Power Blogger.  My love of Science and Rayovac is all my own.

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