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We are animal lovers. Our boys, you know, my Tigers, adore animals. They have both talk about becoming Veterinarians. One continues to dream of his Veterinarian days.

Following up from yesterday, you know we have a little situation regarding pets. Excitingly, today I am back to share a fabulous solution to our situation that leads to no pets. With three of us having allergy and asthma issues, we are so thrilled that there is a way for us to enjoy pets.

I have joined Smart Pet Guide as a Smart Pet Fish Diaries Blogger. I could not be happier about this opportunity for our boys. We adore fish and look forward to setting up our home Aquarium, choosing our Pets, and making our home their home.  We look forward to sharing with you here.  Please let us know if you have specific questions you would like answered.

We will be sharing our journey and Pet Care Tips and Advice. I look forward to teaching the boys all of the aspects of aquarium life and watching their relationships with their fish develop. I know they are good at taking care to feed our birds and water our plants so I know they will be diligent in fish care.

We look forward to sharing insights on having healthy and happy Fish! I see a Book Report or two in the works for the Tigers. It really a perfect opportunity to learn how to feed, and balance the water and all the other aquarium life things that I, too, will be learning.

And all of this, Allergy and Asthma FREE! That is golden! Thank you Smart Pet for including our family as a Fish Diaries Blogger. We couldn't be more enthusiastic to walk this road together.  Thank you for joining us and we look forward to this experience and sharing with you. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*I am a Smart Pet Fish Diaries Blogger. The enthusiasm is my own. Follow our journey.


Shannon said...

The chiropractor has helped Levi greatly with his asthma. They also do treatments on him and he wears magnets made out of 24 carat gold under a sticker on his chest when he needs them. Another thing that helps him is acupuncture.
He still has his daily inhaled medication and a rescue inhaler that he uses one hour before track meets. Also exercise helps allot. The doc even encourages him to run more to help his lungs.

Pet Lover said...

Always good for young generation to know & learn more about the Pets.