We'll Be Watching - Inauguration Day Children's Activities and More

Presidential Inauguration is a week from today!
Present President Bush

The transition will be seen by millions around the world.
Transition President Bush to President Elect Obama
Two Presidential Couples ;)
Our Future: President Elect Barack Obama

Here's what Carolina Mama will be doing with The Tigers this notorious day next Tuesday - Presidential Inauguration Day Activities for Children. I want my children to be a part of this historic day. I want them to remember, to embrace our government, change and hope for our future. These activities should make it fun. Please remember this most important one here.

A huge Thank You Mr. President and Blessings on President Bush and President Elect Barack Obama for their leadership and commitment to our country.

WIll you join us in these activities? Will you be in Washington for the Inauguration?

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Journey on! by Kelleye said...

Very cool. A great idea- something I have not thought about! but I think I am definitly going to plan for it.

Screwed Up Texan said...

I am still trying to decide what to post/not post for this Tuesday, Inaugural Day. I will be watching from my living room with my two youngest.