Blessings My Friends...and Rolltide in my Hometown

Happy New Year my friends! Thank you for stopping by. We are well and hope you all are.

Just thinkin' Rolltide! in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl! Sweet! Let me know if you're a 'Bama fan. Are you going to the game? We'll be watching from Carolina Mama. It's going to be an awesome game. I grew up a Bear Bryant follower so it is a natural thing to Rolltide. We Southerners stick together like that and we appreciate greatness like that.

"Win It Wednesday" will resume on Wednesday January 7th. And sure, I coulda, shoulda woulda mentioned that before - however, it is what it is and all of the sudden it is the first weekend of this our New Year.

This exact fact reminds me of why I love written resolutions, goals and thoughts. A plan works for me. So let me know how you are starting on your New Year.

Also, I am working on a fun Guest Post next Thursday the 8th so see ya soon for some fun.

Until then, I am enjoying my mommy-life as I knew it prior to mommyblogging. You know, lots of playing, reading, floor-time which now days is wrestling or tickle-time. We're baking, hiking. Is anyone else savoring the last of their Holidays. We are and it feels great.

It's so much more enjoyable to juggle when I have less plates to spin. Minus my .mac, email, blog, etc. Life just got a lot simpler. That's how I want to start this New Year.

Love this new verse I found this morning, it was a Psalm verse 93 - however, my Bible is elsewhere am I am heretofor so basically it stated that I love His precepts because He hath made them known to me. I will trust in them. L.o.v.e it! See y'all soon.


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Rae said...

I hope we can still be friends....I'm rooting for the Utes, Must be loyal to one's alma mater!!! Guest post? Sounds exciting!!!

Anonymous said...


Tammy said...


Journey on! by Kelleye said...

Aww the mommy time thing sounds like a winner- never thought of life before blogging before-LOL!

Wife of Rob said...

Born and raised and still in BAMA! I'm still proud of those matter what happened Friday night. ROLL TIDE! Glad to know that you are a Tide fan!!

Susanne said...

Geez! Your a Carolina Mama AND a Tide fan!! That's it! You're officially my new BFF! ;-)

I was born in Birmingham, AL. (Only lived there my first year, then back here to Florence where my parents were born and raised. And much of my KISA's family is from AL, so we're pretty die hard!