My Beautiful Life Is Not In the Stock Market

This Friday it seems fitting to join the blog talk about our "Beautiful Lives."

After the US Airways plane 'landing' in the Hudson River yesterday, more business failures today, reminding us of our economy, Online Trading, the nasdaq, stock trading , I like to take "stock" and be thankful for the beautiful life I do have and aspire towards. By taking stock, I do not even mean an Wall Street stock, I am talking about stock of things in my life that matter right now.

However, if taking stock for me only signified materialism, and things, then yes, our retirement funds would be on the tip of my lips. And I would be considering these Online Broker Wizards.

Right now, the things that are beautiful in my life are:

1) It's Friday and that means more Family time, more time to have fun, and more time to enjoy the beauty;
2) A roaring fire in the fireplace - which is much needed this cold winter's night;
3) A free country, as I think about the upcoming Inauguration Day activities, I am thankful for our country and its freedom;
4) President George W. Bush - I still love this man ( I know I just lost some of you. Honestly, at least give me credit for loyalty and standing by my man)! Even in his fiercest moments, President Bush has stood talk with a grace and regality that few will ever know. I appreciate him. As a final, shout out to my President, check out his final speech. Enjoy!
5) Last and most importantly, Mountain Man and the Tigers. I am immeasurably blessed by this life I have been given.

What's beautuiful in your life right now, check out The Inspired Room and please let me know yours. Have a great weekend.



Sandy said...

You do have a beautiful life! Have a great weekend:)

Ginger said...

Wow! Such great thoughts. Thanks for sharing them. Enjoy the day and weekend.

Kristen said...

We definately need a fire tonight and this weekend...burrrrr

Lynette said...

It is nice to sit back and reflect at times on the non-material things!!
Good post and enjoy your weekend ~

Unknown said...

Well said.

Sandy said...

It is the little everyday things that make our lives more beautiful and list reflects your appreciation of your beautiful life well. Have a great weekend!

Connie Arnold said...

It's good to remember all the beautiful things in life in the midst of some of the not-so-beautiful events. Thank you for sharing yours!

Mel said...

Yes it is a beautiful life!!!

Paula said...

Love the perspective! And it's ok to love your president. Times are changing and I'm so glad that I have God in my life to direct it and to lean on Him.

Montee said...

You did not lose me. I wrote about Mr. Bush on my blog.

Your Tiger's basketball team is doing quite well.

My relationship with God and my family are most beautiful in my life. No matter what is going on in the world, they are my rock.

Jackie said...

Didn't lose me, either, girl...I am with you all the way on that one!

Life is good...great reminder to be thankful for the simple things.