Do You Get Your News From Twitter?


Thankful this US Airways plane landed safely in the Hudson River. Thanks to Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger III - A Pilot's Pilot Can you imagine! And they all survived! I have to tell ya, I got this news first from Twitter! I was on a Mommyblogging phone call, which was exciting enough, when this news came across Twitter of all things.

So my first instinct was to check out the news on other news networks, well, no news. It was a fair amount of time before MSNBC confirmed what I first heard on Twitter. :) As it turned out, the guy who made the "Tweet" saw the plane land in the river. Real life.

Just wanted y'all to know another reason I'd love to see you on Twitter with us. :) Since I am in spreading the info mode, I wanted to share a blog I just discovered when she popped by Carolina Mama, Ginger @ Embrace Life! I love her story thus far and her positive outlook on life and the great resources she shares. Check her out. And she's a Carolina Girl.

Finally, I want to shout to/with Grace Alone's Thankful Thursday (somehow my post dates are delayed, so it's Friday and we are Thankful Thursday).

1) My Family;
2) A Happy New Year 2009;
3) My bloggy friends of 2008 (and 2009) ;)
4) Starbucks coffee and lattes;
5) God's Creation - hiking, jogging and enjoying it;
6) Thankful the US Airway passengers are safe; and
7) Sunshine on a very cold day.

What are you Thankful for today? Y'all have a great day!


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Denise said...

Such a precious thankful list dear.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

What a great list! Isn't Twitter amazing and fun? I love it!

Have a blessed day!

Abby said...

WHat a great list. I just discovered Twitter. Another new obsession!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I don't twitter, but I continue to feel amazed at the plane crash that wasn't a crash. (If you walk away, it was a landing... or so says my daddy the aviator.) I've never before allowed the Tongginator to watch the news, but I did show her this story yesterday and she said, "Wow, momma... they were blessed." Out of the mouths of babes...

Shannon said...

I don't twitter, but I saw the plane crash stuff online last night. So thankful no one was hurt!

Jenny S said...

Hi! Nice list!! How do I add my blog to your Carolina Blog roll? I am in Raleigh and I have two blogs...let me know! Thanks!

Sarah said...

I totally get my news from Twitter!

Hey, did you get my DM?

Allie said...

I got the news about the plane crash from Twitter as well! It was startling and amazing to see technology and the news all work and happen at once.