Hansbrough's Mojo Was On As UNC Wins Against College of Charleston

UNC Tar Heels delivered last night!

Carolina Girls - Carolina Mamas, We're keeping the Rollcall going here. Please sign up now and enjoy the fun. Let me know if you are interested in being featured. :) I thought it would be nice to once a week feature our Carolina Girls (and friends)...best in the world. :)

Did you think Carolina Mama was becoming a Sports Reporter Blogger? No worries, I am just giving it to you live. Mountain Man really surprised me with tickets to the No. 1 okay their lost Sunday made them the No. 3 ranked team in the nation. Of course, in my mind (and really shortly the world will see) Carolina Tar Heels are still ranked as No. 1.

Lots of memories, my mother a UNC Tar Heel would always cheer it up for the Tar Heels and it was super rival when UNC and Duke faced off - sometimes in the NCAA tourney.

So ode to the Carolina Girls and my reader Friends.

Who is your favorite College basketball team? Carolina or other if you must. :)
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Tammy said...

Well, since our college basketball team here at Alabama is not up to par with the football team I can't say they are my favorite. But I've been a Georgetown girl since the 80's.

Shannon said...

N.C. State.

Kristen said...

Go Wolfpack!
and my word verification is REDRA

ha ha

Beverly said...

That would be Duke!!! ;-)

Nancy M. said...

My favorite team was always Carolina. But, down here in SC, when I say Carolina, they think I mean Gamecocks, not Tarheels. Carolina Blue through and through!

carolinagirl said...

I'm a Tar Heel born and a Tar Heel bred and when I die, I'll be a Tar Heel dead!!!! :) Go Heels!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Girl, I can't believe I've never told you this before...my husband grew up in Winston-Salem and he is a diehard Wake Forest fan. We had to come to an agreement when we got pregnant that I would never try to "take" our kids' allegiance away from the Deacons! So I guess when March Madness comes around we will have to agree to disagree! :)

Montee said...

My son is not very happy with Carolina right now. I hate to tell you but I like DUKE. I will root for Carolina if they are playing against anyone but DUKE. I recently posted on my blog about taking my son to the practices for the Final Four last year. We had a ball watching UNC and Tyler Hansboro.

Upstatemomof3 said...

We are smack in SU territory so I better root for them :)

thediaperdiaries said...

I married a Michigan State Spartan so that is who I root for. And it is nice cause they are usually very good :)