"Billy" - The Untold Story

Recently, I took a little time from the .mac and Twitter and Friends and spent time with my friend Books. :) Really one lazy day before the end of 2008 I picked up this book, "Billy" about the life of Billy Graham.

After growing up all of my life with the Billy Graham influence. I only really knew about Billy Graham the Evangelist and family man. Even after seeing many Crusades, attending one, getting to slip him a note at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans, and having an Aunt actually work for him, I didn't know the ordinary things that this book shares.

It is well written and talks about his family and parents as he grew up on a farm in North Carolina. Carolina Papa, Carolina Boy as we say around here. Good roots.

It was fun to read of his decision for Christ as a teenager. How he went to Bible college, met his wife Ruth Graham and was called to be an Evangelist. This was out of his comfort zone on many fronts and yet he was faithful through it all.

He was particularly faithful as his dear friend and mentor becomes an atheist. To read of his human struggles and challenges was an encouragement. We've seen how he has lived out his life and ministry.

It was fun to read about he and his wife, Ruth and how they met and courted. Now, go read "Billy" and find out about his personal side of life.

And be blessed! Billy Graham still resides at his home in North Carolina where he just turned 90 years old. You will be encouraged to follow Him more closely, to share with others and to walk by faith.

Tell me your Bill Graham story.


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Smelling Coffee said...

Hey friend! You are a busy blogger tonight. :-)

Thanks for the encouragement to read this book. It sounds wonderful. I love to read books/articles by and about the Grahams. When I was a young minister's wife, I read everything Ruth Graham wrote on the subject, and considered her a "distant mentor". She helped me with lots of attitude adjustments, for sure!!!

I'll have to look for this book. :-)

Sarah said...

I love his story and will definitely look for the book next time I am at the bookstore.
Happy New Year to you too! I am so thankful for you and for your friendship this past year!
I wish we could "meet" so that I could give you a big hug!

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing this book... I love finding out about a great read!

I had the opportunity to see Billy Graham about eight years ago... it was truly amazing and something I will never forget.

i will be adding this book to my wish list for sure!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I don't have a Billy Graham story, but I am intrigued about this! Thanks for the tip! Oh, and Happy New Year!!