Official Inauguration Poster- It's A Big Day!

Official Inauguration Poster, by Obama Team

Y'all are the best! Thanks for reading and encouraging yesterday. It means so much.

Today, Happy Birthday Martin Luther King! I was thinking about our country and tomorrow's Inauguration Day. Our Presidential Inauguration. I have to say I am going to miss President and Mrs. Bush immensely. However, I am planning to take part in the Pray for Obama day by Max Lucado. I think it is nice. So often we must be reminded to pray for those who are different or opposite of us. Let's pray for our President and our country.

Jonas Bros. Inaugural Kids Concert

Are you planning to watch the Jonas Brothers @ the Inaugural Kids Concert? That sounds so fun. I'm hoping to hear something that doesn't make me distinctly aware that I am not eleven any more. :)

Are you thinking about what you think and believe? Are you sharing it with your children? I plan to see the festivities with my children and we also plan to explain some of our differences. We will also share that no matter what - we'll be praying for the Obamas and our great Country.

Are you doing anything special for the Inauguration? Have you discussed the Presidential election at length with your children? Any ideas to share?

Big stuff as we're making history - or should I say living history - isn't that what we do everyday.



Montee said...

I will be with you in praying for our country and for the new President to do the right thing. I am especially praying for Congress to wakeup and smell the coffee!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

I think no matter ones political affiliation, no one can attest that tomorrow is a very exciting day. My oldest child is five and I'm recording he concert for her tonight and also we're talking at length about civil rights, MLK, and the innag.

Nancy M. said...

We are going to watch the election on TV and are doing some of the things you had a link to the other day. We will definitely be praying for our president and country!

Ginger said...

Hi there,
Definitely history in the making. No real special plans..just planning to watch with my class. Just like Nancy said in the comment above..praying for our new leader.

Smelling Coffee said...

Thanks for the info about Max Lucado's prayer gathering for the Obamas. I joined our family in - as we will be praying daily.

I like your approach to the inaguration. Originally, I wanted to avoid it - but it's the first one our children will remember, and we want to make the most of it.