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Hey Y'all,
Thanks everyone for playing along - I have to admit this has been great fun meeting and greeting regarding all things Carolina. Even memories, friends, dreams. You've got it.

To all of my readers, friends, follows and those of you who accidentally clicked over (just joking - feel free to stay and enjoy the ride!) this blog is for you. In other words, do not feel like you have to be a Carolina Girl by any means than just you like popping by - that makes you part of us. So hang in there with us/hang out/ learn with us. :)

So as for Carolina Girls talk - One thing I am doing is putting together the lovely Rollcall/Blogroll. Some of us are not as quick as others - at some things. :) If you have not done so, please leave your link below in comments so I can include everyone. I am assuming this will take some time and I ask in advance for your patience as I perfect the list.

Next, I have a great idea, a Twitter friend wants to know what and where do we recommend things for her upcoming trip to Myrtle Beach. I loved my college days at Myrtle. With that said, that is so last century! If you know what I mean, so will you join me with any this century recommends. :) Because of course, we want to recommend only our Carolina Best to our friends.

Finally, who wants to get on the list to be featured here as a "Carolina Girl?" I will began featuring everyone interested in our Rollcall. So let me know and we'll get it started, it going to be great.

Just to remember that Mamas are the same wherever we go, I wanted to share this hilarious and interesting video. I do not advocate everything many things that Dooce advocates. Therefore, we can agree to disagree on many things. Sometimes her dry sense of humor is hilarious and some days I find something intriguing like this question, Wife or Mom, Which is Harder? Hopefully, you'll find both Wife and Mom are enjoyable and worth every effort. Go ahead and tell me, did you find this funny?! Interesting to see others' point-of-view on the topic? And what is your answer to this question?

As you can imagine, I am thankful for my beautiful life of blogging friends and particularly the new Carolina Girls Rollcall. Join us if you haven't and to share your beautiful life check out Hooked on Houses.

Have a great day and 'see ya' soon. Remember to Enter "Win It Wednesday!"


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Wow! A lot of stuff. Okay,

I myself do not go every year to Myrtle Beach since we now go to Hilton Head Island, so I'm not sure of "current" places to suggest. I mean you do have Broadway at the Beach which gives you many choices and lots of good places to eat...

Next, Yes! I want to be a part of the Carolina Girls "Blog Roll". My blog site is (Is that what you mean? I'm not blogger literate!!) :-)

And then about Dooce...I read...a little too rich for me...that's all I'm saying!

Have a great one today!

Jo said...

Wow, the energy is flowing today! Sadly, I'm not from Carolina but son attends college there ~ does that semi count?

What type of link are you looking for? I just pasted my in from my favorites list when I had mine listed on my blog.

Have a fabulous day!

Mel said...

There is a lot in Myrtle my dad has a restaruant/bar there on the beach :) Carolina girl blog roll

Shannon said...

Hmmm, Myrtle Beach, don't go there, lol. We avoid that place at all cost. Too commercial. If you want a real beach for a family vaca go to one of the islands... Oak Island, Holden Beach, Hilton Head, there are no crowds on the sand, no drunken teenagers, it is amazing!!!

Pam B said...

Egads, I haven't been to Myrtle Beach in years! My mother used to take us every summer with her income tax refund. Fun times...

I'd love to be added to the blogroll:

Unknown said...

The aquarium in Myrtle beach is amazing.

There is so much fun stuff to do its hard to decide.

I'd love to be on your blogroll.

Montee said...

I want to be on the Blog Roll!

I have not been to Myrtle beach in years, but since my husband works for the ATL Braves, I will recommend attending a Myrtle Beach Pelicans game. They are the A-ball team for the Atlanta Braves. Several of their plyers have gone on to the Big Leagues. I think this is one of the most fun Minor League ballparks. Growing up, we spent most of our time at Surfside Beach. In high school, Ocean Drive. You know that was the partying place.

Montee said...

oh, in case you need this....

Tara said...

Please add me to the Blog Roll.

Susanne said...

Yes!! I'd love to be on the Carolina Girl Blog Roll!!

Susanne @

Hmmm favorite thing to do at Myrtle Beach. That's hard. I don't really go to Myrtle Beach that much anymore, (we vacation at Sunset Beach, NC now) but I love to go there to shop!

I'm kinda torn on the whole argument about which is harder: marriage or motherhood. They're both pretty sticky at times. But I would say that because my hubs and I try to do everything we can to stay connected and present a united front, the kids (and their changing phases/needs) tend to present more "issues" than the marriage. Did that make any sense?

I agree with Beth. Spent a little time on the Momversations site. Pretty interesting... but a little too "rich for my blood". ;-)

Kristen said...

Mr. C and I are on track with the training so far.

Love the Carolina Girl blogroll!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Carolina Mama,

Thanks for visiting today!"

Have a great week!
~Melissa :)

Gigi said...

Thanks so much for putting together the blogroll! I already see tons of new blogs to check out.
Wife or Mom- which is harder? Humph, they're BOTH hard when people don't see that you are always right :)

bbmomof2boys said...

ok, so where have I been and why haven't I been to your blog yet?? Jeez....

Myrtle Beach - I live in NC but stay away from the ocean. Yeah, you caught me - I grew up in central NY and would rather spend my weekend at the lake then the ocean. Now, my 2 boys are pure Carolinians (is that a word?) and LOVE the beach!!

I'd love to be on your blog roll!!


Journey on! by Kelleye said...

Does recently moved from Carolina count?

Myrtle Beach is my most favorite place- on a budget do the Affordable family resort. For the evening- I just loved Broadway on the beach(which is not on the beach by the way). What I miss the most- besides the awesome people is a couple of things; living on the border of NC & SC-talk about the best of both worlds. Being 1-1/2 hrs. from Beech Mountain free sledding for my kiddos and only a couple of hours to the beach! What more could one ask for!
Being a mom is the single most difficult thing I have ever done in my life- wife, thats nothing in comparison to me-=)

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Ok - this is to weird. I thought that I had left a comment here...I know I did, but I bet that I didn't type the word verification thingy in correct. Here I was just coming to see who is all from NC and I am not even on here...bummer. :)
I am here...add me on!

Carolina Mama said...

Jen- Balancing Beauty and Bedlam. You are on the list!

Note to all, the Rollcall lists according to whomever posts most recently - goes to the top of the list. Look at the bottom and click "show all." And you'll see close to all 50! ;)

If you are not in fact on the complete list, please let me know. This is a work in process. Just getting us all set up. :)

Thanks ladies!

A Christian Mom said...

I'm already on the blogroll... wow, it's been 5 days since I blogged! Yikes!

Myrtle Beach... believe it or not, I've only been there once. It was for a womans retreat for my church. It was in November and cold, but the hotel we were in had a great indoor pool & a hot tub. I still walked on the beach in the afternoons... it was beautiful.

As for the video... my answer is that marriage is harder. With kids, you expect a mess, yelling, occassionally there is some bribing that takes place, and some rebellion. You don't expect that from a grown adult. I'm just saying! ;o)

Monica Wilkinson said...

I am a Carolina girl, so would love to be included in your roll call!

Unknown said...

I just realized that I hadn't left a comment for you re: Myrtle Beach.

Shopping: Broadway at the Beach, Coastal Grand Mall, and two Tanger Outlets.

Eating: great places at both Broadway and the mall, but if you want great seafood, you'll have to go a little farther south to Murrells Inlet. My favorties there are Divine Fish House, Russell's and Hot Fish Club.

Attractions: well, the beach of course! Plus there are lots of shows. Carolina Opry, Legends are two of personal faves.

Hope this helps!

Also, I didn't see my blog on the blogroll. I'll double check.

Real Life Sarah said...

I'd live to be on the rollcall! Great idea!

We go to Myrtle/ N Myrtle every year, and we LOVE this liitle restaurant on the strip called Bummz! It is amazing atmosphere, great food with live music, bar inside, family patio dining outside and direct access to the beach.

We also went to Original Benjamin's Seafood buffet and loved it.

Broadway at the beach is really fun, and we had lots of fun at the big Carnival place, I can't remember what it's called.

I've never read Dooce before.

Tee said...

I'm so glad to have found you...knew there must be some kindred spirits out there in Carolina somewhere! I'm a blog newbie and have been spending lots of time just surfing lately. Please add me to the Carolina girls roll call.

We've spent some time in MB for baseball the last few years. We rented a house at Ocean Lakes Campground one time. At the time we were there, I thought it was such a hick place, but now those memories are some of my favorite. Guess we all have a little bit of redneck in us.

Amanda said...

Well, I am a Carolina Girl having lived in Charleston my entire life. Pretty much I end up in Myrtle Beach at least once every other year. I LOVE Revolutions at Broadway on the Beach. They have GREAT dance music. But, I also love...I'm taking it way back...The Gay Dolpin. I know, the place is full of junk and tourist stuff...but I LOVE IT!! It reminds me of how Myrtle Beach used to be.

Love your blog. Add me to the blog roll. I'm not a mother ( I really, really, really want to be), but being a wife is a lot of work too!

duchess said...

Is it too late to be added:

I'm in SC now but from NC.

Windy said...

I'm a Carolina Girl:) Please add me to the list
Love your blog!
And about Myrtle - we go to Garden City every year, but still ride through Myrtle. Not the same as when we were teenagers, since the Pavilion is gone, and no cruising teenagers!
The best seafood is in Murrell's Inlet (about 20 min down 17) and the best steakhouse is Angelo's (in MB) I think around 20th Ave.
Shopping is great!

Unknown said...

I am very veyr late doing this but...Mari checking in from Raleigh, NC

Shakerwood said...

I just found you from Pam at Antiques or Not. And I'm a Carolina Girl living in Rock Hill! Not crazy about Myrtle Beach. It's just too much everything. We did spend one week a few years back in Edisto and liked it. We are more "mountain" people!

Anonymous said...