Elvis Sighting At Our Town Christmas Parade

Well, here is it in live daylight - Elvis the King appeared live at our town's Christmas Parade! Doesn't he look good! And he did not disappoint. :) He even took a moment to make eye-contact which is always special.

It mush have been something to watch him back in the day because I can tell you he put on quiet a show today.

Fun was had by all in a small town parade in America this Christmas season.

p.s. If there was ever any doubt, "Roller Derby" is "back" so now you know. And just for the record, i was not apart or aware of the first round of "Roller Derby." For your viewing pleasure, here it is live. :) Have a great weekend!


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Smelling Coffee said...

How funny! I miss our little town Christmas Parades! My dad was our town Santa - and it was always a fun time!!!