The Boys Favorite Things on Vacation Days

To a seven year old boys, life is busy. Toys, Reading, Playing, Running, Family. Life is care-free. After I started this, I thought I would ask the boys what matters right now. Here is their list un-cut.

Tiger A lists;

Christmas, Guns (they are playing with water guns right now) Horses, Cats, Dogs, Movies, Jesus, Football and Running. Of course, I asked about food. Notice the children didn't mention foods as a favorite. However, Tiger A listed his favorite Cheese Quisadillas. Friends were: Ms. L, our neighbor, Daniel his buddy from first grade, girlfriends and family.

Tiger B lists:

Baseball, Basketball, Football Fields (where his parents let him run wild :) Your back yard, trees, neighborhoods, friends and family. Cousins, brother, Bibles, Ramin and Mac n' Cheese and Chicken Noodle Soup. Again, I prompted the food mentions. So basically, even though they eat a. l.o.t of food, the list is above that makes their top mentions.

Me, I'm thinking about the New Year and reflecting on this past year.

Tell me, what are your vacation days or weekend days filled with this last few days of 2008?


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Hi! I found you through someone else's blog!! (Can't remember since I have a tendency to go from one to another one!!)

Anyway, hope you had a great Christmas.

This last week of 2008 will be spent trying to catch up at work for being out a whole week due to Strep it will be a busy time for sure. But I am truly looking forward to the new year...a time to "start over"....know what I mean?


Kim said...

Love boys don't ya??? Honestly, I am kinda wishin these last days of break would be quiet.... but definitely looking so forward to our trip! Which I should go get ready for. Have a great week!!!!