Christmas Crafty Thursday Fun :)

Sharing the fun that is Christmas Crafty Thursday. Because I am dedicated to this Crafty thing. Even though there is no need to share - with an entire internet full of crafty women! Nonetheless, I am having fun and persevering in this department all for the love of my own internet peeps. And a little more cheer around the home front. :)

I am sharing two little things that I loved doing and were easy enough for Carolina Mama to succeed. That's saying something.

First, look above and see my take on "The Nester's" fancy Ribbon Displaying the Door Wreath! Isn't it cute! I didn't fuss at all over it. I just Liked the Gold Ribbon I found and looped it around and made a cute little bow. You know what? She is right, this is way cuter than my wreath hanger. Though I did use my "Peace" wreath hanger on the back door with the matching wreath in it.

Next, onto some real skill here. Smelling Coffee and Between Here and Home gave me the courage to try these adorable Coaster Tiles! I made my own little version with Scrap Booking Paper. And then the lovely Lowe's tiles (Hi Mr. Lowe's don't you love all the mamas coming in for your tiles and sealer!).

Using percision, because I do not have a paper cutter sitting around so I cut the size to match the flat top of the tile. Then we mod podged the paper to the tile. Dried and sprayed with the sealer in matte finish.

Aren't they cute! Love them! And my Girlfriends will too. Have you tried these? Let me know what you are working on right now. :)


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Sarah said...

Your wreath and coasters are so pretty. I wanted to show some of the coasters I made but some of my friends read my blog and I didn't want anyone to know what they were getting for Christmas!!!

Shannon said...

I have been talking about making a berry wreath for years. Yours is great!! Love the coaster idea, what a nice gift for someone!

Christy said...

Love the idea of using decorative paper! I have a friend who is trying them with black and white photos of her kids. I think those would be really neat to try. Yes, all of us crafty women are certainly keeping Lowe's in business with all of our tiles that have been purchased. I only bought 80:)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love both projects! The wreath looks so great with the ribbon, and of course I love the coasters. Great job!!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Your coasters look great....I made some too..aren't they easy and fun????There are endless ideas!
-sandy toes

Smelling Coffee said...

Your coasters turned out great! I used stamps on mine and can't post pictures until after Christmas - b/c, like Sarah, I'm giving them to some who would see them on my blog first. :-)

I love the idea that Christy shared about the b/w photos of her children. I may try that with pictures, scripture verses, etc. The possibilites are endless!

mariel said...

LOVE love love the wreath holder idea and the coasters. I have made similar coasters to give away before. It was fun. But now I just buy the see-through photo coasters and insert scripture verses or pics of grandkids or whatever and give them as gifts...quicker and easier! ;)

Sandy said...

That wreath is gorgeous! I was just looking at my front door thinkig it could use some more color!