Back To School : Crayola Creativity Pack GIVEAWAY

Crayola Creativity Pack Giveaway

Crayola has made us all smile every September since we can remember right. Last night, do you know what I was doing like Santa Claus on Christma Eve? I was getting all of the details together kick off our school year! At about 1:40 am, yes that involved me opening up a fresh box of Craylas and taking a sniff. Ahhh the joy of a new box of Crayons! That involves Crayola every year.

This year, Crayola made it simple and sent me the most awesome "Crayola Creativity Pack." And we're all Twittering the Crayola "Girls Night Out" - Tonight (Tuesday, August 18th), Crayola is sponsoring “Girls Night Out” on Twitter - the mommy social gathering featuring colorful and engaging discussions on all things back-to-school.

Tweet the night away with other moms, Crayola creativity experts, and noted mommy bloggers, and get great ideas to help you prepare for the best back to school ever for your kids!

How it works:

· You can RSVP for the party "Crayola Creativitycast!" by clicking here.

· There, you can include your Twitter URL in the link list and see the list of other GNO gals

· Tonight, tweet using the hashtag #gno and chat away

· GNO participants will also have the chance to win great prizes separate from this Carolina Mama Giveaway! How about that!

Just for fun here is a full list of the Crayola Creativity Pack items is here.

To Enter to Win Carolina Mama's Crayola Creativity Pack, Enter a Comment with this answer:
What are your favorite Crayola products!

This will close at 10pm Friday, August 21, 2009. Good Luck! P.S. Get your own Crayola Discount Coupon Code here! :) Enjoy!

And that is may amazing Back to School Supplies Tip for you because Crayola products are that important to our children and us! So now you have a tip on the greatest School Supply Giveaway at "Works For Me Wednesday!" Check it out for more tips.


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Shannon said...

Crayola products are my favorite!!! Already did our back to school shopping when their stuff was 25 cents and a dollar or I would be down loading that coupon pronto, lol.

Sharon said...

I love Crayola crayons. No others will do, it has to be Crayola! :-)

Rachel R. said...

Plain old crayons. Other brands just don't cut it. Crayola lays down such nice even color.

CandCFamily said...

The triangle crayons for sure. Saved many a headache on the multiple plane trips we take.

Ticia said...

They have lots of great stuff, but right now I love their crayons. Their markers are also great, so it's not like there's just one.

Melanie said...

we love the markers over here. they actually do wash off our 4 and 2 1/2 year old daughters. they also wash off their little brother pretty well too ;)

Karin said...

The crayons of course! There's nothing like a new pack of Crayola Crayons.....

karin56381 (at)

Toystory said...

I love the crayola crayons. For some reason coloring with the many choices Crayola has, is just plain old good fun!!

Kat Bryan said...

Crayola crayons will always be my favorite. Markers eventually dry out but crayons always work down to the stubs.

bettycd said...

Nothing like a fresh box of crayons to settle the kids down for a while. As mine got older, they loved the Crayola Color Switchers