What I Learned Early Voting in North Carolina

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As promised, I'll do it - right here in the mommyblogging world. I'm going to go ahead and talk about The Election. Yes, that election, The Presidential Election '08. The election that Americans find difficult to discuss. Or even discuss say in the context of Voting. I will discuss it and I did vote. And I Voted Early! Am glad I did.

What I Learned Voting Early in North Carolina: NY Times that would be us - North Carolina - right here actually doing the voting....
1) Taking our children to the polls was an awesome and quite educational experience - glad we did it again;

2) Early Voting really does avoid the long lines especially if you go in the mid-afternoon;

3) Candidates actually still campaign right in front of the Voting Center.;

4) We enjoyed this aspect. It was refreshing to meet candidates in the everyday setting as opposed to the media driven forces;

5) I really missed the Bake Sale ladies that we always had at the polls growing up; you know the ones who make homemade goodies and sell it for next-to-nothing right there at the Town Hall;

6) This NY Times: North Carolina Butterfly Ballot article piqued my interest. I can see the point;

7) I recalled the lady that gave me the ballot was on her way to the NC State Fair and we DID NOT get the full lecture about the straight ticket or not; So our friends at NY Times may have a point;

8) Something about the "Straight Ticket" thing has always bothered me anyway; it just screams 'in the box,' "I can't think" and "I am not going to consider each candidate for who they are."

9) Anyone know a sane reason for a no-identification vote? I hate to go there but we all know where we've been in this here American Presidential Election Process; it just makes sense. I'm just saying; and

10) It was awesome to express our freedom to vote in the United States of America in an election year when regardless of the outcome, we will have a first presidential/vice-president ticket in the White House. We're living this history.

Have you voted?! How was your process!

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Shannon said...

Amen on numbers 8 and 9. The no identification thing has been bothering me too! Yes, yes, I remember the bake sale ladies, lol. Good stuff. Also remember the "conversations" at Sunday lunch with my mom's whole family "discussing" political views. We learned alot as kids just listening to everyone. We are also going to take our kids with us next week. (school is out on that day, but I was going to take the big boys anyway) They have been studying politics at school quite a bit, and done a great job at staying neutral and just teaching the facts.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Just wanted to say "hi" and thanks for stoppin' by my blog. You should try the pumpkin idea ~ it is SO easy!

Your family looks like a lot of fun!!


Sarah said...

We haven't voted yet. We live in a small community so the lines shouldnt' be too long on Tuesday--plus there is something that is exciting for me to know that I voted on Election Day.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Good for you for voting, and for voting early! I think we're doing mail-in ballots this year to just be sure we get it done before time gets away from us. Thanks for reminding me!

ChickenGal said...

In our house we all do absentee ballots by mail. It gives us a chance to discuss issue within the family and then it also gives us a more time to make an informed choice. Ohio passed a law that anyone can request a mail in ballot. Before it was only available if you were out of the county for that day, in the hospital or to infirm to get to the polls. One of the other reasons we vote this way is because many of our poll workers are elderly and crabby! We were often made to wait out in the rain,or inclement weather, not the foyer if they were backed up. They were mean and nasty if we brought children, telling us that only voting adults were allowed in the booth.(geez..my boys didn't even reach the table height) And even thought we voted there for 20+ years, novbody seemed to know who we were(they were always the same poll wokers and neighbors!) Any way, we have voted and we wish this whole thing was finished. I know that there could be better uses for all the wasted money on campaigning!

Miss Lisa said...

Yay for early voting--we plan on going today but then we planned on going yesterday and the day before too--hopefully today. Voting on election day---eeekkk!
I laughed at the straight party thing. I never did that before but I have a feeling if I have all the kids with me, I just, just might.....

Anonymous said...

This one: 8) Something about the "Straight Ticket" thing has always bothered me anyway; it just screams 'in the box,' "I can't think" and "I am not going to consider each candidate for who they are."

I just want to say thank you for that. I wish everyone had the ability to think this way.

Ginny said...

I used to feel that way about straight ticket as well. I realized the last few elections though, I voted for each person & it ended up being straight ticket. This year I plan on going through everything, verifying what I'm voting for & if ends up being a straight ticket, that is the way I'm voting.

I do agree on thinking about each candidate though. That is what always bothered me about it.