My Tom Cruise Ray-Ban Aviators

My Tom Cruise Aviators and even free shipping! This time last year, I needed a pair of sunglasses. It was Christmastime so I had a great excuse to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. I have always been one for quality over quantity in the style department. Forget about one-of-each color of the PayLess Shoe bargain of the month. I'll take my tried and true Nine West or Dansko any day.

This applied to my sunglasses. I have had many a pair but none like This Frame also known as the Tom Cruise Frame! :) In my college days, these Arista Frames survived many of football game, trip to the beach and Camden Cup. So I looked and looked for her replacement while shopping.

And I did!

Nordstrom's carried my Tom Cruise Aviator - Arista Frames ! :) With a price. I paid $139.00 + a pretty hefty shipping so my total was somewhere @ $150. That was OK since we all know the high quality of Ray-Bans. They are enduring and classic all in one.

And like an old friend, I was back. It was me again except a "few" years "wiser."

This year guess who is looking for sunglasses for family? And guess what little gem I just discovered from a friend of mine. Check out Fast Sunglasses. They are an online FastSunglass source for Discounted Designer Sunglasses.

Get this, offers Free Shipping! In this economy that's saying something.

Doing the math, my typical Ray-Ban purchase of $150 just turned into just $99.04! And it gets shipped direct and at Christmastime that's pure gold!

This Works For Me Wednesday! And for Christmas too!

Okay, go ahead and tell me: Are you a Ray-Ban fan? What is your favorite sunglass company?


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Shannon said...

Those sunglasses were so HOT when I was a teenager. I actually went to that movie and got in trouble because I didn't have permission from my parents. (I was 15 or so) I got grounded, but it was so worth it! Take my breath away came on the radio, on the way to the mountains. I looked at the hubs, and said... Do you think Tom Cruise plays this on repeat, remembering when the world thought he was so hot? Before he went crazy and now everyone wonders of he is in the closet? It was hilarious.

Audra Krell said...

Hey sister, thanks for this great tip! BTW, I just got my first pair of Dansko's last year, I love them so much! I am now off for a walk to Starbucks, it's the only thing that can incent me to go today! :) Have a great rest of the week.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I don't know about spending that much on shades - I'm more of a Payless and Walmart girl myself. (My current shades cost $7 at Target, I think.) But I will concede that some quality would be nice sometimes!

And, oh yeah, I will always agree with a pic of pre-crazy Tom Cruise! ;)

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Ha! Talk @ retro! And...I can't believe this, but my husband STILL has his aviators from college! Yes ma'am, circa 198something. He's so proud of that, and loves it when he sees them on a celebrity. Surprising how often we DO see 'em around.


~ Robin @ PENSIEVE

tory burch said...

The classic design of ray ban aviator sunglasses has been around for a long time and only seems to be getting more popular with age.