Fireproof Rocks! and Good Marriage Stuff!

My Twitterific last night read just this: "Fireproof Rocks!"

Ya'll it was one awesome Marriage movie! Faith and a whole lot of little lessons. It was so well done. This church in Georgia is quite amazing. As of last night, it was ranked No. 4 again. That is against movies that are showing in every theatre. This movie is only in some theatres.

It's awesome! Have you seen it? "The Love Dare" is due in bookstores 2009.


Kristen said...

Saw it last night, cried my eyes out and ordered the book when I got home! What a beautiful movie!

Rae said...

I can't wait to go and see this. I'm hoping DK and I can go sometime this week! Glad you enjoyed it!

Shannon said...

Is it only on theaters? Looks intriguing.