"A Whole Lotta Happy!"

It's State Fair Time Y'al! We get so excited about Fall and the North Carolina State Fair! Personally, I couldn't me more thrilled with the theme this year - "A Whole Lotta Happy!"

If you haven't seen it already - check out the Deep Fried @ the North Carolina State Fair! It's the official blog of the NC State Fair. It's lots of fun and chock full of information about the fair and its happenings.

If you are a social media maven like me you'll want to plan on the ...

... because you know this is just too cool. Are you going?! I've got some whodini to pull, however, it's on the Wish List! Sounds too fun! You can follow the scoop on Twitter here.

Are you headed to the State Fair? What's your favorite thing?! Last year, I loved seeing the corn meal milled, and trying out the amazing fresh Hush Puppies! And we all loved milking a cow! Pony rides, Grilled Corn, Cotton Candy and the Ferris Wheel!! .... Can;t wait!


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Love Being A Nonny said...

I love the NC State Fair!! I think my favorite part, besides people watching, of course, is watching the Lumberjacks!!! They are amazing....and that was an amazingly long sentence!!!:) Have fun. I may see you there!

MM said...

Surly all state fairs are fun, but North Carolina offers such encouragement to its people. The NC State fair is a celebration of this quality. It is no wonder why so many successful people and businesses spring from this nurturing community. There will be, for sure, "A Whole Lotta Happy!"