eBay MoneyMakers: Tristan O'Brien and eBay Giveaway Gift Card

It's Holiday Time!

Gift giving. Celebrating. It all adds up in a time when the stock market is rocking back and forth. The good news is that eBay MoneyMakers is here to the rescue. Seriously, eBay has some awesome answers for you, your family and friends.

Check out eBay MoneyMakers - eBay's Tristan O'Brien made the most of his layoff. In fact, this Indiana man went from no job to supporting his family with eBay. You can do this.

As a stay-at-home Mom to twin sons, I get this idea of going form earning to earning non-income rewards at home. It's a wonderful life. And so is the satisfaction of earning at home while you successfully do what you love.

This is Tristan. He loves what he does and he is successful at it.

Fellow eBay Parent Panel Member, Danielle Smith of Extraordinary Mommy caught up with Tristan here.

This is something you can develop for your family whether you stay at home, work at home or at the office. It's fun, too. Especially if you are like me - I love eBay Fashion! Just saying!

Remember that eBay helps you with eBay Seller Tips; and eBay Buyer Tips.
Learn more tips and tricks for earning on eBay from Tristan's blog, The eBay Entrepreneur Blog.

Enter to Win the eBay Gift Card of $25. Contest begins Tuesday, December 6th and closes Monday, December 12th. Open to U.S. Residents. Do not leave email address in comments.

1) Leave a comment on what you would Sell on eBay to enter.
2) Tweet this Contest link and enter again; good luck.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*This post is written as part of my eBay Parent Panel partnership with eBay. As I work closely with eBay, I am happy to share all opinions that are my own.


Shannon said...

Hey I saw your post where you shipped off your vids of the kids. There is a box you can buy for about 70 bucks that lets you do that your self at home. It takes those old tapes and puts them on DVDs. I am pretty sure we got it at Best Buy a few years ago.

Jessica said...

my husband has a huge selection of star wars toys that I'm sure could make a little money.